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22 Best Fruit of the Month Clubs and Subscriptions

Is there anything more refreshing than biting into a juicy piece of fruit? Fruit clubs and subscriptions deliver fresh produce directly to your doorstep so that seasonality, accessibility, and selection aren’t an issue. With all the fruit of the month club options on this list, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy exotic fruits if that’s your calling, or classic harvest pickin’s if that’s your preference. So, no more worrying about soft spots or bruises—your only task now is landing on the best fruit of the month club for you!

Fruit of the Month Clubs

1. Fruit of the Month

Cost: Starting at $37.95/month Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: 5 pounds of fresh fruit, an informational newsletter, and the option for a personalized note each month. Examples of fruits you may receive are Comice pears & Honey tangerines, Bing cherries & Taylor’s Gold pears, Royal pineapple & Tropical kiwi.

2. Harry & David Fruit-of-the-Month Clubs

Cost: Starting at $119.99 for a 3-month subscription + shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US and Canada. Additional shipping fees may apply for deliveries to US P.O. boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.


What You Get: This subscription sends recipients a new fruit combo each month. Delicious, fresh fruits include pomegranates and persimmons, grapefruits, pears, and more.

3. Daily Harvest Fruit of the Month Club

Image via Daily Harvest.

Cost: Starting at $40/month for 12 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: Approximately 18 servings of organic California fruit. Varieties are seasonal. Choose from 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription lengths. A Citrus Medley, offering 5 pounds of mixed citrus, is also available for $15 every 2 weeks.

4. The Fruit Company Monthly Fruit Club Collections

Cost: HarvestClub™ Americana starts at $99 for 3 months, Medley starts at $109 for 3 months, Exotica starts at $119 for 3 months, and Organic starts at $129 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free; but for Alaska and Hawaii, a shipping charge of $9.95 is applied.


What You Get: This fruit club offers tons of options for customization. Choose your preferred club, then choose from 3, 6, or 12 months, as well as the tier you’d like: Classic (approx. 4 pieces of fruit), Grand (approx. 8 pieces), Deluxe (approx. 15 pieces), or Executive (approx. 30 pieces). You can also select your start month so you can plan your first shipment ahead! HarvestClub™ Americana may include apples, pears, grapefruit, blueberries, cherries, and more. The Medley may include pomegranates, pears, oranges, mangoes, and more. Exotica may include kiwi, peaches, papaya, persimmons, and more.

5. Hale Groves Monthly Fruit Clubs

Image via Hale Groves.

Cost: Starting at $74.99 for 3 months of the Citrus Sample Tray. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US (except Alaska) and Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Maritimes.


What You Get: You select whether you’d like to receive a variety of fruits or only citrus, as well as the subscription duration. Each month’s shipment is pre-determined and listed on the Hale Groves site, so choose the start month that will deliver your favorite fruits!

6. Amazing Clubs Fruit of the Month Club

Image via Amazing Clubs.

Cost: Starting at 39.95/month for 12 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free; but there is a shipping fee for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.


What You Get: “Two new and delicious selections of premium, seasonal and exotic fruits harvested on-demand and express-shipped from our worldwide network of award-winning growers for maximum flavor and freshness. Our monthly deliveries average a generous five pounds in weight – the best value of any monthly fruit club.” Expect apples, pears, pomegranates, oranges, and more.

7. Dragonberry Fruit Club

Cost: Starting at $297 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The continental US for free. Alaska and Hawaii for $40, Canada for $50, and Puerto Rico for $75.


What You Get: Hard-to-find fruits such as rambutan, longan, ready-to-drink coconut, Japanese pears, and Hidden Rose apples, arranged in a stunning gift box.

8. A Gift Inside Monthly Fruit Clubs

Image via A Gift Inside.

Cost: Starting at $53.20 for 2 months of the DeLite Monthly Fruit Club. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: The DeLite Monthly Fruit Club is the entry-level tier of this fruit club, offering 2 monthly fruits of your choice, totaling about 3 pounds per delivery. The Premium Monthly Fruit Club offers about 4.5 pounds of fruit—also your choice of 2. There is also a Fruit Bowl Mix subscription, which sends approximately 4.5 pounds of mixed fruit, as well as several subscriptions sending fruit and snacks, and fruit and cheese.

9. Frog Hollow Fruit Clubs

Image via Frog Hollow.

Cost: Starting at $155 for 3 months of the Monthly Cornucopia of California box. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US. Some boxes ship free.


What You Get: Weekly or monthly deliveries of freshly picked, organic fruit that’s relevant to the season. Choose the box that suits you, then select whether you’d like a 3-pound, 5-pound, or 10-pound box delivered. Monthly fruit boxes offer the option of 3-, 6-, or 12-month recurring shipments. Weekly fruit boxes offer 4-week, 8-week, or 16-week options. There is also a legacy pear box, a citrus sampler, and a winter harvest box.

10. California Fruit Gifts Monthly Fruit Clubs

Cost: Starting at $199 for 3 months for the Mixed Fruit Delivery or the Organic Fruit and Treats Delivery. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: Each month you’ll be sent up to 5 pounds total of 2 different fruits. Examples are CalNavel oranges & Deliciosa kiwi, Colossal Bing cherries & Sugar Cot apricots, and pomegranates & Jazz apples. Organic fruit subscriptions are available, as well as fruit and treats combos, which include nuts, dried fruits, or candies alongside each month’s fruit.

11. Pittman & Davis Monthly Fruit Clubs

Image via Pittman & Davis.

Cost: Starting at $19.99 for your first month of the Citrus Supply Club 1/4 Bushel Mixed. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: Fruit picked fresh just before being sent to you. Choose whether you’d like to receive citrus-only or a mix of harvest fruits, the amounts, and the frequency. You can also choose your start month when you sign up!

12. Pemberton Farms Four Seasons Fruit Monthly Club

Pemberton Farms Marketplace Fruit Club

Images via Pemberton Farms.

Cost: Starting at $109.95 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: Worldwide. Free shipping to the contiguous US. Fees may apply for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the US.


What You Get: Two types of fruit shipped to you monthly. The fruit combinations are pre-determined and listed on the Pemberton Farms site. Examples are nectarines & plums, and Comice pears & Red D’Anjou pears.

13. Branch to Box

Image via Branch to Box.

Cost: Starting at $30 for a one-time Small box, starting at $69/box for recurring Big boxes. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: Fruit grown in Branch to Box‘s own orchard, sent to your office. Recurring orders are available for the Big Box (55+ servings of fruit, ideal for 15-22 people to enjoy), which includes 16 small bags of snacks, and the Jumbo Box (90+ servings of fruit, ideal for 21-35 people), which includes 24 small bags of snacks. Cadence options are weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks. In terms of what fruits are included, the Branch to Box site says, “Every week is a new fruit mix, but you can count on the staples being in every package: apples, pears, and citrus. If you order the medium or big box, you’ll get some bananas. Each box also has some healthy food snacks like almonds, cashews, or trail mix.”

14. Sincerely Fresh Fruit Club

Image via Sincerely Fresh.

Cost: Starting at $349.99 for 4 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: A quarterly box of seasonal fruit picked fresh before delivery. Apples and pears come in a 12 count, cherries weigh approx. 4 pounds.

15. Melissa’s Exotic Fruit Club

Image via Melissa’s.

Cost: Starting at $228.95 for a 6-month subscription of exotic fruit. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for a one-time flat rate of $61.95.


What You Get: 1.5-3 pounds of a different exotic fruit every month. Exotic fruits include pineapple, blood oranges, mangoes, chestnuts, and more.

Note: The following prohibit the shipment of any citrus to their state: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii. If you would like to order this gift for shipment to an address in one of the above states, the fruit of the month for February will be substituted.

16. The FruitGuys

Image via The FruitGuys.

Cost: Starting at $30/box. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US, for free to some areas.


What You Get: A box of fruit from small, sustainable farms. According to their website, they send “seasonal fruits with premium dried fruit, cinnamon pecans, salted pistachios, and roasted almonds.” Various options for box sizes and fruit selections are available. The FruitGuys specialize in office and school deliveries.

17. FruitShare Farm Fresh Fruit Club

Image via FruitShare.

Cost: Starting at $34 for The Simple 6 subscription. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: A hand-packaged box of in-season, certified organic fruit. They offer anything: “blueberries, cherries, and summer stone fruits to fall apples and pears to winter citrus fruits.” The Simple 6 option offers 3-4 pounds of fruit. The Half Share offers 5-7 pounds, and the Full Share sends 10-14 pounds.

18. Naked Fruit Company Fruit of the Month Clubs

Cost: Starting at $100 for the Petite Sampler Club. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: 12 pieces of fruit per month. Choose between an apple medley, a featured fruit of the month, or a mixed fruit sampler.

19. Farm Fresh to You Fruit Box

Cost: Starting at $26/box. Sign up here!

Ships to: Some parts of the US. Enter your zip code into their site to see if your area is serviced.


What You Get: A variety of organic fruit, sent to your home or office. Grapes, oranges, pears, or melons may be included. Choose from a Small, Medium, or Large box, and select which delivery frequency you’d like between weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, or every 4 weeks.

20. Meduri Delights of the Month Club

Cost: Starting at $119.95 for 6 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: 12 ounces of gourmet dried fruit. What fruit they send is based on what is in season and, therefore, at the absolute peak of ripeness and flavor. 12-month, 6-month and 6-month-alternative-month options are all available.

21. Indian River Fruit of the Month Club

Cost: Starting at $116.82 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The contiguous US for $9.99 per box and Canada for $34.99 per box. No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.


What You Get: You choose whether to receive all oranges or a combination of oranges & grapefruit. Select the start month to your liking and wait for your delivery of fruit. Note that this subscription only runs November through April.

22. Paul’s Pick-of-the-Month Club

Image via Paul’s.

Cost: Starting at $124.95 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: This fruit subscription sends a different fruit every month, and the fruit that coordinates with each month is listed on the Paul’s website. Examples are Royal Gala apples, Black Raspberry plums, and Kent mangoes. Rather than having to time out your enrollment so that you receive three fruits you know you’ll love, you can select any three months in which the coordinating fruit appeals to you.


Feeling like you need more fruit in your life? Head to the comments section to let us know which fruit club you’ve got your eye on.

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  1. Has anyone tried Hungry Harvest or Misfits Market?

  2. I think the one club has misinterpreted Georgia statutes. The only thing I found was about shipping actual citrus plants (trees or graftable bits), not about the fruit, and it’s not prohibited, but there are rules to follow. Which is probably why the other clubs don’t mention it.

  3. It’s not particularly giftable, but Imperfect Produce just started delivering to my area and I’m eating so much more fruit.

    • I tried Imperfect Produce and was not a fan. It wasn’t just that the items were not ‘pretty for selling full price’, they were almost at the point of going bad. Tried two months and gave up.

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