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Hello Bello Reviews

Is Hello Bello Right For You?

Updated October 25, 2023

Hello Bello
5 overall rating
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Hello Bello Overview

About the Brand

Hello Bello™, co-founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, makes premium baby products at affordable prices to eliminate the choice many parents have to make – deciding between what’s best for their kids and what’s best for their budget. Everything is carefully crafted with kids, parents, and the planet in mind.

Their premium diapers snuggle wee ones with cotton-like softness that feels like a perfectly worn-in t-shirt. Plus, they offer an ever-changing selection of adorable designs. Serious leak protection. Seriously soft. Insanely cute. (You can’t be serious all the time.)

Parents who subscribe to Hello Bello will receive bundles that include 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for only $69.99 per month. On top of that, parents can select up to 2 different sizes if they’re ordering for more than one child and will receive 15% off of add-on items. Talk about savings!

Hello Bello is one of our best diaper subscription services and has a nearly perfect rating by our readers.

Key Info

  • Price:$69.99 per month
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Hello Bello


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Hello Bello Works

Hello Bello’s subscriptions are super customizable and easy to set up and manage. First, you’ll need to select the bundle type you want. You can choose from diaper bundles and training pants bundles, and you can also do combo bundles with some of both.


Once you’ve chosen your bundle type, you’ll select the size your baby needs. Sizes range from N (up to 10 lbs) to 6 (35+ lbs). You can also get two different sizes in one bundle if your little one is about to size up.


Then, you’ll be able to pick up to 7 different designs for your diapers. Hello Bello offers super adorable designs and they introduce new ones almost every month. They launched 29 designs in 2021!


If it’s your first time purchasing a bundle, you’ll be able to select a full-size freebie. Freebie item choices include those related to personal care, cleaning, and Hello Bello’s vitamin lines, such as Organic Energy gummies, Surface Wipes, or Bubble Bath.


Before proceeding to checkout, you’ll be able to add up to 5 extras and get 15% off each one. You can select from home care, personal care, outdoors, apparel, vitamins, and more.


Finally, you’ll confirm your bundle and start your subscription. You can adjust your bundle products, shipping date, or frequency anytime. If needed, you can also cancel your subscription in the management area of your online account.

Pricing Options

Bundlers get amazing bang for their buck. The basic diaper bundles include 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of USDA 100% Bio-Based wipes for only $69.99. For comparison, if you bought them separately, it would cost you $74.85, so you’re saving almost $10 right there.


Plus, you get a full-size freebie with your first bundle which could be valued at up to $10.88, which is a pretty awesome extra perk. And don’t forget you get 15% off add-ons, too!


The icing on top of this delicious cake? Their bundle boxes upcycle into playthings and every month is a new surprise! They’ve done rocket ships and boats and a lemonade stand, just to name a few. Super fun for kids – and great photo props for parents.


Here’s what you’ll get in each diaper bundle depending on the specific size you choose and each of the following bundles is only $69.99:

Diaper Size Weight Limit Diapers Per Bundle
N Up to 10 lbs 238
1 8 to 12 lbs 238
2 10 to 16 lbs 217
3 14 to 24 lbs 182
4 22 to 37 lbs 154
5 27+ lbs 133
6 35+ lbs 119

Hello Bello Pros and Cons


  • Hypoallergenic and made without fragrance, lotion, parabens, chlorine bleaching, phthalates, or latex
  • Premium absorbency and thoughtfully designed with TCF sustainably harvested fluff pulp and a plant-derived core liner
  • 25+ adorable designs to choose from


  • Wetness indicator is only available for sizes N-3
  • No cotton diapers are available for parents who prefer reusable diapers
  • No ink-free diapers are available since all come with designs

What Else You Should Know About Hello Bello


Beyond amazing diapers, Hello Bello also makes premium baby body care products with organic botanical extract blends, mineral sunscreens, organic multivitamins, refillable cleaners, and more. All of the products can be added to a diaper bundle subscription, but they also offer a training pants subscription, a vitamin subscription, and a fundamentals bundle (which can include anything but diapers).


If that wasn’t enough, Hello Bello has donated millions of diapers to non-profits since their launch in 2019, and every week throughout 2020 and 2021 they donated a year’s worth of diapers to a deserving family. They also developed a first-of-its-kind Diaper Registry Fund making it easy for parents to crowdsource funding from friends, family, and even strangers.


To top it all off, here’s a short list of some of their awards and mentions:

  • Hello Bello diapers and personal care products are all Parent Tested Parent Approved winners.
  • Their Fragrance-Free line is National Eczema Association Approved.
  • Named the Best Diaper Subscription in New York Magazine in 2020.
  • Named the Best Diaper Designs by Good Housekeeping in 2020.
  • Named the Best Affordable Diaper Subscription of 2021 by BabyList.
  • Named the Best Diaper Subscription by Verywell Family for 2021 and 2022.

Is Hello Bello Worth It?


Absolutely! Hello Bello combines the best of both worlds when it comes to cuteness and reliability. Not only do their diapers have some of the best designs available, but they’re also sustainably sourced, extremely breathable, and lock away wetness quickly.


Hello Bello offers one of the most affordable bundles available for diapers and wipes we’ve seen and is around $10-$20 cheaper per month when compared to similar brands. Hello Bello makes life easier for parents and gives them comfort about what they’re putting on their baby and bringing into their home in respect to diapers, wipes, and beyond.

How Hello Bello Compares to Other Top Diaper Subscriptions


Hello Bello VS Honest: Honest is a diaper service developed by Jessica Alba that offers a bundle subscription for sustainable, fragrance-free, super-absorbent diapers and plant-based wipes. Honest diapers are made from chlorine-free, plant-based materials and come with stretchy sides, double poo-pockets, a quilted liner, wetness indicator, and belly button cutouts.


Each order comes with 7 packs of diapers (sizes N-6) and 4 packs of plant-based baby wipes (72 wipes per pack). Additionally, subscribers will receive 15% off on extras like diaper rash cream or organic body oil.


The Honest Brand is incredibly similar to Hello Bello when it comes to diaper materials and bundles available, however, Honest is more expensive and each diaper bundle costs $79.95 and there are fewer diaper designs to choose from each month. Honest does allow customers to pick up to 4 different choices for wipes which include 5 classic wipe styles and 2 nourishing + hydrating wipes, whereas Hello Bello does not offer any customization for its wipes.


Hello Bello VS Coterie: Coterie’s diaper subscription provides customers with a monthly supply of diapers for sizes NB-06 for $85 per month. Coterie diapers are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and recommended, and are free of the following chemicals: fragrances, chlorine, alcohol, parabens, dyes, VOCs, lotion, latex, rubber, and heavy metals.


What sets Coterie apart from competing brands is its wicking system and superior absorbency. Coterie’s diapers have 70% more liquid capacity, 4x faster absorbency, and 3x drying powder compared to leading brands and they’re also the only diaper brand that has their safety report available online.


While Coterie is the leader in the diaper subscription world for limiting leaks and blowouts, Hello Bello is $20 cheaper per month and includes wipes as a part of its bundle. Additionally, Coterie does not allow customers to choose a design for diapers whereas Hello Bellow allows customers to choose up to 7 designs from 25+ designs available each month.


Hello Bello VS Dyper: Dyper is an eco-friendly, bamboo-sourced diaper subscription that offers traditional monthly subscriptions as well as SOS deliveries for when you need extras between shipments. Dyper’s diapers are unprinted, unscented, and are Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX, a leading Swiss safety certification body.


What’s unique about Dyper is that customers can return their used diapers and wipes through an optional REDYPER™ service where Dyper will utilize the resulting compost after processing for specialized cases such as the vegetation in highway medians. Dyper also pays for carbon offsets to reduce their footprint by partnering with Cool Effect which enables Dyper’s offsets to support the Alto Mayo Reforestation Project.


Dyper is a great option for customers who are looking for a more environmentally-friendly and ink-free choice for diapers, however, their service costs $80 per month and does not include wipes. In contrast, Hello Bello only costs $69.99 per month and includes wipes as a part of its subscription. Hello Bello also allows customers to choose up to 7 designs for each bundle, whereas Dyper is ink-free.

Hello Bello Reviews

Hello Bello News

Hello Bello FAQ

How much does Hello Bello cost?
Hello Bello’s diaper subscription costs $69.99 per month.
What does a Hello Bello bundle include?
Each bundle includes 7 packs of adorable, affordable, and off-the-charts absorbent diapers and 4 packs of plant-based, multi-functional wipes (60-count each).
How many diapers come in a bundle?
The diaper count per pack/bundle varies by size. For instance, size 2 includes 7 packs of diapers with 31 diapers per pack for a total of 217.
Where does Hello Bello ship?
Hello Bello ships everywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, as well as APO/FPO addresses. (No P.O. Boxes.)
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is $5.95 for all orders under $35 and $1.95 on orders $35 and over. Currently, there’s a charge of $25 for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.
How long does it take to ship a bundle?
Orders are processed within 1 - 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Orders placed after 1 pm PDT may be processed the following day. Once your order ships, it should arrive in 3-7 business days after it’s processed. However, it may take up to 21 days for your order to arrive if you live in Hawaii or Alaska and APO/FPO orders may take 1-8 weeks depending on your base location.
How do you skip or cancel a bundle?
There’s a subscription management area in your account where you can easily adjust shipping dates, frequency, and cancellation. If you have any issues, you can email, call, or chat our customer care team for help. Simply log in to your account, click "Edit Bundle," and then scroll down to click “Edit Date” or "Cancel Subscription."
Is the packaging of Hello Bello environmentally friendly?
Yes! Each box is fully recyclable.
What ingredients are in the diapers?
Totally chlorine free (TCF) fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests, a high-performance Super Absorbent Polymer, polypropylene/polyethylene/polyester nonwoven fibers, plant-derived PLA nonwoven fiber, spandex strands, and an elastomeric film. MADE WITHOUT: Chlorine Processing, Artificial Fragrance, Phthalates, Parabens, Lotions, Latex, TBT, DBT, MBT
Can I purchase Hello Bello products in stores?
Yes! You can also purchase Hello Bello products at major stores like Walmart, Meijer, CVS, Kohl's, Albertsons, and Hyvee.
Can I order diapers without having a bundle subscription?
Yes, you can also buy diapers a la carte.

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

5 overall rating

Subscriber Reviews

1st Time Poster!
"Soft, cute diapers for the same price as Pampers and Huggies!"
Aug 12, 2021
We love the cute prints, and haven’t had any leakage or blowouts in the months we’ve used Hello Bello diapers. Being able to add additional products to your monthly box at a discount is so nice too. We added the baby oil last month and it’s our new favorite!

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Hello Bello
5 overall rating
Starting at $69.99
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