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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

An Inside Look Into My Diaper Bag

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoMay 6, 2022

Diaper bag and everything inside it

The diaper bag! It goes with you absolutely everywhere from the day your baby is born until they're out of diapers, and maybe beyond. I'm here to tell you that not all diaper bags are created equally, and the ones that reign over the rest are sturdy, completely loaded up with pockets, and include an insulated pouch for keeping bottles chilled.

Before I show you what's in my diaper bag, let me first recommend with big-time emphasis that you go for a backpack-style diaper bag. One-shoulder diaper bags are ergonomically nonsensical and also have a way of swinging around to the front and getting in your way. Don't even consider it. Do the backpack diaper bag. I love this one from Hello Bello.


Hello Bello diaper bag

You can see that without even having to unzip either of its two main compartments, you have access to a ton of things you might need to grab quickly. On one of the side pockets, I keep my water bottle, and the opposite one is insulation-lined—the perfect place for a bottle. Also peeking out of one of its roomy front zipper pockets are a sunscreen stick and hand sanitizer. Two items I obviously reach for constantly as a mum! Okay, let's go in.

Here are my diaper bag necessities

Items for baby:

  • Diapers (at least 4 for a morning outing)
  • Wipes
  • A changing mat
  • Hand sanitizer spray
  • Baby-friendly sunscreen stick
  • A couple of teethers or toys
  • A clean onesie or outfit
  • A wet bag for used diapers and soiled clothes
  • Pacifier
  • Bib or bandana

Items for me:

  • A clean shirt (sometimes even a fresh bralette—spit-up has a way of hitting every article of clothing)
  • Bamboo nursing pads
  • A protein bar or granola bar
  • A clean mask
  • Mood-boosting and energy-bumping gummies
  • Travel-size hand cream
  • My wallet
  • Sunglasses

If my toddler is going to be with us, I'll also pack:

  • A change of leggings & undies
  • An extra snack or two
  • Kids vitamin gummies (gummy party!)
  • Crayons and a pocket notepad
  • A small book or two
  • Some fun Band-aids

My tips & tricks

  1. Obviously, I'm not going to carry these entire bottles of gummies with me, so I put them in small child-proof containers and refill as needed.
    Hello Bello supplements
  2. The Hello Bello diaper bag actually comes with a tri-fold changing mat! This is a big deal to me because it means it actually fits in the diaper bag nicely. It's easy to clean, too.
    Insert from Hello Bello diaper bag
  3. Don't forget to re-load your baby's change of clothes after it's been used. This is perhaps the most important one of all!

That’s it for my diaper bag must-haves! Sign up for Hello Bello here and get 20% off your first bundle with code MSA20! Or, check out our Hello Bello page to learn more.

Christen Russo
Christen Russo

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