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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

5 Reasons Why You Have To Try These Doctor-Backed Sleep And Anxiety Oral Sprays

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsAug 13, 2022Partnership


"These oral sprays are the only thing that's ever seriously helped my intense anxiety and insomnia" - Health Editor

I’ve almost tried it all— so whenever I see a trendy product blowing up on Instagram, my immediate skeptical response is “riiiiight.” But I have to say - these new insomnia and anxiety oral sprays really caught my eye.

They're from Rejuvia and are designed to give powerful relief to your stress and anxiety while bringing deep, restorative sleep with ease each night. I was VERY skeptical to say the least - the sprays seemed a little too good to be true..

But, with over 5,000 5-star reviews in a few months, I had to give them a shot. Even the editors of Health, GQ and Allure swear by these new sprays. Here are 5 reasons why you should give them a try today, too.

1. Oral sprays can be over 5x more effective than oils and pills

In my research and experience, I learned that sleep and anxiety-relieving supplements are typically in oil or pill form. Since your body has to digest these oils and pills through your digestive system, they can lose most of their efficacy and aren't able to offer their full benefits. That's probably why nearly ALL supplements have never worked for me in the past and why I'm such a skeptic of products like these..

Rejuvia basically created an entirely new delivery system: a sublingual oral spray. The oral sprays are sprayed directly under your tongue, so they don't depend on being absorbed directly by your digestive system.

It's very unique and supposed to be over 5x more effective than oils and pills. It allows faster absorption and almost immediate impact. It also allows the oral sprays to have stronger effects and benefits in the first place, since a significant portion of the efficacy of typical oils and pills can be lost in your digestive system.

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2. You'll finally fall asleep quicker & sleep through the night

One of the most noticeable benefits of Rejuvia is that my sleep quality has gone from terrible to incredible basically overnight, thanks to their oral sleep spray.

Rejuvia's sleep spray contains the perfect blend of organic adaptogens, botanicals, herbs that helps me consistently fall asleep and stay asleep each night. It's really effective, too. With just 6-8 sprays under my tongue right before bed, I'm almost immediately OUT. And within 15 minutes I'm sound asleep and can finally sleep through the night. I'd highly recommend the spray if you've ever had any trouble getting to sleep or ever wake up in the middle of the night. Buh-bye, insomnia!!

Rejuvia did a customer study on the effects of their Sleep Spray and found 93% of people surveyed fall asleep faster and 97% experience better, more restful sleep.

Rejuvia Sprays

3. My stress and anxiety are basically gone now

Not only does Rejuvia's killer Sleep Spray help me sleep like no one else's business, but it ALSO helps me wake up feeling more energized and enthusiastic in the mornings. It's a two-for-one type of gig.

I used to wake up feeling like a total zombie: groggy, angry and just wanting to go back to sleep. But now, I wake up feeling refreshed, well-slept and ready to take on the world.

Rejuvia's daytime oral spray, for anxiety and stress, is also really effective for me. I use ~8 sprays each morning and afternoon and it helps me feel stress-free and anxiety-free. Basically on-demand. It tastes like a vanilla-mint treat and seriously works like magic. I saw this GEM of a review on Rejuvia's site about it that convinced to order:

"I'm not going to lie I was very skeptical about this product because I have tried so many things for my anxiety and they never did what they say they did. This is the best product I have ever used hands down, and its so convenient to spray in your mouth and works within minutes. My mind stops spinning and the anxiety is gone and I feel level headed. Best product, if you're on the fence just try it, you won't be sorry. The nighttime one works amazing too! I sleep so0o good! I let my family use mine and they have all ordered and love it as well. Thank you for such a great product!!" - Autum B.


4. Rejuvia is made premium, research-backed, highly-effective ingredients

Here's the best part: you can actually feel GOOD about using these sprays. They're made with clean, all-natural herbs, minerals, adaptogens and phytonutrients. And they're formulated by leading sleep and anxiety researchers from across the country. I also love how the brand is transparent with their product ingredient labels and displays them right on the product pages.

These sprays have to be some of the highest quality supplements out there. Certified organic, non-GMO, vegan produced in a US-based FDA compliant facility and more. You name it, Rejuvia's done it.

Their oral sleep spray includes their proprietary sleep-inducing formulation of valerian root, passionflower, ginkgo biloba leaf, cramp bark and more. It's good stuff and is killer at knocking you out. Rejuvia does extensive third-party lab testing on every single batch of product to ensure purity and potency. You can see the results of their product's specific tests by scanning a QR code located on the product's box. So cool to me.

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5. Rejuvia has great order policies and offers a 50% off trial

Another BIG key for me is that the oral sprays have really great order policies. I guess Rejuvia knows that their oral sprays are a new concept for most people and that it might take them a bit more convincing to try them. So, they actually offer you a whopping  50% off your first order (use code RJ50) and of course have a satisfaction guarantee for their sprays - if you don't love them, you can send them back. You bet I took advantage of that trial offer.

They also offer free same-day shipping, free 30-day returns if you aren't entirely satisfied with your order as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. I also got a free welcome gift in my order which was really fun to see (and actually useful).

All in all, there's not much of a reason to not try the oral sprays for yourself!

Exclusive Rejuvia Trial Offer:  50% Off w/Code RJ50

Overall, you can call me a Rejuvia convert

I'd 100% recommend giving it a try. If nothing else, try their two oral sprays and see for yourself why they're getting so much buzz. Trust me, based on my first-hand experience with them, they're 100% worth it, especially if you take advantage of their 50% off trial offer and generous order policies.

I've tried nearly every "miracle" supplement out there, and honestly, haven't found any to be as effective, convenient and useful as Rejuvia's. Paired with that, these sprays contain the best possible blends of organic ingredients that you can *actually* trust.

I would highly recommend ordering Rejuvia and seeing what the sprays can do for your stress, anxiety and insomnia. Order on their website here!

RC Williams
RC Williams
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