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Enchanted Crystal Variety Review January 2024

Kate Kemp
ByKate KempMar 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Enchanted Crystal is a monthly subscription for crystals, hand-picked and uniquely curated to offer a truly enchanted crystal experience.

This box was sent to us free of charge for review. (Check out our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the $42.00 Crystal Variety Box.

First Impressions

How cute is the crystal covered tape that wraps this sturdy box? Such a lovely presentation!

The crystals were carefully packaged: nestled in sturdy paper and (separately) enclosed in bubble wrap. Unsurprisingly, the crystals arrived in perfect condition!

Enchanted Crystal includes an insert in their variety subscription box. On it are several QR codes that link to various letters on their blog. One links to a letter to new subscribers, another to their Crystal Library, and one to the current month’s newsletter.

In the January blog post, Enchanted Crystal shares that they’re preparing to attend the Tucson Gem Show (one of the largest gem and mineral shows in America). Something that they mention that I feel worth noting is that, “Our sources include direct vendors from conflict-free and fair-wage mining operations in Madagascar, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, and more.” Personally, I enjoy my crystals more knowing that they’re ethically sourced!

The Crystals

Honey Calcite

Besides this Variety Box, I also receive the Monthly Box from Enchanted Crystal. That means that I sometimes receive duplicate crystals. I was sent honey calcite in October of 2022. Both pieces are lovely. They’re very aptly named, not just because of the color, but because they have a silky, honey-like appearance. 

The Crystal Library states that, “In metaphysical terms, honey calcite is revered for its gentle, amplifying energy and association with personal empowerment and resilience. It's believed to enhance one's willpower and self-worth, providing the motivation and perseverance needed to overcome challenges.”

Labradorite (Raw)

I received a raw chunk of labradorite in the July 2023 Variety Box from Enchanted Crystal but this piece is even more stunning! The intense flashes of color are unreal. Labradorite is known to have a chatoyant, shimmering quality, but most pieces I’ve seen lack the fire that both of these specimens have.  

Labradorite, the Crystal Library explains, “It is commonly found in areas where these rocks have undergone processes of cooling and crystallization deep within the Earth's crust. The unique chemical composition and cooling conditions contribute to the growth of labradorite crystals with their characteristic structure and the ability to exhibit the captivating play of colors it is so well known for.”

The Crystal Library adds that, “Metaphysically, labradorite is believed to possess powerful spiritual properties. It is considered a stone of transformation, intuition, and protection. The gemstone is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, enhancing spiritual growth. It is thought to bring insight and a deeper connection to one's higher self.”

Botryoidal Chalcedony

The next set of crystals I unwrapped was botryoidal chalcedony. I received a few small pieces of botryoidal chalcedony from Enchanted Crystal in February 2023. All similarly round yet with totally unique crystal formations on them.

Enchanted Crystal’s Library explains that, “Botryoidal chalcedony emerges as a captivating form of silica mineral, distinguished by its grape-like clusters. This intriguing roundness is a result of the mineral's unique manner of growth. Water, rich in silicic acid, percolates through rock cavities, depositing silica which then crystallizes over time. The concentric layers continue to build upon each other, developing into the botryoidal, or bubbly, form we observe.”

Chalcedony gets its name from the town, in Turkey, in which it was discovered in 1546. Botryoidal isn’t a specific type of chalcedony; instead, it refers to the spherical growth shape of the crystal. I’ll admit that these specimens are unusual looking; strange, but kind of beautiful. They remind me a bit like what you’d find in the center of a geode, but in a smooth, rounded form.

Enchanted Crystal adds, “In the realm of metaphysical properties, botryoidal chalcedony is enveloped in a veil of soothing significance. It is believed to carry a maternal energy that nurtures and comforts, mirroring the protective and gentle way in which it forms—layer by gentle layer. This mineral is thought to resonate with the emotional body, promoting inner stability and peace. It is often turned to as a stone of support, providing a sense of safety and calm, which, according to enthusiasts, can enhance one's capacity to handle emotional density.”

Lemurian Quartz (Old Find, Very Rare)

Lemurian quartz was the featured stone in December’s Monthly box, so it’s not new to me but that’s fine because it’s as fantastically beautiful as it is difficult to photograph!

According to Enchanted Crystal’s Crystal Library, “Lemurian quartz is a type of quartz crystal known for its unique appearance and metaphysical properties. It is believed to have originated in ancient Lemuria, a mythical lost civilization. Lemurian quartz is characterized by its distinct horizontal striations or "barcode" patterns on one or more sides of the crystal. 

The formation of Lemurian quartz is associated with a process called "seeding." According to metaphysical beliefs, ancient Lemurian beings encoded knowledge and wisdom into the crystals using these striations. It is said that they planted the crystals in various locations around the world for future generations to discover and access this ancient information.”

How fascinating is the story behind this crystal? And it's not just an interesting tale, the Lemurian quartz crystal itself is utterly gorgeous. But beyond its beauty, there is something more that I can’t quite explain. Just holding it, it feels powerful and moving. The first time I held it, I didn’t really want to put it down.

Unsurprisingly, Enchanted Crystal adds that, “Metaphysically, Lemurian quartz is highly regarded for its spiritual properties. It is believed to hold the energy of divine love, unity, and higher consciousness….The striations on the Lemurian crystals are said to serve as access points to ancient wisdom, making them valuable tools for meditation, energy healing, and spiritual growth.”

Selenite Wand

I received a selenite wand from Enchanted Crystal in April 2023. Like its predecessor, it's difficult to capture selenite’s beauty in a photograph. Also, I can’t really explain it, but it has an interesting feeling when I hold it. It’s very smooth and shiny but there’s something about it that defies description.

Selenite is a very soft stone and can break easily. It's also said to fluoresce under ultraviolet light; looks like I have an excellent excuse to finally buy a UV lamp! I can only imagine how beautiful these wands will look whilst glowing!

Interestingly, the Crystal Library shares, “Selenite is prized for its metaphysical properties and is considered a powerful cleansing and purifying crystal. It is believed to have a high vibrational energy that can clear negative energies, promote mental clarity, and create a calm and peaceful environment. Selenite is often used in spiritual practices and energy work to cleanse and recharge other crystals, as well as to facilitate new connections with them.”

 Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro)

Last, but certainly not least, my (current) favorite stone in the box is mystic merlinite. Because I receive both the Variety and Monthly boxes from Enchanted Crystal, I (sometimes) receive duplicate crystals. Mystic merlinite is the main stone in the February Monthly Box. I’m super excited to have both pieces because it is such a unique stone!

According to the Crystal Library, “Mystic merlinite, also known as indigo gabbro, is a striking black and purple stone that originates from Madagascar's vast geological terrains…. The indigo and purple hues in mystic merlinite primarily result from the oxidation of iron, along with several other transition metals within a gabbro stone formation.”

It’s so lovely; it almost looks like a type of marble. In fact, if I was redoing my kitchen, I’d rather have it on my countertops than the traditional granite or marble. It’s that beautiful. I especially love the contrast between the blue/purple streaks and the shimmery milky white backdrop that almost glows.

The Crystal Library adds, “Enthusiasts of crystal healing consider mystic merlinite to be a stone of duality, encompassing light and dark, and it's said to promote a deep understanding of the self and the environment. The stone is also associated with the enhancement of intuition, encouraging one to embrace the full spectrum of their existence, from shadow to light.”

Bonus Crystal: Selenite Castle

Each month, a new grid design is printed onto a sturdy, hand-sewn cloth with water-based, PVC-free ink. Unfortunately, January’s grid was back ordered, so Enchanted Crystal sent a bonus crystal. February’s box will also contain the grid meant for January. 

The extra crystal that I received was a selenite castle. According to the Crystal Library, “Selenite is a remarkable mineral and form of gypsum that derives its name from the Greek word for "moon," due to its moon-like glow and luminous appearance.”

That luminous appearance makes it the perfect stone to carve into this stunning castle. And it really does look like a castle, perched on a hill, shining in the moonlight. I’m trying to decide how to display it so that its shimmering beauty can best be appreciated. I think I’ll find a small light to point at it because it almost glows when light is shone upon it.

Things happen, so it’s understandable and absolutely forgivable that Enchanted Crystal wasn’t able to include January’s grid in this box. Them sending it in next month’s box would have been acceptable; the fact that they sent a bonus crystal really goes above and beyond.

The Verdict

January’s variety box from Enchanted Crystal had a great variety of stones. There were so many beauties that I’m struggling to choose a favorite! And even though I've received all of these crystals at some point in the past couple of years, I’m not disappointed because all of them are beautiful and unique looking. Plus, my sister is thrilled whenever I am sent a duplicate because she (usually) gets to add it to her collection. In this case, the Lemurian quartz and mystic merlinite are staying with me!

I’m also thrilled more than ever that Enchanted Crystal created (and continues to update) their Crystal Library. The crystals themselves are beautiful, but I find the story behind them equally fascinating. Though I’m still not a firm believer in all of the metaphysical powers attributed to crystals, I really do enjoy admiring and studying them. 

I’m always excited to check my mail and see a new box from Enchanted Crystal!

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To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you sign up today?

No, your first box will be March's box. However, Enchanted Crystal does have an online store that you can visit to browse and purchase specimens that are in stock.

Value Breakdown: This is the Crystal Variety box that costs $42 a month. That’s only $6 per specimen! When you consider that shipping is free, that’s a surprisingly good value!  Want to start small?  Enchanted Crystal also offers a smaller box, containing one crystal (and a bonus baggie of small crystals) each month for $16.

What do you think of the Variety box from Enchanted Crystal?

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