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MEL Physics Subscription “Alternative Energy” Review

Kelly Wright
ByKelly WrightFeb 2, 2022 | 0 comments

MEL Physics
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Mel Physics is a monthly subscription box for kids 8-14+ who would like to learn more about how the world around them works. Through exciting experiments kids can learn all about electrostatic energy, luminescence, reflections, and even invisibility! Each month contains a new experiment and physics lesson for kids to dive into, and will contain everything they need to safely and easily complete at home.

This month we reviewed the Alternative Energy box from MEL Physics.

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

MEL Physics: Alternative Energy

When we first opened the box, we were excited to see three different experiments neatly packed inside for us to try. Everything is clearly labeled and packed together, making it especially easy for my 8-year-old son to pull everything out and put into individual piles for the experiments.

Each experiment came with its own instruction manual and the materials were in small bags that were matched by number to the correct instructions. And don't worry if your kid accidentally throws away the instruction card, they do have them online under the corresponding MEL Kids subscription and box.

The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and contain mainly pictures (think LEGO-style!). There are small tips and questions along the way to help them start thinking about the experiment as they are building it. Once they are finished building each alternative energy piece, there is also a short lesson on the back of the instruction card explaining why and how their experiment works!

For the parents: There is also a more detailed instruction manual that is included in case it is needed. The instructions also include a difficulty and danger rating. You can use this to make an educated decision about whether your child might need additional help from you (or if you want to leave them alone with it!).

MEL Physics Experiments:

Wind Energy


This experiment is building a small tabletop wind turbine! This first experiment takes about 10 minutes to complete and is rated easy.

First, my son built the wind turbine by attaching the generator and wind panels. Next, he added the blades and then built a stand to attach the generator to. The wires then get directed into the correct outlet of the wire connector.


Next, he attached the buzzer by matching up the same corresponding colored wires into the wire connector.

Done! The wind turbine was ready to go. It's really that easy!

Tip: We found that you will want to keep the blades a little looser. If you push them down too tightly, it won't be able to move.

When the blades rotate, the buzzer goes off and makes a noise. The faster the wind turbine moves, the louder the noise. My son and husband had fun blowing it to see who could make the buzzer sound the loudest!

Solar Energy


The next experiment was solar energy and my son really enjoyed building it. Again, this one took approximately 10 minutes is all, but really helped him to visualize how solar energy works.

First, he attached the wire connector to the solar panel. This allowed him to then attach a small LED light to it.

Next, he built the stand for the solar panel which is just three pieces of wood pre-cut to fit together.

And done! When he turned the solar panel towards a light or the sun, the LED light glowed. The more direct the light, the brighter it glowed!

Just a side note and not really important for the experiment, but he loved that the light was green!

Once you've finished playing with the light, you can then take that off and attach the buzzer from the first experiment on. The more direct the light, the louder the buzzer!

Heat Energy


The heat energy experiment took again approximately 10 minutes to complete. This was also the only experiment that had a higher "danger" rating.

The first thing my son had to do was fill the included bag up with water and get it to freeze. Obviously, the best spot for this is your freezer, however, it happened to be 17 degrees outside when we did this, so we just threw it outside!

The next step is to fill the second bag with warm water. These steps are easy for any age to do, however, the next step was to fill a mug with boiling water. This is where the higher danger rating comes in and where you might want to step in and help.

I boiled the water and then poured it into a mug where my son then put the bag with lukewarm water into.

Once both bags were ready (one frozen and one hot), we attached the buzzer to the Peltier element. (It looks like a small tile with a red and blue sticker on either side.) My son then placed the Peltier element in between the hot and cold bags. The transfer of the heat energy into the cold bag, made the buzzer go off (and loudly!)

He had fun seeing how long he had to leave it on the bags to make the buzzer go off!

Final Thoughts - Was This Box Worth It?

Absolutely! For the price of this box, we got three different alternative energy science experiments. I loved how quick and easy they were for my son to do, yet still encouraged questions and curiosity. It's like having your own personal mad scientist right at your fingertips!

My son's favorite experiment was the solar one. It was the easiest to put together, but he loved getting that green light to glow. Which also personally was my favorite, because honestly there are only so many times I can take a buzzer screeching in my ear. Although my annoyance with it, only made my son want to do it more. Oh well, all in the name of science, I suppose!

I also love that they have additional experiments for the kids to do online if they happen to find a lesson that they really love.

The Cost: $34.90

ACTIVE DEAL: Limited Time Only! Get your first box for FREE - just pay shipping!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this box is still available. From Mel Physics:

"Your first package will arrive within 2 weeks of registration. Subsequent monthly packages will be delivered within 2 weeks of each monthly charge."

What do you think of MEL Physics? Let us know below!

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