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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs Dollar Shave Club: The Top Brands Go Toe-to-Toe

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoJun 6, 2022Sponsored

I have to admit I've tried a lot of razor subscriptions recently. As someone who had plenty of skin irritations as a kid and who just seemed to have overall bad luck with anything I tried, I aim to find the best products out there. But who wants to come out of the shower after spending 15 minutes carefully shaving with bumps and rashes? In my journey to finding the best, I'm specifically looking for a razor subscription that's consistent, affordable, and can offer other products that could help in my skincare routine.

After trying multiple brands like Billie, Flamingo, and even the super accessible Venus, I found that Dollar Shave Club and Athena Club Razors were at the top of my list and worthy opponents. On the one hand, Athena Club offers even more than what I'm looking for – such as shaving cream, body wash, and even probiotics. But on the other, Dollar Shave Club offers quality products that are mainly targeted at men – and we all know products for men tend to be top-notch.

So if you're on the market for a really good shaving subscription, I got you. Let's see how they each measure up.

If you're looking for affordability: Athena Club

Depending on what you're looking for – and assuming it's just razors and blades – you might notice that Athena Club is far more affordable than Dollar Shave Club (despite the name). When you first sign up to get your initial kit, Athena Club will send you a razor with a second cartridge and a shower hook for just $9. Every blade refill starts at $12 depending on how often you want to get them and how many.

On the other hand, Dollar Shave Club will have you fill out a questionnaire that includes answering questions about how often you shave, your hair type, and if you have any concerns. Depending on your answer, they will create a starter kit that includes more than just your razor and refills. It might also include face wash, prep scrub, and body wash. These are all suggestions and can rack up a hefty $60. You are more than welcome to remove all of these extra products but even with just the razor and blades, it will cost you $20. And depending on how often you want or need replacements, costs start at $10.

If you're looking for sustainability: Athena Club

These days, I'm really committed to only purchasing from companies who aim to give back and protect the planet. And both of those are checked off by Athena Club. Not only do they make sure to only work with companies that create a safe work environment for their employees and use materials that are safe for the planet, but they also use super-safe ingredients that won't cause skin irritation or allergies. They also partner with organizations all around the world to give back and donate products for women who don't have access to them.

That's not to say Dollar Shave Club doesn't give back. They have pledged their support to Black Lives Matter and have donated millions of dollars in an effort to exalt Black voices and combat racism. They also have looked closely into their partners and only kept contracts with those who had the same values as them. On top of that, they also looked into their own company and have made sure to have a diverse workforce and equip them with the right resources.

If you're looking for razors that everyone can use: both

Although Dollar Shave Club is mainly marketed to men and Athena Club to women, anyone can really use their razors and blades. They're both created to prevent any razor burns or skin irritations and it really depends on how many blades you prefer. If you want a cartridge with six blades, Dollar Shave Club is for you. But if you want something more delicate, you might want to go for Athena Club. If you're looking at the aesthetic aspect of the razor, it really depends on your preference. Dollar Shave Club only sells black razors while Athena Club has a wide variety of colors to choose from.

If you're looking for more products than just razors: Athena Club

Circling back to the idea that both brands market to different groups of people, they also have additional products that customers can purchase and subscribe to. Athena Club not only sells pretty razors and cartridges, but they sell a wide variety of products that I've included in my routine. They have everything from body wash and deodorants to period products and even probiotics that target the health of those born female. (I personally love their body wash, shaving foam, and probiotics).

Dollar Shave Club has also created plenty of products that both men and women can use – though they mainly market towards men. They have hair care products, beard oil (which is one of their most popular products), deodorants, oral care, and even cologne. But they don't have any period or wellness products and that's why Athena Club wins this round for me.

Athena Club Dewy Body Lotion, Creamy Body Wash, Cloud Shave Foam and razor standing up on bathroom sink

Athena Club is your one-stop shop for sustainable, self-care products.

Who Wins?

In the end, because both brands target different groups, your choice depends on what you're looking for. And although I recognize Dollar Shave Club has plenty for men, it doesn't have much for me. So Athena Club is the winner in my book. And it has been despite me trying every razor out there. This is mainly because not only do they have products that I can and do use, but they also make sustainability their priority. On top of that, their website is super easy to use, customer service is amazing, and I don't have to go to the store anymore to buy skincare, razors, or even vitamins.

Sign up for Athena Club here. Or check out our Athena Club Razor details and reviews to learn more. 

Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Melissa Caraballo is a Puerto Rican native living in New York City, writing about everything from beauty and food to celebrities and lifestyle for a living. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez with an English bachelor's and pursued a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.