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My Subscription Addiction

Athena Club vs Hum Nutrition: The Battle Of The Probiotics For Better Health

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoMar 22, 2022

For years, I have wanted to find a probiotic that worked for me. When I first moved to my current home state, I developed many health issues that could only be resolved through the use of antibiotics. And if you're a fellow woman, I think you know what happens when you're popping antibiotics every single time you get an infection – which was happening because my body was still trying to get used to the germs of New York City. It reached a point where all of these antibiotics began messing with my body. My doctor at the time recommended eating yogurt or taking a probiotic. After months of eating yogurt, I quickly grew tired and went on the mission to find the best probiotic for my needs. I searched high and low, went to my local drugstore to see what they offered, and asked countless doctors.

The two brands I considered for the longest time were Athena Club's Daily Probiotic and Hum Nutrition. With Athena Club's, it seemed pretty simple. Just one dose a day will help my gut, skin, urinary tract health, and immunity. But Hum, which actually has four different probiotic options to choose from, seemed very appealing because there was a specific probiotic for different needs. Needed some support in the urinary tract area? They had one for that. What about supporting your gut and clearing up your skin? They had another one for that too!

And if you're anything like me – you're wondering, which one is better? How can you decide between two brands that provide customers with the same type of service? That's what I'm here for.

If You Want One Pill That Does It All: Athena Club

Having bought many probiotics and spending hundreds of dollars each time I knew I had to take antibiotics, Athena Club made it so simple for me. It was just a once-a-day supplement formulated to help balance healthy bacteria in the body, which is essential for digesting food, producing nutrients, and supporting the immune system. One single dose of Athena Club's Daily Probiotic helps support vaginal health, immunity, gut, and so much more. Not only that, but they are super clear about their ingredient list so I knew exactly what was going into my body. Athena Club took the guessing out of the probiotic game and it couldn't be any easier.

If You're Looking To Save Some Cash: Hum Nutrition

Although we all agree that we'd spend whatever it takes to make us healthy, we still strive to save a few dollars here and there. Although both Hum Nutrition and Athena Club offer subscriptions for their probiotics, Hum is ultimately cheaper. For 30 pills of Hum Nutrition (it's one a day), you'd pay $26 and if you choose to subscribe, you'd pay $19.50 per bottle. On the other hand, Athena Club will send you 60 pills every month (their dose is two daily pills) for $28. And there's no discount if you sign up for a subscription. Both brands will also ship for free.

In this case, you'd want to think if you'd rather spend the extra $10 for a probiotic that targets immunity, gut, vaginal, and skin health – or if you'd pay $20 for a probiotic that only targets one of these areas. But remember, consistency is key!

If You're Looking For Sustainability and Clean Products: It's A Tie

Both Athena Club and Hum Nutrition are committed to being sustainable and clean. This means that both brands detail their ingredients on their websites and their packaging is recyclable.

On the one hand, Hum Nutrition has an entire page dedicated to explaining how they're recycling plastic to create their packaging while also working with factories that have the same goals as them. Every part of their packaging is recycled and recyclable so you don't want to worry about creating more waste when you buy from them. Unfortunately, not all of Hum Nutrition is vegan so you have to double-check the probiotic you're signing up for.

On the other, Athena Club also has a huge commitment to sustainability. They use frosted glass for their products because not only is it more sustainable, but it keeps the products fresh for longer – in case you're like me and forgets to take it from time to time. Each ingredient in the Daily Probiotic is individually tested for identity, purity, and potency. The final capsules are tested by a third-party lab for composition, microbial contamination, and heavy metals. Daily Probiotic is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and has no wheat, soy, lactose, artificial flavors, fillers, or synthetic colorants.

If You Want More Than Just Supplements: Athena Club

Athena Club has quickly become a force when it comes to lifestyle subscriptions. Not only do they sell probiotics and daily supplements, but you can get anything from razor subscriptions, body care products, period products, and even candles. They're one of the top brands when it comes to razor subscriptions (you can read how they compare to Billie here) and continue to expand their products to all things lifestyle. I mean, they even sell silk scrunchies (which are great for your hair) and eye masks to ensure you get a great night's sleep.

Hum Nutrition also has a wide range of products, but only in the supplements category. It's a great source if you want to find the best supplements for your overall health – whether that's a sleeping or a hair supplement. It's also perfect if you want to know what supplements complement each other and what combination can be too much.

Who Wins?

Well, in my book, Athena Club does, simply because it's so much easier to navigate. I don't need to scratch my head and wonder what probiotic is best for me (like with Hum). I just know that their one probiotic is enough to tackle my needs and so much more. Additionally, they also offer a daily supplement plus plenty of lifestyle products I need such as a razor and cartridges, and clean body care products. With Hum, although I recognize that they are a supplement authority, it still feels overwhelming.

Sign-up for Athena Club probiotics today for $28/month. Plus, use code MSA20 to get 20% off your first purchase.


Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Caraballo
Sophia Melissa Caraballo is a Puerto Rican native living in New York City, writing about everything from beauty and food to celebrities and lifestyle for a living. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez with an English bachelor's and pursued a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.