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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box: Customization Open For Annual Members

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box Spoilers: Customization 3 Choices

We have spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box!

FYI – This box is not live yet. If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box. 

Starting with the Summer 2021 box, Annual Members will be able to customize their entire box. Seasonal Members will get one more Customization option. All members will be able to Swap for Credit – swap the box for e-commerce credit you can use towards Boost My Box, reFills, Add-Ons, Edit Sales, themed sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items! 

Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 3. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Summer Box:


Corkcicle tumbler

Corkcicle 12 oz Wine Tumbler with Silicone Straw, $35

Take your favorite vino to-go in this insulated tumbler.

Supergoop unseen sunscreen

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, $34

This oil-free formula glides seamlessly onto skin while protecting the skin with SPF 40.

Living Proof dry shampoo

Living Proof Perfect HairDay™ Dry Shampoo, $26

Spritz away dirt and oil and achieve your perfect hair day with this dry shampoo.

AG Recoil Curl Activator

AG HairRe: Coil Curl Activator, $22

For our curly hair gals, this activator defines, maintains, and moisturizes your curls.

Poolside water resistant pouch

Poolside Water Resistant Pouch, $35

Take this water-resistant pouch to the pool or the beach, either way it’ll keep your essentials protected.

Baublebar build your own bracelet kit

BaubleBar Build Your Own Bracelet Kit, $50

It’s so easy to make bracelets that match your style with these colorful beads.

Malin + Goetz moisturizer

Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, $50

Gently hydrate and balance the skin with a blend of vitamins E andB5, and chamomile fatty acids.

Nectar Blue Light Blocking Glasses -Brown Tortoise Round-Eye

Nectar Blue Light Blocking Glasses -Brown Tortoise Round-Eye, $45

Block blue light from your computer or phone to keep your eyes refreshed and lessen fatigue.


Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 2. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Summer Box:

Draper James ruffle nightie

Draper James Ruffle Nightie, $48

Get your beauty sleep in with this adorable sleep dress, complete with a ruffle detail at the hem.


Ouai detox shampoo and scalp massager

Ouai Detox Shampoo + Scalp Massager, $40

Give your scalp and tresses a deep cleanse with a clarifying shampoo and scalp massager.


Milly Jewelry Case

Milly Jewelry Case, $60

House your favorite rings, necklaces, and bracelets in this functional jewelry case.

Obé hip bands

obé2 Hip Bands +2 Month obé Membership, $47

Add extra resistance to your workouts with these cloth workout bands.

Rae Dunn Guac + Salsa Bowls

Rae Dunn Guac/Salsa Bowls (with two spoons), $40

Serve your guac and salsa in these ceramic bowls, complete with wooden spoons.

Sonix Bluetooth Speaker

Sonix Bluetooth Speaker, $45

Take your music anywhere you go thanks to this sleek Bluetooth speaker.

Tarte Drink of H20

Tarte Drink of H20 Moisturizer, $39

Deeply hydrate and refresh your skin with electrolyte-packed hydration.

Business And Pleasure Cooler Bag

Business & Pleasure Cooler, $59

Picnic or barbecue, this chic cooler bag keeps food and drinks cold and crisp.


Here are all of the options for Customization Choice 1. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Summer Box:

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum $64

Featuring two super-powered forms of vitamin C, this serum delivers instant brightness while reducing hyperpigmentation.

PMD BeautyClean (Teal) $99

Cleanse and tone the appearance of your skin with this smart facial cleansing device, which cleanses the skin with over 7,000 vibrations per minute.

Neoprene Beach Tote in Pink/Red or Blue/Green $80

Tote your everyday essentials in this stylish neoprene bag, whether you’re headed to the beach or pool!

Virginia WolfMulti Wear Wrap $60

Whether you wear it as a sarong or drape it around your shoulders, this wrap can be styled in so many different ways.

Society6 Outdoor Blanket $60

This easy-to-carry blanket is water-resistant, making it perfect for your outdoor picnics.

Society6 Wine Chiller $49.99

Keep your wine chilled and looking cute in this stainless steel chiller.

L*Space Tie Dye Towel $58 

This boho-chic tie-dye towel features a beautiful blend of pastel blue and purple tones.

IMPORTANT DATES: Add-Ons open for Annual Members on Thursday, May 6th and Customization opens on Friday, May 7th. Add-Ons opens for Seasonal Members on Thursday, May 20th and Customization opens on Friday, May 21st. All windows open at 9am PST.

Want to upgrade your account for early access? Click here.

What do you think of the spoilers? 


If you sign up now, Spring 2021 will be your first box — check out the full spoilers here.

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.


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Comments (87)

  1. Did anyone else notice that the choices are choices from previous boxes? The cooler, glasses and towel for example. Make your own bracelet? I didn’t look at the rest because once again, I’m disappointed.

  2. Ok, that Draper James nightie for old ladies =thats ME!!! 😂 Does anyone know if their L/XL size runs small or large & how long is it? I get 2 boxes & for winter I chose 2 robes in L/XL & Plus. I wear XL in US size and guess what? The L/XL didn’t wrap enough up front (so it got gifted to a skinnier friend) & Plus was huge, yet too short for my liking, so that got expropriated by a football offensive lineman (=fridge!) who was thrilled to have post-shower robe that fully wraps, covers his butt & held securely with belt unlike the standard bath towel 😂 And it has a hood & pockets! The envy in the locker room! If I could swap for more of those Plus robes I’d bless the entire O-line! Since I am left without a robe I’m treating myself to a cheerful nightie not to scare people that knock on my door too early in the morning (though it may be my German Shepherd not the nightie 😂)
    I really enjoy reading comments as some are so funny that I actually laugh out loud! Y’all stay healthy, safe & sane!

  3. I’m actually pretty excited for the summer box. I have plenty of make up and skin care products, but there are a few products so far that I would use. Just going with dry shampoo for first choice, and the cooler bag for 2nd choice. I’ve been needing a smallish cooler bag for the kids snacks on outings and road trips, so this seems perfect. And My sister just broke her face washing thingy, so 3rd choice is PMD Clean for her 🙂 This summer box is my last annual box, I’m not sure if I will renew.. I have so much stuff that I haven’t gotten to yet.

  4. Baublebar has got to be either kidding or just crazy with that suggested retail price. I’ve seen a lot of plastic bead bracelet kits for kids and this one’s chintzy even by those standards. Don’t get me wrong, I generally love fff and most of the choices. That one just really sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • Seriously. That RV is offensive 😅. More like $15, and that’s generous.

  5. I have found the boxes very underwhelming this year… I guess I am the exception based on the comments above but most of the things are of low quality and not worth it IMO and I would never purchase them on a store…
    The bauble bar bead making kit is a joke shouldn’t be retailing a penny over $5 it’s cheap plastic beads kids lots have. For $50 you can go to Michael and get way better and cheaper if you want to make your own.
    I literally like or need nothing…. the wine tumbler 🤦🏼‍♂️ The bag, the cactus glass last month… I already have two tumblers from them not counting the cactus why does every box need to have one?
    The cosmetic selection is also bad… I think I might try Rachel Zoe’s box

  6. These choices are not getting any better. Still hoping for some things that are exciting to me.

    • Rest of the spoilers are quite beauty focused and are okay. For less then $6 I’m good with all of them.

      • It’s definitely worth the price. This is my first annual so I am excited for a fully customizable box. Are the rest of the spoilers already out? So far all three of my choices are beauty. The PMD, the hair detox and the face moisturizer. Unless I choose the tumbler or bag. Idk yet.

      • I’m was hoping for a non earring jewelry item and something cute household wise. I typically have a weakness for nesting bowls but I’m not a fan of the guac set. A candle would be cool.

  7. Thanks for the detailed info about the spoilers. I have a hard time seeing where we switch from Customization 1 to 2 to 3, etc. because the font is paragraph style. A different graphic layout or some way to set apart (larger font, underline, different color) when you are switching from one customization to another would make your site more accessible to all users.

    • That would be great!

    • Ditto – it is difficult to make out which ones are in each group 🙁

  8. We have to remember that we aren’t paying retail for these items. If you have an annual you are paying $45 for this box. The last box had 8 items so only $5.60/item. If that bead kit interests you at $5.60 then it’s not a good deal. I think it’s smart to get an annual so you get to choose something in each category. I’m sure we can all find something we’d like that we’d pay under $6 for.

  9. Box 1 (for me): I’m 41 with oily hair and good skin thanks to my liberally applying anything and everything since college. I live in FL with my husband, no kids nor pets. I work from home. This is the last box in my annual subscription and I won’t be renewing. My picks: supergoop sunscreen, OUAI detox hair product and Summer Fridays serum.

    Box 2 (for me): I use this box as gifts for my 12 year old niece and to pick up anything the first box didn’t cover. This is the last box in my annual subscription and I won’t be renewing. Baublebar bead kit for my niece, Tarte moisturizer and beach towel for my niece.

    I’m curious for the rest of the spoilers. I’m finally at the place in my life where I don’t want nor need all these extras things. I have found my holy grail skincare items and would rather take my FFF budget and spend it on items that I’ll actually use. 🥰🥰🥰

    Box 3 (for my sister, I chose her boxes as she likes the surprises): Curl activator for her spirals, Tarte moisturizer and the green neoprene bag as she’s a landscaper.

    • What is your Holy Grail products?

      • My #1 holy grail is Hanacure masks. They are pricey but make such a difference. My next would probably be a red light laser therapy wand. Both tend to be pricey but for less than $1 a day, they both make a huge difference in my skin.

        Thanks for the dry shampoo recommendation. I’m too lazy to use it 😂

      • I’ve tried a TON of product and, for the price, I think my #1 are the Hanacure masks. They are about $120 for a 4 pack which I realize is ridiculous for most. But if you have an event, doing one a week for a month changes everything.
        My #2 which is also costly but is reusable is a red light therapy wand. You can use it hundreds of times. I use it on my face and see results. My husband recently used it on a finger that was healing badly after stitches and also saw a huge difference. If he’s a believer, you know it’s good 😂

    • Rest of the spoilers are ok, not great. Very beauty focused.

    • Melissa, if you have oily hair and are on the fence about any of category 3 items, i would highly recommend you try the living proof dry shampoo. It is the only one that works for me and i have fine, limp, oily hair.

      Just a suggestion of course. Enjoy your summer boxes!

    • Hi Mellissa! I was wondering which red light wand you use? Thanks!

  10. Fabric wrap, Guac and salsa bowls, pouch, dewy spray, iPhone light and lip balm. Yay!!

    • Stephanie – where did you see the rest of the spoilers (the phone light, spray, lip balm, etc.)?

      • Doubt they will post this, but on re ddit.

      • Beauty boxes

  11. I’m curious if anyone else who subscribes to both FFF and beauty boxes (eg Boxy, Ipsy, BeautyFix, etc) feels compelled to choose items other than skincare or hair products for FFF boxes. I will get the Supergoop and Ouai this time (I love a good scalp massager), but I usually default to choosing housewares or accessories from FFF because I can get comparable skincare, body, and hair products from my other subs.

    • I do pick beauty items, it’s a safe choice if nothing else appeals to me. Last spring I got 2 boxes as seasonal sub, for one box I chose 2 beauty items 1 fashion and for the other box I chose 1 beauty item and 2 fashion. I love beauty products and feel like there’s always value to them, plus they are easy to gift vs a random object.

    • I don’t need more clutter in my house. I like skincare because I can use it daily and use it up completely. My friends know that I am always happy with a moisturizer or eye cream or sunscreen or lip balm. That’s why beauty items work best for me: use up and then trash the empty container.

    • I don’t know that FFF pairs exceptionally well with beauty boxes, at least for me. Their safe items in a lot of categories tend to be beauty/skincare, and I feel like if I had a monthly beauty box it would probably be too much repetition. I want to like the home decor and lifestyle items that FFF includes, but just have not been pleased enough with the quality. (I’d love a craft kit … but that pony bead kit from the dollar store is not it. I could get better at Michaels for less.)

  12. Considering the options, I’m happy they introduced swap for credit… Nothing is wowing me and I’ll get my skin care from allure this month since it’s finally shipping to Canada..

    • Allure in Canada? Yesss! Finally!

    • Hi. I am not really interested in anything in the box either. Do you know how the swap for credit works? I am wondering if it’s better to do that or just skip this box …. Thx.

  13. It should be mentioned that the Supergoop sunscreen is ONLY for the US (according to the FFF Instagram.) So unfair! I was actually debating getting a 2nd box because I liked multiple things in Choice 2 especially and thought it would be cool to see what the hype was about with this sunscreen. Only to find out that I can’t even get it because I’m in Canada (EVEN THOUGH Supergoop is sold at Sephora here.)

    It’s really unfair for FFF to pick items that excludes subscribers from getting them due to their location. It should be all or nothing. Either everyone can get the items or don’t include it in the box. Why can’t the Canadian and UK versions of the sunscreen be sent out? Especially when we pay more due to the exchange rates and paying for shipping, yet we get shafted.

    • Wow, i did not know that supergoop option is not available for Canadians. Totally agree with your comment, it should not ve the option unless its available for US and Canada.

      I am quite annoyed now with FFF…

      • I was so excited when I saw the spoiler for the Supergoop because the first 2 choices were good for me (especially the 2nd one, as a new subscriber only since the Winter box, it was nice to see past items I wanted to get being offered, there’s 3 or 4 items in choice 3 I want, which is why I was debating just getting a 2nd box). But now I’m just disappointed because the sunscreen is the only item in choice 3 I wanted, and now I can’t get it. Really sucks. The dry shampoo is also only available to US and Canada, so people in the UK can’t get 2 items from that section. I’d be pissed if I was in the UK. FFF messed up big time.

  14. Some Subscribers: Why do they keep adding ugly, cheap jewelry?

    FFF: Build your own.

    • 🤣🤣🤣

    • OMG 😹

    • FIFTY dollar value for the bead kit? NO WAY! I am way glad I quit. Saving my money for Master Class (very excited about Bobbi Brown’s classes in particular) and getting Glossbox instead of way overvalued FFF products I swear I could find for one third the price elsewhere.

      • I know right 🤣. What’s up with that bead kit ? It seems like an activity for a 12 year old, definitely not for an adult. Just like that dang cactus 🌵 cup. If you have kids I guess it would be a fun thing to pick up for them.

      • I didn’t pay attention to price! $50 is absurd for that. Nope. Not for me, but hopefully someone will enjoy it.

      • @Susan, the overinflated values that most companies/subscription boxes are slapping on products is crazy. It’s actually a turn off to me towards the subscription itself. Knowing full well they’re just using cheap junk as filler. For example, I just received a worse than dollar store quality Illuminati lipgloss that’s retail value is listed as $21 😒 No thanks.

        I need to check out Master Class! That sounds like something that I would actually enjoy!

    • True!!!! FFF’s jewelry is trash!

  15. Lol I was sitting here with my fingers crossed saying “Please be awful please be awful please be awful!” There was nothing I need from choices 1 and 2 and the only things that caught my attention from choice 3 are the Supergoop and the glasses, and I have a ton of great sunscreen already.

    Thank you FFF, I can comfortably unsubscribe. Not that the choices are bad, they’re just either not for me or items I already have so I can’t justify getting more. I’m only an incidental FFF subscriber for specific items.

    • I just unsubscribed after being an annual for a few years. I actually like these spoilers more than l have in awhile but l am going to stay strong and maybe pick up a box seasonally.

  16. Poolside water resistant pouch is 11.25″ X7″ in case anyone besides me was wondering.

    • And 2.5″ deep (at the base) 🙂

  17. Has anyone tried the Malin & Goetz moisturizer? I love that brand but not familiar with this product.

    • Yes, it’s not bad. I have seen this brand in several hotels I’ve stayed in (as the little toiletries they provide free in the room). I probably won’t pick it up as a choice or add on.

  18. The Unseen Sunscreen is really good. One of my favorites. It has that velvety, silicone-y feel that some primers have.

  19. I like it, I might resub for this one. Wine chiller, salsa & guac and Corkscicle.,

    • I was thinking about picking those items too! I might add a few extra products like the cooler or pouch. Katie Kitchens also posted some photos on how she uses the products where her family on Instagram.

  20. I’m sorry but for 50 dollars, that bracelet kit better make itself. That is just crazy. I can go on Amazon and find a whole kit for under $30

    • (Not sure if it makes it better or worse, but it’s actually only listed as $36 on the retailer’s site!)
      This item genuinely got me scheming bc I thought we were getting the quirkier kit from their site and fell in love with it, so I looked into how much it would cost to get all the component parts individually. Found ’em all, and, erm, I mayyyy now have materials for ~100 bracelets on their way for fifteen bucks total 😅

      • Hosting 2 tween girls for a week this summer and they’d love to make bracelets but I couldn’t find these kits on the website. Any hints?

      • I see two bracelet kits on Baublebar’s site. One is $50 and looks similar to this one. The other is $68 and has more beads.

      • (UPDATE: BaubleBar subtly changed the price of the formerly $36 bead kit to $50 last night. Which is…a choice, I guess.)
        @Amy, what I did is googled wholesale beads! I specifically wanted the clay fruits and the gummy bears, so I googled those specific terms and then picked out a few filler beads I thought were pretty to supplement them. The ones I bought were from a wholesale site, but if you wanted something with faster shipping or more of a household name, it looks like craft stores and Amazon have really similar beads too, just a little more expensive. Just remember to also pick up string/wire/elastic!
        (I’m also considering getting a crimp tool and clasps, since I don’t do a great job knotting off my handmade bracelets, but that’d obviously make it a slightly pricier project!)
        Have tons of fun!!!

    • It’s six a.m. and I just literally (and loudly) lol’d at your comment. The cat at my feet is looking at me strangely.

  21. Wish the tumbler didn’t have a straw. Can it be used without one or does the lid just have a tiny straw hole?

    • The straw is optional, can be used without

    • Straw is optional, you can drink directly from the cup (they specifically said that in their video for this category). I looks like it has the slider thingy like most travel tumblers have on the lid.

      • That’s great! Thanks guys <3

  22. Excited for the supergoop. I love that stuff!

  23. Every day I think “why am I paying $50 for this? This is a bunch of junk I don’t need” and then I look back at previous days and think “how will I narrow down what to select?”

    Nothing feels very special or well made, unlike Journeebox where everything feels special and well-made, or Causebox where some things feel special (like the Feed bag) but some of it is just not good quality (the kettles! the robes!). And some of these have that Target clearance section feel. And yet, I know I’ll end up using the items I select or one of the tweens in my life will. 🤷‍♀️

    For those who got them last time around, how well have the tie dye towels held up?

    • I’ve used mine as an everyday bath towel. It’s held up well. The printed side is very soft and absorbent, though not plush, and I find it dries quickly after hanging up.

      • That’s great! I’m thinking it would be good to have one in the closet to pack for beach vacations.

    • The towel itself is fine but the photo makes it look extra wide when the reality is that it’s narrower than my other beach towels. The fringe on the ends doesn’t look great.
      The material is also thinner than my other beach towels but it is still very absorbent and dries faster than my others because of this. Hope that helps!

    • I’ve really enjoyed mine – its held up well and I love the print.

    • I love mine it’s my everyday towel. I wash it so much and it still in good shape. The color faded but that is about it, I will definitely be adding it to my box again! I recommend it!

  24. Usually summer boxes are my least favorite, but I’m finding more than one item per category that I like.

    • Me too. I had cancelled my sub for about a year and a half and got an annual with the last box so no fatigue here.

  25. Most of these products seem like the same old stuff. Moisturizers, hair masks, totes, etc. I actually like most of them, but I guess it’s hard to please everyone while keeping it fresh and also appealing to new subscribers?

    Idk. I have such mixed feelings toward FFF overall, but I think they’re doing their best. I met one of the founders at an event and she seemed very genuine. I feel like everyone’s tastes are so different and I don’t envy walking the tightrope between profitability. logistics and pleasing everyone season after season.

    • I think part of the problem is when they branch out people complain. Look at how much hate the Draper James nightie is getting.

      • I may hate it…but I don’t have to choose it. The variety is quite amazing, and as an annual subscriber, I should be able to select most of what I want (you never know).
        I actually like reading all of the comments (including the negative – sometimes it keeps my FOMO from going unchecked). Yes, a lot of what I end up with isn’t the quality I was expecting, but for $50, I get a lot of entertainment (and some decent gifts).

    • My last box was so bad that I emailed them just to tell them that the presentation and everything was so subpar to how it was when they started. They promised to send me a new box with items I actually chose during choice but of course that’s yet to arrive or even ship or even have anyone follow up with me about it even though they assured me they would. It’s like a TJ Maxx box I feel like. This one Looks a little more hopeful but when I choose some thing I usually would assume I would get it in my box and lately I’ve been getting just a random assortment of crap thrown into a box not worth a cent. I miss pop sugar must have so badly.

  26. Does anyone have shipping insight for the Summer box? My sister has a birthday coming up in the end of May and I think some of these spoilers could be a great fit for her birthday gift.

    • It looks like billing isn’t until the last week of May for seasonal subscribers so I’m sure it wouldn’t arrive until sometime in June at the earliest.

    • Billing and customization for annual members is on may 12th they say they shipping within a month of successful billing. Seasonal isn’t until the 26th of may.

      • It says customization for annual starts on May 7th.

    • I don’t think it will make it on time for your sister’s birthday.

  27. I certainly won’t be grabbing the Summer Fridays after the Jet Lag Mask/Boxycharm fiasco.

    • What was the fiasco?

      • Yes! Spill the tea, please. I don’t remember any of this.

      • Somehow, the Jet Lag mask had batches that contained too much essential oil, so it was causing burning sensation/redness/irritation for some people.

      • Thanks for the warning!

    • I was soooooo nervous to try my Jet Lag mask after reading all the terrible face burns people were getting. I finally tried mine (I actually just put it on a few minutes ago, lol) and mine must have been from the “good” batch. With that said you want to be able to trust every product you get to put on your face and bad batches should be caught before leaving the manufacture!

  28. If I weren’t subscribing to other boxes, I think I’d be happy with the offering – I don’t like everything, but there are products I could use. However, I am not convinced to resubscribe yet since most of my choices would be skincare/hair care and I have a huge stash to go through before it goes bad.

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