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We have a new spoiler for the April 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, March will be your first box. Check out the March spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2021 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The April Allure Beauty Box will include:

Chella La Vie Eyeshadow Quad


Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque: Light


Dorado Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Black Sea

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eye Liner Pencil in Black Sea, Pfeiffer Beach, OR Dorado Beach


Akar Restore Eye Serum (Full Size) – $85 Value

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, you’ll receive a new member gift:

  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

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Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (60)

  1. Allure and I have officially broken up! This used to be one of my favorite sub boxes, used to be……then the price increase came with the promise of more and better from Allure. Then box after box arrived with disappointment. I stopped skipping so my prepaid year could just run out and cancelled and replaced with a different sub box to try, bright beauty faves @ $15 quarterly for 4 full size vegan and cruelty free beauty items that you get to choose ALL your items from choices. Already received my Spring box and was thrilled with my items in case anyone needed a suggestion for a replacement! Allure……bye Felicia…….

    • I have a question about the Bright Beauty Faves Box. I wanted to sign up and when I went to check out it was charging me $5 for shipping. I feel like at $15 its an amazing deal especially because you get to choose your products but im not excited about the $5 shipping fee and ive never seen anyone else mention it. Did you have to pay the shipping cost? If not how did you order the box without paying the shipping? Thank you in advance

  2. Does anyone else continue to feel anxious that we’ve not been getting Full Spoilers from Allure until it’s almost too late to skip? I really hate when things are down to the wire.

  3. I see a lot of negative comments about repeats but other than that what is so bad aboit Allur boxes? I think they are really good!

    • The used to send high-end samples and the price was lower. Now they send basic stuff while simultaneously raising the cost. The boxes nowadays are no better than Birchbox. It does not indicate the high-end stuff they used to advertise.

      • I am getting high end products! Just to name a couple: Resurfacing Compound last month that retails for over $150. The 111Vitamin C booster? This is pretty pricey stuff! Each box has had multiple times the amount we are paying per month and I am quite happy with them each month.

      • If you’re happy then great. I don’t consider 111 Skin nowhere NEAR in the realm of the high-end brands they used to send. But again, to each her own.

      • I agree with you Sherry! I love my allure boxes and the last one had some amazing high end skincare. I really could care less about the makeup that is in these because I do prefer skincare items anyway. I think this is why I stick with allure, because their boxes have some great skincare products and other subs are mostly makeup.

  4. Does anyone remember Allure Free Stuff every August and also a few things every month? Man that was awesome, but they replaced it with these boxes, which are really sucking now. I actually still miss their Free Stuff! 😥

  5. I have that palette already. It’s actually really nice!

  6. I want to try the eye serum, but that pallet is ugly. Still have the Nubian pallet that they sent a few years ago. They actually sent it to me twice. Skipping

  7. As I was scrolling down the page looking at the various spoilers I couldn’t believe how bad they are. The only product I’m even remotely excited about is the eye serum. Honestly I thought Allure was getting better but this box in my opinion is just terrible. Can anybody advise how I would be able to skip this month? Thanks

    • Call the number on the allure beauty box website (1-800-274-1603) and tell the customer service rep you want to skip April. ASK FOR A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL TO BE SENT. They mess up aaaall the time with skips so while it’s easy to do everything right (just a phone call), it can be difficult to actually get the desired result of just one month skipped. Confirm confirm confirm.

      • I emailed to skip last night and got my confirmation today. These boxes seem like they’re going downhill fast suddenly. I didn’t pay the $23 thankfully, and certainly won’t be when my year ks up.

  8. I locked in old pricing, so this box is like $13.75 for me I think, whereas Ipsy glam bag is $11 with a one year membership. I still think this bag is worth more than Ipsy glam bag (plus the $2.75 extra), but in no way is it comparable to Ipsy glam bag plus or boxycharm. After my year at the lower price runs out, I won’t be renewing.

  9. So I was actually starting to think they were getting better. But this month is a miss for me. I didn’t realize you could skip but may call. Nothing is impressing me.

    • Yes you can skip a box if you call/ email them. I ended up skipping a month and then wanted to cancel altogether afterwards and they gave me 3 months at the old price and then I canceled. Thinking about resubbing for the full size AKAR in April but that and the hair mask are the ONLY items that I want in that box. Hmm. What to do what to do. Lol ! That’s exactly how they reel us back. You can sub thru Amazon and your first box is the old price, it’s way easier to cancel, but you don’t get the free gift. Just a friendly FYI. <3

      • Thank you for the tip about your first Amazon box being at the old price! I had no idea. 🙂

  10. Allure, I’ve tried to stick with you through the price increase but the quality just keeps decreasing. I’ve had horrible allergic reactions to products in my last two boxes and the curation has seriously gone downhill. In the meantime, I’ve tried Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and they outclass Allure in every way now. Plus I get to pick three items so I know I’ll actually use a good part of my bag.

  11. This is the third one of those horrible Chella quads I will own. Come on Allure be better!

  12. Ipsy has been trying desperately to get rid of this palette for six months. 😂I know repeats across boxes are inevitable, but the fact that they increased the price to the same price point as ipsy Plus and are sending items that are literally concurrently in the $12 tier ipsy is absurd to me.

    They went from a consistent, well-respected box to a joke reallll fast WHEN THEY COULDA JUST KEPT BEING AWESOME.

  13. Maybe they bought out Ipsy’s overload of these things…they’ve been offered almost every month in some form or fashion it seems.

    I don’t mind lower-priced items or offerings from indy brands that haven’t yet crossed my radar but this is quite meh.

  14. I wish that sub boxes would stop overloading us with eyeshadow. I barely use the stuff and honestly I don’t see a lot of women using it on a daily basis. 1-2 eye shadow compacts a year would prob do most people. Maybe 4 if you really like the stuff. It is a cheap way to round out a box I guess.

  15. On the Chella website, their version of this palette sells for $45. The packaging is different, but I think the amount of product is the same.

    The packaging for this is more like Revlon, Maybelline, and other drugstore brands.

    I’m not wild about the colors either, though maybe they’ll be nicer in person.

    • They’re pretty solid quality and nice basics, but as an eyeshadow collector I already have at least 20 palettes with those colors, plus that exact palette from ipsy

      Since I prepaid on the old annual price it’s just a matter of keep or skip for me and I’m going to keep the month especially since that Aveda mask looks like it will be perfect for after the pool once we get ours running hopefully less than a month after this box should arrive

      If I were choosing to spend $23 it would be an easy pass, but the akar, cargo (anything but black please!) and aveda should make the month worth it.

      The chella I might give to my cousin who’s getting into makeup, it’s easy to use and play with without wasting quality product!

      • FYI
        The Aveda hair masque is only 25ml.. a sample size.

      • Okay, apparently I didn’t look far enough. My bad.

  16. Man, this box is BAD. Not even remotely tempted…

  17. This looks like the worst Allure box ever. Skipping April after seeing this spoiler. Don’t need eyeshadows, eyeliners and serums.

    • ITA! It’s becoming like Birchbox–irrelevant and unexciting.

  18. Jeez April keeps looking worse with every spoiler release. The Akar is the only interesting product and im not paying the ridiculous price they charge now for one product I actually want and a bunch of junk filler products I don’t want. Allure used to be amazing. Its sad that they upped the price so much and the quality went down so drastically

  19. This has been in ipsy so many times

  20. I wish they’d just go back to the way they were before the change, $12-15 range w smaller items since the point is to try things out.

  21. Not a good fit for me at all. I too had that Akar eye serum previously.

  22. I really want to skip this box now. The only think kind of holding me is the akar 🙁

    • Me too. I really want to try an Akar product though so… yeah………..

    • Same, I got that same dang palette (or at least one really similar to it, definitely same brand) as a $3 add-on from Ipsy, sigh…

      • Nope, I correct myself – the $3 add-on was a different brand but dang they look the same lol. I did get the full size version of this palette from Ispy, though.

  23. Ugh, this latest spoiler hasn’t exactly helped. I already have that Cella Palette from another sub in recent months, and I didn’t exactly see the glory in it the first time.

  24. Did anyone else get a survey recently about the January box? The questions and phrasing lead me to believe they are looking to fix what’s making us unhappy.

    • echo, I received the survey as well and I was thinking the same thing you just mentioned. Let’s hope that’s what it is! I usually do not complain about Allure but it’s getting hard to keep that true. I have received this EXACT Chella palette at least 3 times in other subscription boxes (IPSY and Birchbox I think) and I hate to say this but it was not great. Also, while I understand that this is a different product from Akar than the other 2 (toner and lip balm) we received in the past from Allure, I would still really like to start seeing a little more brand variety. There are literally THOUSANDS of brands out there. I was extremely thorough on the survey so I am crossing my fingers they take it to heart. Did you fill it out?

      • Yes, I absolutely filled it out and I was thorough about it, too! I hope it helps – *fingers crossed*

    • I got it, too! I remember Aveda was listed in the survey.

      • SBR I wonder if you are thinking about the Boxycharm survey? The Allure survey didn’t mention any specific brands, it was more of a survey on what you thought of the January Allure box and what you would like to see in the future. The Boxycharm survey however did ask about specific products and I definitely remember Aveda being mentioned. 🙂 You know it’s so funny, I fill out the Boxycharm survey every single month but I NEVER see any of the products they mention in the survey in any of the boxes! I get so excited and then nothing! 🤣

      • I remember the Aveda product being in the Survey

      • The allure survery, not the boxy for me.

      • It was Allure. I don’t get Boxy.

    • Well this ain’t it… If they are counting this as full size it will be the first I’ve skipped since my new plan started in oct.

    • I got it too even though I didn’t sub to January’s box. As a result I just deleted it since I figured I didn’t have any opinion to offer on January’s box, but now I’m sort of wishing I had just gone through with it to see what questions they asked, lol.

      • The questions were mostly about the products received, whether you’d used them, and if so what you thought about your experience. So if you skipped the box, you would have been done after about 2 questions. I had that happen to me once before. 😊

  25. Not appealing to me.

  26. I’m wondering how they chose Chella out of the hundreds of amazing eyeshadow brands Allure has access to. I’m not dissing the brand, I know nothing about them. But I’d love to see a well-known, luxury/high-end eyeshadow, even if it means getting a single shadow vs. a “palette” like the Chella eyeshadow.

    It just doesn’t seem to add up to a top-tier sub box product if you ask me. And I usually defend Allure and their monthly sub boxes.

    • Or at least different colors. I feel like we have gotten these colors several times from Allure over the years.

  27. Yikes, not looking good.

    • I like every Akar product I’ve tried so I’m not skipping because of the eye serum, but I am definitely once again disappointed that New Pricier Allure has yet to be nearly as good as old Allure from years past. Sad.

  28. I’m curious to find out whether this counts as a full size item since the product description calls it “travel size,” but it sells at that size at Macy’s and QVC, implying it’s not a sample. The colors should work really well for me, so even though I really don’t need more eyeshadow, so I’m reasonably looking forward to trying it.

  29. The beauty box gods told me to call Allure this morning and skip and I am so glad I did, but seriously getting tired of skipping.

    I don’t personally wear eyeshadow or eyeliner (that’s 2 products right there) and a “light” hair mask? Yeah no. I need a heavy duty mask. Definitely wanted the eye serum, but don’t need it.

    I guess there is always May to look forward to…

    • I finally cancelled. I’m done spending money on crap.

      • Good for you. I cancelled most of boxes too. I’m done spending money on seconds that no one wanted even on sale. At some point we will all reach product overload. These sub box companies are just riding that train until we eventually stop consuming. The sooner the better cuz who needs 10 different creams and 30 palettes???

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