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Allure Beauty Box March 2021 Spoiler Update

We have an update for the March 2021 Allure Beauty Box. We noticed some confusion about the number of variations so we wanted to help clarify which box you can expect. Let us know if you have any questions! 

Here is the breakdown of the March boxes.

We may be outfitted in face coverings again this year, but there’s still something joyful and optimistic about the season’s first crocuses. In the spirit of hitting refresh, we stocked the March Allure Beauty Box — our highest valued box ever! — with products selected to bring a breath of fresh air to your routine. There’s a luxe facial serum from 111Skin, a multitasking eye shadow stick, and a J-beauty cleanser with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. Enjoy!

New members signing up for the first time will receive:

  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Laritzy Lip Gloss in Vibe
  • Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL (Full Size)
  • Clarins Total Eye Lift **New Member Gift

Current members will receive one of the following boxes:

  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Pixi LipGlow in Ruby or Laritzy Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Vibe (full size)
  • Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • Nuria Triple Action Eye Cream (Full Size)


  • 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (Full Size)
  • Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk/Dawn + Eyeko Sharpener (Full Size)
  • B.Glen Clay Wash Mild Facial Cleanser
  • Pixi LipGlow in Ruby (Full Size)
  • AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream
  • Mudmasky Eye Mask (Full Size) or Nuria Triple Action Eye Cream (Full Size)

*FYI – The variation depends on your member history – Subscribers will not receive the same product more than once.


Allure also released an update regarding the 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster:

We hope you are enjoying your March Beauty Box, and appreciate the feedback! 111 Skin has provided a statement on their manufacturing process which you can read in full here. This statement includes the following information on their ingredient standards: “All raw materials are sourced from our regular suppliers within Europe and the USA to ensure the integrity, efficacy, fragrance and texture of our products remain at a consistently premium quality.” It also includes information on why they may produce samples in China: “As the scale of our business continues to grow we frequently transition between different suppliers depending on capacity needs.

If you sign up now, you’ll receive a new member gift:

  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

For a limited time, get a FREE Mega Bundle with a 1 Year Allure Beauty Box Subscription! Click here to get a 12-month Allure Beauty Box  subscription and Mega Bundle for $250!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2021 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (66)

  1. I got this same Nuria eye cream in October of 2019. Aren’t we not supposed to get dupes as a repeat subscriber? I’ve been a regular sub for ages.

  2. The box variation I got is none of the above, so idk what the point of this breakdown was. But, I’m very happy with it, it’s almost exactly what I wanted. Would’ve been better with the Bumbum cream, but I can overlook that. I’m glad I didn’t skip.
    Wish Allure would go back to doing all spoilers by end of month because I almost skipped based on small preview.

  3. Does anyone know how to figure out Nuria expiration dates?
    I can’t find a website explaining the batchcode and I’m trying to avoid calling. I got this same Nuria ages ago in an allure box (I unsubbed on Amazon and resubbed on the website so maybe that’s why I got a repeated product) and the codes on the end crimp are the exact same save the very last number (one is a 1 and the other is a 2). I feel like this might be a very old tube and I don’t want to risk putting it near my eye unless I know how to read the manufacture or exp. date =S

  4. Received my box today. Variation with the Ahava. Great box. I will use every single thing.

    • I was actually surprised at how much I loved the shadow stick. I was not very excited for it, but it was actually pretty neat. I always think that this box is going to suck, but each time I get it, I find a product that I love! I have found a lot of hidden gem products with Allure.

      • I think the trick is to not read comments until after you get your box. I agree that each month I find a product I love. Yes, the shadow stick is a surprise great find. I love it as a liner.

    • Zo- I got that box too, what do you think of the Ahava?? I really want to love it, it leaves my skin super silky, but it smells like a very specific kind of soap, like the little decretive seashell soaps my Grandma had in the bathroom that we weren’t supposed to use. I imagine I will use it all eventually, but wondered what others thought of the smell

      • SubboxinSarah- I, too, loved the silky smoothness…but had to wash off almost immediately due to the horribly overwhelming smell. YUCK!

  5. STORY TIME: I didn’t want this box. None of the products wowed me and I didn’t like having so many variations. I called end of February and skipped March but today got an e-mail saying my March box is on the way.

    When I called to figure out what was going on the first rep I spoke to initially told me best she could do was refund the month, but if I wanted an additional month at the end of my subscription I’d have to pay. I wasn’t okay with that, because if she gave me $13 for March that wouldn’t get me the $23 single month box at the end of my sub that I skipped March for.

    Her supervisor went above and beyond and instead of giving me the 1 month extension at the end that I asked for (since I called on time and skipped March properly to get it) she said she put a free additional 3 month subscription on my account.

    Feel like I had to be a Karen (getting the supervisor and all) which isn’t ideal, but an employee at the company made the mistake and the company more than made up for it in the end, which I’m really happy about.

    Warning that folks should double check and maybe even ask for confirmation e-mail when skipping.

    • wow. you’re so lucky!! this happened to me in october where i called to skip the november box, and they said okay you’re all set to skip, then sent me the next month’s box. i was so upset and called so many times, but they refused to extend my subscription and instead just gave me the $13 refund. i was so upset because i hated everything in the month’s box and they were completely unusable for me, which is why i skipped. they super let me down and i’d never sub to them for the new price. their CS is good at responding, but that’s a terrible response when it’s their own fault

      • Man it is so weird they don’t send skip confirmations when this is clearly a recurring issue with them. The rep tried to do that to me, even told me her supervisor would say the same thing, but thankfully that wasn’t the case! I was really upset originally too and kept repeating “I did everything right, the company messed up, the company needs to make it right”
        Definitely feeling lucky and happy with how things worked out but if I had been in your shoes I probably wouldn’t stick with allure either

  6. I love reading a whole string of comments complaining about being unsatisfied with A SUBSCRIPTION box, which means you voluntarily subscribe to it. And you know by now that Allure is not a customizable dub box. Also, I just don’t get it… Allure packs a lot of value into their boxes. I remember the 1st time I subbed to Allure… I canceled b/c back then, they were literally primarily drug brands products. E.L.F, NYX, etc. I love their past few boxes. As well all other subs, they have been mostly skincare for too the Pandemic and the higher percentage of people surveyed, states they have been investing more money and time in their skincare than Cosmetics. I have noticed that they are starting to work makeup items back into thier boxes. If people are so unhappy with getting $200+ value for $23, then cancel your sub and go to Sephora’s website where you can spend your money on only products you want

    • I think a lot of people are frustrated because they remember the Allure from a couple years ago. A $15 box where ‘what you see is what you get’ that usually didn’t have many, if any, variations, was always upfront about their products, and often varied from month to month in what type of products were inside. In terms of value, I could put a $200 bottle of perfume in every box and it’d technically be ‘worth’ the new $23 price tag, sure, but that’s not what loyal returning customers are expecting or wanting. The allure of Allure was that you got to try out a bunch of different types of high quality products for a low price that you would not be able to get if you cancelled and went to Sephora. People are complaining because they’re disappointed that now that opportunity has been cancelled for them. They still can’t go to Sephora and spend only $15 for a bunch of products; now they don’t have the option to spend $15 on an Allure box, and now the current Allure box contents do not seem as fun, useful, quality, or desirable to the masses as before. It’s sadness over the loss of something that they feel was once exciting. They as customers absolutely should have a platform to voice their disappointment with recent changes and their feelings and experiences are real and valid.

      • Amen! Everyone has their own opinion and I understand that it’s only a subscription box and that it’s not the end of the world but I really don’t see the harm in anyone voicing their opinion and thoughts about this or any other subscription box, whether negative or positive. Considering that this is a platform dedicated to subscription boxes, in my personal opinion, this is the exact place where they should be able to do it without being judged.

    • I completely agree with you. How people get so upset about a mystery box that you might not like everything in it and trying to cancel or skip every month if you don’t?

    • ALL FACTS 🤗👏🏼👏🏼🤗 Life’s too short, it’s $23, or $110 with Mintd, and my others. If I don’t like it, that IS/WAS part of the deal, tbh skipping wasn’t when it all began…we’re just spoiled Americans! 😂

  7. With all the cleansers and treatments we’re getting every month, I’m not going to have a face left!

  8. I love Allure, I discover most all of my holy grail products in their boxes and special edition boxes.

    • Oh me too! I usually get one absolutely fabulous find that I wouldn’t have purchased or known about otherwise. I’ve gone on to buy many of the items again. And honestly, I haven’t needed to buy face wash for a year between Allure and the BeautyFIX box!

  9. Why not just give us a smaller bottle of the “real” 111 ?? If I try it and love it I’d be all in to spend the money. But getting a full size of something that isn’t the same as the one in stores, well if it’s not as good why would I buy it? This whole quantity over quality has gotten out of hand.

    • I’m pretty sure it is the “real 111”.

      • Subscription box 111 Skin has cheaper ingredients and is made in China, but uses the same packaging, so it isn’t the same as the stuff they sell at Neiman Marcus, if you compare the ingredients side by side. I guess it’s possible that this one is the exception, but so far every one of them has been a discount version of the “real” 111 Skin.

      • 111SKIN made in the UK and 111SKIN made in China have different ingredients listed on the labels. That is misleading and somewhat fraudulent in my opinion because the ingredients in China are cheaper, the labor is cheaper, and the ingredients are probably not the same quality. Will your skin suffer or get damaged? Probably not because 111SKIN would not risk ruining their reputation. I’ll still use it as I already have used one of their creams already that was made in China that I got from IPSY. But the bottom line is they are NOT the same value. I sent an email to 111SKIN asking them about the situation but I bet I won’t receive a response, or if I do it will be focused on the fact that it is still good skincare and not the fact that the retail is not the same.

        It is not like a situation where a $1000 handbag made in China can’t be decent quality. The designers can send their quality leather and sometimes even hardware to China and train the workers to become good at their job. But they don’t have some made in Italy and some made in China and say they are the same value. They just make them in China.

      • @ Julie – The way you are insisting that handbags are not made is exactly how they are made. That’s pretty much how the whole “luxury” market functions right now. Things are also made in China and then sent to Europe to put a few finishing touches on them because then you can say it was “made in Europe.”

  10. I feel like the “what you see is what you get” element was a big selling point for Allure, at least in my mind. It’s always felt like the most straightforward beauty box, since it’s pretty easy to avoid spoilers but, if you care about spoilers (like, okay, I do) you can look up exactly what you’d be getting and choose accordingly.

    So I’m really not loving this switch to random either/or items. Somehow it feels worse to get the less exciting of the choices when we know what we COULD have gotten instead!

    • I couldn’t agree more. If I wanted a bunch of randomness, I’d have signed up for Ipsy. I hope they learn and stop with this

      • I am with you ladies on this! I miss the old Allure Beauty box back before October when it was $15. I feel that the products were most of the time better than they are now. I know most subscriptions are all about the element of surprise when you order. I would like it if they are going to have these variations every month…then maybe they should be like Birch Box and allow us to choose which box variation we want.

  11. I skipped this month, but the IIISkin thing is just weird. Their “Why choose IIISkin” page says
    “111SKIN Private Laboratory
    Our products are manufactured specifically for us by us.”

    Hopefully they’ll be more upfront with sub boxes and customers going forward that it isn’t the same lab (and apparently often different ingredients, too, judging from Reddit threads over the years comparing the sub box versions to the official photos.)

    • That statement could still include the fact that their lab in China is owned by them and makes products only for them. It’s just different ingredients with cheaper labor.

      I remember when the big pet food recall happened years ago and the company I bought my pet food from made all of their food in their own factories in the US. The exception was that their canned food was made by one of the few companies that made canned food for a lot of brands. So they built their own factory to make their canned food even though they never had a recall. Unfortunately, the family sold out to Proctor & Gamble at one point and the whole thing went downhill and they eventually dumped the whole line. Sorry a little off topic, but it is expensive to have your own factories and have them in the US or Europe.

  12. The variations are still annoying and it’s confusing regarding exactly what you will get. Also not buying the explanation from 111Skin. I skipped March, but it looks like April may have an Akar eye product??

  13. That LAritzy gloss was one of the first things I ever got on a subscription box 3 years ago minimum, maybe even 4. I put it up for swap and I never was able to get rid of it, not that it was a bad color I just think it’s funny that it is popping up again. Where did that even come from??

    • I think Allure is trying to clear out warehouse space, so they’re putting old products out in the new boxes.

      • I could not agree more! They raised the price and lowered the quality of their boxes 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Agreed!

  14. I ended up keeping the box, partially because I forgot/was too busy to skip. I hate having so many variations though. I hope they stop with that. I’d hate to get that lip gloss, I really want Pixi

  15. I currently have 2 subscriptions to Allure locked in at the old rate. I then purchased a third box through Amazon last month to get the extra products. I’ll be canceling that third box this month.

  16. I realize that skipping the standard Allure box to get a guaranteed item(s) by ordering the Allure box from Amazon means I’m paying an extra $10* (I’m subscribed at the old annual rate), may not be the most cost-effective, but given that the Mudmasky retails for $57, I think it’s worth it, even though in the past I have ordered an extra box from Amazon and gotten the exact same items.

    *Old annual rate breaks down to $13.75 per box, as opposed to the new rate of $23. Yeah, I know, my math is not precise.

  17. Just ordered my first box, so excited to get the free Clarinda gift, 111Skin and Bum Bum Cream!!! I can’t wait!!! 😁 They website says it is their most expensive box ever, so I’m so glad I’m getting all these amazing products for $23!!! I also get Ipsy and Macy’s, but could not pass this up!!!

  18. I only want the Pixi lol. Brandefy has a pink Pixi Lip Lift so I am waiting for them to send a customization text.

    • I’m hoping for the Pixi too! I’ve not been too excited about Laritzy lip products – they’re fine, just nothing special in my opinion.

  19. I am very disappointed I won’t even have a chance of getting the bum bum.

    • Look on Mercari I’m positive someone is selling a couple for a good price.

      • Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    • There is so much product on ebay that is clearly from subscription boxes too. Most sellers are trying to make money off of them but some items are selling dirt cheap where there is a huge supply. The smart thing to do is to combine some of the items you don’t like to be your own beauty box so it is a better deal for the buyer. I bought one that was less than $20 and it had 8 items in it and a few were full size. There was only one item I didn’t like. It’s better than paying $12 for one item that isn’t full size.

    • or ebay. I often buy previous box stuff that I like from ebay, that people sell them from their boxes, and theyre cheaper than buying from retailer.

  20. I must have that pink lipstick! That is all.

  21. The 2nd variation for current subs is what shows on Amazon for the March box. I had resubbed through Amazon for a 2nd February box so I simply cancelled the Allure direct sub, cancelled the Amazon sub with a renewal date of 3/25 then immediately resubbed through Amazon on the 1st. My box shipped today! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  22. So current members will definitely not get the mascara? Even if we’ve never received that product before? And we may get the Pixi, regardless of whether we’ve previously received the Laritzy? I’m confused.

    • We should not get the mascara. “If” you have received the Laritzy lip in the past, you should get pixi. If you haven’t, it’s a toss up. That’s my understanding….

    • No. If you never received the product, you could receive it in your March box.

      • I only see the mascara listed for new subscribers.

      • SBR you could be correct. I didn’t notice there were several boxes shown. Sorry.

  23. Not biting. Allure, at $23, you should turn the variations into a customizing option. The subscriber tastes are diverse enough that there should be a 50-50 split anyway, but you’ll have a much higher rate of customer satisfaction.

    You can build the customizing as an app, since probably 99% of subscribers have a smartphone.

    • So, go full Ipsy.

      They may have to if they keep doing this.

  24. I am just glad that I wont be getting this bs laritzy and mascara.

  25. Really not loving all the repeats here. Definitely skipping March.

  26. What do you guys think? Does that mean the 111 booster is back in good standing?

    • Nope not buying the clarification. Until 111skin starts selling their products that are made in China at department stores, I find their explanation unpersuasive. At a minimum, the 111skin products made in China, or as 111skin says on its website “Far East” are not worth its claimed retail value and the allure box does not have the value it touts. I find it very sketchy that 111skin can’t even say the exact country (China) these products are made in…it says “Far East” on its website. Very dishonest and definitely makes me suspicious.

      • That *is* a shady mumble indeed! I guess that enough people have finally realized that the letters “PRC” do not mean “Puerto Rico,” so cosmetics companies will now generalize to continue avoiding an admission of a simple truth.

        I just don’t get the “why” in the first place. It cannot cost THAT MUCH to have a building in Europe or North America where employees guide machines that mix ingredients and pour them into bottles – does it? Is it really such a huge break in expenses?

      • I have the serum and it is made in Bulgaria and the vitamin c cleanser too made in Poland.

      • I haven’t read the whole release yet, but it does seem wishy-washy that “some” ingredients sometimes may come from China.

        If Allure is getting knockoff products, they need to refigure the value.

        Looks like it got back to 111 that people have found out the scam. In all honesty, if they’re using subscription boxes to boost their profile, giving us not as good products in an effort to generate buzz is not the best strategy.

      • I don’t understand the rationale for putting sub par products in sub boxes. I thought the whole point was to get people hooked on your product and continue to buy. They’re just giving their brand a bad name and losing potential customers.

      • Pink5 – it’s not a knockoff, 111Skin manufacturers in China for all their sub box products. Someone also mentioned they have a different ingredient list for these products. I’ve only seen Minted box have these products made in Europe, but they should as it’s a $100+ box.

      • “Far East”….hilarious!

      • Stephanie:

        It may not be “knockoff” in the sense that someone else is making it without permission, but if a company is making a product somewhere other than where the product is usually made,using ingredients that it usually does not because it’s going to subscription boxes and not their usual points of sale, it might as well be.

    • Allure’s product variations have just been repetitive in my opinion. Also, it seems like when a competitor has a brand in their sub box, Allure follows suit the following month or sometimes in the same month with the EXACT SAME PRODUCT or one extremely similar! I’ll give this box 1 more month to do “better” and if not I’m cancelling, because for 25 a month I can do better! ?

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