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Style Plan by Frank And Oak Women’s Review + Coupon – November 2020

Frank and Oak November 2020 package

Style Plan by Frank And Oak is a clothing subscription for women and men from Canadian brand Frank And Oak who often uses recycled and organic materials coupled with eco-conscious methods to produce stylish clothes that you can feel good about wearing. Each month their stylists provide a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories to choose from that fit your unique style. Once you receive the pieces you can keep what you like or return what you don’t, with the $25 styling fee only being charged if you keep nothing.

Frank and Oak November 2020 unboxing

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Style Plan by Frank And Oak for Women, which has no styling fee (normally $25) and free shipping when you use our MSA coupon code. 

all clothes from Frank and Oak November 2020 style plan

About Style Plan by Frank And Oak

The Subscription Box: Style Plan by Frank And Oak

The Cost: Pay only for what you keep, and get up to 20% off of Frank And Oak’s regular prices. If you return everything you receive, you’ll be charged a $25 styling fee.

COUPON: Use code MSA35 to get $35 off your first month of Style Plan!

The Products: Your choice of select clothing items every month or every other month. Items are selected according to your size, taste, and budget preferences–and you can log in 2 days before your box ships each month to add or remove items, or to skip the month entirely.

Ships to: The U.S. and Canada for free, with free returns.

Good to Know: When your box ships, you’re billed in full for the members-only discounted price of the items in your box. If you decide not to keep any of the items, Frank And Oak will issue a refund (minus the $25 styling fee).

Style Plan by Frank And Oak Review – November 2020

Another great feature that sets this clothing subscription apart from others is that they have a button on most of their items to “Add to my next Style Plan box.” This allows you to select what goes in your Style Plan box without the help of a stylist, or you can take some of the stylist’s suggestions but not others. Lately, I’ve noticed that this button is less available on items as I browse around their new arrivals. Frank And Oak has been experiencing inventory shipping delays due to COVID-19, so their stock is generally lower. More on this just below!

My Style Plan by Frank And Oak Review

I mentioned above that the spiffy “Add to my next Style Plan box” button has been missing from most items on the Frank And Oak site due to COVID-19-related shipping delays causing low inventory. For the same reason, a sweater that was chosen for me by my stylist (and that I confirmed along with the rest of the items in my box) ended up not being available by the time my Style Plan box was scheduled to ship. I was notified of this via email. The email had the subject line “Refund confirmation” and the message contained the following:


My November Style Plan box was originally supposed to contain that Ribbed Mockneck Sweater, a Linen-Blend Midi Skirt, and two pairs of the Quarter Length Ribbed Socks. Due to the inventory issue, it was shipped with just the skirt and two pairs of socks. However! Did you know that with your Frank And Oak membership comes the benefit of the discounted member pricing on all items, all the time? So while my Style Plan box ended up being a little skimpy, I was able to order two more pieces directly from the site. I chose the Seawool® sweater and black turtleneck shown in the image above. If you’re a member and have a similar experience, you can reach out to that Member Services email address shown in the email above and have them recommend similar items to the one that was canceled, to sort of mimic the styling experience.


The Seawool® Mockneck in Seamoss Green, size small – Retail Value $89.50/Member Price $82.50

Cold weather season is definitively HERE at Frank And Oak and I couldn’t possibly be more chuffed over it. I must admit I’ve been waiting for this time to come since I started my Style Plan this past summer. They do winter wear really well, which makes sense given that they’re located in Montreal. When I say “they do winter really well” I’m talking outerwear that’s as stylish as it is warm, tasteful accessories, knit pants, and more cozy goodness.

Now about this Seawool® sweater. You’re not going to believe how cool this is: some of the yarn used in its knit fabric is made from recycled oyster shells. Specifically, its material break-down includes 32% Seawool® polyester, 30% nylon, 28% wool, 8% acrylic, and 2% spandex. More impressive is how this innovative, earth-focused technology can be used in a sweater that costs about the same as (or less than) a classic wool sweater. To the touch, it feels very similar to a traditional wool sweater in that it’s not rough but also not as soft as some other materials. Under a sweater like this, I usually wear a lightweight cotton shirt so that something a bit smoother is up against the more sensitive skin on my chest and body. But it’s a winner in terms of warmth and beauty. Those who’ve visited my Frank And Oak reviews before may recognize that a sweater in this color family is a slightly different direction for me, but I think it fits in with my usual autumnal palette beautifully—similar to how turquoise stone jewelry would. It’s also a nice way to brighten up a season that’s notoriously gloomy where I live.

*This is the first of two items I ordered outside of my Style Plan box when I found out the Ribbed Mockneck Sweater was canceled.


Cotton Long-Sleeved Mockneck in Black, size small – Retail Value $49.50/Member Price $44.50

Among those in my life who embrace cold weather, there are the everyday turtleneck-wearers and then there are the individuals who wouldn’t dream of wearing such a strangle-y article of clothing. I say the mock neck is the perfect handshake between these two stances! They offer the warm coverage you need to stay warm, without all that fabric gathered around your neck. I adore a mock neck and am slowly building up my collection. This black top is rather thin, really soft, and quite a crisp black color. It’s a gorgeous layering piece that could also be worn as part of any outfit on its own. Length-wise, it fits comfortably over my growing belly—for now, at least. I’m sure I’ll be tucking it into over-the-belly leggings and things as we get deeper into winter anyway.

*This is the second of two items I ordered outside of my Style Plan box when I found out the Ribbed Mockneck Sweater was canceled.


Linen Blend Midi Skirt in Black, size small – Retail Value $79.50/Member Price $69.50

I had been eyeing this black, linen-blend midi skirt during the warmer season but it wasn’t available to add to my Style Plan box at the time. Had I known then what I know now about the member discount, I may have just purchased it separately. But I’m glad I waited because here it is, and it’s even better than I had imagined—softer than I expected, with a beautiful, fine texture and a weight to its fabric that falls so nicely from the hips. And actually, that same weight makes it well suited to year-round wear. I have a nice collection of warm knit stockings that will work beautifully with this skirt…

That is… when I fit into it! Depending on where a particular skirt sits on my waist normally, I can sometimes make it work over a pregnant belly (and O Joy when I can!), but this one might have to join some of my other favorite items in storage until spring. I often wear a medium in bottoms and were that size available for exchange I probably would have made the switch, but my experience with Frank And Oak‘s fit leads me to believe that this one will fit beautifully when my body is no longer housing a tiny person.


Quarter Length Ribbed Socks in Dark Plum — Retail Value $12.50/Member Price $11.50

Okay, okay, I know you know what socks look like, and that some of you have kindly endured my love affair with these quarter-length ribbed socks through many a Frank And Oak review. I have probably explained this before, but to be clear, my stylist isn’t choosing endless socks for me—it’s me selecting them as add-ons just prior to confirming the larger clothing items that make up the bulk of my box. Let their frequent appearances in my reviews be a testament to their unrelenting awesomeness. They hug close, they don’t stretch out or sag down after all-day wear (sometimes multiple days in a row, I confess), and they hold their color after lots of washes. They’re a nice balance to the other half of my sock drawer, which is made up of totally functional merino wool socks that look really nerdy when they stick out under my pant legs. I had sworn off “fun” socks for many years because they’re generally made from garbage materials that somehow make my feet sweaty and cold at the same time, and don’t last more than a season. Maybe solid color socks are a stretch for “fun,” but as someone who gets their kicks from color pairings, I’m having a ball with these Frank And Oak guys!

A tiny peek of purple between my hem and boots!


Quarter Length Ribbed Socks in Lilac — Retail Value $12.50/Member Price $11.50

And here they are in a nice dark mauve color. I mostly avoid pink tones in my wardrobe—no real reason, it just isn’t a personal favorite—but I find that deep, rich, rosy, mauve-y pinks pair wonderfully with the olives and forest greens that make frequent appearances in my style. They can also blend nicely in with other warm tones, for a nod to the monotone look without looking like a costume.

Socks peeking out of boots is something I often do with tights underneath, too. To wrap up my gratuitous commentary on socks, I’ve noticed some new sock styles have joined the party at Frank And Oak, so you might just get a peek of them next month.

Verdict: I’m overjoyed that winter clothes are beginning to fill the proverbial racks at Frank And Oak, and the ones I received in this November Style Plan box are an awesome introduction. This month’s box— which was pieced together as a regular Style Plan shipment + a separate order placed using my member benefits—hooked me up with warmth (the sweater), comfort (the mock neck and socks), and cute style (the skirt), and I love every single item. While the skirt will be tucked away for springtime, the sweater, shirt, and socks will be worn all winter long. Last month I was excited over a jacket made from recycled plastic bottles, and this month’s sustainability celebration is over the Seawool® sweater, made, in part, from recycled oyster shells. Frank And Oak continues to impress me with their eco-friendly innovation, and at more affordable pricing than many other sustainable clothing brands.

In the coming months, I’ll be on the lookout for Frank And Oak pieces that can fit over an ever-expanding pregnant belly. I have a good feeling! This is my second pregnancy, and last time around I patched together a “maternity” wardrobe with mostly non-maternity clothing that was either sized up or simply had a roomier silhouette. If I’m going to be investing in clothing I love, I want to be able to continue wearing the items after I’ve had my baby. (Of course, there are certain pieces that you’ve got to go full-on maternity with, and I have some great hand-me-downs that serve that purpose.)

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? Style Plan by Frank And Oak uses your preferences and tastes to curate a mix of styles just for you, so you may have different options than me. You can sign up for your own Style Plan to see what the styling team will pick for you (and/or make some picks for yourself, like I’ve done each month)!

COUPON: Use code MSA35 to get $35 off your first month of Style Plan!

Value Breakdown: The retail price for the five items I received this month is $243.50, but with the discounted member pricing it comes to $219.50. That’s a savings of $24 for this box. This is pretty typical in terms of savings on regular-priced items with member discounts, but sometimes pieces will go on sale, and the good news is that members can add sale items to their Style Plan box as long as there is enough stock. The other thing to highlight is that Style Plan members benefit from the member discount pricing on all purchases, including one-off purchases made outside their regular styled box. So if you find yourself in a situation like I did for this last box, you can place a separate order like a regular shopper would but still get your same member discount. I think that’s a big deal!

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Would you wear any of the items I received in my Style Plan by Frank And Oak this month?

Style Plan by Frank And Oak for Women

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Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

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  1. Is that yellow blouse you’re wearing with the skirt from Thief and Bandit? <3

    • YES, good eye, Kate! One of those pieces that I covet so much that I don’t wear it as often as I should—I want it to last forever! Do you have anything from them?

  2. Christen, can we talk about those fantastic Docs a min‽‽ where did you find them in that color? I am totally swooning over them 💜💜

    • Ahh, thank you! My eyes popped when I first laid eyes on them! I found them a couple of winters ago at a local Pittsburgh shoe store called Little’s and haven’t seen them anywhere else. Trying not to beat myself up too much over the scuffed toes, haha. I believe the style is called Pascal if you want to hunt around! They are the softest leather, which is crucial—I had to pass a pair of the firmer leather Docs along because they kept causing blisters even after extended frequent wear.

  3. I’ve been meaning to tell you christen that I just love your frank and oak reviews. You reviewed the camp collar dress in light sage in your July review and I loved it and pitched it from the site. I absolutely loved it and In their cyber week sale I purchased a second camp collar dress in navy! They are amazing quality and I get so many compliments! They’re my absolute favorite dresses ever!! Thank you so very much! You do such a great job and always look stunning! I highly recommend frank and oak!!

    • I also love the skirt over your baby bump! Probably my next purchase😊

    • Oh, how kind you are, Anita! I’m so happy that my reviews are helping you discover clothes you love—and yes, that camp collar dress is still a favorite for me, too. It looks like the linen skirt is back in stock in most sizes, yay! I have a feeling you’ll love it since you love the camp collar dress, it’s another one with GREAT material. 🥰

      • I just ordered the skirt in black medium for $59.99 on sale. I’m so excited and have a feeling I’m going to love it! Thanks again!

      • YAY! That’s an amazing price, too! I hope you love it!

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