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NewBeauty TestTube January 2021 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the January 2021 NewBeauty TestTube Box!

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers!

The January 2021 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:









What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (81)

  1. I just received my box. Even so it was not as full as other boxes, I still pleased and happy with it. Love the immune booster, very timely. I just finished CR paste product, happy to try it with lemon. Balm stick is very good. Not sure about blush, but the color is very nice, terracota – peachy, light orangy brown. The only thing I do not need or use acne patches. Overall, I am happy.

  2. Why does everyone on the swap website have the Dr Dennis Gross serum listed as full size? I wanted to swap for it but don’t want to swap at full-size RV and only get a deluxe size. I politely asked a swap partner to confirm the size and she canceled the swap. Very frustrating.

    • yes. It is only worth half of the 74. I am interested in it as well but the value is wrong on everyone’s listing.

    • Test tube usually sends full size items so people are probably just assuming that’s what they got.

  3. I wish I had seen the spoilers before billing, this tube was a total flop for me. Time to start restocking the gift drawer I suppose. Honestly if there ever was a month I’m not too bummed for a lackluster tube January is it, I’m usually drowning in product by then. But this tube just didn’t hit the mark it felt off. I’ve been subbing for 4 years and this is in my top 3 least favorites.

  4. Received mine today…….very pleased with it. Will use everything in it, except the blush.

  5. This is a pretty good box for me, but dear TestTube, no more Grande product pleaseeeeeee. I have full lips and big cheeks and they don’t need any more plumping, lol. I got this with annual discount, so the price is on par with BeautyFix (now more with shipping), Ipsy Plus and BoxyCharm. Since I prefer to receive skin care over makeup, I will give this sub a year to try and see.

  6. Although I’ve really liked most of the NBTT I’ve received over the on and off years that I’ve gotten them, their customer service is what keeps me from renewing it again. Last time I had a billing question, they didn’t return the promised phone call (twice) AND by the time I got the answer it was past time to cancel so they got another payment and I got another shipment which is not what I wanted! It seems to be a pattern with them; stall to make more money?

    • I had trouble dealing with them once so I changed my credit card information while I waited for things to get sorted out. With the wrong expiration date the payment wouldn’t process until I changed it back so I wasn’t bent over a barrel the way it can be when they hold the power to take money without authorization.

      • I wish I would’ve thought of that, great idea!

    • Yeah I tried to skip and I did so way before the cut off date. Then got an email confirming that my Test Tube shipped. Tried to get in contact with CS right away but they couldn’t do anything. This is super common problem they have it seems. So I canceled my subscription after that. Either the Service Reps have no clue what they’re doing or its being done on purpose. Just sucks cause it could be one of the best sub box if they’d just care a lot more…

    • Try emailing them. I received two shipping notifications. One for a monthly subscription and one for the Black Friday special they had going. I sent an email yesterday and they responded quickly. I received notification today that they canceled my monthly subscription.

    • Susan,

      I apologize for this situation. We can’t fix the past but you have my personal commitment to improve the way our staff serves every customer. Until then, please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of everyone on the team

  7. I called on December 23 and requested to skip the January box. I was told that I could skip the January box. Today I received a shipping confirmation for the January box. I contacted customer service and was told that since I had been charged on December 7 that nothing could be done. I see other comments that people were just charged a few days ago and I am very confused. Customer service representative said that instead of skipping January that I was set up to skip March and offered no further resolution. While I love the test tube products I am horribly disappointed in the customer service I received this morning. I requested to speak with someone else and was told I would receive a call back today. I would appreciate any help or suggestions to solve this problem amicably.

    • I just received a callback from a supervisor regarding my situation and no resolution was offered. I was told that it was a miscommunication and when I stated that in fact it was not a miscommunication a mistake was made on the representatives part by telling me I could skip January. He did offer to cancel my account as a solution. I am so disappointed in the customer service because I have truly enjoyed the test tubes that I received and would have liked to continue.I fully understand the negative posts I see regarding this company’s lack of customer service but it seems they make enough money billing and sending out tubes that people did not request that they don’t have to make anything right. Has anyone had any success disputing a charge?

      • I would report them to the BBB

      • I had a similar issue with the last tube. I’d opened a second account to get an extra of the tube with the Good Genes and then requested that account be closed. It was, but it was closed more two weeks after my request, once billing for the winter box had already happened. So I ended up with two November test tubes. It turned out OK because I sold the extra one, but it was very frustrating. I would have loved to skip this January box (I am in complete product overload) but didn’t see the spoilers until it was too late to cancel.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not up to standards. We would like the opportunity to talk and investigate your feedback further. At your earliest convenience, please give us a call at 888-974-6042.

      • I already spoke with three customer service representatives. No resolution was offered other than an offer to cancel my account. I would never post negative comments without trying to resolve the situation amicably.

  8. does anyone know when we will be billed for this tt?

    • I was billed yesterday.

      • thank you so much for the reply, Rebecca!

  9. Regarding the log in issue….keep in mind TT has been working „diligently“ to fix it for a year or so…

    • LOL

    • Hi Kate,

      We truly apologize for the inconvenience! Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime if you require assistance with your account.

      • I’m attempting to reach out because I need assistance with my account, but the phone number isn’t working either. I can’t login, and I’m even being told “user not found”. That’s interesting because apparently my credit card exists….which you billed because I’m unable to contact you to cancel. This is bordering on illegal business practices….not having a way for customers to cancel a service they no longer wish to receive.

      • Lisa – I strongly suggest you google “BBB” and log a complaint. I don’t think it’s time-consuming – certainly less so than trying to contact them, it would seem. Everyone else who’s experiencing issues also.

  10. I love Christophe Robin rose paste & intrigued to try the lemon. I will gladly swap the Grande blush for all the Mighty Patches – I have a hormonal teen + maskne.
    Did anyone else got a surprise gift mailer from New Beauty with FULL size Dr Gross, Amika & Fig? They even enclosed a gold gift bag & tissue inside the silver mailer. Total surprise! I had 2 subscriptions & tried to cancel one & pause the other & they still sent me both March Tubes I didn’t want. Same thing in May. Then they cancel both for the month with Sunday Riley & I could only get one before they sold out. Then I bought an extra “prior month” just for the collagen & it went back to 2 again. I’m guessing it got reactivated. My credit card sent me a new card after crazy Black Friday online ordering & I haven’t updated it in NBTT system so I went from 2 to 0 again & have to resubscribe for 1 not to have FOMO. LOL

    • Correction to my previous comment: I actually BOUGHT that “surprise gift” a few weeks back & forgot about it.
      Somehow I couldn’t log in to both of my accounts – said “wrong password”, so I click “forgot password” & it tells me “user not found”. I assumed I had it cancelled & subscribed again. Guess what? Still can’t login & “user not found” & “something went wrong”. I wonder if I now have two subscriptions under the same email?

      • I had the wrong password followed by user not found error recently. I emailed them and also posted a comment here and my account “magically” returned. Strange, but give contacting them a shot. I know a lot of people have had poor experiences with their CS but I’ve been satisfied so far. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself *fingers crossed*

      • I have emailed them in the past. I always keep the emails when I’ve canceled or placed a skip the next box. You receive a quicker response when you email them.

      • I have the same issues with login in to my account. I emailed them. Their response: We apologize for any inconvenience due to any technical difficulties with our website.
        We’re working diligently on having this issue fixed. In the meantime, please let us know if you need any assistance making any changes to your account.
        TestTube by New Beauty Customer Service

  11. Hm, the first time I’ve seen TestTube not doing all full size items. Hope it’s not the new normal for them

    • Agree. I didn’t look at spoilers because I wanted to be surprised. Normally the tubes are AMAZING, but I was honestly disappointed with just getting one under eye mask and the other 2 deluxe sample sized items (stress serum and the night cream). I know it’s the super expensive 111 skin(under eye mask) , but I think I would have rather had a full set of cheaper ones.
      I checked the mighty patch thinking it was a sample too, but the 6 dark spot patches are actually full size. Lol
      Not my favorite month.

      • There are only 6 patches? OMG, I thought it would be similar to the acne patches (you get 30+.) I’m glad you warned me.

  12. Signed up for this one after seeing the Christophe Robin. Thanks MSA

    • Awesome! We hope you enjoy your TestTube 🙂

  13. I really wish NBTT would stop selling when their customer service is not only lacking, but outright malicious to some of their customers. Since this is a blog, I’m going to air my dirt. When you have to do a chargeback to your card because this business tells you that you’re lying that you didn’t buy their last box (literally, the prior box to this one, which I showed them proof of and my bank proof of), NBTT stopped responding to me. It’s nice that subscription boxes aren’t a monopoly these days.

    On another note, Charlotte asked on this thread if most of the stuff in this box is full sized. No, they aren’t. I would say half and half. Things like Dr. Dennis Gross wouldn’t ever be full sized in this box. You’re getting a sample of it in this box.

    • That’s not true at all. Most of their items are full sized. I’ve been getting this box on and off for a couple years. Was your Good Gene’s full sized? Mine sure asf was.

      • This is what you want to argue about? Must be bored today.

    • The other Michelle is correct, most items are full size. I’ve been a subscriber on and off for a couple years so I would know. I never had any problems with their customer service. One of the best boxes out there!

      • I also love this box. I’ve also had good luck with their customer service. But I completely get the frustration when someone has a bad experience with customer service. It makes me hate on the product too!

      • I haven’t noticed that their customer service is any worse than the other boxes. Boxy has it set up so you have to jump through hoops to just send a message. Ipsy sends form replys. With Causebox you have to keep emailing until you get someone who knows what they’re doing, and then there’s Curateur. My expectations as a whole are very low.

      • Agreed on the normally full size products. I’ve been subscribing for at least 3-4 years (back when the tubes were taller and pink and white) and that is hugely what has kept me subbing this box. This month was a let down.

    • Their customer service replies to subscribers with such a pitiful sense of self proclaimed superiority that it is actually comical. The company certainly lacks in the management department.

  14. I posted this on reddit but thought someone here might enjoy seeing my price breakdown.

    1st number = stated retail value

    2nd number = what you pay for the item with the regular box price

    3rd number = what you pay for the item with the 40% off recent promo (152/yr)

    Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask With Lemon….$49.00 — $9.70 — $6.32

    111skinRose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask …………..$15.00 — $2.97 — $1.93

    Dr Dennis Gross B3 Super Serum……………………….$37.00 — $7.32 — $4.77

    YouTHeory Immune+ Daily Wellness…………………$32.49 — $6.43 — $4.19

    Éminence Organic Monoi Night Cream……………..$17.00 — $3.37 — $2.19

    Grande Cosmetics Plumping Liquid Blush………….$25.00 — $4.95 — $3.22

    John Masters Cocktail Lip Calm…………………………..$8.00 — $1.58 — $1.03

    Hero Cosmetics Micropoint For Dark Spots……… $13.00 — $2.57 — $1.68

    TOTAL……………………………………………………………$196.49 — $38.90 — $25.34

    • Thank you!

    • I must have missed the 40 % off??? When was that!?

    • This is great!

    • Thank you!

  15. Huh, both the Dennis Gross serum and the Eminence moisturizer don’t appear to be full size (full sizes retail for $74 and $63, respectively). Have we received less than full size products in Test Tube before?

    This selection is really nice, just not sure it’s worth $40 to me since some things (like the immune boosting powder) I wouldn’t use. The blush and full-size Christophe Robin sure make it tempting, though. If the Eminence or Dennis Gross were full size I’d definitely bite.

  16. The blush sounds interesting.

  17. Just a tip for when you use the Eminence moisturizer- add a few drops of water and mix in the palm of your hand. Eminence moisturizers are formulated super trick and they recommend thinning them out a bit with water.

    • Thank you for sharing Suzanne 🙂

  18. It is not a bad box some of the items are nice, however I do not think I have ever seen this box with a value of under 200, and this month is under 200.

  19. Yes yes yes! Thank you Test Tube! I’m super excited to try EVERYTHING except the Mighty Patch (I’ve tried this brand before and something in their formulas really irritates my skin) and the plumping product. I’m seriously stoked about the rest!

    • We’re so happy we were able to hit the mark for you 😊

      • Black Friday or Christmas. I was a day early and they wouldn’t give it to me. I even asked when I was purchasing the year subscription. 🙁

  20. Another that is not tempting. I have so much to use, and I’m gifting and donating a LOT.

    • Lol you can donate my way.

  21. Yay!! Love the box as usual!

  22. I’m pretty excited for this one!
    My parents owned a building and one of the tenants was a Spa and the owners just closed it up and abandoned it one day. After a few months of trying to get ahold of them we finally got all the legal stuff tied up and my mom, sister and i got to enjoy a huuuuge stash of their stock of Eminence products. When we finally got through all the products we went to buy more and discovered that we were wayyy too cheap to keeping buying.
    I think just the liquid blush and the Mighty Patch I might not be super interested in

  23. I love the ÉMINENCE spray, I am really excited to try the cream. I am not super excited for this box, Every time I say that about a box I end up finding a product that I love. Like the Dermelect and Topical C from Allure. This is however one of my favorite sunscriptions.

  24. Looks good! I’ll gift the liquid blush and maybe the cleansing mask. I love John Masters hair products, but it’s nice to see something other than haircare from them in a box too (I think I recall receiving a body lotion & shower gel from them once a while ago in like a Glossybox). I’m always super excited to get an Eminence product in a box, and I think I’m one of the few that likes receiving supplements in boxes. 🙂 Ever since getting into boxes 5 years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever had to buy any! I’ve also tried those 111Skin eye masks too and really liked them!

    • The blush and hair mask are the only things I really want out if this selection. I wish there was a way to share the sub lol

      I’m not sure I will order. I wish there was 1 more standout product for me to really entice me in. It does look like a good value though. Maybe next month will be the one? I’ve never tried this sub. I usually get Boxycharm, Ipsy, Allure, and FabFitFun. I have been cutting back some on Boxy & Ipsy. I have annual subscriptions for Allure & FabFitFun.

  25. YouTube delivers another great selection for me!

    • TestTube?😆

      • LOL

      • Lol. TestTube!

    • Hi Michelle,

      We’re happy that you’re happy 😊

  26. Most of those look pretty nice! I’ve never tried a plumping blush, so that’s different.

  27. FYI-
    CHRISTOPHE ROBIN is full size, 250 ml

  28. I love it!!!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂
      We love hearing from happy customers.

  29. This looks great to me to start the new year! have another year of the Tube coming and Eminence is a brand I haven’t tried yet. Always love neck creams to try.

  30. I want it! I don’t need it. But I want it

  31. I love that Christophe Robin shampoo. Glad to get that. Immunity vitamins, also useful this time of year.

  32. Meh…I am not excited for any of these items. I feel like I have tried them all already…maybe its a sign I should cut back…:D

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