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BoxyCharm January 2021 Choice Time!

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January 2021 BoxyCharm base box choice is now open!

The choice items for January are:

Your January base box may also include:

Farmacy Daily Greens Gel Moisturizer

Farmacy Deep Sweep 2% BHA Pore Cleaning Toner with Moringa and Papaya

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month:

Now through 12/31, get a FREE Morphe 8S Stellar Impact Highlighter Palette when you start a new BoxyCharm subscription!

Use code BOXYGLITZ to snag this palette with your new BoxyCharm subscription!

This offer is only for new or returning subscribers to the BoxyCharm Base subscription and can be used for the monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month option. 

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (47)

  1. I literally ordered pop-up from NOV 23RD and the only thing it says on the sight is ‘ordered’….. haven’t gotten my nvemebr or December box .. seriously wtf

    • I’m still waiting on my October add on.. I have a feeling I’ll never see it.. It’s wrong how they treat their paying customers.. They only cater to influencers who get their bag for free.. Bout sick of Boxycharm..

    • We’re sorry to hear this, Dani! A lot of boxes are facing delays right now due to the holidays, so hopefully this will ship out soon!

  2. Reading all these comments makes me happy I canceled my box finally. They’ve been having issues with choice for months and as someone said, it’s no longer fun. I shouldn’t have to be stressed out about getting choice in immediately and refreshing the page over & over waiting.

  3. If anyone got stuck with a choice they didn’t want, try again. They restocked some stuff in choice and in the add-ons. Now strangely the only things out of stock are the Persona brush (that most people didn’t want), the Esmeralda palette, and most of the shades of tinted moisturizer. The Avant is back in both choice and in add-ons. I got that and a BOGO on the snow mushroom moisturizer.

    • I saw that too! I initially wanted the Avant for my choice but it was sold out so I chose the tinted moisturizer. I was super bummed because Avant was sold out on add-ons too in a matter of seconds. Anyway, I logged in to see if another order had shipped and was pleasantly surprised to see some stuff had been restocked. I picked up the Avant I wanted, 2-pack snow mushroom and Elemis Superfood Glow Moisturizer. Yay!

      • Same here. I love how it “sells out” On deal days but a few days later and it’s back in stock. I call BS.. I mean I get they only have so many deals but it’s literally 2-3 min into a sale and you can’t get items. I did get the two pack Sunday Riley and the snow mushroom which I love so I can’t complain too much/ Ipsy and Boxy are owrth it just for the deals in my opinion so I try not to be too upset. 🙂 I am glad Ipsy bought /merged worth Boxy though bc I think they do a much better job at everything.

  4. I am beginning to really hate Boxycharm. First, I haven’t received ANYTHING from my November pop-up…everything was purchased on the first day of the sale. My bank account was billed with no
    problem, so they have my money and I have nothing.. As December was a BoxyLuxe month, I opened another account for the base . The site will not let me in, although I was charged for November and did receive a box of left overs a few weeks later. I had no access to choice or add-ons with that account today. I have also not received the gift palette for opening an account. Then today (as we all know), choice & add-ons opened late. I was on immediately after it went live. Everything was sold out. Most were things I’ve been seeing for a few months. Choice had nothing I wanted. I chose the water. As people are saying, items should have a limit (I think a limit of 2 per customer is fair). And the biggest issue? THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Canned messages never address your specific issue. They do NOT reply if you email or post on Instagram or Facebook. No phone number or live chat. If by some miracle they DO respond, they apologize and offer a small amount of points. This is not acceptable, as charms are really a joke. No cash refunds period. A handful of points is not equal to all the time it takes to browse the site, to rush to the checkout, to deal with their system crashing and/or being late, etc. BUYER BEWARE: THEY WILL ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MONEY. What you receive (if anything) is what you’re stuck with. I can only hope the ipsy/boxer merger will have a real, live customer service that can be readily accessed. I’m sure that’s asking way too much. Ipsy used to have above and beyond customer service, although there was no way to contact them by phone. They have now gone to the robotic canned reply that never addresses your issue….just like boxy. ☹😡🤦‍♀️

    • I agree with you on the pop up items from November. I already got a shipping notification for something that I ordered on Nov 18th but I ordered a bunch of stuff on Nov 9th and have yet to receive any of it or get shipping notification! You can’t get thru to them at all and the vague messages don’t help. I’m just worried that somehow they are going to tell me my stuff is out of stock or something. Really frustrating!! They should stop having sales(pop up & add ons) and send out a blanket message to all members telling us they are taking a break from sales to catch up on shipping out all the orders that have been sitting for a MONTH! Focus on shipping the stuff you’ve already sold! They’re losing customers with their current practices.

    • I stupidly placed a large order in November, I haven’t received anything, has anyone ever ordered and received shop items? At some point I’ll have to contact my credit card, I’m figuring let it go until January, then contact them. I’ve sent an email but I keep getting a canned response…

      • I received my 2 orders, however the 2nd one did take a long time. My little fridge is still empty though. I’ve been so busy I haven’t decided what I’m going to put in there yet.

  5. Full spoilers for box contents are up on the site.

    • *spoilers for December box contents

  6. How do add-ons work for Boxy? Do they ship separately? I’m more excited about my add-ons order than the box and I’m wondering if I’ll still get them if I cancel the January base box.

    • Yes, they ship separately. If you’ve been charged for them, you’ll receive them, even if you cancel your sub.

  7. I couldn’t choose anything..4 items all gone& not going to choose the 2 bronzer options. & if my pale face gets bronzer i might need to be done. I’m wondering if something is wrong with the system

  8. I already have three of these items from previous boxes…

  9. I just barely made my choice when it came on saying sold out…and the add ons are a joke now…guess there selling out of everything since they sold out the company…I may be cancelling next month..

  10. What was up with Add-ons? I literally was on-line the second they opened up the choice selections – which was late. I immediately went to add-ons and almost everything was sold out. I went to pay and items in my cart were already sold out. What the heck? I was excited about some of the deals, but that experience just left me frustrated and disgruntled with Boxycharm.

    When you have something in your cart, it should at least be reserved until you can pay for it. How could they sell out in under 2 minutes? I couldn’t even scroll that fast to browse!

    • Same exact thing happened to me. A very frustrating experience…the waiting, then the immediately disappearing products.

    • I heard that some people are able to buy thing by a breach in the reviews page before the add-ons opened. I don’t know if it’s true but it’s weird because a lot of hot selling items are sold out within 2 seconds.

      • People are getting in somehow. Someone on reddit yesterday was talking about managing to get the Huda palette 30 minutes before the sale opened. I don’t know how many people are doing it, but I imagine the resellers have figured it out. I think they need to put limits on how many you can buy again. And stop people from getting in the back door too, but that may be more difficult.

      • I’m so sick of people being gready and buying up everything an anything to resell for double or more. The regular peeps who just want one can’t get one. It’s the same with the Playstation 5 or disinfectant wipes….. butt paper:) …It’s sad !!!😥 All of it is straight crazyland.
        I have read that bots/computer are buying all hot items because there way faster then us regular humans with slow fingers. Crazytown!

  11. Everything was sold out and I got in within an hour of choice opening. They should let subscribers choose before putting the products in add-ons. I wanted the Micelullar water but the only items left was a brush and another highlighter pallette. I’m so sick of highlighter I just want to throw it against the wall when I get it . Ugh. I picked the brush then after thinking it over said ” this is BS, I’m cancelling” choice shouldn’t run out in an hour or even a day.

    • I picked that brush too but am NOT excited about it. I may cancel base.

      • I used to have just premium then I dropped down to the base box for the Natasha Denona pallette. The base looked more appealing to me. I was so mad when I received my box and got a Highlighter pallette which is the last thing listed on my profile. The premium box has been a going down hill with pallette’s that have no neutral color just bold blue, green, red and orange. I’m really disappointed that they offer a choice yet don’t supply their customers enough to have enough product to even get the choice they would like on day one.

    • You should go back and see if you can change your choice. You have to unselect what you currently selected for your choice and then the products that say “out of stock” will be able to be selected as your choice. After you select, all the other options then say sold out. I was just able to change from the tinted PUR moisturizer and select the Avant Micelullar water.

      • thanks I did that& it worked!

      • Thank you so much for letting us know, I was able to change my choice to the Avant Skincare – Bi-Phase Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenating Micellar Water. 😀

      • Thank you I will try that!

    • Agree! Choice item should never be sold-out and available in add-ons.

  12. I chose the Pur in my 2nd choice shade. I really didnt want any of the items. I cancelled my 2nd boxycharm sub.
    I still haven’t received my November pop up orders so I guess I am lucky that everything sold out before I could hit the pay button??? There really isnt much reason to keep subscribing to Luxe either.
    I cancelled my ipsy and went to alt months on GBP. I guess product overload and covid finances won.

    • I got the pop up items I ordered on the 10th but I’m still waiting on my second order from the 13th. Getting frustrated because they are Christmas presents. It really shouldn’t take almost a month, and their not even shipped yet!

      • Same. My 1st order to a while and so far nothing on my 2nd order. I did get a Fedex Shipping Notice a bit ago that could be them, but no other emails yetand nothing showing in My Boxy Account.

      • It says 7.8 lbs. I’m waiting for a popup order, it could be, as well as some sort of September Luxe Box, and December’s Luxe as well, so it’s hard to tell for sure. Might be the 2nd popup though, since there was an item that’s probably heavier in there.

    • I just received my second order today. Waiting on third.

      • When did you place the 2nd order you’ve received? Thanks.

    • None of those customization choices were exciting. I picked the PUR too but I’m just meh about it. Wish they had a skip option.

  13. They must’ve not of had a whole lot of product on hand because yikes they sold out within a couple minutes of many different colors and items for add ons

  14. Not liking this everyone shops situation. Stuff sells out quicker than you can see what’s available. I went with the Pur on one account and Avant on the other

  15. Not hyped about choices for January but the other spoilers are looking decent so far. Only spent $22 in add ons.

  16. The late start and being sold out of what I wanted does not make this box fun anymore. I was on the second they finally opened. Put in the color for tinted moisturizer and it was gone. All of it sold out within a minute. I selected a lighter color as I can use it to lighten some darker foundation. There was nothing left that I could even use or give away. Don’t even get me started on the add on…

  17. I wasn’t pushed on any of them. I only knew that I didn’t want the highlighter. I guess I was mostly between the Avant and Reset Spray. A very small hesitation decided that for me. Reset Spray it is. lol

    Addons sold out insanely fast, once I was able to get the page to even open for any of this today.

  18. By the time Choice and Add-Ons opened, half of the choices were sold out and before I could checkout, 4 out of the 6 items in my cart also sold out. Bummer. I really wanted that Avant Micellar water but it wasn’t an option for me so I chose the PUR tinted moisturizer.

    • That’s so weird because I wanted the tinted moisterizer and it told me all shades were sold out so I chose the avant micellar water. Strange that it seems like it says different availability for different people. I got on within a couple minutes of it starting because I just hit refresh every few minutes on my phone until it came up.

      • Same here…would have preferred the tinted moisturizer, but it said sold out so I went with the Avant

  19. I picked the Avant. I love all their products. Everything good was sold out for add ons so I didn’t get anything

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