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Allure Beauty Box January 2021 Spoiler #4!

We have the fourth spoiler for the January 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

For a limited time, use this link to save 50% off your first Allure Beauty Box! You’ll also receive three new member gifts: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, Pixi Rose Oil Blend (full size) and Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara (full size)!

FYI – If you sign up now, December will be your first box. Check out the December spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The January Allure Beauty Box will include one of the following:

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream


L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum

The box will also include:

True & Lucious Super Moisture Lipstick in Vintage Rose


ManiMe Personalized Gel Nail Stickers


Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel (Full Size)

What do you think of the spoilers?

For a limited time, use this link to save 50% off your first Allure Beauty Box! You’ll also receive three new member gifts: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, Pixi Rose Oil Blend (full size) and Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara (full size)!

Or, sign up for a 3-month subscription to get a FREE Holiday Bundle!

The Holiday bundle includes:

Click here to get a 3-month Allure Beauty Box subscription and Beauty Blowout Bundle for $65!

Allure also has an active deal for annual subscriptions:

For a limited time, get a FREE Holiday Mega Bundle with a 1 Year Allure Beauty Box Subscription!

The Holiday Mega Bundle includes:

Click here to get a 12-month Allure Beauty Box  subscription and Holiday Mega Bundle for $250!

FYI – Make sure you see the Holiday Bundles listed on the checkout page:


For a limited time, receive a free FULL-SIZE Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum ($39 Value) when you gift Allure Beauty Box!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. If you sign up now, December will be your first box. Check out the December spoilers here.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (77)

  1. I just got my box and these items are HORRIBLE!! They are so tiny! All of them except the Saturday skin are miniscule, not full size at all. The l’occitane is tiny and on top of that it’s only half filled. The other “full sized” items are not the regular full size, they’re scaled down full size. The nail stickers are a big chunk of the value of this box and you do not get to choose from all the options on the regular site, you HAVE TO choose from 4 designs picked by someone at allure. That’s it, pre chosen designes and those are ugly. Be warned, if you haven’t gotten your box yet just know you will be very disgusted.

    • Same!!! I only got 5 items????Unless they count the nail card as an item. This box is the worst and not worth the money.

    • I just got mine and I agreed with you Angel. The full size Saturday Skin is nice 75 ml 2.53 Fl. Oz. The lipstick is 0.12 oz 3.5 g. The blush duo 3g 0.11 oz you cannot get a brush in that pan, you will need to use a finger, the sponge is tiny for concealer. The L’ Occitane is 4ML 0.14oz half way empty little pot. The nails designs are not too nice, you get $30 dollars, there are only a few designs to pick from, which are $25 dollars, so you cannot use the other $5 dollars to buy anything else from the website. Like a $8 hand cream, the Allure code only works for those 4-5 designs. Comparing these travel sizes, mini items, with Boxycharm for $25, that is a better value. I am going to keep getting this until summer since I paid the whole year at the older low price, which is exactly worthy what I am getting.

  2. I am so disappointed that I paid for the entire year. I did it to avoid the price hike. I called to cancel because I think that the boxes are so cheap now. The only thing I was able to do was stop it from auto renewing next year.

  3. Does anyone know how this adds up to $100+ value? I don’t think nail stickers actually cost $30 right? Maybe I’m wrong but something isn’t adding up. Also, the only thing I would be interested in is the cream if it was a bigger size so can someone tell me how to skip a month?

  4. At this rate, i could type “allure box spoilers january 2021” into my search if i was in a coma in siberia in 1903. This is how often i have tried to find out the blasted full list of items in this box.

    • That comment makes absolutely no sense.

      • Makes sense to me; UNLIKE the absence of spoilers.

    • Same, girl, same! We only have a couple days left to decide if we want the box or to skip…I don’t get why Allure is going down to the wire like this.

      • I thought they had to be informed of a skip by the last day of the month. If we still have a couple of days left to skip, that would help my brain so very much. Wish they would stop acting like a toxic ex with their empty promises of things which shant be. (Six items, higher value, full size item that isnt a tic tac, etc.)

    • Me too! Mine is “allure january 2021 beauty box” LMAO!

  5. I think going back and forth about the size of the l’occitane is all realitive, since the December box was not what it said it would have, I take anything they post with a grain of salt at this point

    • What was different about what you got?

      • When we signed up for the new box they promised higher values which it wasn’t and six items which they squeaked by by first calling the cere ve a bonus but then changed it to a sponsored item. After many complaints I assume. So I’m just gun shy on the hype right now

      • I agree I got what was spoiled

      • I’m sorry. I just don’t get all of the complaints. I am totally satisfied with Allure.

      • It’s not the box. It’s about what they said was the reason for the price hike. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that part. It could be any of the subs. They got me to lock into a year with the new promise of something they didn’t provide. If you go back and read what they said as to what was given it doesn’t add up. Was it worth the old price and discrption? Yes. But not the change they said would happen. That’s all I’m saying

      • Okay. But the original comment was that “the December box was not what they said it would have” sounded to me like she got different products than what was spoiled. It was the way the comment was worded it was not that I don’t understand. And everyone feels differently about it so that does not mean they don’t understand. I personally like Allure and have been happy with what I am getting.

  6. I still have not received my December box!! I had 2 different Allure accounts with two different e-mail addresses. I cancelled one acount and bought a full year back in September before the price went way up on my other account. Well for the next two months I have not been able to look up my account with the online “find your account” page and I have still received 2 boxes in October and November!! I e-mailed again saying cancel the one on monthly payments, as I paid for a full year on my other account. I bet they went and just cancelled both of them even though I paid for the full year and no refunds of course.

    Has anyone else not received their December box yet??

    • I didn’t either! I didn’t even get tracking info and I’ve gotten no response about it. I’ve only had it for one month and I’m not impressed. Probably going to cancel and just try dermstore

    • I haven’t gotten mine either! I did receive tracking information, but it’s been at some USPS facility in Pennsylvania since December 9 and it doesn’t seem to have moved since. I’m trying to be patient because I know the postal system is extremely stressed, but I was hoping that there would be some activity post Christmas. At this point I don’t know what to do or if I will ever get it.

      • I have one sitting in a distribution center for over two weeks in October.

      • I finally got mine today! It sat in that distribution center for weeks, and there’s no tracking information after that, but I’m just happy that it showed up. I don’t mind at all that it came so late. I know that everyone at USPS is working super hard, and I’m just grateful that I’m in a position where I can still splurge on a subscription box every month. Happy new year, everyone!

    • I got mine earlier this week.

    • I called them on 12/29, because mine hadn’t come yet. All it said was that a label had been created, on 12/4. I called, and they said their info was that it was in transit as of 12/17, but they would issue a second December box just in case. Of course, my first Dec. box then showed up yesterday, 12/30. I don’t know if a second one will come, but I’m just happy about the one which should come.

      I strongly suggest calling them. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for a human contact. She was very friendly, and very helpful, too. It’s not the only sub I’ve had to call about this month, but it does seem to help get things in motion.

  7. I’m annoyed there aren’t full spoilers yet.

    • How much do you want to bet they’re scrambling for something good to round out the box?

      With the amount of complaints and number of cancellations, I think they know that January will be make or break for them.

      • I say let them scramble if it makes for a better box haha! No but really, I want the spoilers 😛 I do think you’re right though, I think. Allure should feel a lot of pressure right now.

    • I hope we’re not only getting 4 items this month! Lol 😜

      • right? Can you imagine? 😛

    • I’m debating whether to skip January because, so far, there is only 1 product I’m partially interested in. Maybe this delay in revealing the box is due to the holidays, but I would have expected full spoilers by now since, I assume, the products included in the box have already been chosen.

      • Yeah. The only thing I can think of is if they are making last minute changes to the box. Or they just withhold spoilers because they don’t want any more cancellations.

      • @Cat I think you are right. Either way, this delay got me to think way more than I normally would about the content of this box and I decided to skip. Too bad I cannot cancel my yearly subscription.
        Unrelated: I wish everyone a serene and happy 2021.

  8. Not having full spoilers from Allure by now is kind of annoying me. One of the reasons I subscribe to them in the first place was because I can see what the next month looks like. If they’re trying to head off cancellations by not letting people see what they’re getting the next month, I find it a bit underhanded of them. I don’t go for the “surprise” variation boxes anymore, because often times I’m disappointed. It’s only fair to know what you’re paying for, right?

    • I can’t agree more. It’s insulting they’re deliberately holding off full spoilers. It’s already 12/30, ridiculous.
      I am a year subscriber and I wish I could cancel. I’m sick of this.
      I bet they lost a lot of customers by trying to give us downgraded drug store boxes for the past few months with higher price, claiming it’s “upgraded”. Now it’s so dumb move for Allure trying to head off cancellations and skips by not giving out spoilers on time. They are just pissing off loyal customers.
      What are they thinking? Consumers are not that stupid.

      • I am on a yearly, but i have heard we can skip a month. My fear is that the upcoming months will be worse… I am giving them until noon tomorrow to release full spoilers or i am going to skip. Honestly, I only am excited for the L’Occitane. If the manime is considered a full size item then I am irritated. I don’t want extra work by selecting one of my items.

  9. Cancelling. Or at least trying to cancel. Three days of 25+ minutes hold time with no results. Tried an email, but I do not trust their email. Fingers crossed. They really need to “fix” the website so you can skip months online. Oh good, they just got on the phone and I canceled.

  10. Those ManiMe nail stickers are super cute but way overpriced, so it’s nice they’re giving a discount card. I love Dashing Diva nail stickers more though and they are cheaper too.

  11. Does anyone know when we’ll get full spoilers for January? It looks like I’m going to cancel but I’m still holding out hope that there will be ONE useful thing in this box.

    • I’m canceling. It may not be worth it to wait for full spoilers.

  12. I’m excited about this box and the L’Occitane products. Sure they’re probably small samples, but the full size Divine Cream costs $110, of course it’s gonna be sample size. At least the reviews say a little goes a long way. The serum is less expensive but has better reviews online.

    Side note-What’s with the drip drip of spoilers of only one item at a time?

    • Thanks for asking, Yvette! We release spoilers as soon as we receive them – sometimes the brands share a full box reveal, and sometimes they’ll send us one spoiler at a time. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for your reply! I hope you know I wasn’t complaining about MSA. I was wondering what Allure had up their sleeve with these one-at-a-time spoilers. Maybe I haven’t been subbed long enough to have seen them do this before.

    • I agree about spoilers. I think I am putting a pause on my subscription until they put out a box I actually want. I got stuck with last month’s box because I mistakenly assumed that we would be able to pause after finding out what is in the boxes, but you have to decide whether you want that month’s box by the end of the previous month. So not knowing all the spoilers is extra annoying with these new more expensive boxes. I haven’t been excited by an allure box since before they raised the prices. Disappointing.

  13. I saw where it said if we sign up now we would still get the December box but does anyone know when I would be able to sign up to get the January box instead?!? I apologize if it says somewhere and I just overlooked it. Haha Also if I was to sign up and get the December box does it mean that I would be getting 2 pixie Rose oil blends and 2 wander beauty mascaras. Since those are in the December box but they’re saying it’s in the 3 piece new member gift as well. I’m not sure I would like either so I definitely wouldn’t want 2 of them!! Hahahaha

    • When I was subscribing on and off,I always signed up on the first day of the month I wanted. I also believe that the extra products (oil and mascara, plus the Anastasia palette) are the bonus for new members only for this December box, they are not part of the box itself.hope it helps.

      • Alrighty! Thanks so much!!

  14. For the Divine Cream, their website lists it as a Travel size and it’s currently out of stock. For those in the know, is this a day cream or more of a night cream? During the winter my dry skin needs something heavier than a gel cream type product. Thanks

    • Hi! I have the cream, and it’s perfect. I use it during the day and the night ( I have normal/dry skin without acne issues, but occasional dryness with changes in weather and humidity). It is more of a cream, and not a gel. It does not leave a greasy sheen, and absorbs really well. I love to mix this hyaluronic acid and it’s the dream cream.

  15. oh nice

  16. Lookin good so far. I’m excited:)

    • That’s still a $10 sample

    • They already spoiled the three full-size products. This is obviously a deluxe sample. L’Occitane uses this size for their gwp’s, and it’s their most expensive skincare line, so I’m not sure what the complaints are about. “Deluxe” size refers to a deluxe SAMPLE, which this certainly is. Regular samples are foil packets lol

      • Dear Erin,
        I saw an advertisement from Allure yesterday stating that January box will include 3 fullsize products from Saturday skin, ManiMe and Loccitane and this product is not a full size item, that is why I mentioned it`s a sample size. Sample size is a sample size. There`s nothing deluxe about it. It`s just a marketing trick.
        And even that is not the case, if you do not want to read complaints, maybe you do not read other people`s opinion. We are free to express what we think. Complaining about complaints is a very smart move indeed. lol

      • Yes they are deluxe samples.

        That said, their deluxe samples are absurdly tiny. They may as well give you 2-3 foil packets of Divine Cream. L’Occitane used to be more generous with their giveaways and limited edition kits. Now everything is tiny and overpriced.

      • Technically in the comments above, Saturday Skin is the only one marked “full size”. I would bet the the mani-me is considered full size though, but I don’t think the lip will be.

  17. Okay, this is promising. They should’ve waited until January to do the price increase.

  18. L’Occitane?


  19. I hope I get the cream! I have too many serums!

    • I’m the opposite, I hope I get the serum as I have too many creams!

  20. Even with their not so great boxes, I have always been a fan of Allure. I skipped December and probably will skip January as well, but this is just a personal preference.

  21. I hope the size we get is actually worth it. Those look like they have the potential to be tiny versions of the products

    • It’s pretty small but a little goes a long way. I got the same size in their Advent Calendar.

      • How do you know what size it is?

    • The lid on the creme is definitely from the .14 oz deluxe sample and not the full size.

  22. I’m interested.

  23. Good spoiler! When each one is pretty good I don’t mind one spoiler at a time. Looking forward to this box. So far will use everything, at least try the lipstick.

  24. IMHO this is the shaping up to be their best box since the price increase. I’m actually looking forward to it, rather than my recent “meh” reactions to the box.

  25. This box is looking better. Not sure about Nail Stickers, but will definitely use the the L’Occitane.

    • The nail thing I think is a card to get a custom $30 set online, so you could probably gift it if you didn’t plan to use it.

  26. Maybe I’m missing it, but is it a deluxe size?
    When somebody posted about l’occitane being included, I was hoping for the hand cream- the Shea butter cream one makes me sneeze (and it’s a fragrance I don’t like), but it works incredibly well on my hands.

    • From what I’ve seen online, the creme is 4ml and the serum is 5ml

      • That is incredibly tiny!!! Great product, but sure wish it was a little larger!

      • Thank you! I suppose mine was wishful thinking lol

  27. WOW! it’s turning out to be a decent box.. I hope I get the Divine Cream. I LOVE L’occitane products especially their shea hand cream and almond oil. Looking forward to January 😀

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