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Allure Beauty Box June 2021: Spoiler #1

Allure Beauty Box December 2020 Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

If you sign up now, your first box will be the December 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you sign up now, you’ll receive two full-size new member gifts:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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For a limited time, receive a free FULL-SIZE Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum ($39 Value) when you gift Allure Beauty Box!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (64)

  1. FYI. I get my box thru amazon so I can cancel or skip after seeing the spoilers. I actually just cancelled because Jan/Feb are both terrible.

  2. I can see that others have received their box. I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification. Anyone else?

    • I received a shipping notification, but mine is somewhere between Lancaster,PA and Pittsburgh since the 15th….

      • My box is sitting in York, PA for the last 2 weeks.

    • Finally got my box today. They put in an “extra” bonus item in a pouch with a note making sure that I was aware this was a customer appreciate gift. It’s a Belif Hungarian Water Essence sample

    • Am on customer service now to ask where it is. No clue!

    • I just recieved my box TODAY. I saw it in the mailbox and hoped it was the January box, bc I am really looking forward to that one. I completely forgot I hadn’t recieve my December box until I opened this up…

  3. This was theeeeee worst box I’ve received all year. It was a box full of samples. Nothing was full sized. And why did I received TWO serums. What the heck is a winter mask?

    This is worse than a friggin IPSY bag.

    *Sigh* I’m closer to cancelling than ever before.

  4. So, just got this email from Allure re: December box.

    “ When winter arrives, dryness comes with it—so we packed this month’s Beauty Box with our editors’ top picks for hydrating thirsty skin. Get ready to layer on the moisture with everything from a leave-on mask to a brightening retinol serum that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. We also included a special gift for you this month—because it’s never too early to celebrate the holidays, and you’re at the top of our list.”

    Hoping it’s something good!

    • Same. Wondering if anyone has received their box yet? Mine was shipped a couple days ago but in true Allure fashion it supposedly still hasn’t arrived to the delivery service.

      • I think, I will have mine Monday or Tuesday.

      • I just watched an unboxing and she only received the items shown here minus the new subscriber gifts. There is no “special” gift. I was told there would also a be a belief essence item in the box when I emailed them asking why we were only getting 5 items instead of the 6-7 as promised with the price increase. She did not have the item in her box either. I’m trying to cancel and they’re giving me the runaround with it.

      • In the official Allure unboxing video, it said a special gift but It sounded like January. So, it’s very likely they don’t have their crap together again. I will email them if nothing special in my December box to see what they say. I find it crappy that the Cetaphil was a “bonus” but once they figured out they were not delivering 6 items plus the bonus then it got switched to a “sponsor”.

    • Just received my Dec box today and the “special gift” was a trial size (1.4 g) Giorgio Armani – Intense Matte & Comfort Lipcolor (Shade 400 – rouge d’Armani)

  5. I wish this box was more exciting :/ I always heard December would be a special one so I was kind of hoping for a palette of some kind but more from a brand that people get excited about. Ciate London has really mixed reviews on their palettes usually, but I was hoping the other items would make up for it.

  6. SO GLAD I DID NOT BUY THE YEAR. Cancelling now!

  7. First off I’d like to mention that I have been a huge fan of ALLURE for years now, but I need to address the contents of this box and the month it is being sent. December is usually always the best and the most generous offerings, however this selection is not only weak for a normal month, but it is almost insulting for it to be given in December.

    We are now paying more for the box which is OK if you are giving something worthy of the increase, but this is positively awful.

    I will continue with ALLURE for now, but I am now on alert and UNhappy with what I have been seeing…

  8. I would be mad if I paid $23 for this, but for a locked in $15 for annual, I am ok with it. I currently subscirbe to Birchbox, Ipsy regular bag, Allure and just signed up for New Beauty TestTube for annual. I am more into skincare than makeup. I don’t know much about Ciate pallette… are they eye shadows? But for me the colorways on my complextion, I can use it for my eyes, cheeks and highlighters, so it will be a nice travel pallete when things get back to normal for travel. But I agree with all of you that Allure needs to step up their games now they increased their price!

  9. Allure sent me a survey about my opinion of the ‘improved’ box and I stated that the last two boxes were not living up to what was promised and calling a teeny tiny nail polish a full size was a joke, and not a very funny one. I told them I hope the New Year will see them step it up. I’m sure they’re all running around the office this morning saying “Did you SEE what Sharon said on the survey? We better get our act together pronto!” (yes, I’m being sarcastic). NOTE: I know that the nail polish sent is what Static Nails calls a full size but it’s still a rip-off IMHO.

  10. I’m mad. It’s an okay box, not up to the usual standards of Allure, but someone stole my box!

    They opened it up, took the items and left the box- stupid thief! I get it through Amazon and I contacted them but I don’t know if they will send a replacement.

    • Annie, screw the usual standards…this box is for DECEMBER, supposedly the best of the lot!

      I am NOT happy…

  11. I mean I’m not a snob, I expect great brands from allure but I would be ok with the cetafil if it was a good size since it’s a cheaper brand. But I won’t be happy with a tiny tube with mostly air. That is my main gripe about this whole thing. I loved the full sized elf products I got. I think the primer was great. But it was a full size. A sample I would not have been thrilled with.

  12. I’m another who got roped in for the year (well, I got my husband to do it for a birthday gift since I’ve been laid off six months). This is my first (and likely last) year long subscription unless Allure seriously steps up their game. This ‘raise the price, lower the value’ strategy is not working for me. I’m glad I was quick enough to skip this month as I don’t use black eyeliner. The skincare items would have gotten used, but I have tons of skincare already. I’m hoping the September 2021 box is great enough that I’ll be glad I skipped this one. I wish there was an option with boxes where you could choose not to get black eyeliner or mascara ever.I wasn’t planning on getting anything on Black Friday- but of course I looked at all the offers- and didn’t feel a single bit of FOMO.

  13. Right? A cetaphil sample? Come on. They said the increase was so they could give us 2 to 3 full size. But if they are counting eye liner as a full size.. and one of the samples is a cetaphil sample I can get for a buck or two at Walmart.. no thank you.

    And no sheet mask?! I loved getting their masks.

    • The Cetaphil sample was insulting as hell.

  14. That Wander Beauty mascara is my holy grail I use it alongside the Essence lash princess with the green writing and they’re an excellent combo!’ I’m not happy that the mascara and the Pixi rose oil are only for new subscribers!! That’s a bunch of crap since the other items are all repeats at least for me they are. I’m tempted to cancel my account and sign up under a new email lol!

  15. It looks like Allure isn’t giving us the items promised and on top of that the quality is crap. The last “full sized eyeliner” they gave us wasn’t even full sized. They claimed it was but it was actually smaller than the one sold on the official website. I love black eyeliners since I don’t have a ton unlike a lot of other subbers but it’s ridiculous that it’s being used as a full sized item. Talk about being cheap. Allure was suppose to be upping their game and instead it’s like they doubled the price but halved the value. I’m already debating cancelling my Ipsy gbp if it doesn’t get better and I tried BoxyCharm and my first box was very disappointing. I’m more than willing to cancel the rest of my annual subscription to Allure for a prorated refund if they don’t start doing better. (Also that Wander Beauty mascara was in their October box and that Pixi Rose Oil was also in a recent box. Those are just leftovers being repackaged as sign up gifts.)

    • I’ve given up on Ipsy GBP and I tried Boxy again because if the last popup sale, but the box was like I remembered: mostly stuff I don’t/can’t use.

      Maybe I’m getting jaded, but they all seem to be racing each other to bottom.

      • This was the last month I was going to give Ipsy gbp a chance. They actually did really good. They are giving me an eyeshadow in the same brand and a near identical shade as they did in July and there is an eyeliner which is the second I’ve received from them in the past four months BUT everything else in my bag is awesome. I’m getting a Tula product I nearly bought at Ulta but put back because of the price. That alone costs more than the gbp. I’m also getting several other products that are amazing. This is also Allure’s last month to keep me or I’m going to cancel and ask for a prorated refund. BoxyCharm’s first box for me was the same as a lot of people that signed up in the second week of November. It seemed like leftovers after they filled everyone else’s box. The popup store was worth it’s weight in gold though. I got something like $600-700 worth of products for around $145. Most of it was brands I really wanted to try but could never afford before. A few things were doubles of things I had and desperately wanted another and couldn’t normally afford. Hopefully December will be better because I don’t want to lose access to the popup but don’t want to pay for a box monthly if I’m not getting good products in it. I live in a strict budget and was only able to do sub boxes and the popup because of my credit card. It’s not worth adding to my balance if they aren’t fulfilling their promises.

      • “Maybe I’m getting jaded, but they all seem to be racing each other to bottom.”

        Well said! 👍

  16. Wow I have been a long-term subscriber and this is the first box I am totally disappointed in. I did the year sub as I have always loved this box, anyone have the phone number for me to skip?

    • Customer service is 1-800-274-1603

  17. I need to figure out how to cancel my Allure subscription and skip my December box on my second subscription.
    I don’t need this palette as I have a similar one that is actually incredible (Alter Ego).
    I don’t use black eye liner.
    The rest are boring and I have enough masks to put one on my face every day for months without skipping.

  18. Called to skip for December. Such a bad decision to subscribe for a year to beat the price increase – such a bait and switch! Not the new box that was promised, even by a long shot.

  19. Heads up, there’s a teaser at the end of the unboxing video on the Allure Beauty Box site. The reviewer says one of the items in January is a full-size Saturday Skin Rub-a-Dub Gel Peel. I can’t tell if it’s a January spoiler or if it’s meant to be a special item like the Marc Jacobs lip glosses we got one year, but it would be awesome if it’s a special gift to make up for December’s lack of a 6th item.

    • I think the Saturday Skin item is for January.

      The presenter made mention of a “holiday gift” for renewing members, whatever that means.

      • I understood it the same – January spoiler and something special for renewing members. I wonder what qualifies as a renewing member….

  20. Just an FYI, google the eyeliner brand and click the Harper’s Bazaar article. It’s being market as like “Avon for Gen Zers” where they sell the product via a customizable website to their friends & followers.

    What the eff? Is this a pyramid scheme/MLM?

    • Oh Lordy, the rainbow eyeshadow palette has shades like Love, Respect, and Positivity. The quality is questionable looking, and ever single look they have the shadow looks patchy af. The CEO is Lisa Eldridge’s husband, but the quality looks trash.

  21. I kind of want the new subscriber gifts. I love the Wander mascara in the gold tube.

  22. I’m beginning to think that Allure actually meant for the price increase to start with January’s box, but since the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing any more, the price increase got rolled out early and the boxes would have been $15 boxes under normal circumstances.

  23. So only 5 items plus bonus item when they said there would be at least six plus bonus in their new $23 box. Hmmmm, false advertising.

    • Looks like the Cetaphil has been downgraded to “sponsored” product, which I guess means that Cetaphil paid Allure to put it in.

  24. Skipped this one without hesitation; I sub through Amazon. Instead I got the Glossybox Black Friday box for $2 more, which has twice as many items, including a full-size serum. At $23, this box is ridiculous.

    • I did the exact same thing! 👍

  25. So where is the alleged 6th guaranteed item?? They already said bonus items don’t count toward that number…

    • Someone emailed and the sixth item will either be: AmorePacific eyecream, Proenza Schoeler Arizona Perfume, or an Armani liquid lip or lipstick.

      • I’m always up for an AmorePacific product. That stuff is nice.
        Or a lip product; which probably means I’ll get the perfume.
        Oh well.

      • Kimmyanne I saw that too but the original post I read said they saw it on reddit. I searched every way I could on reddit and couldn’t find that info anywhere. Someone else on here posted the same thing but I dont think its right. Today someone posted their unboxing and it doesn’t have any other items aside from the 5 and the bonus Cetaphil, and they sent the reviewer the new member gifts which dont count if we were already subscribed, as we know. I think we got screwed.

  26. I just called and skipped Dec. I LOVE that they let you skip a month with an annual. I also love that you can actually talk to their customer service. So easy!

    • I did the same yesterday, and it was so easy! The gal I spoke to even verified for me the specific next date I will be billed for the next box, should I choose to not skip. I am so geeked they finally allow skipping instead of having to fully cancel. 🤓💗

  27. Still waiting for them to step up their game – especially disappointed in their December box. No big deal there, just a regular box. I know they have some holiday specific boxes, but what about their loyal customers?

  28. Skipping another month. Regretting signing up for an annual when so many other boxes are knocking it out of the park for this price range.

  29. ??? Now the Cetafil isn’t a bonus item but a sponsored item to make the promised six items?

    I don’t like the games on the promised items and types of what the three full size would be from Allure’s initial announcements.

    I do believe after years of my subscribing without skipping a box (including the years where we got member gifts like earrings and Marc Jacobs glosses) I’m out. I really hate what they have done.

  30. ??? Now the Cetafil isn’t a bonus item but a sponsored item to make the promised six items?

    Posts on Reddit say Allure was doing some other random item for number six. Which was still odd but I don’t like this rewording of the Cetafil.

    I don’t like the games on the promised items and types of what the three full size would be from Allure’s initial announcements.

    I do believe after years of my subscribing without skipping a box (including the years where we got member gifts like earrings and Marc Jacobs glosses) I’m out. I really hate what they have done.

  31. I have been subscribed to Allure for about five years now. I’ve always enjoyed their boxes. Recently, they seem a bit lackluster, especially since the price increase. December is my last box. I honestly do not see myself renewing my sub. Perhaps in the future… but for now, I need to sit back and study their spoilers.

    • Same, I already contacted them about not renewing my annual after December. When it was $15, I felt like I used a lot of the stuff. The last couple of boxes, not so much. It may be more expensive items but they seem less useful.

      • Indeed… That’s exactly how I feel. I’ll keep them on the scope… but I think I need a break from them.

  32. I don’t think this month looks all that bad. Pretty well rounded.

    • *Edit, I didn’t see the first two items were for New Members only (eye roll)

  33. Yeah, I don’t know, they raised the price by over 50%, but I am really not noticing anything different about the quality of the box.

    So glad I didn’t jump on that annual deal at the time! I would have been completely disappointed month after month.

    • Same here. A full size black eye liner? Oohhh! Nope. I don’t notice a difference except in the price. This one is done for me, I just keep forgetting to cancel.

      • Totally agree, and because I have never heard of the eyeliner brand, I won’t even gift it to one of my nieces for Christmas.

      • Agree with all of you. So glad that August was my last box and I resisted the urge to get the Allure annual. Listen to your gut!

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