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Last Call! Allure Beauty Box Deal – Get An Annual Subscription for $13.75 a Box + Free Mega Bundle!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

FYI –  Wednesday, September 30th is the last chance to lock in Allure Beauty Box rates for a year before the price increases for new subscribers.

Now through 9/30, use this link to sign up for an annual Allure Beauty Box subscription and get a FREE Mega Bundle (17 products valued over $264)!  No coupon code necessary, the bundle will automatically be included. An annual subscription is $165 – that’s $13.75 a box!

If you sign up now September will be your first box. Check out the full September spoilers here and the full October spoilers here!

More on the Allure Beauty Box subscription updates:

Allure Beauty Box will be enhancing their membership benefits and changing their price on
October 1st, 2020. We reached out to them to get more info.

From Allure Beauty Box:

What can I expect from Allure Beauty Box starting with the October box?

  • 6 or more products in every box, valued at $100+ (previously 5 or more products valued at $70+)
      • The October box for existing members is valued at $170+!
  • At least 3 full-size products in every box (previously 2)
  • Exclusive limited-time members only discounts on our editors’ favorite luxury products. Think ReFa CARAT for just $99 (a $290 value)!*
  • Member discounts on limited-edition boxes.* Plus, you’ll hear about them first; the last limited-edition, the K-Beauty Box, sold out fast!
  • Exclusive access to Allure events* Get (virtual) trustworthy beauty advice straight from the experts
  • All products are tested & curated by Allure editors (We test more than 50,000 products a year and only select our favorites)
  • Always free shipping for contiguous US states

*Benefits do not apply to members who sign up through Amazon.

What is the new subscription rate, and when does it go into effect?

  • New members can choose from the new rate of $23/month or $250/year starting with the October 2020 box.
  • Current monthly members will begin the $23/month rate with their October 2020 box unless they cancel. Current annual members will renew at the $250/year rate at the time of their next renewal (on the 13th month of their original purchase) unless they cancel.

When exactly will I be charged the new subscription rate?

  • If you are already an active Allure Beauty Box monthly subscriber, starting in October, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged at the new rate of $23 each month until you cancel. You will be billed in the first week of each month, usually between the 1st and 3rd, and approximately 7 to 10 days prior to when your box ships. 
  • If you are a new subscriber, you will be billed on the day that you sign up. Please note: If you sign up at the end of the month, you will receive two boxes (the current month’s box and following month’s box) back-to-back, and your credit card will be charged for both boxes. 
      • Note: If you sign up at the end of the month, it is likely that you will be charged for your second box before you receive your first box.
  • If you sign up for an annual subscription, your membership will renew on the 13th month of your original purchase. You will be notified by email before this transaction occurs.

Can I skip a month if I order through Allure?

Yes! Customers active in any plans (monthly, annual, and gift) can suspend their service at any time to skip one or more boxes. Members can contact Customer Care to pause their subscription and select a restart date. The request must be processed before the end of the previous month. (To skip November’s box, members need to contact Customer Care before the last day of October. If members contact Customer Care by email, we advise that they do so at least three business days prior to the end of the month, in order to make sure the request is processed before the next box. Our team will respond within 48 business hours.

Phone: 1-800-274-1603

Monday-Friday 7AM-11PM CST; Saturday & Sunday 8AM-6PM CST

Email: [email protected]

Can I skip a month if I order through Amazon?

Yes! Amazon subscribers can skip a month by going to their subscription settings on Amazon before the monthly renewal date.

What’s the benefit signing up for an annual subscription vs. a monthly subscription?

If you sign up for an annual subscription you will receive a discounted rate per box. So if you sign up for an annual subscription before October 1st, you can lock in a year for $165—which is just $13.75 a box.

How do I upgrade to an annual subscription?

If you’re a current member, you can call Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 or email [email protected] and request to upgrade your subscription to our annual plan at the rate of $165. Contact us before October 1, 2020 to take advantage of this limited-time, non-refundable offer.

If you’re not already a member, you can call Customer Care or visit us at to take advantage of our current offers.

How can I cancel my subscription before this price increase takes place?

If you wish to stop receiving your Allure Beauty Box, please call Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 before September 30, 2020, or email us at [email protected] before September 28, 2020.

Will I receive the annual “mega bundle” bundle gift with purchase if I take the upgrade offer before October 1?

Yes! If you subscribe via or via Customer Care, you will receive any gift with purchase offer currently available for an annual sign up. (Gift with purchase does not apply for those who sign up through Amazon.)

Will a mask or brush count as 1 of the 3 full-size products promised in every box?

Sheet masks or makeup brushes will not be counted as 1 of the 3 promised full-size products. If they are included, it will be in addition to.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

Check out the Allure Beauty Box FAQ page, or contact Customer Care at 1-800-274-1603 or [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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  1. I keep trashing my products because they’ll going bad from not being used. That’s just 1-3 years of having them. Some of the brand new liquid items I buy from Sephora last maybe 6-8 months. It’s heart breaking and sad. I’m trying not to buy any more products unless ill use it right then and there or until my current items are mostly used up. I had to toss about 4 brand new products in the trash yesterday. Truth half came that way from Sephora already unable to use and dried up. But none the less it still sucks. My Pat MacGrath eyeshadow palette I bought a year ago has seem to dull and dry up a bit. I have 3 palettes from that brand “Not Cheap!”

  2. I couldn’t resist, although I already have a huge stash of products. My cosmetics will surely outlast me.

    • Probably not. A lot of products go bad fast and end up in the trash. 😢

  3. Lol, that mega bundle is actually helping me to resist not signing up for this deal. After watching Youtube unboxings of it, It’s a bunch of stuff I don’t want and will just end up being clutter.

    I will resist this and instead splurge a few times later in the year. I’m stocked up for now. Interested in trying out a couple of different sub boxes other than Allure later.

  4. I too was waffling as I also have a huge stash but since I cancelled Ipsy, I can justify 3 full size for $2 per box more. I also have friends and family that I can gift to. I like the format better as the variations are minor while Ipsy’s variations are huge and I rarely received anything off the spoiler list.

    • In general, I don’t like the spoilers that ipsy releases, so I am THRILLED that I never receive them. In my experience, ipsy works off my profile and ratings, so I’d rather stick with them. I let Allure go because of my already-large stash and the zero customization.

      • I wish I had your luck for personalization. I‘ve been subbed to Ipsy for 3 years now and this past year, I have skipped for more months than I kept. And only enjoyed 1-2 items from the boxes I did keep based on spoilers. I received a lip liner even though that was the one thing I had on my do not send option. I also got a blonde eyebrow pencil despite having black hair in my beauty profile. I had brushes marked as rarely send and received two in the same month so I just haven’t been impressed. I’m probably not a good candidate for the subs that do a lot of a variation. I also looked back at my past 8 bags and the only full size items I received were 2 black eyeliners (in back to back months), 2 eye shadow brushes, lip balm and lip liner.

      • Question about Ipsy skipping. Can you skip after they have revealed your bag for that month? Or does it have to be before they reveal?

      • Dea- I got one month of regular IPSY, tried to cancel, was offered a second free month, got it, and then cancelled. In my second bag (September), I got a lip crayon. In my survey, I chose Reds and Berries as OFTEN and Nudes as SELDOM. Not only did I get a nude in my box, but they were selling a Berry shade as an add-on! That indicates to me that they are not paying attention to my preferences, so I quit. I emailed them to ask about this and IPSY never responded. If a subscription service isn’t going to pay attention to my survey, then don’t ask me to take one! Personally, I’d love to see a box where you can request ‘No Mascara’ and ‘No Black Eyeliner’.

  5. it is so tempting but my stash is huge. I better resist and will get a random box here and there. Can’t accumulate more products when l already have enough for at least 5 years

  6. Got my September box and the mega bundle today. Never tried Allure before.
    LOVE the September box. Even the samples are of things I’ve wanted to try. I also got the new member gift, which was a nice surprise.
    The mega bundle however, is kind of whatever. Nothing really stands out for me. I haven’t gotten any of these before (or even tried most of them) and it’s still boring. If the mega bundle was a representation of what Allure is like, I’d never sign up.
    The October box looks great though, I’m really looking forward to it

  7. FYI Allure has updated the picture and value of the bundle, although value seems less ($255) I would have much preferred this new bundle as it shows the Freeze 24 Eye cream that I love. The previous bundle I received is identical to the one listed below by other members and I can’t say that I was thrilled, I already received all the products previously and there was nothing that I love. It’s free, so can’t really complain.

  8. I thought about doing the annual but I am not excited about the October box or November spoiler. I have been happy with IPSY lately and would rather have all those choice and add-on items. When I called to cancel today I was offered 2 extra months at the $15 price point (October and November) to stay and give it a chance. But, as I said, I am not thrilled with the spoilers.

  9. I just signed up. I have been thinking about it since they announced it. I appreciated everyones comments and thoughts. I liked the idea of waiting for the boxes I really want and just buying those. I just know that if the boxes gets good I will be kicking myself for not getting the deal, plus the added stress of cancelling. I was really good this year of make a dent in my stash and really wanted to keep it up, but I like the idea of a surprise every month for ~$14. Plus I could make some fun gift packs for the holidays. I am really excited.

    • I did the same And signed up for an annual. This annual is the cost of one month for some of my subs so I didn’t want the fomo and 13.00 for me is nothing so why not.

  10. Has anyone received the Mega bundle? What were some of the products included?

    • 2 model co eyeshadow shimmery triples
      2 model co eyelites
      2 eyeshadow brushes (one luxie one a cool triangular shape)
      Floss lip gloss
      LA splash liquid eyeliner (nice fine point)
      OFRA highlighter triple
      Laritzy liquid beam
      Dr botanicals lemon superfood balm
      Mamonde oil to foam cleanser sample
      Mamonde red energy recovery serum sample
      Mini makeup eraser

      • And a small oil of Olay retinol eye cream sample 😊

    • Yes! It’s all items from past boxes and “could” vary but most that I have seen have been close to what I got… pls excuse misspellings of brands🤣
      2 modelco eyeshadow trios (diff colors)
      2 modelco eyelites (diff colors)
      2 different makeup brushes
      Laritizy highlighter
      Ofra highlighter
      Oil of okay eye cream
      Mamamode recovery cream & face wash
      Rescue butter
      Floss lip gloss
      2 tanning products
      Makeup eraser
      Doucce red lip
      Black liquid liner

      • is the make up eraser FULL SIZE? Id love that!

      • The makeup eraser is a smaller version, at least the one I got 🙂

      • thank YOU for resplying that it isnt full size bummer

      • I thought the same and wasn’t super excited, but my box was a bit different. I figured I’d share another variation even though the offer is over:

        2 Vita Liberata tan cloths
        St. Tropez Bronzing Water Face Mist
        Mini Make Up Eraser
        Lue Exfoliating Powder (’s pretty big)
        Lue ‘Balance’ Serum
        Lakur Polish in ‘Brit of Love’
        3 Skin Fix Cleansing Cloths
        Purlisse Watermelon Mask
        Moda Eye Shadow Brush
        2 Model Co Shadow Trios
        2 Model Co Eyelites Metallic Shadow
        Laritzy Liquid Beam – Topaz
        Ofra Highlighter
        Mamonde Oil to Foam Face Wash
        Freeze 24/7 Eye Serum

        Honestly, so happy I didn’t get lip stuff because I have so much – gimme all of the skincare! Even though I won’t use the shadows, they will be good for a gift 🙂

    • Thanks for the replies!

  11. They got me. I would be mad if I had to pay over $250 a year

  12. I went with annual. Sometimes the product may be not so exciting, but I like that Allure includes brands that you tipically dont see in any other boxes. I keep pausing Ipsy, because I am so tired of seeing same thing over and over and over.

  13. I cancelled my subscription a couple days ago. The year in advance is a great deal price-wise but I want more than a great deal. I want products I love or at least want and am excited about receiving. I’m willing to pay the higher per box price when Allure delivers. The $23 price point puts it in direct competition with Ipsy, Boxy Charm, Beautyfix and a few others. Competition is a great thing though and I will be happier to pick and choose when something suits me.

  14. It’s a hard pass for me. I would hate to be accumulating products I don’t use. Not that I haven’t already, but I don’t want to accumulate more. Looking at you Vitamin C powder. A powder? Really? Sorry, I’ll stick with serums to get my Vitamin C.

    • Vitamin C powder is the most stable form of vitamin C. Serums and lotions need to be airtight and protected from any light, and even then, it loses potency after a few months. I prefer mixing my vitamin C powder with my lotion every day.

  15. I’ve been pretty happy with my subscription and I’ll probably renew for another year, but I do want to comment on the “Plus you’ll hear about [limited edition box offerings] first” line they’re trying to feed us. Allure’s got a new limited edition box they’re offering now. But even though I’m an annual subscriber, I haven’t opted out of communications, and I regularly get notices that my box has shipped, I had to find out about it on this site. Allure hasn’t sent me anything about it. (And no, I’m not a subscriber through Amazon, I subscribed directly through Allure.)

    Are the rest of you getting these updates directly from Allure, like notice of the limited edition box or information about the change in October?

    • I found out about the new limited edition box here first, and then I got an email from Allure about it a couple of days later.

      • Same here. I think they release info early to PR partners.

    • Same here

    • That point caught my eye as well, as it’s not exactly true. I did get an email about this LE box, but it was the same morning that MSA posted about it.

    • I signed up through Amazon and still received an email about one of their deals for members only just yesterday. $99.00 for the Dermaflash that retails for 199.00. I bit and bought is as one of my daughters Christmas gifts

    • I too wasn’t receiving shipping notices. When I called to upgrade the box to take advantage of the year deal, I mentioned it and was assured that I would now receive shipping notices. And when they sent the mega bundle I did receive a shipping notice, so I’m hopeful now that the notifications will continue.

  16. I bit and am doing another year. I assume it’s worth it at $165.

  17. While I honestly don’t want any of the items in the bonus bundle, I might bite seeing as the Allure boxes have been OK for a while, and I appreciate the clarification of whether a brush or sheet mask is classified as a full-sized product. I’m uber-picky these days because I have been subbing to beauty boxes for a long time, and am definitely in the “product overload” zone, but I am a product whore and I can’t seem to say “No” to anything these days.

    • I bit, and promised myself I’d quit Ipsy for Allure.

      I think I’ll quit ipsy fo the new year lmao. I love their october bag and will have points to redeem in november but after that december will be on thin ice and then by the new year I should be done

    • I cant seem to say NO either…I have multiple Ipsy and Boxycharm accounts too, lol. I need to cancel the double (and in one case triple accounts) and buy the Allure year subscription while at this price points. Anything that I get multiples of or know that someone in my family or friends would like better than I do…I save as a fun gift bundle. Thanks to all of you who have listed the items offered in the mega bundle!! Y’all are the best and so informative =)

      • I just couldn’t pull the plug. I feel like there isn’t enough change to warrant the price hike to begin with. I would rather buy each box that interests me instead

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