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Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2020 Box SPOILERS!

ByMSAAug 20, 2020 | 126 comments

Walmart Beauty Box
3.5 overall rating
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The Fall 2020 Walmart Beauty Box is now available!

Just a heads up – Walmart shipped the Spring Beauty Box in June & July. They announced they would be skipping the Summer 2020 box to revamp the Beauty Box in time for Fall. We missed the Summer Box too, but we are excited for the Fall Box! The Fall box ships this month.

Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.

And here are some spoilers (boxes will vary):

  • NYX Butter Gloss
  • Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion
  • COLAB Original Dry Shampoo
  • Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Gentle Moisturizing Cream
  • Anecdote Weekend Vibe EDT Spray
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Strength and Resilience Skin Therapy Lotion
  • Bausch+Lomb Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelee
  • American Pride Olive Miracle Silky Smooth Edges Hair Gel
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lotion
  • Earth Supplied Butter Rich Deep Treatment Masque

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I signed up for this box on 11/12 and received it 11/30 (never received a shipping confirmation or tracking number btw). I got:

1 oz Curel Dry Skin Therapy
Lumify sample
Found sheet mask – Brightening
CoLab Unicorn Dry Shampoo
NYX butter gloss in Sorbet

Not bad for $5 – the NYX shade is very wearable and perfect for a color touchup before my Zoom meetings. I need lots of hand cream in the winter and this Corel sample is a good travel size for trips to the mountains. I have sheet masks coming out my ears and didn’t really need another one but they’re nice to have on hand. Pretty much what I expected for my first box, so I’m glad I signed up!


Received my box yesterday. I thought they were supposed to be “revamping” this box? Doesn’t seem like anything has changed. And if I was supposed to receive everything included on the info card I’m missing at least two items. 🙄


Have another look at that card – at the bottom it says you’ll get 5 of those items.


I was billed for my box on Oct 21 and just received it today, one month later. I wish they’d stop sending lumify and dry shampoo in every box! The NYX gloss looks decent. I also got a sheet mask and the gold bond lotion and I’ll use both. I don’t think the box was revamped in any way, IMO.


I was billed on Oct 21 too and just received mine this past Sat, 11/21. I didn’t get a couple things that were on my card, like the curl cream and a body lotion. I was substituted a couple things like the dry shampoo and a Curel product and a sample card from L’Oreal foundation (in medium shades and I’m fair). I was disappointed I didn’t get the curl cream for my hair. NYX Lip Gloss is an ok shade. I don’t know if I’ll keep doing this box. I think it’s kind of a hassle as far as tracking issues. Might stick around for the Winter box and see if it improves.


Patsy- I keep saying the same thing! “I’ll stick around for one more…”. Been saying it for at least a year, Lol. But I really am close to being done with this box.

Tin Lizzy

Checked my cc statement and was TRIPLE charged.
Not worth the hassle, bye bye Walmart.


I canceled on the website and they are still billing me and sending another box. How else can I cancel this lame box?


They charged me twice so I used the “contact us” button that was in the confirmation email they sent me and said I only wanted one box. It was days later (can’t remember exactly how long, sorry) that they sent confirmation that I was refunded for one of the boxes. No one ever replied to my complaint. They just issued the refund. In the meantime, I had received two boxes.


I jut want my Halloween box that was charged two months ago and never sent. I have reached out twice now, to no avail. I guess I will contact my credit card company now. I have given ample time. This is disappointing, especially as it was $10.


Did anyone not get their money back for the summer box

Summer Sadd

I have not received my fall box, a refund or one of the two Halloween boxes I paid for.


I haven’t received the Fall or Halloween boxes. Contacted customer service several times.. Automated responses that CS with contact me in a couple days. It’s been more than a couple. Still no live person in Customer Service.


Still waiting on my fall box and I was charged on Oct 21. My order status was “In Process” when I checked the website over the weekend. I’m getting a little discouraged with this box.


I received some different items in my box but absolutely love the value and the box. I received the rollerball perfume, batiste mini dry shampoo, nyx butter lipstick, found face masks, and curel lotion! Love love love walmart boxes!!


I got the same box today, & I’m so pleased! I was hoping for the Anecdote EDT!

My NYX Butter Gloss is a deep red shade called Apple Crisp.

Dorothy G

My box left Illinois on Nov 5th. The box went to Las Vegas on Nov 7 — then to Phoenix on Nov 8 then BACK to Vegas on Nov 10, I live in Arizona — just west of Phoenix. This box was in phoenix on Nov 8 but was sent back to Vegas!!!!! Expected delivery is Nov 16th —– 11 days and 2 trips to vegas when at one time it was just a few miles away!!!!! Hopefully it will be worth the wait!


Wow that is an, uh, interesting path.

You have tracking info? I didn’t think they did that. I have no idea what’s going on with my Walmart stuff at this point. Not a word or a sign.

Dorothy G

update to my package tracking — it went BACK to Illinois 3 days ago!!! so I guess it is going to start over!!!! It then arrived in Phoenix one day ago and finally to my local post office early this morning. Interesting that it can get from Illinois to my local post office in 3 days but it has been in transit for 15 days!!!!! Hopefully I will get it tomorrow!!!!


I received my Walmart box today. I got 5 items – Batiste Dry Shampoo, Gold Bond lotion, Earth to Skin Tea Time White Tea Cleanser, Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Moisture Cream & NYX Butter Gloss. It was strange seeing them rolling around in a bigger box, but I’m happy with it for $5.00!

Laura P.

As a P.S. to my previous comment, I totally forgot what I was coming here to say, other than I personally like the box. Was wondering if anyone else noticed their label? A bit confusing because it said it was from Allure sent from Des Moines Iowa. But the box is clearly labeled Walmart Beauty. So I opened it and sure enough, it is the Walmart Beauty box although it is about the same size as Allure’s boxes. But here’s where the mystery deepens: if you hold that label up to the light you can see that it was put over another label that shows the return address from Walmart in Gurnee Illinois. And it had the same tracking number. Why bother to make it look like it comes from Allure when the first label would have been sufficient? So does this maybe mean the same fulfillment company possibly actually puts their boxes together and send them out?

Laura P.

I got my box today and received the same five items that the most recent post have listed. I have long straight hair myself, but I was so excited to see the full size Marc Anthony product because my husband has very unruly curls that I’m always trying to tame into submission LOL. It’s funny, because we’ve been together for eight years but only now am I paying attention to his hair since I started cutting it myself a few months ago. (You really can learn to do anything from YouTube videos haha!) And I’m always putting goody bags together for friends and the ladies in my family, so the other items will go to them, but it was still a fun experience. For me, this box was a hit! Definitely looking forward to the next one. For $5, it’s worth it.


Just got my Fall Box today. It looks very empty even though there are 5 items.

Strictly Curls (full size), Curel Dry Skin Therapy (decent sample/Travel size), the CALM supplement, found Argan Sheet Mask, and Nyx Butter Gloss

I wish I didn’t get so many masks in other, more expensive boxes, but this is an appropriate box to include a sheet mask – I forgive them here!
I hate supplement samples b/c, as in this case, you don’t get enough to really try the stuff.
The Curel is decent and my favorite is the NYX gloss.
Strictly Curls is no longer something I can use and I feel like they said, hey, Full Size Strictly Curls makes up for a rather meh experience.

Then again, $5. I’ll stick around!


I signed up for the walmart box at the beginning of october and still haven’t got a email saying it’s been shipped do I have to wait till the winter 1 comes in or will I still be getting the fall box?? I’m just curious…

Joanna Randall

Hello, i signed up for my box in the first week of October and got my first box last Saturday.


Box just came today; I wasn’t sure if I were still subscribed!

It has five items, while there are eight in the booklet. Two items which came, the CALM magnesium supplement, and the Curel Dry Skin Therapy, aren’t listed as a possible inclusions in the list.

So, besides these two, one sheet mask, the NYX Butter Gloss, and the Marc Anthony curls lotion.

That’s all, folks!


I got the exact same box. I don’t mind getting the Calm because I do like it. However I have so many little tubes of Curel it isn’t funny. I don’t mind for $5 because I do use the extras in stockings for my daughters and the hygiene products we make into bags for the homeless.
But it would be nice to have some variety.


I finally got my box today and received the same items. The CALM supplement was in a box from earlier this year, and I think the Curel may have been as well. The booklet says we get 5 items based on our beauty profile, but my hair could not be any more straight… so a full size tube of a product called “Strictly Curls” seems a bit off the mark, lol. Hard to get upset about a box at the $5 mark, but I do admit to being a bit frustrated that they completely disregarded my profile when they said it was taken into account.


Same here. Canceled this box, tired of left overs. It is only $5, but they should not be lying about doing the boxes to match profiles when that is clearly not true.


I just got my yesterday and loved the box, mainly bc of the full size Strictly Curls, but I have long curly hair, so if you have straight hair I can understand why the box might not appeal to you.


Be sure to check your credit card statement- I was charged for SIX boxes, and I’ve only ever had two, one of each type. I emailed Brandshare, since they lack a phone#, and I’m waiting for them to respond. Also told them to cancel, since they are clearly lacking security or accounting ability. Haven’t received the two boxes yet either, but if I don’t get a response soon, I’ll reverse the charges on my credit card.


I used to like my boxes. It wasn’t even worth the $5 I paid this time. How many items did others get? I only got 5 items, although the insert showed 7, and I have never had a box as empty as this one.

I got a single use Lumify, a NYX gloss, small sample of Gold Bond lotion (which I’ve received before), a clay sheet mask to refine your pores, and a FULL SIZE Strictly Curls lotion.

I have long straight hair (will not use the Strictly Curls). I am 50+, and don’t need to refine my pores. One dose of Lumify isn’t worth it since other FREE BOXES give a full sized bottle for free. I have tons of FREE Gold Bond samples lying around the house. So I guess all that is left is the Butter Gloss – during the pandemic.

Not sure if I would use them, but my box is missing the dry shampoo and the balancing toner.

I filled out the survey online that you scan in to. They force you to answer positively. There aren’t any negative choices, and you can’t leave any questions blank.


Are other people still waiting for their fall box (the regular one)? I’ve been a subscriber for a while and wasn’t even billed until October 21.


I was just billed yesterday, no box for me yet. I’ve also been a subscriber for a while. Maybe as new people subscribe they are just added to the top of the shipping list and the ones that have been around for a while keep getting their shipping dates pushed further and further back.


I’m still waiting for my fall box and both of the Halloween boxes.


I got my fall box and it was okay, but did not get my Halloween one either, though it was billed on September 28.

Joanna Randall

Hello, i just orderd my box the first week of October when should i get my first box. will i get an email?

Tanya Zachery

I received my fall box a few weeks ago, but still waiting on my Halloween (eyes) box. I haven’t received a tracking number or an anything, and they were ordered at the same time on 9/26.


I received mine today, so I’m assuming you should be getting yours soon!!


I just sent WM Beauty support a message because I had ordered both Halloween Boxes, but only one ever shipped. It’s basically Halloween now. They need to cancel it and refund my card. I’m not sure what happened there. I suppose if I don’t hear from them pretty quickly, I’ll have to call my credit card co. and tell them I never received part of what I was charged for.

Joanna Randall

Hello, i signed up in the beginning of October and was just wondering when my box will come?


Joanna — I signed up in August and still haven’t received my Fall box. Was hoping it would show up in October but still waiting.


Is there any way to track our boxes? I live in Nebraska and I ordered both of the Halloween boxes and have not seen them or my regular fall box.


Just got the fall box today. While it’s good that they’re being more inclusive with their product selections, I’m disappointed that 3 out of the 5 products I received were more suited for Afro-textured hair than my straight hair. Oh well, I got a sample of Palmer’s body lotion I can use, I guess.


I stopped subscribing because I kept getting Afro hair products as well.


I was the complete opposite. I received 3 products for straight hair. I was very specific in the survey that I am African American and have kinky coils. I have no idea what to do with dry shampoo for myself. I am glad the box was not a lot of money and I will donate the items I can’t use. I hope this will not be a pattern.


I was able to cancel this seasons box because several of the products I can’t use. I’ll sign back up next box. Will get the special Halloween $10 box if it’s still available.


I received my Wal-Mart Halloween box today. It is GREAT! Better than I expected. Definitely going to check out some of these products at the store. Especially the Hard Candy lip stick/lip gloss. What a treat today. Good job by the box curators. A+


I wish I could have ordered this. I got the regular fall box but they never invited me to order the Halloween one and I couldn’t find it on their website.
Glad you enjoyed it though. Their regular fall box was pretty good, too, and we got lip gloss as well (Nyx Butter Gloss in a fall color).


It isn’t too late to order the Halloween Box(es)!

Look here:

If you are getting a 403 or other error, try accessing the site from your phone after temporarily turning your wifi off! That is what I discovered as a workaround to allow me to access the site.

Let me know if it helps. I’d hate for anyone to miss out unnecessarily, if they want one.


I’m in the Tampa area. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Sounds like some fun things to play with. My boyfriend HATES fun-colored hair, so I’m extra amused by the thought of trying the chalk. I looked at one years ago. I wouldn’t bleach my dark hair to do anything like that permanently, but something that washes right out is different.. 🙂


Did it come regular mail, or another way? Mail came, it wasn’t in with it today.


It came via regular mail and the mail lady comes by about 11am. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I got the same colors on the brochure except the eyeshadow was brown shades (new for me to try as I always wear green) and the hair chalk was purple, so I will share with a young teen for Halloween to try and I won’t use it (professional job) and still loved seeing it for fun. :)))


Yay! Glad you like it so much. I guess I’ll see when mine turns up. My mail comes late, so today is still possible. It seems to come late anywhere I’ve ever lived. Lol
I actually ordered both of them. I couldn’t decide and it didn’t seem worth stressing over. Lol We’ll see if they thought to vary the colors or anything for anyone who got both. (Besides the obvious eyes or lips selection.)


If you’re getting the 403 Forbidden error, on your phone, try switching off wifi and using your mobile connection instead. It just worked for me.


I’m getting the 403 Forbidden error on all browsers on my computer. I’ll try the mobile connection on my phone. (got my box today.)


I received my Walmart Box on October 13th. Mine had the Lumify drops, Colab Dry Shampoo in Unicorn fragrance, found Coconut mask, Curel lotion, and Nyx Butter Gloss in Sorbet. That was kinda funny, since I just bought 4 other colors of that lip gloss last week. I haven’t gotten to try anything yet, especially because I have a cold sore, otherwise the gloss would have been first. I’m not big on corals, so Idk if I’ll like it.

No sign of the Halloween boxes yet, but hopefully they’ll be coming very soon, since it’s getting kinda close to Halloween and it makes sense to have them well before then.

I’ve been getting that 403 error on their site the past few days again.


That’s the exact same box I got, too.


I got my box a few days ago also. I get the same 403 error message. I can’t sign in.


What did you get Dianne?

Have you tried using your phone’s internet instead of wifi? I tried that on a whim and it let me view the site. Unfortunately, it didn’t shed any light on when my Halloween Boxes are coming. Lol


OK – so sounds like you and I both go the same exact box. 🙂

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