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Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle Review + Tutorial – August 2020

Beauty Bakerie is a female and Black-owned indie beauty brand that delivers products with a dessert aesthetic (yum!). They recently released a mystery bundle that was only available for one day only.

This mystery bundle is no longer available for purchase.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this mystery box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About This Mystery Box

The Box: Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle

The Cost: $50 + free shipping

The Products: 6 full-sized beauty products.

Ships to: The US

Good to Know: All sales are final. No additional discounts.

Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle August 2020 Review


Karak Chai Set – Estimated Value $68

This set features 5 mini Cake Pop Lippies in the shades Chocklava, Peanut Butterluster, Skinny Dip, Funnel Cake, and Bastani Ice and a full-size Lollipop Liner. The liner retails for $18 and each lippie retails for $10 on the Beauty Bakerie website, so that’s where my estimated value comes from even though I couldn’t find the set for sale. Now onto the actual items- I enjoyed them! Each lipstick felt like a wearable shade that should work for a variety of skin tones, and the lipsticks were creamy and incredibly comfortable to wear. The black eyeliner was fantastic, with the pigment being inky and the felt tip easy to control. Even though this is obviously a discontinued set, overall the product quality is great and I’m happy with this.


Bakeware Concealer Brush

This brush was no longer available for sale on the website, so I couldn’t get an accurate retail value. I did really like this brush though- it matches my collection of Luxie Brushes from various subscription boxes and it did a good job of making a little concealer go a long way. It worked perfectly for the corners of my nose and cleaning up any eyeshadow that blended beyond my eyes, and overall this is a solid concealer brush.


Breakfast in Bed Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $38

I thought this item was a fantastic take on a neutral palette while still being fun and different. On first swatch, the mattes weren’t the most impressive, but the color is buildable so you can really determine the amount of pigment you want. The shadow formulas blended really well, and I would say my favorite shade of the bunch is Fresh Face.

Here are the swatches! Keep reading to see how they looked on my eyelids.

Queentivities Lip Gloss, 3.5 mL – Estimated Value $18 (based on other lip glosses available here)

This is a sheer nude lip gloss that has a lot of shimmer without being overly glittery. I thought using it as a lip gloss topper made my lips look juicy rather than like I made out with a unicorn, and it had a hydrating formula that wasn’t sticky.

Here is the lip gloss swatched below the lipsticks and the eyeliner.

And here’s a quick tutorial on how I used all the items in this mystery box. I started by using a fluffy brush and the shade “Forehead Kisses” all over my lid. This is a great neutral shade, and it is also a great eyeshadow for a more professional look (I wore this shade all over my lids with brown eyeliner to work today just to give my eyes some pop without doing a full face of makeup).

Next, I took the shade Lazy Baby (it’s me, I’m baby) and applied it to the outer corners of my eyes. Since the pigment is buildable, I started with a little bit of powder on my brush at a time and kept blending until I was happy with the final look.

I then used the same brush I applied Lazy Baby with to blend in the shade Fresh Face into the middle of my lid. I blended with the brush until I was happy with it, and then I used my fingers to pat more shadow directly to the center of my eyelid for an extra punch of pigmented shimmer.

I finished the look with the Lollipop Liner and my Benefit Roller Lash mascara. I also removed my eye gels and applied concealer under my eyes and around the edges of my eyes to clean up any edges using the concealer brush that came in this box. On my lips, I have the lipstick in the shade Funnel Cake and I used my fingers to dab the lip gloss into the center of my pout.

What do you guys think of the completed look?

UPDATE 9/07/2020: After reading the review comments and noticing the discrepancy between what was promised and was received, we reached out to Beauty Bakerie. Here is their response:

I’m sorry to hear that. The goal of the ad was both $100 value for $50 with everyone getting random items and 6 products. Unfortunately, the system couldn’t do both – the system processed either $100 in value OR 6 items. Technology misses sometimes.

Now for the sweet part, I am sending you 2 items to give you that missing value the system failed to give you. Please keep an eye on your email and expect COVID-related processing (up to 7 business days for us) and delivery times and I truly mean that. Shipping companies are having a hard time and we aren’t responsible for their delays, lost or stolen packages. You can read more on our customer care page!

And here are the two extra products they sent over.


Eyelash Icing, 10 mL – Retail Value $18

This mascara is fantastic- it gives me curl, separation, and volume without clumping. I don’t normally fall in love with mascaras I can’t repurchase from Sephora, but I may have to make an exception for this one.

Here it is on. Be on the lookout for my upcoming Tribe Beauty Box review if you’re interested in details on my eyeshadow!


Blending Egg Beauty Sponges, 6 ct – Retail Value $18

I was hoping to receive these in the original box,  so I was really happy that these were one of the items that were sent the second time around. I love my beauty blender, but I really hate cleaning it. This gives me six new makeup sponges to rotate through before I need to clean them, and the sloth in me just really loves that. Compared to my beauty blender, these are more firm and didn’t absorb as much product. I was able to get a good foundation application using these, so considering they break down to $3 a sponge, the cost is definitely worth it.

Verdict: This box cost $50 with free shipping, and if you’ve been wanting to try the Beauty Bakerie brand, I think this covered all of the major categories. Lipsticks, a palette, a brush, an eyeliner, and a lip gloss is a decent variety, and I think the shades sent should work for a wide variety of skin tones. Even without the value of the brush, this meets the promised value of $100, and I would try my hand again at a mystery box from this company. The additional products sent to make up for the lack of 6 full-size products added an additional $36 to the overall value, and I appreciate Beauty Bakerie making things right. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you order today? No, this was only available for a limited time.

Value Breakdown: There are a lot of ways that the value could be calculated, but since I have no value to attribute to the concealer brush, I will break it down per item. Counting the Karak Chai set as one item, you’re paying approximately $12.50 per item. That price per item goes down considerably if you break up the set!

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What do you think of the Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle? What items did you get in yours?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (27)

  1. I ordered this box and was also disappointed. I received the chai set, a gloss, a creme lippie, stippling brush, and setting spray. 3/5 items were lips, but I have to admit my box was better than others.

    Mented is currently having a $50 Founders curated box sale. Mented is a black owned beauty brand. You get 3 items that can create a whole look (palette, blush or bronzer, lippie.)

  2. thanks, Jessica. (it won’t let me reply directly to you.)

    This set was sold at ulta, I believe for around $40. So while I understand how you calculated the value, I still take issue with this box as “complete”. Mini lipsticks aren’t full size items, so really the only full size in this set is the eyeliner, and no matter how one spin’s this, this isn’t 6 full size items which is what was advertised. False advertising is a problem and is illegal so while some may be happy with the value they received or accept this as a mystery box, I still think their inaccurate advertising and their response to their customers was way out of line and I will not be purchasing from Beauty Bakerie in the future despite my interest in the brand initially. Mistakes happen but their poor response to this issue is very telling.

  3. I am so glad to see it wasn’t just me! And by that I don’t mean I’m glad other people got stiffed, I just mean I’m glad I’m not the only one that was upset. When I opened my box and had only 3 items I was so confused. I knew the only reason I ordered was because they advertised 6 full size items and I was looking forward to trying a VARIETY of items from this brand. I received the same mini lipstick set shown above, a foundation stippling brush, and another full sized NUDE lip! And not even a lip whip which I had been wanting to try for the formula and is arguably their most popular lip product.

    I emailed them immediately and told them I only received 3 items and I expected my other 3. The girl was super rude but to her credit I did get a box a week later with 3 more full sized items. I received the make-up setting spray, the same palette from above, and a 6 pack of the make-up blending sponges. So really only 1 more make-up item.

    Even though they made it right in the end I won’t be purchasing from them in the future due to the fact that they were super rude and only made it right for some people and not everyone. And I had to contact them to make it right when it is clear they were aware of what happened. Not cool Beauty Bakerie. There are SO MANY AMAZING BRANDS out there right now. Why would I waste my money and support on one who clearly doesn’t care about my business? While their product is adequate, it’s not as if any thing really blew me away. It seems to me if you are trying to grow your brand you would recognize that literally the only thing that matters is your CUSTOMERS!

    • I had the same issue, their customer service was extremely rude, after a few emails they ended up sending the Neapolitan palette and some pads that remove lipstick. I also only received 3 things, but I gave up and wasn’t going to fight them for another item. I think it’s horrible that they only fixed the issue for people who contacted them. I thought there products were just ok which definitely makes it easier to never shop from them again.

  4. Hey Jessica, just FYI, but you are actually missing two products. The Karak Chai set is only supposed to count as one product (it originally retailed for $38). A LOT of BB customers did not receive all six products there were promised. BB has responded that their computer system was apparently not set up to process orders that had both an over $100 value AND also six products, so a lot of people had boxes that only met one or the other requirement. You can read more about it on the r/BeautyBoxes subreddit. There are a LOT of threads about it. (I’d link to one but I don’t think MSA allows links in comments.)

    If I were you, I would contact BB and say that you did not receive six products as promised. Even if you don’t personally care, I think it’s important that a site as influential as MSA educate folks about this issue, as well as report on how a company handles customer services issues.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Charlotte. I’ll look into this further.

  5. Yeah hard pass from me on them ever, their shoddy CS and the poor way they handled the variations of these bundles.

  6. I am SO BUMMED I missed this. Beauty Bakerie’s stuff is A-MAZING. DANG IT

  7. This is definitely one of the better boxes I’ve seen recently from Beauty Bakerie. I’d feel OK about this box, though I still feel like it’s not really 6 full sized items. For now I’m pretty put off by the brand though, based on what employees have said and the whole beauty box debacle that has been unfolding on reddit.

  8. I’ve tried one or two things from them, but never again after reading how they treated customers. This was definitely not worth the price for a mystery box, taking a gamble and getting what some people received compared to what was promised. In this economy, money is tight for a lot of people, so I am sure many were really looking forward to a real treat.

  9. I would just check the expiration dates on these. i have the lip set that I bought on clearance from Ulta last year. I thought they were all sold out though. I believe they had 3 different selections, and I have the berry colors also.

  10. The customer service for this company seems super inconsistent. They originally advertised 6 full-sized items worth over $100. The lip kit was a holiday 2019 item for $35 – it’s definitely not worth $60.

    I saw a lot of complaints that people made and some were sent additional items and others were basically told there was nothing they would do (some of the emails were pretty rude too!).

    The first mystery kit they had was great, and I think if they had simply promised a $100 value people wouldn’t have been so frustrated. I have no interest in purchasing from this company if they can’t provide clear and upfront advertising and good customer service.

  11. I got 6 items but one was the mini brush and the rest were lipsticks. Wasn’t happy with the $50 spent .

  12. I got this and WISH I had gotten that palette. I got a metallic lip whip instead. I sold the lip set on Poshmark to make some of my money back. I’d probably just stick with purchasing specific items from them from now on. Wasn’t really happy with the curation..

  13. They’ve had new mystery boxes available but there’s been some inconsistencies and I’d check the beauty boxes Reddit before ordering.

  14. This mystery box has received a lot of hate online. Most people only received 3 items when they were promised 6 full size. Also, BB was counting the mini lippie box as 6 items and their CS were replying with the rudest messages.

    • I saw that!! I was very surprised! So glad I didn’t bite as I was so close and have been wanting to try them out but those responses left a bad taste in my mouth for sure.:.

    • I saw some unboxings that were just so bad. One got that set of mini-lippies, 2 full sized lippies, and a concealer brush. SMDH.

      • I got exactly like that. 😒
        Also asked CS about it and they said it all counts towards the value they promised. So nothing wrong there. I will not be buying anything from this brand again. This was my first time and will be last time. If i wouldve known that i will be getting mainly lip stuff i wouldnt have ordered it. I dont wear that much of lip stuff..

      • Not cool at all… I would be so bummed to get that! Definitely feels like they mislead ppl and CS should’ve been a bit more professional.

      • That was my box. I definitely felt duped.

    • This is 4 items, as well? Mini lipsticks aren’t “full size” items and this set was sold as a single item at retail. I feel like this reviewer is owed another 2 items and this box was misleading and falsely advertised. If you don’t want to send 6 full size items, don’t advertise that, just advertise a minimum value or something. I was interested in this brand, but based on the boxes I’ve seen and the completely unprofessional responses people have gotten I will never touch this brand. They cost themselves more business than sending people concessions for their own eff up.

      • BB has flip-flopped a couple times. At first they were telling people that, yes, the lipstick set counted as 5 items; then they were telling people no, the lipstick set counted as 1 item, the computer made an error & sorted sets as *either* 6 items *or* over $100 RV when it was supposed to be BOTH 6 items & over $100 RV and that they’d be sending out extra items to the people who contacted them to complain; recently, at least 1 person had their order for extra items get canceled without any notice from BB.

        I’ve been watching this all unfold in real time over at r/BeautyBoxes. BB has clubbed this in so many ways, it’s kind of awesome. (But, as usual, MSA seems to have zero awareness of any of the many, many issues.)

      • @Marion, you’re so right abt MSA not being aware of the issues. I just have a hard time believing that the reviewer is happy with what she got. She didn’t even get the 6 promised items, and way overvalued the mini lipstick set (by almost double!). But I guess when you’re not paying directly for the subs, you don’t really care if you got what was advertised, because it’s all free goodies for writing an overly chipper review.

      • Hi Louise,
        Thank you for reading. The reason I counted the lipsticks as full-size is because though they are small, they do not come in a larger size and that is the only size they are sold at. I do think the wording could have been more descriptive about the box contents when this was advertised, however.

      • Hi Amber,
        Just wanted to chime in and say that I estimated the retail value based on what the items inside of it sell for separately. When I was looking, I couldn’t find the set available for sale from a reputable website that would indicate what the original retail price was. I hope that helps!

    • I was tempted to ask people on the expiration dates of their lip sets. I bought this set and a berry shades set on clearance last year. I love them but I think this is definitely their leftover pile. The original price was not 68 for sure lol, may have been in the 40s or less.

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