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uAllure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

We have the first THREE spoilers for the October 2020 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, August will be your first box. Check out the August spoilers here. We also have the full spoilers for the September box! Check those out here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

Verso Super Eye Serum – Full-Size!


Nue Co Topical C (full size, $70 value)


Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer in Irene (full size)


What do you think of the spoilers?

Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month but only until October 1, 2020, when the monthly price for the Allure Beauty Box is increasing to $23. From Allure:

On October 1, 2020, the monthly price for the Allure Beauty Box is increasing to $23—and it’s also getting a major upgrade! Starting in October, you’ll enjoy brand-new benefits:

  • At least six products each month, valued at $100+
  • Three or more full-size items in every box
  • Exclusive opportunities to get your favorite luxury and indie brands at members-only prices
  • Special offers for our limited-edition boxes
  • Access to members-only events with Allure editors and beauty experts

To thank you for your loyalty, we’d like to give you the opportunity to enroll in our annual plan at the current yearly rate of $165. Call Customer Care at (800) 274-1603 before October 1, 2020 to take advantage of this limited-time, non-refundable offer.

Click this link and scroll down the page to see what you’ll receive in your first box and to get a free gift with your subscription.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by MSA


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Comments (119)

  1. Does anyone know when the full spoilers be available? I’ve been checking daily!
    Also, the verso looks travel size in the pic, but it says it’s full size?

  2. Does anyone know if this eye cream is ok to use with sensitive skin? I’m excited for it but also wary.

    • I have not used their eye cream but I have had good results with other Verso products and no undesirable side affects.

  3. Come on, now!

    I pay for my subscription and my daughter’s every month and I’m telling you now, if you don’t step up your game, you’ll lose my subscription. You darn near doubled the price and what I’m seeing is not encouraging me to stay subscribed at almost $50 a month!

    I have enough highlighter, serums, primer and ugly red lip pencils to last two lifetimes.

    Branch out. I like hair stuff, teeth whitening, fun accessories and mani/pedicure items too. And don’t be so cheap! For what you’re charging, you need to pack it all in something better than a paper box. Get creative. Give us our money’s worth.

    Come thru, Allure!

    • Why do you assume that Allure will see a comment on this blog?

    • Everyone is different. I have no interest in teeth whitening, fun accessories or mani/pedi items (one of which is actually included in the spoilers). And not including the nail polish, the other two products are valued at $155. I’d say that is a very good value for $25 already. The nail polish is $16 and if they included a teeth whitening product and a fun accessory you may be looking at A $50 box. I don’t want to spend my money on a box like that. And I don’t know what you would like Them to pack the products in, but personally I would rather the money be spent on product not packaging. Maybe Allure is not the box for you.

      • Agreed, I do not want additional packaging. It is wasteful and since I get these boxes often I do not want unused packaging gimmicks, like cheap makeup bags for example, cluttering my house. A simple recyclable box is all I want. No extra bags to collect or throw out. I’d rather the money spent on “creative packaging” go to the products.

    • Apparently, only curated comments are welcome, only inflated MSRP wrinkle creams and unflattering colors are desirable and the Karens are in full effect. I’m out.

      • “The Karens”? I don’t think you realize how you come off.

        And Conde Nast is never going to see your feedback, this isn’t the right place.

      • Nasty

      • wow… so much anger. I personally would not want any teeth whitening products or “fun accessories” in my allure box. they are known to be skincare heavy. do your research before you pay for two annual subscriptions, or you have no one to blame but yourself.

  4. It says the verso eye serum is full sized above.

  5. I like the vitamin c. I think allure usually has quality over quantity. I hate eye creams. I feel like it’s suppose to be a fancy eye cream. Ipsy and allure send so much eye cream. That’s the only down side.

  6. I was not very happy with such a large jump in price I mean ipsy and Boxycharm at least only jumped by a few dollars. But I understand why they may have needed to do it so I was going to give the new price box a shot. After seeing this i think I will cancel. Its just.meh. I can get way more for around the same price with ipsy or Boxycharm with more variety and the ability to choose some items.

    • Exactly how I feel. I will still keep my eyes open for future spoilers and if there’s a box I really want, then I will subscribe for that box and cancel again just like I have this year. I’ve never gotten any sign up gifts from them ever. So, I don’t feel bad about it at all.

  7. I’ve been subbed to Allure for 5/6 years now, no skipping a month ever, but I just dont see the value here for the price increase vs what other options are out here. Its not like they raised it 2/3 dollars and went from there. Honestly, these look like the same type of items we were getting paying 15, and ipsy for the now 12 dollar you can get a full sized nail polish some months and you have choice and its cheaper.

  8. The powder c vitamin is a nice different concept, like that. The shade of nail polish 💅 beautiful, I know I own pretty similar shades but I 💕 love 💗 nail polishes so I will be a happy camper with it. The eye serum is ok, I still have other samples I need to use before I can open this one, will have to keep an 👁 on expiration date.

  9. My CS rep told me that the 165.00 bundle had to start with the September Box, but I will be getting the mega bundle around the time of my September box. So, if you do the deal after your September box ships…. wonder if you would get 2🤔. I didn’t ask. Their CS isn’t always consistent with information…

    • I started on May 29th. So in June i got 3 boxes May box, june box and mega bundle

  10. I called yesterday to cancel my subscription as I really don’t want anything in the September box and I’m not thrilled enough for October to pay their new price.
    I was offered to low yearly rate, said no thanks. I was then offered the next 3 months for the original price of $15 per month for September, October & November. Just an FYI for those who are not sure…

    • Like Sarah, I was going to cancel and then was offered two months, not three, at $15. I loved Allure and never thought I would cancel. I don’t want more makeup; I prefer the emphasis on skin care. Lately I’ve switched to boxes such as Anchor of Hope and Spiritu that say artisans are fairly compensated for their handmade items.

  11. Do we need to purchase the annual subscription in September to get the subscription price of $165 or can I wait to subscribe in October and still get the deal price of $165? I don’t want September’s box, but I do want to pay the $15 monthly price versus $23 if I can.

    • According to the email that I got from Allure, you must call them before 10/1. I assume if you already a monthly subscriber then the yearly would start in October. It definitely a question that I am going ti ask…

      • I opted in for the annual pre-pay on Monday. Because I was paying month-to-month the CS rep gave me the option to start my annual subscription in September vs. October.

        They appear to be flexible as to when you’d like to start.

      • Do you know if they let you pay monthly for a year subscription or if you have to pay the $165 at one time which I cannot do.

      • Angela,
        You have to pay the 165 all at once

  12. I love Allure, one of my favorite box. They have great value for the price and they have one of the best customer service from all sub boxes. I like being able to speak to someone whenever I have a question or issue and they have always been super helpful, unlike Boxy or BOS (worst CS).
    I signed up for their annual, don’t want to miss out on the bundle gift and I can secure the current price.

    • I just wanted to make a correction, the worst CS is not BOS (they’re second), the WORST CS is GLOSSYBOX! This needed to be corrected because it is important to mention this IMO.

  13. If you do want to subscribe for the year at $165 can you just do that online, or do you *have* to call? I know it’s a silly question but I avoid phone calls whenever possible :/

    • I am wondering the same thing…. i assume yes, but if you don’t cancel your existing one then the new one gets canceled… i wonder if we can if they will do the yearly bundle, too….

    • I hear you on that! Have phone phobia! LOL. But I believe you have to call to do the yearly subscription. And we do not get the bonus box unfortunately. I guess you could cancel and sign up again and get the yearly. And they might consider you a new yearly subscriber and give you the bonus box. But I am not positive about that

      • I had a super nice guy named Doug and am a subscriber already month to month. He said it’s supposed to be an insentive for subscribers to stay with them so I’m getting the Sept box then the yearly rate starting Oct. And I’m getting the the yearly box gift of 17 products. I probably have most of them but makes no difference to me because I’ll gift what I don’t want doubles of. The only thing I’m not sure about is when the big payment would be hitting my bank account. But I’m keeping the money in there aside so I’ll be prepared. Good luck everyone

      • That’s great Denise! That wasn’t real clear to me. I am also a monthly but I eas going to wait until after my September box shipped so they wouldn’t start my yearly in September. Are you sure it won’t start until October?

    • You can subscribe online. I just did.

      • I just did.

        And I was able to use PayPal. It also didn’t catch that I have a subscription already, but since it runs out with the September box, it could assume that I’m renewing to beat the new price. If I get two of the September box, I may not complain much.

        They also offer the option of using your Amazon account to pay.

  14. I just don’t know. I have canceled for the time being. I either need to go for the annual or just let this subscription go. I have gotten so many great products from Allure over the last couple of years, but I have Glam Bag Plus as well and I really don’t need both. Decisions, decisions.

  15. Bye Felicia!

  16. I cancelled this box.. I have so much stuff

  17. The nail polish looks beautiful…but doesn’t Static Nails polish need their special base coat and top coat? Just thinking it might not work well if the whole system isn’t used???? Anyone use Static Nails polish and have an opinion?

    • Based on a quick read on their website, no, there is nothing special about their base and top coats.

      “Static” does not seem to mean anything special.

    • That’s great you like it. Pretty sure they will all be the same color but I wouldn’t be as if they were different. That color is the same “dusty rose” color my bridesmaid dresses were 34years ago lol. Anyone else my age that remembers the dusty rose craze back then ?? Lol

  18. I was intrigued by the vitamin C product until I realized it was a powder, not a serum. Just no.

    The Verso is probably nice, but I have a full sized retinol eye cream from Glow Recipe I still haven’t cracked open.

    Nail polish counting as a “full size” product makes me laugh.

    Not enough here to make me want to plunk down $23.

    • Nail polish is indeed a full size product. And one that takes quite a long time to get through.

      • I guess? I personally have a hard time accepting that nail polish is a full size product when it’s regularly included in sub boxes that cater to sample/travel sizes. It’s “full size” the same way a makeup brush is full size. JMHO.

    • I love nail polish, but don’t really like getting them in beauty boxes. I nail stamp, so I have all the nail polish I need. And the colors are always a color I already have, usually just like the shade of the pink one in this box. I hope Allure doesn’t depend on nail polishes as full size items often.

    • Yeah, I don’t really see myself adding a powder to my moisturizers or serums. I guess I’m a bit lazy but I’m already always astonished I’m even doing skincare at all now (never did it before a couple months ago).

      • I’ve been more into skincare since I contracted Lyme disease around 10 years ago. I have a fairly regular routine, but, I’m not going to add a powder product to anything except water or aloe. What if it doesn’t mesh well with the ingredients of the product? Then you’re looking at a mess and potentially a negative skin reaction.

  19. I’m underwhelmed so far.

  20. Do I need to have my credit card with me when I call to upgrade to annual?

    • If you’re a current subscriber, no. They will charge the card they have on record.

      If you need to change the card they use, then yes.

      I wish they took PayPal. Ipsy does. It helps me keep track.

      • They do take PayPal!

    • I am a current subscriber and had to provide my credit card number to upgrade

    • Thanks for your help!

  21. Definitely pausing both September and October!!!

  22. I ordered that Static Nails nail polish and it was unusable. Super tacky and gloppy and it ruined my nails. They had awful customer service.
    Had to throw it away 🙁

  23. These spoilers don’t say top much, honestly, i can’t figure out if they’re full sized ir samples

    • The nail polish and the Nue serum are both full-sized.

    • It tells you what is full size right underneath each picture.

  24. Now that I’m comparing it to ipsy & boxy, because it’s now in that price point, it isn’t looking to great, really.
    I received my first ever boxycharm today and it had a Glamglow moisturizer, a milk brow gel, a tarte lip balm – cutest thing ever!!!, a cargo eyeshadow palette and a nice bronzer. Great way to start off a subscription!!!!so excited!!
    Allure was awesome at $15. I may cancel and I love them enough that I have 2 subscriptions right now.

  25. This looks great. No complaints so far. I would pay $23 for this.

    • I agree! I’m liking the spoilers so far 🙂

    • So would I! 🙂

  26. That’s a nice nail polish shade!

  27. Excited for anything vitamin C. I like what I see so far and glad I got the yearly sub in May.

  28. I sent an email to customer service and asked to cancel. I got an automated reply saying I need to call them to cancel, and then remembered I do want September’s box so I didn’t call. Yesterday I got an email saying I can get the next 3 boxes for $15 each so I took that offer. But so far October does not look good to me! I don’t have the skill or patience to paint my nails, and I don’t like mixing my own makeup (but I will give it a try).

  29. Nice. I’ve been using the vitamin C powder from Versed, so I wouldn’t at all mind getting a vitamin C powder. I think I’ll subscribe for 3 months beginning in September to get the lower rate and try out the box.

  30. Still on the fence for this box. Really like the vitamin c item but not so sure about the others. Need to see the other items first.

  31. I was really hoping with the new price increase and full size items we would be getting more makeup with the box. Fingers crossed more spoilers will be makeup.

    • I actually hope they will not be makeup!

      • That’s why there needs to be either more personalization or more of a box profile (like, this one is [predominantly] skincare, this one is [predominantly] makeup – I don’t think it would occur to anyone to complain that Beautyfix or TestTube are all skincare, for example).

        Some people are more into makeup, some are more into skincare. I am into both actually in real life, but definitely prefer to buy skincare products myself. I am *very* rarely excited about any specific skincare products I see in beauty boxes, and thus can go years between signing up for any.

        With makeup, brushes/tools and perfume I am much easier to please.

        Allure used to strike a good balance in the past, but not in the past couple of years, IMO. I also think that if you as a subscription offering keep changing up your profile, you won’t please anyone. *Especially* if you have a lot of variations.

      • Same here. I like Allure specifically because it is more skincare focused that Ipsy. I’d hate if they changed that and I will ask about that before I subscribed for a year!

  32. Please oh please don’t let there be any variations in nail polish because THAT is my color!

  33. This doesn’t bode well for my plans to resubscribe…

    Will have to see what the remaining items are.

  34. I need new Vit C serum! I’ve been using the Lilfox Haute C serum received from my Beauty Heroes and love it but am hesitated to get a new one at $125 (even with 15% off from BH discount).
    Like the spoilers!

    • I looked at the website and this isn’t a serum. It is a powder that can be added to moisturizer or serum for a C boost.

  35. I wonder if subscribing through Amazon will allow us access to the extra benefits and offers? I hope so.

    • Hey Claire! Quick heads up – there’s no option to select a variant on Amazon. So for example in July, subscribers could pick between two products, but you can’t do that on Amazon. Hope that helps!

      • I’ve subscribed to Allure for years. Never get a choice. Didn’t get one in July. I guess they only value customers who give them PR.

      • MSA-Help please as I’m very confused by your response here. I am not aware of Allure ever allowing anyone to pick from any variants. I have been an annual subscriber for awhile now and was a monthly subscriber (always through Allure and not Amazon) before going annual and I have never been allowed to “pick” something. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by this? And what was the variant from July that you mention? This is very confusing.

      • I also didn’t get a choice for July.

      • Must be thinking of another box. Allure never gives a choice

      • i think they mean as an example July had –
        Dr. Jart Every Sun Day Mineral Sunscreen OR Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger. Grass Calming Gel Cream OR Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
        so with the NEW rules, instead of just getting one of them in a crap shoot, you would have been able to pick which one you wanted.
        is this correct MSA?

      • Denise, I don’t think that is correct. I am not aware of people having a choice in July, I certainly did not. They have variants sometimes but it is just a random selection (if you have already gotten one of the variant products, you should get the other one, but you do not pick it)

      • MSA and Denise – this is not true. You do not get to pick your variant. Allure picks them for you pretty much randomly unless one of then is a product you have received before you should get the other one.

      • Thanks MSA. What I was referring to was: “Exclusive opportunities to get your favorite luxury and indie brands at members-only prices.
        Special offers for our limited-edition boxes.
        Access to members-only events with Allure editors and beauty experts.”
        Would these perks be available for Amazon subscribers? I would appreciate it if you could find out.

      • I meant access to the other perks.

      • Claire – I would say no. By subscribing through Amazon, you are an Amazon customer (Subscriber) not an Allure customer (Subscriber)

  36. I said I was going to wait for more spoilers and I have all of September to decide but I think I’m going to sign up for an annual and skip the boxes I don’t like. 😁

    • Someone posted on another Allure string that she had contacted Allure, and Allure responded that if you get the $165 yearly sub, you won’t be allowed to skip any boxes. Don’t know if that was allowed before bc I subscribe monthly through Amazon, but thought you’d want to know that.

      • I’m just going off what their website says, if that’s not the case then they need to change their website.

    • I have an annual subscription through Allure and they let me skip August. I just emailed them and asked if I could skip and they said yes. They didn’t mention that it was only a one-time thing or that they normally don’t allow it.

  37. It’s a powdered vitamin C which is nice because you don’t have to worry about it losing effectiveness but it’s a little bit of a hassle to use.

  38. Ooooo this box looks great. I cut myself off from sub boxes but I think I’ll be getting this one. That nail polish looks amazing

    • I have been wanting to try that polish brand for months so I am STOKED. If you get it too, be sure to let me know what you think in the review comments, ok?

      • Cool to see you in comments!!

  39. I recently purchased TO powdered C for $5.80 20 g. so the value for me isn’t very high on that. I like the serum. I tend to dislike nude/lt pink nail polish. I’m thinking about doing the annual starting in September, but I might just purchase a few boxes a year. I need something to tip the scale

  40. Allure’s price increase begins in Oct and this box is definitely worth $23! That topical C alone is $70! I’m excited for this box 😊

  41. I’m still not sold on this box. I like the nail polish color, but hoping for more makeup. Full size skin care takes a long time to use up and I don’t want to sub every month if that’s what it’s going to be. 🙁

    • I disagree. Skincare is used up much faster than makeup. And have you ever in your life finished a bottle of nail polish?

      • For me I think the difference is that I’m really careful to only open a few skincare products at a time (because they can go bad or lose their potency/effectiveness) while I’ll use the same eyeshadow palette for 12 years lol

      • Makeup has a much longer shelf life, whereas if I have a large stash of skincare I worry about it going bad. I get what you’re saying, but that’s what makes a big difference for me.

      • I do all the time. Meanwhile, I have loads of skincare piled up untouched. Just sayin, everyone’s different.

      • Totally agree with you Julia. I cannot use the makeup fast enough and have piles of untouched stuff. Love the skin care. Go through almost all of it.

      • I totally agree! I perfer skincare make up lasts a lot longer. That’s why I like allure better than body charm or Ipsy that leans more towards make up. I like subscriptions that aim to make useful items. Like sunscreens, cleaners etc but I do like surprises and make up thrown in sometimes as well. I feel as tho allure does a fantastic job! Glad I got my $165/yr lock in rate.

    • This box definitely leans more to skincare than make up.

  42. Love nail polish in sub boxes.

    • Me too! If I don’t know a brand in a store, I’m unlikely to purchase, but in a box I can try them and find new favorites!

    • Same here 🙂 I swore myself off from buying any polishes about 2 years ago, and have stuck to it because of how many I already have, but if I get one in a sub box, I’m beyond thrilled since that’s now the only way I acquire them. 🙂

      • I limit myself to one a year, so getting one occasionally in a box is exciting!

  43. I was really excited for the new Allure box sub but these sneak peeks have me feeling super disappointed. I was hoping for some brand name skincare/makeup/exciting stuff lol

    • The Nue Co. is definitely a name brand. They used to sell it at Barneys (before they closed) and it’s available now at Net-a-Porter 🙂

  44. When they announced the price hike, I thought I’d take the $165 annual deal in September. However, a few days of reflection and a look at my stash convinced me that ipsy GBP is enough for me now, as I work through all the stuff I already have. So I canceled Allure this month and so far, I’m not having palpitations over it. The box was always a good value – I just have a stash to work through.

    • Same here…the only beauty box I’m keeping is GBP.

      • You and I typically think alike. I’ve noticed that over time in the threads.

      • I cancelled Allure a couple of days ago. I’m keeping GBP. Actually, I just started GBP switching from the regular GB. I want no more sample size items. I like that GBP gives us a choice of items and it’s month to month. I don’t want a whole year of boxes. I don’t have a large stash now, but a year is a long time.

  45. Interesting! I’m not a nail polish person (I’m always left with dull weak nails the 2 times/year I use a non toxic nail polish) but I think that color looks quite nice.
    I need to research that topical c product.

  46. I’m not into eye creams, but I can certainly use it for my feet or elbows… so it won’t go to waste. The vitamin c powder looks really interesting and the nail color is super pretty. So far, I like the spoilers.

  47. This should be the newly upgraded box that will cost $23 unless you get grandfathered in … so I assume these will be full size products…

    • The Verso is a deluxe sample. The Vitamin C and nail polish are full sized. So there is going to be one more full-sized product and a couple more DS-sized.

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