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Ipsy Review #2 – July 2020

Envelope for Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you get 5 full-size or deluxe-sized products, plus a cute makeup bag.

This is one of Liz’s top recommendations if you are looking for a subscription box – the value and sample sizes are amazing. (Check out our list of the best beauty boxes for 2020 and our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes for more recommendations!)

(FYI – Just like Birchbox, Ipsy sends out many different variations of their bag each month – so my review is just one of the bag variations you might receive!)

Envelope Open for Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Full Contents for Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

About Ipsy Glam Bag

The Subscription Box: Ipsy

The Cost: $12 a month + free US shipping. Save with an annual subscription.

The Products: Full-sizes and samples of makeup and beauty products. (Plus a makeup bag!)

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for $2.95

Delivered via: DHL or FedEx + USPS

My Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020 Review


Card Open for Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

Included is a card that usually details each of the items but now outlines beauty tips and tricks.


Each month, Ipsy subscribers get a makeup bag in addition to their items. This month’s theme is Take A Break. The bag is an interesting rubbery waterproof material that reminds me of a beach ball. But the main selling point of this bag is the adorable teal airplane hardware on the zipper. It’s so cute; I love it!


LAVIDO Hydrating Facial Cleanser, 15 mL – Estimated Value $4.35 (Buy a full-size 100 mL $29.00)

This LAVIDO Hydrating Facial Cleanser has a unique milky texture that feels more like a cream than a cleanser. The product doesn’t suds up, but it gently cleansed my skin and left my face feeling smooth and moisturized. Naturally formulated and scented, the cleanser has a light, clean smell that reminds me of Johnson & Johnson’s baby products, which makes perfect sense, as they are formulated for gentle cleansing. Packed full of antioxidant-rich carrot extract and vitamins A and C, this creamy cleanser brightens and tones without any harsh chemicals or nasty ingredients. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’m happy I got to try it. I will check out more of their products because the formulation seems perfect for sensitive skin.


BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Banana Setting Powder in Medium, 4 g – Full Size! Listed Value $35.00

There’s a heatwave happening in New York right now and makeup is melting right off faces everywhere. This BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Banana Setting Powder in Medium is the finishing touch needed to battle heat and humidity. The product is a light and very fine powder that goes on smoothly, setting foundation and concealer. As the name “banana” implies, the product has a slight yellow tint, perfect for color correcting dark circles and redness, giving it a dual purpose. Dusting a bit of this on my face without even applying any foundation reduced shine and smoothed out my complexion. Not to mention, this product is full size! Maybe not the most glamorous thing I’ve ever gotten in an Ipsy bag but it’s a staple that I will now not have to purchase.


CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer, 10 mL – Estimated Value $7.00 (Buy a full-size 40 mL $28.00)

I love, love, love, LOVE this product. CIATÉ LONDON’s Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer is the best primer I’ve ever used. It has a gel serum-like texture that is perfect for hot weather. It goes on smoothly and feels refreshing without giving you that greasy or heavy feel that a cream-based primer would. Not only does it hydrate your skin but the unique texture grips onto foundation for a long-lasting, cake-free look. I would even use this primer as a hydrating serum underneath my daily moisturizer without even applying makeup; that’s how good it is. Packed with watermelon extract and vitamin C, the product smells absolutely delicious, sending me to scent heaven while I got a burst of refreshment on my skin.


IT Cosmetics Brow Power Swatch for Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

Here is a swatch of the item reviewed below.

IT COSMETICS Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe, 0.07 g – Estimated Value $1.05 (Buy a full-size 1.6 g $24.00)

This cute, convenient, travel-sized IT COSMETICS Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe is not universal. This shade is a bit too light for me, even when I pressed fairly hard, but as you can see from the swatch, the color would most likely work for a wide range of brows. I love the little spoolie and the sleek silver packaging, but I had to gift this to a friend of mine with a lighter pair of brows. That being said, the product didn’t smear or smudge and seemed like it would stay put throughout the day. If you’re lucky enough to have an eyebrow shade within the range of this powerful little pencil, you will definitely enjoy this compact necessity. Nobody wants to be walking around with some bald eyebrows; it’s not a good look, girl.


BIORACE Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask, 1.0 oz – Retail Value $4.00 (Buy a full-size 3.88 oz for $25.00)

This BIORACE Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask has pearl powder in it! That’s a first for me. Working alongside the pearl powder is rice powder and kaolin clay that deep clean and minimize pores. It has a very subtle earthy scent that makes me think of those fabulous outdoor mud bath spas on those amazing destination vacations that Instagram models are always posting. Besides having a high-end scent, this product also exfoliates. While using, I felt my face tighten and after washing off, it was literally squeaky clean. After a deep clean like this, it’s super important to apply a hydrating serum or moisturizer of some kind, because after removing all the grime, the mask did leave my face feeling a touch dry.

Verdict: My favorite product from this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag was hands down the CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer. It’s amazing and I love it. When you have oily skin like mine, it’s nice to not feel greasy all the way up from the base layer of your makeup. I’m very happy to try the LAVIDO Hydrating Facial Cleanser. I love trying out brands I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing, and the gentle formula of this product was ideal for my sensitive skin. I’m always happy to get a mask and the BIORACE Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask with pearl powder is unique and different enough to excite me. The BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Banana Setting Powder in Medium isn’t the most exciting product I’ve received in an Ipsy bag, but it is something that I need and will use, which gives it value to me. Lastly, the IT COSMETICS Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe is not for me. Don’t get me wrong; I love brow products, I love big, bold brows, and everything brow related. But this sleek, compact brow pencil just isn’t the right shade for me. No hard feelings, Ipsy; my friend was absolutely thrilled to swipe it. This month had a nice value estimated at $51.40. That is great for a $12 subscription!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Possibly! As of publication, there was no Ipsy waitlist. Check here to see what month you’ll get first.

Good to Know: Ipsy sends out variations. You may get a completely different bag than me.

Value Breakdown: At $12 for this box, I calculated a value of $51.40. Here’s how that breaks down per item:

  • Cleanser: $1.02
  • Setting Powder: $8.17
  • Primer: $1.64
  • Eyebrow Pencil $0.24
  • Clay Mask: $0.93

Alternatively, each of the 5 items has an average cost of $2.40.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of my July Ipsy Glam Bag? What items did you get in your bag?


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Written by Naomi Pandolfi

Naomi Pandolfi

I’m a sheet mask loving, skincare obsessed, animal loving foodie. If I’m not waiting for the mailman to bring me some new subscription box, I’m probably working out, writing, or getting cursed out by my parrot. P.S. He was a rescue; I didn’t teach him that.

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Comments (33)

  1. I love Ciate London but my oily skin hates that primer. I did however love the watermelon lip oil and am interested in that new watermelon setting powder I’ve seen is going to be in the Plus Bag.

  2. Does anyone feel like they listen to our beauty profile? Or that reviews help future curations of which items we get? My last couple of bags were drastically spot on and different from my first two which were completely identical. I do purchase a lot from shop and add -ons, and fill out reviews for every item I try, so I wonder if that is helpful as well. Maybe I am just getting lucky, but I am really hoping for customers sake that they are finally using reviews and profiles for better matching. Hope everyone is loving their bags.

  3. Is choice within the next 24hrs? I’m always confused what time it starts. Only got lucky and was early once. Sometimes things I want are gone by the time I know it is open. I signed up end of June for the $25 and $50 bags. I didn’t realize I would be on a wait list. I guess I won’t find out if I’m off the wait list until the 1st? So confusing. It would be helpful to know ahead of time since we pick our item for our glam bag soon. I won’t purchase a lot in the shop if I know I’m getting other bags, especially since I don’t need anymore accidental doubles.

  4. I have 2 free glam bags to give away. Starts a sub but you can cancel anytime. Need your first name and email address.

      • You’re welcome 😇 Invite sent!

    • I would love one! I had to cancel all my subscriptions, ipsy and boxy, because I needed to save money. I feel so sad because they were my little treat every month. The fomo is strong with dis one lol. My email is mysubaddemail at gmail dot com Thank you so much for your kindness.

      • You’re welcome 😇 Invite sent.

  5. I chose the Ciate Watermelon primer for my Plus bag product and I’m very happy that I did. It really is a great primer.

  6. This is a great review. I’m waiting on my plus now but I will definitely try some of these products if they have them as an add on I the future.

  7. The plastic smell on my bag is so strong I moved it to a different room. Then when I walked into that room, it smelled like it was full of poisonous beach balls. I have it outside now, ugh.

  8. Naomi, do you get to customize your Ipsy beauty profile, or is it a generic MSA account? I’m curious if that affected you receiving a mis-matching brow product.

    I picked the Pixi lip gloss in the shade Sheer Rose on Choice day, & when I finally got my bag today, I received the shade Honey Sheen. Womp womp. Judging by a thread on r/Ipsy, a lot of people had the same issue I had, & vice versa. The packages containing the lip glosses must have gotten switched or mis-labeled!

    • Sadly, I also didn’t get my Sheer Rose, and instead received the Honey Sheen. Having fair skin and pink undertones, I was prepared to dislike it. However, it looked better than I thought it would when I tried it out. I do believe that it would look even better on warmer skin tones, though. I also let Ipsy know about receiving the wrong product and they say they will send a replacement. However, from everything I’ve seen personally, and read on forums, their shipping appears to be very delayed at the moment so it just might take months to finally get my Sheer Rose shade..

      • They told me they were “unable to send a replacement” & gave 600 points. I guess that’s fine. I’m just feeling a little extra miffed because it was my Choice item.

      • They don’t even have the sheer rose. I also got honey sheen when I was supposed to get sheer rose. Got a replacement, and it was again honey sheen! They gave me points…..

    • I got the Honey shade also, but I had added on the Sheer Rose shade. I didn’t realize it was a thing!

    • Honestly, I’ve yet to receive a brow product from Ipsy that matched me. They are always too light. (My brows are darker than my hair, which I thought was normal?) I finally changed my profile to say that I had dark brown hair, not light, to see if that made a different, but of course I haven’t received a brow product since….

      • I think my eyebrows are lighter than my hair, lol. Maybe that’s just because my brow hairs are a little sparse.

  9. No movement on my Plus and Ultimate. Plus shipped early in the month. One is in NJ. One in IN. I’m on the Gulf Coast.

  10. I’m still waiting on mine 🙁 I can’t even get my bag delivered.

  11. I have this exact variation. And a few add-ons 🙂

  12. I’m obsessed with Lavido products. In fact, if I ever stop skin care subs, Lavido will be the brand I continue to purchase…even at full price.

  13. That primer is my HG. CIATÉ is one of those companies that wasn’t on my radar prior to subbing to Ipsy, but I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from them.

    I’m sorry the brow pencil didn’t work out for you, but I’m glad you swatched it, because it looks like the perfect shade for me!

  14. I’m still waiting on all my bags to ship. I’m not receiving any of the same items… and perhaps none at all

  15. As a Hebrew reader, it was fun to see those Hebrew letters on the cleanser packaging! One of the words means face and the other has the root of the word for milk in it, so it makes sense that you described it as milky. I don’t know what it means exactly, maybe facial milk?

    • Leah, you are correct that the word “tachliv” has its root in “chalav” (milk). It is simply the word in Hebrew for “lotion”. Anything thicker in consistency is “mishcha”, which is more like “ointment” in English and not assumed to be for swiping all over your face or body.

      I love Lavido products, but the price! My sister still lives in Israel and tells me that even there it is priced higher than drugstore brands, but has a good reputation.

  16. Mine just got shipped I think

  17. That primer is one of my HG products, so I was stoked to get it in my GBU! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  18. I have all three tiers of Ipsy and have not gotten any of my bags yet. One says it’s still being assembled, one says it shipped 07/08, but was just scanned for the first time 07/20, and the third is supposed to arrive 07/24, but also has almost no scanning although says it shipped 07/15. Hope I get at least some of them before August….or at all

  19. Nice review. You lucky you got your bag. Mine still “assembling” and it is June 21.

    • It’s July 21st 🙂 But it def doesn’t feel like it lol

      • Isabel, you are right, it is already JULY 21! LOL, Looks like I still live in the past, to me feels like that summer just started.

    • I’m also still waiting on my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

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