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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Subscription Update – Ultra Personalization + New Bag!

ByMSAJul 19, 2020 | 333 comments


Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has an exciting announcement – starting in August, Glam Bag Plus subscribers will have Ultra Personalization! 

With Ultra Personalization, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open from 1st – 3rd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 1st.

Check out the August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus spoilers here to see some of the products you may receive next month! 

The Glam Bag Plus bag will also look different! Starting in August, your Glam Bag Plus products will arrive in a large drawstring bag:

Glam Bag Plus is also getting a little makeover. Now, all your full-sized faves will arrive in a new, larger take-anywhere drawstring Glam Bag Plus that holds all of your essentials. Use it to keep those always-lost lip balms in one place or gather your on-the-go makeup items for your travels—this size is super functional.

Your drawstring bag and products will be sent to you in a recyclable mailer. 

What do you think of the new bag and Ultra Personalization? 

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

IPSY is a personalized beauty subscription. Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $13 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $28 per month. IPSY fe... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Hi! I’d appreciate if someone could help me. I just signed up for the glam bag plus today August 1 and it didn’t give me the option to choose 3 items as advertised. I tried looking everywhere but couldn’t figure it out. Help, please!


Check if you were billed and then contact customer service. They’ve always been incredible my helpful for me. I’m positive they will straighten it out 🙂

Alexis R

Looks like choice just went live. Hopefully it did for everyone and not just a few of us. I’m pretty unhappy with the 2 products Ipsy chose for me, seems like they are trying to send me ANYTHING that is the OPPOSITE of my profile.

But the choice for 3 items is really really nice. There is no guess work, you can see all of the items you can choose from, all at once. I was thinking perhaps one item you selected would prompt the system to then offer you 4 different products to choose on a different screen or something. Nope, you see all available products out of each group of 4. It’s pretty nice.

What I am bummed about is I was not given the option for several items that I’ve seen other people receive, or some of the spoiler items. Looks to be a pre-set group of products for each person, rather than allowing us to choose from categories of 4 items each, it would have been nice to get to see all available items. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about high dollar skin care items like the 111 serum.

all in all though, I think Ipsy is heading in the right direction with this rollout. FINALLY.


Ipsy. Picked

HUDA Beauty
Cream liquid lipstick in Lady Boss

Beauty For Real
Shadow Stix 24-7 Duo in Midnight Marathon/Ever Starstruck

My picks:

Laruce face set
Complex Culture powder brush
Illlamasqua lip polish in glaze

Added on:

Sunday Riley ice ceramide moisturizing cream
Glamglow brighteyes eye cream
Estate Cosmetics x Bailey Sarian Palette
Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream

alexis r

Ipsy chose the same 2 items for me. I’m not unhappy with this new system 🙂 It would have been a lot cooler if I had the ability to choose the 111skin serum, but I got a nice Murad eye cream, a nice moisturizer with SPF which I definitely need this summer.

Also added on the Tidal moisturizer and the sleep scrunchies 🙂


the only reason i opted in this month is bc i wanted to try the 111skin serum and it was not one of my options! … but my friend got it as an option in hers :/


Ipsy chose for me…
Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer

Cryo ATP Sports Booster

My 3 picks
Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator

Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder

Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze

Loved picking my items!


Ipsy gave me the same picks and it looks like the same choice groups.

The only difference is my Huda was in a different color and I picked the Illamasque (sp?) clear lip gloss as eyeliner and I aren’t friends.


Choice is live!


This morning, instead of the Ipsy website saying to come back at three to pick my choices, it says to come back tomorrow and see what they picked for me. Great project management, folks. It didn’t occur to anyone to change the standard text? I only have GBP.


The Ipsy intro to the new bag choices says that choice doesn’t launch until August 1 at 3pm EST. That’s 1 MST.

Alexis R

same here. Im beyond irritated bc i never got my july gbp nor my Sunday Riley luna oil add on. So that, now the gap not being customized at all? I don’t get it. There really is no mention of choice, just says billing complete come back on the 2nd to see your bag. Iosy is really really letting me down lately


I got the same message–THEY picked for me?
We were supposed to choose today at 3PM EST–NOT they picked.
This is the last straw with Ipsy–I intend to cancel.

Rachel M

They pick 2 things for you then you pick 3 later.


my account says my choices won’t be ready until August 3rd. So they stagger it, and I’ll be last?


Ipsy site glitched & showed some people their choices this afternoon. (No one was able to actually submit choices, as far as I’m aware.) So there are a few more spoilers up on r/BeautyBoxes.

I’m hyped — one person got 3 of my top 4 choices (Estate palette, Ciate powder, & Illamasqua gloss) in the 3 different categories. The only other thing that I REALLY want is the Murad SPF, & I don’t know if that will be a category choice, or something that ipsy picks for us. I could potentially get everything I want this month. 😳😭🤩


just got billed according to the app. Everything has changed for August as well!


I know! I tried to cancel a few hours ago only to find that it had already charged me! Grrr!


Same thing here. 🙁


I know that for each choice, there is a group of 4 to pick from. So they show us 4 products and we pick 1 of them. Then they show another 4 DIFFERENT products and we pick one of those, and so on. So I’m afraid they’ll put all the good stuff in one group so we only get to pick one of them! One group will probably all be black liners and mascara, so will have to take one of them.

Hopefully that made sense! Lol

Jordan Harper

And I bet all the palettes will be in one group so we can only pick one.


Anybody knows what time this will start tomorrow? I don’t want to miss out on my choices but don’t want to lose sleep for nothing either.

Sorry if this question has been asked/answered before, I couldn’t find it anywhere.




EDT! Standard is winter time.


Awesome! Thank you!


Can we see the two products they selected for us BEFORE we make our choices? The language on the ipsy website is ambiguous about that.

I know I’ll have an answer to that tomorrow – just wondering whether any lady here knows already!

Rachel M

On the App it says they will show us their 2 picks then we choose 3.


Thank you Rachel for taking the time to respond! Now I’m very happy.

Would be “super happy” if I had my July bag.

Rachel M

Wish I could opt out of the Murad. That’s a chemical sunscreen. CHEMICAL!!! Mineral sunscreen is the way to go. MINERAL!!! I’m just not fond of the brand either.


Chemical sunscreen just means that there’s a process that absorbs the sun’s rays, it doesn’t mean chemical like the bad stuff we think of when we hear that word. Mineral sunscreens work by sitting on top of the skin and bouncing off the sun ray’s. We can argue over which one is better.

More than one way to skin a cat as they say.


Well I can certainly attest that mineral is better for rosacea and sensitive skin. The absorption of the sun’s rays is not a good thing for some skin types. Mineral is also better for the oceans.


Still no movement or information from Ipsy on the whereabouts of my Plus and Ultimate. The Pitney Bowes Tab gives no information. I’m really getting angry with Ipsy. I sure hope their customer service is not going down the Boxycharm path. It sure looks like it from my vantage point.


Yes, I am in Florida on the coast 🙁


It is July 31st and my box hasn’t arrived either – also no info on the Pitney Bowes website. My box has traveled all over the East Coast. There is no excuse for this. Covid19 is not to blame here. My husband has worked for UPS for years, and his opinion is that Pitney Bowes is an inferior delivery service and Ipsy must have given Ipsy a sweetheart deal on shipping – and we (the customer) are getting in the neck. I have 3 subscriptions with Ipsy but cut it down to 1 for August because of this.


Debby, it sure is ridiculous. I cut my Ipsy subs down, too.


Nothing about mine either Alice 🙁


Mine was shipped via DHL and USPS. DHL tracking showed my GBP going back and forth between CA and TX, then suddenly it showed up on my doorstep. Don’t lose hope!

Mine arrived July 28 and was missing products.


It’s awful, Shari. Didn’t you say you are in Florida? I’m I’m Mississippi not far from New Orleans. You would think Ipsy would send them directly south to us. That makes too much sense, though, lol. Maybe we’ll stillgetvthem. Keep us posyed, as will I.

jenn from MI

i’ve had 3 bags pilfered through (someone literally ripped the bag open and stole items) and the last bag USPS never delivered. this has been the past year or so. DHL always hands it off to USPS, so it’s not them. no way the bag is completely opened all the way and the entire contents didn’t fall out. they had to physically go into the zipped ipsy bag to take an item.

at first i thought it was ipsy dropping the ball, but then someone posted on a local community page that their ipsy bags were stolen from too. i’m thinking maybe its time ipsy ditched the bright pink bags and went incognito.

i get a lot of packages and only my ipsy bags have been stolen. i went to the post office to complain and ask for the postal inspector to report fraud and she insisted it was “on its way” and would not give me the info.

i hate having to file a missing bag with ipsy, because i don’t think it’s their fault in my case and i feel bad they are losing money to replace my bag through no fault of their own.


This happened with my July Glam Bag classic. Shipping was late, late, late. It arrived a few days ago with the mailer completely open (not sure if pilfered or seal failure), my add-on missing, and the makeup bag looking like it was stepped on or tossed under a truck (it had black gunk all over it). Plus 4 of the 5 products it still had did not have safety seals or sealed product packaging (i.e., stickers, sealed cello wrapping) so given the pandemic all went in the trash. A huge disappointment after waiting until nearly the end of the month to receive it; my bag has never been this late.

I can’t begin to imagine the fun when Ipsy this month begins sending out Plus in a mailer like GB. I anticipate much product damage and pilferage. And from Ipsy’s posted GBP timeline it looks like delivery the last week of the month – if you get your bag at all – will become the norm.


I think the same happened to one of my boxes. I’m not sure if it was smashed first then someone at DHL tried to rip open a compromised package? But it clearly looked like someone tried to open it. It came with a big warning label on it from USPS that it was received damaged. Ipsy replaced the whole box no questioned asked. Only a lipstick was missing and internal packaging was damaged but everything still usable.


Oh, yikes. I’ve had multiple Ipsy mailers arrive open, but thankfully no missing items. It did make me nervous that someone in the delivery chain was opening my packages to have a little look-see.


My Ipsy bag was the same, also my premium has still not arrived. My Ipsy account shows no past orders, nor tracking on anything. They are suppose to send me a replacement on my small bag since nothing was sealed, but haven’t heard a peep on that from 10 days ago.


Glam bags dont show under orders. And after a certain point you can’t track your bag from a link on the site. You have to go back to your email for the link.


It is their fault, though, for continuing to use bright pink or pale bags that are barely sealed with some sort of glue (easily defeated and easy to open) delivery carriers know are going to have makeup. I might sound kind of hard on carriers, but I have had them stick hands in and take items, and actually had carriers on my route under Federal indictment because they stole jewelry from me and others. Someone was doing it to my NewBeauty TT, Gentlemen’s Box, etc., like it was a shopping spree for them. It is still happening, even after indictments in their office.


i live in a smallish town, and the post office i’ve only seen maybe 3 men there. it’s all women, and my postal carrier has always been a woman. when i went in the first time to complain, i asked for the postal inspector’s info and she would not give it to me. she insisted that my package was “out for delivery” even tho tracking marked it as being sent back to the post office for pickup.

i told her this is for FOURTH bag in about a year pilfered. she just stared at me, no apology, just said its out for delivery again.

i went in a second time and told a gentleman there, and he immediately printed out the tracking history, got a manager, took down my contact information and said a supervisor would be investigating it.

i hate to say it, but i think your right that the branded packaging only encourages women in the delivery chain to steal.


I received my flash sale items today.

No sign of my July Plus and Ultimate. After no communication from Ipsy in over 4 days, I received one from a sixth rep ony query. In summary, she said, ‘well, didn’t you get the points we sent?’ She offered no information of where my boxes (with a substantial order of add ons) might be.

This is not a shipping or covid issue (see prompt flash sale above). I don’t have a clue as,to what is happening with Ipsy this month.

I’ve cancelled August Ultimate. Staying with Plus to take the ride on the rollout. Not going to renew GB when my annual is complete. I’m weaning myself off of these beauty subs. I’m working my way to just Seenew.


I have had the same issues as many people on here. After 9 days of seeing the “most recent” information regarding my box, and it still says “en route to DHL ecommmerce warehouse”…so there’s technically NO tracking information – I contacted IPSY and they said, “be patient”.
….then at 13 days I said there was still no movement…they said, “contact USPS”…well it hasn’t even reached the FIRST warehouse, and DHL is telling me that I need to contact the original shipper (IPSY).
Ipsy said in their latest response, “contact us when the package is over 15 (business days) late and we’ll send a replacement”.
15 days will be August 5th.
NOT TO MENTION they changed the bag for GBPlus, and we get the weird drawstring bag…not the cool holographic bags?! SUCH GARBAGE! Shame on you IPSY for taking so much money from people and not being accountable for the products you send.

Amanda Wright

I have reached out to customer service for the 5th time they are telling me the same thing. The last email I sent I’m pleading please do something this is clearly not a covid issue because I received my last chance add on within a week. I asked to resend my bag and not use this 3rd party company. How many people have to complain how many customers have to have issues before they do something?


It is very frustrating. I’ve generally had great CS from Ipsy. This is so annoying.

Trish Baker

I got my bag today and it was missing a bunch of stuff including Purlisse, mystery gift and the item I got using my points. I’m more than bummed. It’s making me think about skipping August.


I know what you mean. I finally got my box for plus today and it had 2 items in it, the single eye shadow and lip gloss. I rarely get add ons and I had 2 last month as well as points item redemption. My box looked completely sealed upon arrival too. So disappointed. I am waiting on their response.


This is a the response I received from Ipsy about my package…

We have no control over how your package is handled after it leaves our warehouse. I’d encourage you to reach out to your local post office since USPS is responsible for finishing up the delivery of your package.

If your package has not arrived by the end of 7/30, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get a replacement.

I understand this is frustrating, but rest assured, we stand by the quality of our service and will always ensure you receive your packages.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you in the meantime.

Take care,


Reach out to the USPS???? For what? The poor USPS has not RECEIVED my bag that ipsy gave to Pitney Bowes *twenty days ago*. And ipsy knows it. Lame excuse.

If the USPS had my bag, I’d have the bag already.

That’ll teach us not to complain about DHL. Can ipsy please go back to using DHL?

And I wish they’d stop talking about a replacement. They can’t replace some of the items because they don’t have any left (like the bag itself, which they oversold and admitted it).

Also Beth

Mine DID ship DHL and was still delayed like crazy. It’s now listed as “delivered” (according to the tracking, it arrived yesterday) and is nowhere to be found.

I know that the new postmaster general is literally instructing people to do things like “leave it on the floor” that were previously unheard of, but…this is absurd.


Exactly! I just got a response that they will give me a partial refund as they are out of the 3 items missing from my box. So I have to spend $10.00 on the 2 crap filler items they sent me at the end of the month? They sure had enough to sell as add ons twice this month though. I have been with them 4 years and if they don’t make this right I am cancelling.


My bag has been on a nightmare trip, honestly all the heat from the warehouses, I could care less if I receive it at this point. I have a Tula sunscreen and several other products that may degrade with extreme heat over long periods. At this moment it says it is in a warehouse in North Carolina, USPS has not even received the package into their system. Call them for what? They can’t do anything about a package they are not in possession of!


If I order now, will this be the bag I get? Or will it go to the August?


Going by the current situation, if you order now, you’ll receive SOMETHING around Christmas.


So you’re aware, this is the August bag.

Sherri H

You would get the August bag


Thank you 😊


Finally received shipping notice for GBP. I haven’t received my regular GB, which is now back where it started. August is looking like a skip month


I like that we get to select 3 item but I don’t like that we have to wait until the first, cause if I don’t like any of the choices I believe it will be to late to skip.🤔

Genevieve Mullis

I love this bag so much more than the regular ones!
I’ll get a lot more use out of this one.


Every single comment I post disappears! I think my posting days are over.


I still have not received my Ipsy Plus, it was shipped July 9th and has been sitting in NJ finally moved to Georgia yesterday. Ipsy says it is due to the Pandemic, funny the Pandemic has not affected Amazon or EBay items I have received, it may take an extra day, but certainly not 2-3 weeks.

Also Beth

New government-dictated USPS policies are significantly slowing down USPS deliveries nationwide. I’d almost guarantee that’s what’s at fault here.


It’s not that. I ordered a lot of products from the flash sale and I received them today! I’m still getting the run around and condescending -tone emails regarding the whereabouts of my Plus and Ultimate.


Ipsy said it was due to Covid.


Yup – new post master. No overtime. Once a postal worker finishes their 8 hour shift, regardless of where they are on their route – their shift is over.


I’m fine with the longer shipping times.

Ipsy is a business and has to make money. They have various costs associated with making, filling and shipping bags. If they are saving money on shipping they can spend that money on better products – which is what matters most to me.


I am honestly not fine with such a messed up shipping situation. It is not like we are getting it for free. No, just no!


I am fine with longer shipping times as long as the company is forthcoming about the delay to its customers. All it would take is for Ipsy to send out communication to its subscribers stating that due to the huge demand for the July GBP, their warehouses are backlogged and it though it will take longer to get your items, rest assured you will get your box. Instead, most of us have had to email cs sometimes several times (I had to send my 5th email yesterday) inquiring the whereabouts. That is what is unacceptable and is what is causing undue stress for many of us (at least for me).

With that being said, I am hoping that the big demand for Sunday Riley Luna oil this month and the new switch over to using Pitney Bowes is a one off. I am willing to give this new ultra personalization a go and see how August works out. If I have major problems with shipping delays and the run around from cs again, I am going to cancel and use my hard earned money towards other businesses where I have had more timely shipping and better communication.


I’m not okay with it. At this point, a LOT of subscribers may not even receive their purchases. Definitely not fine with that.


My Ipsy bag has been sitting in NJ since July 9th too. So annoyed. I have addons too. I agree that shipping times have been only mildly effected by the pandemic for me. I got a sub box from Korea that I purchased after Ipsy took their $$ and it already arrived and you mean to tell me they can’t get my Ipsy box from NJ to FL in 3 weeks? Ipsy is definitely the problem. Is Pitney Bowes their new shipping partner?


Mine started in NC. Then went to NJ. It’s now sitting in Atlanta. It’s been there since the 22nd. I live in north FL. Not far from GA.


I am still waiting to. I don’t even care if I receive it at this point, would rather have a refund, but Ipsy is ignoring my request.


Same situation here. I live in South Carolina and my bag started out in North Carolina- instead of coming south it went to New Jersey and sat for 2 and a half week. Now its in Atlanta Georgia with no movement and its almost August (ugh)… they will be billing me for August before I get Julys box . Whats weird is, I recently purchased a couple of items from the flash sale and they arrived already- it took maybe 5 days to get them !?


My Plus and Ultimate and add ons shipped from NC on July 7. One went to NJ. One went to IN. I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. WTH?! No movement from that point. I’ve had communication through FIVE different CS reps. The fifth one said she would be ‘personally’ tracking my orders ‘so I wouldn’t have to.’ That was four days ago. No communication since. I’m about done with Ipsy. I order almost everything I use online through various vendors and distributors, including my pet food and our food. I have multiple subscriptions. I haven’t had any shipping issues with any of them.


Really? My Prime shipping has been closer to a week, not the 2-3 days that it used to be. So, I do believe the Pandemic is affecting more than Ipsy.


Prime isn’t taking any longer in general. Maybe a day here and there.


Well, that’s frustrating. Even my daughter’s Prime orders are taking longer than they used to. We have a local warehouse, even! Granted not everything is shipped from there. Ugh.


My Prime arrives in two days and I’m nowhere near a distribution center. Other company’s orders are timely. Ipsy is the problem.


Really! Just ordered my son the new Jim Carey Novel, ordered Monday it arrived today Thursday. I have found maybe 1 additional day.


My Glam Bag Plus for July still has not shipped. I’ve never had to wait this long!


My bag has not been shipped either. They gave me useless taking number which is not attached to real box because it says DHL awaiting item. CS is beyond useless. I suspect they are bots because I receive same standard answers. I am going to cancel. I don’t need extra stress in my life.


I mean, they’re doing the new bag to make up the costs here. But I think they’re trying to give the customers what we really want: customization. I mean, honestly I don’t care about the bag! I care about the goodies. And they can’t let us choose everything, give us an awesome bag AND let us cancel after knowing everything inside. I don’t think they’d make a red cent. I feel like this is a lot better for the customer than what they were doing before.


One thing is for certain…we’ll know after the first whether it’s worth our while! As I mentioned, everything a company does nothing to benefit the customer — it’s only to benefit the company.


My finger is poised over the cancel button…


I ended up canceling If I have not received my July not going to pay for August, now my package is going to South Carolina totally opposite direction of Florida.


I’m going to try it through August. I haven’t received my July Plus or Ultimate.


Oh definitely, but my guess is a lot of people were opting out and so they think that more people will want to stay this way. Ipsy has been a real disappointment for me, but this makes me willing to give them another shot.


I left out a ‘does’, lol


For me, I’d rather have 3 choices and no bag as I don’t need more make up bags.
But I’d like to have the option to skip after spoilers/choice day like before though.

However, I have loved almost all my Plus bags since the beginning, only about 2 bags were not of my liking. So hopefully we will keep getting great products.

I wish they offered a long term sub for Plus with some discount, I wouldn’t mind committing to a year sub, for Plus only.


I recently read a comment that someone was able to sub to Plus for one year at $275/year (~$23/month) when they expressed their interest in an annual sub by emailing Ipsy. Maybe you can email them to ask about purchasing an annual sub and they can upgrade your monthly box. 🙂


Ohh really? Thanks so much for letting me know. I’m gonna contact them and see if they could do this for me. Thanks Luna.

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