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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

ESTATE COSMETICS Estate Cosmetics X Bailey Sarian Venice Fling Eyeshadow Palette

MURAD Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Feminist, SHEro, and Lady Boss


111SKIN ATP Cryo Booster

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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  1. Im kinda mad i didnt get the pallette or even as a choice cause i want it so bad…and when i look it up to buy it on ipsy its not even there..says it cant find what im looking for even tho ive seen the reviews. Am i doing something wrong? Anyways I want his pallette and im mad I have been with ipsy for over 2 years and i never get pallettes i got the brushes and the 111skin stuff that people are complaining about. Rant over…ugh

  2. Man, not one thing interests me. I hope another set of spoilers has better stuff, otherwise I’ll skip. I’m really pale with blue eyes so reddish eyeshadow makes me look sick. Pretty much only wear lip balm because I’m at home or wearing a mask, and the only “sport” I participate in is marathoning Netflix.

  3. I on product overload and I think I will skip this time. There is nothing I don’t have or really want in these spoilers.

  4. Weird we see the spoilers before the bags, I want to know what the bags look like for August 2020?!?! 🤷‍♀️🙃

  5. Both plus and ultimate are getting the same 111 product. I wonder if that has something to do with the spoiler on the 20th?

  6. Anyone know what’s happening with Ipsy Plus on 7/20?

    • I saw that announcement on my ipsy app but I can’t find any details.

      • I heard a rumor that there will be “opt out” options when you choose your product for the month. So you have your one choice that will be guaranteed and youll have one choice to completely reject from getting into your bag. That was the rumor anyways i guess we’ll find out if it’s true or not.

      • Where do you get the ipsy app?? I’ve looked in the android play store and can’t find it

    • We will be able to chose 3 items now. It’s on Ipsy site now. Between the 1st thru the 3rd of every month we chose three and they show us the two they picked. Then we can shop add ons

  7. Why do the spoilers always look so good but my bag is always meh ? It’s like I will get one good thing (if I’m lucky) and 4 duds

    • I think that is their business logic.

    • My bag this month was horrendous… including the bag itself! They didn’t send me the cute purple bag. They sent me a hideous old one! You better believe I complained.

      • They sent me a hideous old bag as well. I sent them an email complaining and they didn’t do anything for me. I just wanted the purple bag

  8. Not looking good… Though I need another eye shadow palette like I need (and you know what I’m talking about), I’d be fine with that but none of the other products are appealing. I already received the [overpriced] Laruce brush set, I’m not in the Murad camp, of course Ipsy would send me the dreaded brown lippie, and I’ve seen too much unflattering conversation about the scheme with 111Skin (formulated for insert-box-name) to not want it. Where did the old Ipsy go?

  9. Loving these spoilers. Wouldn’t mind if I got all these as my box.

  10. Worst bag ever 🙁 my choice item is missing, no palette, and a repeat.

    • These are spoilers for August. July gbp reveal is a different post. Did you get a confirmation of your choice? If so, email them now before boxes are mailed out.

  11. Spoilers/reveals are up for July!

  12. So I skipped ipsy plus and ultimate for July. Way to many repeats. It’s the first time I’ve ever skipped. Do I still get to choose for August?

    • Yes, you’ll be able to choose for August.
      I paused my regular bag for June and July and still was given the option to choose for the following month.

      • I skipped the oast 3 months but August is looking Great… I think I might get the glam bag and the glam plus sub box…

  13. OOOOOOOOOO I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bailey Sarian!!!! Murder mystery Monday!!! Dat da da dun dun dah!!!!!!! If the ipsy universe Gawds dont send me this I will be buying it from somewhere!!!!!!! I will support Bailey all the way!!!!!! LOVE her

    • Jamey, in response to previous post: ATP is short for adenosine Tri phosphate Which is In the simplest terms, the basic energy packet that all our cells use as fuel. It is how our bodies’ cells store and transport energy inside the cell. Our cells constantly break down ATP to use as energy, but they also continually keep making ATP and if they didn’t we would be dead.
      So I suppose they’re trying to imply that ATP will refresh your cells energy, but I just don’t see how that’s possible. I really don’t think it would get into cells when applied topically.
      Still it has Glycerin which is a great moisturizer, and Niacinamide which Can even skin tone can make your pores possibly look smaller. They are both great ingredients, they’re just not very expensive ingredients, So they are found in lots of good skin care. I just think that the ATP thing is probably gimmicky.
      Paula’s choice ingredient dictionary is a great place you can just search for ingredient names and learn about them. My opinion, I think the best things to use are: #1 sunscreen, #2 tretinoin or a retinal, #3 & #4 vitamin C (ascorbic acid with ferulic acid) and Niacinamide, and any moisturizer you like. None of those have to be expensive. The Ordinary has good stuff, timeless has a good dupe for Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, and you can also get prescription strength tretinoin from Curology for about $30 a month, or just use differin which is over the counter in drug stores.
      My favorite sunscreens are from Korea or Japan because they dont feel heavy or greasy, and I prefer physical sunscreens because they don’t sting my eyes and they don’t degrade as quickly as the chemical ones. I get them from yes style.
      I also like to read people’s comments and see what they like.

      • @koreen, I agree that ATP sounds like a strange ingredient. I just looked on Paula’s Choice and it might actually be a legitimate ingredient. I haven’t read any peer-reviewed publications to see real data, but it sounds interesting anyway.

        I have a PhD in physiology, so I do take an active interest in whatever is in my skincare products or makeup. Not having heard of ATP use in skincare mades me want to read a bit more about it. I’m sure there’s relevant publications PubMed — I’ll head there next.

        Here’s the link to the Paula’s choice blurb in case you’re interested:

      • KOREEN,
        WOW!!! THANK YOU for all this info!!! I LOVE learning new things and your ONE post has a wealth of knowledge for me!!
        I had no clue about any of this. I get confused when I see people talking about this or that ingredient .. I will most definitely check out the Paula’s choice site and bookmark it for checking when I need it.
        I do have a few things from the ordinary, but i have an obsession with retinal and peels (at home) so i think i might be doing more damage then helping. I’m 41, so i will most definitely get some of the things you mentioned. I have no clue what order to use serums vs creams vs this or that so I am constantly throwing stuff on my face and hoping for the best. Lol.
        I’m in Indiana, and they don’t have curelogy, so I will have to look online to see if I can find it on ebay, or somewhere but tomorrow I will most definitely go to the store and look for differin. I believe I have seen something called “differin gel” before, but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing or not.
        I have made some handsantizer recently and used glycerin in it to make my hands soft between the alcohol and lavender oil.
        I have never heard of timeless. I will check that out. I know Skinceuticals had a thing where you went to their site and got a free sample of their Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. I still have some I am using. My friend got a small sample and she said she didn’t like it and was going to toss it out, and I was like “oh no girl, that’s expensive, save it for me!!” Lol so when she came into town she gave it to me. They MIGHT still have it up on their website, it was about 4/5 months ago. I will really look into timeless as something else to try out and see of it works as well for me , especially if its cheaper.
        So what do you use in your routine?? Is there anything else that you think should be helpful?? I am getting those evil 11 lines by my eyebrows and have been wondering about getting injections or something, but I’m worried I’ll have to keep it up forever and I know some people that started getting botox and rejuviderm and then stopped after a few years and after it “wore off” it looks so bad and theyve even said they wish they wouldn’t have done it…so I’m like not sure what to do.

      • KOREEN,

        I hope you are able to see this and respond….so I looked up the differin online to order some of it, and when I google differin/ tretinoin and so many things are coming a acne spot treatment gel (like I mental) and something that says “for dark spots” that’s not a gel and a few other things under the differin name……what is the one I should get?? I dont want to get the wrong thing….knowing my luck i totally would. Lol

    • And you know you were singing along… Same. I love her. Saw this and searched for her colab but it’s not anywhere that I could find.

      • JESSICA,
        HAHA yes, I always sing along and have to giggle at the faces she makes or the spin she adds to it each video!! I absolutely LOVE her personality and everything she shares with us. She seems like she would be a really cool person to have as a friend and hang out with and super relatable. That last video with the guy obsessed with the cam girl was absolutely insane!! I am so glad she added pictures of what they looked like, because I get so drawn in to her stories I’m like “oh, oh I NEED TO SEE WHO SHE IS TALKING ABOUT” and that crazy one was a DOOZY!!!

    • Jamey, me too! I don’t care if I have 47,000 other palettes, I want that eyeshadow palette just for her. Love it!

    • I love Bailey as well! I quit Ipsy awhile back though 😭 I really really want that palette! I wonder if it only an Ipsy exclusive or can I buy from the site!? I noticed it’s not on there yet… do you know of any good buy , sell trade Ipsy Facebook sites? Thanks 😊

      I will definitely be wanting to buy that Palette I watch her every Monday & Saturday ❤️

      • IM sooooo excited others watch her on YouTube and lover her as well!!!!! She is such an amazing human!!! I’d say you can always get it off ebay or another second hand selling site once ipsy comes out next month. I dont see about the collab anywhere either, and I went to her YouTube channel ( Bailey Sarian for anyone not in the loop) and left a comment about it when I seen this, but no replies or anything.
        I sub to ipsy and have so many eyeshadow pallettes that could rival a YouTube collection, I think at this point I’m more a hoarder then actually USING them, but hey…there could be worse things to collect or do. Hahaha. I sub to Ipsy, and have eyeshadow as my number one choice, so you never know about them, but if I cant get it in my box, and it’s not an “add on” option, I will just look on ebay or somewhere to grab it from someone else. I’m super excited for her to have a collab. I got estate highlighter last month form ipsy and it was actually pretty good.

    • Jamie. Sorry I didn’t see your questions till now, so IDK if you’ll see this or not. Adapelene is the name of the active retinoid in Differin. They say it is for acne, because it is, but so is tretinoin. Tretinoin has been around forever as name brand prescription RetinA ( a first generation rrtinoid,) and people using it for acne noticed they had less lines and fresher looking skin.

      So researchers did some actual scientific studies, (not just useless small sample opinion perception studies that selling companies put out,) and it showed increased cell turnover (like younger skin behaves,) increased collagen, and so less wrinkles. So, tretinoin is the only ingredient, that I’m aware of, that the FDA allows to say it actually helps wrinkles.

      Differin (adapelene) hasn’t done the peer reviewed studies, but it is a 3rd generation retinoid that in theory should do similar things. It also used to be only prescription until somewhat recently, but is now over the counter. So since they haven’t done the studies they can’t come out and say it is effective for wrinkles, but most dermatologists I’ve talked to say it should work similarly. They will both make your skin dry until your skin adapts, so I would use the same techniques/schedule to get used to differin as I would for tretinoin.
      Their dark spot corrector has 2% hydroquinone in it, which is the active ingredient in prescription Tri-luma at 4% concentration. If I had dark spots hydroquinone is what I would use. 2% would just probably take longer than 4%. However, I wouldn’t use it permanently. To avoid complications you should probably take a break from it. Some countries ban hydroquinone, but it is approved by the FDA, has been used for over 80 years with good safety data, and honestly the FDA, is more rigorous in their testing than the EU, and the studies the EU had problems with are in rats not people, and in concentrations not used by people, and mixed with other ingredients that are problematic. Many more studies say it is fine than not. But someone would have to decide this for themselves. I would only use this on the dark spots for 6 weeks, then go off for 3 or 4 weeks, etc., and stop altogether when I get improvement, and not use if I had dark ethnic skin.
      But with both retinoids and hydroquinone it is as absolutely required to use sunscreen >30+.

      The numbers I listed the stuff I use in the other post, were in order of importance to me, not the order I use them. The order I use is actives first ( eg tretinoin or Vit C,) then the thinest consistency to the thickest (eg serums then moisturizer,) and always sunscreen last. The imperatives for me are tretinoin at night, a gell moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and glycerin (like Clinique moisture surge or Hada Labo or Neutrogena hydro boost,) and than a thicker moisturizer. For day I use timeless Vit C+E+ferulic instead of the tretinoin, A serum with Niacinamide in it (like CosRx Galactomyces 95 or the Ordinary one,) then the gell moisturizer, than sometimes a creamier moisturizer but more often than not, just the gel one, and then a 30+ or 50 SPF mineral Sunscreen. I’m pale so white cast isn’t a problem for me. My favorite sunscreen is MakePrem Defense Me that I get off Amazon or YesStyle, or EltaMd UV clear (but Elta is more $ per oz, but is really nice, and also has niacinamide in it too.)

  14. I’m excited for the Sunscreen. That’s the one thing I can never get too much of since I use it every day. And I’m always on the search for the perfect sunscreen.

    IDK about the 111 skin. I looked at the ingredients and it looks like a moisturizer and Niacinamide basically.

    As a nurse I’m very Skeptical about topical ATP getting into any cell. However niacinamide is great and I make sure I use it in one product or another every day. So, it should be brightening and it might be worth giving it a try.
    Their products always seem so overpriced though for what they are.

    • Have to agree about the ATP. In class they said cells make it internally.

      • What is a ATP?? And what is the name of it we should be looking for??? I appreciate the info…I learn new things when I read here and enjoy that…I have no clue of anything in anything on what’s good or what’s a no no sadly.

      • It’s adenosine triphosphate. Provides energy to your cells.

      • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is produced in body cells as a result of our breakdown of food to make usable energy that can then be used to “do work” in our bodies. It’s kind of like an energy currency our cells uses – certain actions cost a certain amount of energy in the form of ATP. I am not sure why the application of ATP to the skin would be a benefit to the skin; I would need to research this to learn more about potential benefits (just did a quick search and seems that adding ATP to face treatments has anti-aging properties and some facials and skin care products are starting to include it). Some research says our skin cells produce less ATP as we age and can contribute to wrinkles/sagging. (I teach science so forgive my long explanation.)

      • Rachel,

        Hey, I appreciate you and THANK YOU. I love “long winded explanations” , that’s how we learn and also look at things a different way. Reading comments here and places have taught me a lot about things I had no clue about, or just learning in general. The more we share with someone the more we learn and I’m sure others read this as well without commenting, so it’s always a good thing to comment and explain.

  15. I’m actually pretty excited about this box. I really want one of the Huda Beauty lipsticks and I like Murad products a lot.

    • I don’t want to burst your bubble but please be warned that the Huda liquid lip is VERY drying. I’m talking parched and cracked and your poor lips are crying out for moisture after wearing it for a few hours. I *love* its staying power and I can wear it under a mask without any transfer occurring. But it’s just so very drying!

      • Eek! I’m sorry it’s that drying for you! I’ve actually used Huda lipsticks before and haven’t had the same experience. Thank you for caring enough to warn me though. Much appreciated.

  16. This looks interesting, not like June, i’m i’m, August!!!, Can’t wait to see the glam bags 💋💋💋

  17. Does anyone here have experience with Estate Cosmetics?

    • I absolutely adore their highlighter (to the point where I’ve stocked up 10 or so) for the blending properties, but mainly the shade too.
      I’d expect like.. smashbox equivalency here.
      Not incredible, but reliable.

      • I’m here to second their highlighter; I received the shade Dew Me in my IPSY bag and I’ve purchased it as an add-on twice since…..and I don’t even like highlighter! But this is so buttery soft and gives an incredible glow that I’ve never achieved using any other product. I *LOVE* it! It’s so pretty.

    • I got a lipgloss from them in an ipsy bag and I love it! So I have kinda high hopes for the palette! 🙂

  18. Nice mix of products. I like most of them.

  19. I just NEED the Bailey Sarian palette Please Ipsy Please

  20. I am very happy overall with IPSY but I am not loving any of these spoilers for August in the GBP. After a few great months of GBP (esp. the fantastic skin care heavy June and July bags), I find the August GBP bag underwhelming for me personally. I wouldn’t use the colors in the palette, I am overloaded on skin care at the moment (found some faves I like, some from Ipsy), have all the brushes I need right now and not interested in liquid lip color. (But, wow how great was the Haus lip gloss in June?) I am glad that some people on here are finding some items they want in August though! I think IPSY is a great value, overall and like that you can skip months you do not want based on spoilers.

  21. After such good spoilers for July, Ipsy is going back to brands like Murad (which I find at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for cheap) and HUDA (that has hidden labels exposing carcinogens). It’s the same brands every month (except for July which is awesome).

  22. After such good spoilers for July, Ipsy is going back to brands like Murad (which I find at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for cheap) and HUDA (that has hidden labels exposing carcinogens). It’s the same brands every month (except for July which is awesome).

  23. I know I’m in the minority on this, but Murad does nothing for me. I’ve tried several products and haven’t liked a single one. I’ve never said this before, but i think this will be a skip for me in August.

    • It happens. I find Too Faced and Sunday Riley products to be incredibly yuck.

      • I’m with you on Too Faced and Sunday Riley. Their products do nothing for me.

    • Same here! I’ve tried at least a dozen eye creams, cleansers and all have been mediocre at best. I don’t get it.

      • Same! I keep getting Murad products and trying them, but I don’t get why they are so popular either.

    • Same. I tried their eye cream and it seemed okay when I was using it, then I didnt use it for like 4 days and under my eyes got so dry and itchy, so I used it again and stopped and it did it again….so yeah, I do love their face cleanser I got through ipsy a few months ago, I’m still using it and will buy when I am out, but I switch it up with others

    • Well, I’ve only tried one murad product… I got the aha/bha cleanser recently from ipsy, and it’s actually helping to clear my skin! I have an issue with controlling body temp AND I have anxiety, so I can sweat a lot. And since it’s summer and I have to wear a mask at work, and I walk to work, my breakouts have gotten so bad, and I’m crazy excited to have a cleanser that I know will help when I get home and can wash my face. So they definitely work for some people! But skin care is always ymmv 🙂

      • I have the cleanser too Gabriella and I love it! It really helped clear up my skin!

  24. Looks like I should probably stick to the regular bag for August- these are nice brands, just not the right products for me

    I have so many palettes and brushes- I can still get excited for the right ones, but these aren’t it.

    Liquid lips are my least favorite lip product and right now, I definitely won’t be using them.

    111Skin I’m skeptical about, particularly when I see them in subscription boxes. They have a history of switching up their ingredients in sub box products.

    Murad is a great brand, but I found their Vit C SPF to be greasy, so I’m unsure about this one.

  25. I am getting a little anxious about there being only 1 item available for points.

    • I see 5 new items… an NYX lip, a brush, an eyeliner, a purlisse mask, and a body cream.

  26. I’ve skipped June and July GBP. Might skip August, too, from the looks of it.

    I don’t need any more lip products now that we’ll be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. I’m usually wearing a tinted lip balm under my mask on the rare occasion that I leave the house. A liquid lipstick would just get all over the mask.

    I’m not a fan of 111skin. It seems like one of those skin care lines where they bump of the prices to ridiculous levels to make them seem exclusive, but their ingredients don’t really back them up.

  27. I may skip this one. I love the purple lippie, but due to Covid 19, we all will be wearing masks anyway, so it is useless.

  28. I really want the Estate palette & the Murad cream.

    Maybe it’s my phone, but I really don’t see any difference between the Feminist & Shero colors of the Huda liquid lip. I even looked up swatches & still couldn’t see it. Lady Boss is MUCH darker than the ipsy photo, though.

  29. I love Bailey Sarian 1 of my favorite yt. I’ve gotten some laruce brushes before. Huda colors aren’t very pretty at least these ones. And I’ve got so many serums. So far I like the pallet most.

    • Lol! I started singing her theme song for Monday murder mystery when I saw the palette.

    • Yes! I need that palette just cause it’s her

  30. Anything full-size Murad makes the box worthwhile to me! I loved the Essential-C Murad sunscreen they gave in the February Plus bag and used it up completely, so this Murad sunscreen has my name on it too. Yay! Happy camper here.

    • I totally agree! I hope the Murad is available as a choice item.

  31. This bag looks really good.

  32. Easy skip for me – and I’m happy about that!

  33. I’m all about the SPF. Lord knows I need it with the amount of retinol I pickle my aging face in.

  34. These actually look good. I would definitely pick the Hida beauty purple lippie

  35. The Murad moisturizer is a big YES for me. The middle shade Huda (purple shade) is really pretty and the brushes look nice, too. The palette is an easy no for me… 111Skin doesn’t interest me at all.

  36. One the 111Skin site, they recommend using their serum after a workout.


  37. If these are the only options I’d probably pick the palette, but I could see skipping this month too.

  38. Wow.

    I got a sampler pack of the Huda lip. It’s really nice. I’ll have to dig out those shades and see which one I like best.

    • I’m most excited about the Huda lip spoilers as well! The only shade I wouldn’t be crazy about it the one on the right, the left and middle shade look beautiful and it’s a great formula in my opinion! I love matte liquid lipsticks year round, but they’re especially nice for wearing under a mask. They don’t budge for the most part and even if slight color transfer is left on the mask from long wear of the mask it doesn’t bother me since it can easily be washed and ask long as your mask isn’t white or too thin it shouldn’t show through while wearing! 😄 if it’s an option during choice day I’ll definitely choose the middle shade! The other shades would especially be so pretty for the coming fall

  39. I love Ipsy but I will say the 111Skin is not the original product. Last 111Skin product they featured had similar but a different ingredient list and was made in China. Just a heads up. I don’t think this has anything to do with Ipsy but it’s what 111Skin is willing to give us.

    • This is happening with all of the subscriptions. Allure for context cream. Boxy with the ciate blush and many more. Ipsy with the coloured rain. I don’t know it just doesn’t make sense legally they cannot give us fake products we would be able to Sue them. But I have seen emails back from companies stating that yes that is our packaging but it is not our formula. I don’t understand why a brand would want people to be trying out a formula that is not even theirs that’s not going to get sales

      • This problem bothers me deeply too. There’s not enough regulations on the beauty industry, it’s a terrible thing 🤦🏼‍♀️

  40. Wow. Not one thing here remotely tempts me. If this is as good as it gets for August it’s an easy skip for me. Probably a good thing. 😂

  41. As I kept scrolling down I kept saying “wow.” I wish the Huda lippies weren’t brown, but so far I really like this box!

    • I keep seeing something in the fashion press about “90s brown” lip colors. As I recall, that was in the early days of matte lip colors, so they were uniformly nasty. Maybe the improved formula will help.

      Or like I used to tell myself with Boxy, I can determine if I like the formula and purchase a shade more to my liking.

  42. The palette is pretty, but wouldn’t be flattering for my complexion. Nothing else here catches my eye. Thank goodness.

  43. Looks Good!

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