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Trendmood Volume 13 Box: Full Spoilers

TrendMood Box Vol. 5 Available Now!

ByMSAMay 21, 2020 | 57 comments

Trendmood Box
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The TrendMood Vol.5  box is available now! Use password code SELFCARE to purchase.

Vol. 5 is $62 and will include:

  • Murad Skincare Vitamin C Glycolic Brightening Serum
  • FARMACY Daily Greens  Oil-free Gel #Moisturizer
  • FARMACY The Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm
  • Kinship Mint Mud Mask
  • Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32
  • Skinfix The Eczema+ Hand Repair Cream
  • Skinfix Eczema+ Foaming Oil Body Wash
  • CATRICE Cosmetics X EMANCheeky Blush Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

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The Trendmood Box is NOT a subscription box. Each box will be treated as a separate launch. Some months could have 1-2 launches, while others might not have a launch.

Each box will contain 4-5 items curated by Trendmood. Items can include makeup, skincare, accessories, nail polish, and or... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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PSA: Trendmood is giving special VIP “first-first” access to an upcoming (meaning next?) Trendmood box to anyone who couldn’t get a Volume 5 box because your payment couldn’t be processed due to the Shopify outage. You’ll need to go to the Trendmood box website, click the blue question mark in the lower right corner, state “Shopify Outage” in the How Can We Help You field, and attach a screenshot of the email you received stating your payment could not be processed, and make sure your email is showing in the screenshot. They stated 3 hours ago you have 24 hours to submit your screenshot to get special early access; which seems to be 4pm Pacific time tomorrow – 5/27.


I was able to snag one, this was my second box. I am very happy considering seeing all these comments that I was able to grab one. I wouldn’t buy two though. It wouldn’t be fair I know lots of people covet these.


I have up on this box. If they ever offer a subscription, I will try. I don’t even look at the spoilers because I’m disappointed by the process and not being able to get a box.


Trendmood is a drop sale – just like hard to get tennis shoes (think Yeezys/Kanye West)~ just got to be really fast (and extremely lucky)

Tanya M.

This box looked very good but I didn’t even make the effort just because it’s so much work to get one. And it is a breath holding process ( as mentioned in other comments) and I knew I had no chance while in a zoom meeting. I am lazy with effort even though this was very appealing. I got my Caroline Hirons box and will be satisfied with that one.


I got my CH box today! Which kit did you get? Or did you snag both kits? 😉 I was able to get kit 2, but was unable to secure kit 1. It’s okay though since I would have chosen kit 2 if I could only have one. With their site issues, and trying to checkout right when the kits went live and her site was finally working I actually felt like getting one of her kits was exactly like trying to get one of these Trendmood boxes, lol!

Tanya M.

I don’t want to whine but I wanted Kit 2 but I was able to buy Kit 1 and I’m grateful for that. I know … It did feel like, ready, set, pounce and cross your fingers! lol .. I knew the Trendbox was hopeless as you need to be able to give full attention and I could not.


I wondered why some people could get 2, and I tried at Presale and Sale and couldn’t get any. I put the box in the cart right at 9:30 and again at 10, but when I checked out, it said it was sold out. It literally sold out within 1 min! I feel that I wasted my time, and the whole process wasn’t a happy experience. I will not try to buy again.


Last time I got a text with a link and Shopify took care of the rest. This time, I didn’t get a text so no box for me. Not a huge deal, only FOMO would have been green clean (and I still have 2 from prior swaps) and maybe the sunscreen but it’s nothing pressing since I have a lot of sunscreen too.


Grabbed one each at presale and official release. Presale sold out in ~2mins and official release in ~7 mins. I have an Shopify account that automatically fill in everything, which makes the process very smooth. After my second order I still have plenty of time if I want to purchase a few more.


Why don’t you just buy it from her if you’re so bent out of shape about it?


BTW Maria, just a sweet reminder, many of these e-commerce websites are using Shopify platform (e.g. Jeffree star, ColorPop, Kylie Cosmetics etc.), Trendmood Box is also one of them, which means checking out via shopify will be more reliable on their platforms compared to applepay and paypal. It’s not just about pre-filling, using shopify also helps. Hopefully my post could help you get your next box, that was the intention of my original comment.


Also I have always missed some of the popup sale of boxycharm or Fabfitfun, in those posts people were so happy of what they have purchased and sharing what they got, some of the items were gone within minutes too. I don’t go under their posts and criticize them for being able to purchase for themselves and bragging.


Wow. just wow.


Wow. I am here to share my experience and provide data point so that people know better. Trendmood box has always been very competitive because it has very limited quantity. So I stated that I have an shopify account that automatically fill in everything, so that next time someone who wants to get the box, they can get a shopify account with prefilling so that they will have pretty much time left instead of getting frustrated. I said that I still have plenty of time IF I want to purchase a few more, but I only purchased two, one for me and one for my friend. The pandemic has brought out so much kindness and generosity in most people and obviously not you as well.


Wow people really need to chill. I stated that IF I wanted to purchase more I could, not that I did. I only purchased two, one for myself and one for my friend. I stated the sold out time as a data point. Also logging in via Shopify will give you as much the time as I would, so next time you learn and could purchase yours. Trendmood box has always been very popular and it’s expected that the box will sell out in a few minutes. I’m sorry that some people couldn’t get theirs, but all these hate comments are just …


Hi Rosemary and Amber,
Thank you both for your sweet comments. I was a bit surprised to see the reactions to my comments. I probably should have considered the frustrations of those who didn’t get the box before I just quickly typed in my comments. To me wanting a good sale but not geting it is very common… (remember when Boxycharm popup sale totally crushed its website so they have to postpone till the next day and the next???) but I can see how people are frustrated and disappointed, feeling that they have wasted time. Like Amber said, it’s just stuff, it’s supposed to make us happy. if I don’t get it I move on to the next deal. There will always be a next one.


@Rosemary, I wasn’t talking to you. The hateful comments were the ones telling her she should be ashamed of herself. Are you saying you enjoy reading comments like that?? What if they were directed towards you??


amber, disgruntled people commenting isn’t “hate”. They are not “horrible”. I love all of the comments, because I share the emotions that all of them – positive and negative.
I want everyone to express all of their feelings that result from their experiences.
I just chose to let the world know that I am going to buy two (if I have the opportunity).
No judgement on any party here.
“You got two? Congratulations!!! If I ever manage to snag one, I’m going to try and get one for my friend who’s had a terrible couple of months. Actually, I’ll get one for her and see if I can’t get one for myself while I’m at it.”


I can’t believe MSA let all these hateful comments through their screening process. @Potato, you don’t have to explain yourself to these horrible people. I wanted this, but it was sold out. Oh well, who cares it’s just stuff. I didn’t see it as bragging, and these comments don’t need to be filled with people who are angry they didn’t get one. Folks are allowed to be glad they got one (or a second one for a friend!) and others should be happy for ones who got lucky. GROW UP!!


You got two? Congratulations!!! If I ever manage to snag one, I’m going to try and get one for my friend who’s had a terrible couple of months. Actually, I’ll get one for her and see if I can’t get one for myself while I’m at it.

Annie S.

I bought 3- joking. I didn’t even try. I think only one box in this subscription hung around for more than ten minutes. Either the boxes are very popular or there are a very small number of boxes available.

And if you happen to buy more than one limited edition box, please don’t boast about it. I hate reading on various websites where people brag about buying multiples of limited edition boxes.
We know that for the most part, they will be resold and not gifted to other people who really wanted the chance to get one.


Ashamed? Really? Y’all are talking about kindness… trying showing some.


I couldn’t reply to you, Stephanie (I really hate the new format that prevents the kind of threads we had before) but I am sure you’re correct. She’s probably going to put it on Mercari or EBay for $80 with $20 shipping. She’ll have to use her real name to do it though. If she was as proud of herself as she sounds she wouldn’t have hidden behind “Potato.”


I agree 100% Maria. She’s probably going to resell it and make money…


It sold out within a few minutes. Not cool.


Not cool at all. I didn’t see a place to even enter a password. I signed up for text and email alerts and tried both links immediately during the presale and my screen only had coming soon and a notify when available button. No password field that I could find. This is the last time I am going through this inevitable disappointment. Honestly it’s so far beyond frustrating.


The first time I attempted to get a box a few months ago I missed out because I didn’t see the password link too. I noticed two minutes in that it’s located on the upper right of the screen, and at least to me, not very noticeable in the first place. Within those two minutes that box had sold out… and it didn’t occur to me to try again at 10am when it gets released to the general public. oops! Today was only the 2nd time I attempted to get a box, and this time I remembered where the password was, but during my attempt at the presale I was able to get all my info in, and when I hit the button to place my order it said it sold out. Darn. That was two minutes in too. Then when I tried during the general release at 10am I fell victim to their payment processing not working for which I later received an email that my payment didn’t go through. Oh well. I think I missed out on the presale because I took too long entering all my info since I don’t have an account with them, but I think for the 3rd box I attempt to get I’ll be ready. 😉


Bummer. This looks like one skincare box I could actually use, since I do have severe eczema and it’s pretty much made for that. Here I’ve been complaining on like every thread about how nobody takes eczema sufferers into account and there’s basically an eczema box!


Hi Carrie – this was my first time trying for this box, and I was able to get one as it went live during a lunch break. I’m so sorry people had such a tough time getting it! I do not have eczema, and was debating what to do with the Skinfix products. I don’t want them to go to waste. I’d be more than happy to mail and give them to you for free. My box has shipped but I don’t have a delivery date yet. I’d feel much better about spending a few extra $ to mail them to you than tossing them. I’m not sure how to go about it, as it might be against the rules here. If you’re interested in them, I’ll try to contact the moderators to see what I can do.

Christa H.

It’s still available. I just had one in my cart and backed out at the last minute. I don’t need more skincare. I have way too much in my skincare drawer :-/


Look again – sold out.


It’s sold out. My order was processing and i was supposed to get an email but the email I got said my order didn’t process because they sold out. 🙁


I managed to get one when regular time opened. I made sure that I logged into PayPal so not waste any time. Am I happy that I got it? Not really. Too much stress, my heart was racing, hand shaking LOL. Box is great but shopping experience is horrible.


I so agree! I failed to get a box during both sale times despite being on time and with all my info filled out and payment ready. All I would’ve had to do was put it in the cart and scan my thumbprint to take care of everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t get that far. This has happened every time and it is indeed very stressful and nerve-wracking. I certainly don’t NEED anything in any of these boxes but they do offer brand new products (mostly skincare which I can’t get enough of) at amazing prices so I can’t seem to resist trying. But I decided after having what felt like a genuine anxiety attack today that enough is enough and I won’t go through it again. It actually becomes super expensive when you factor in the time, energy and stress. If I had succeeded even once it might be worth it but 0/5 is too pathetic to keep getting my hopes up.


I definitely feel like the presale sold out faster than usual. perhaps it’s because people who normally can’t grab one at work are home now. I had a brief issue when I clicked check out it would go back to the box page but paypal worked fine.

Also, it’s back in stock now. I’m guessing this time they saved a bunch for regular release time. TBH I don’t understand why they do the early release thing since it’s available to everyone. But maybe it spreads hits out a bit so the site doesnt crash.


i got one! reg box is still available!


I successfully added to my cart and then sold out during checkout process.
Name one thing more annoying….I’ll wait.


The folks who come to the comments section and brag about how they bought two boxes when most people couldn’t even purchase ONE!


People who have been out of work and unable to get unemployment? Geez, let’s be real here.


You sound so salty! That has literally nothing to do with this box.


I bet you’re real fun at parties.


And what does that have to do with getting this box?


Buying an annual to OuiPlease 7 months ago and only receiving 1 box despite the fact they supposedly ship every 2 months.


I gave up trying with this box because it’s a bait and a joke. To me this box is all a scheme and hyping everyone for no reason. Always “first come, first serve.” Nonsense. For me it’s like a why be a box if your sold out in 10 minutes…. How many boxes you have …20? Lol…. What makes this box worst is the price isn’t steady like Boxy or Ipsy. I rather stick to Boxy, FFF and Ipsy where eventually the products will be in these boxes and I don’t have to worry bout it being constantly sold out when trying to make a purchase. That’s just my personal opinion.


I am with you, it’s like do they only have 50 boxes? Lol I have no FOMO for this one.


Got my box! So exciting!! Try to use PayPal, it will be quicker, and they mentioned there will be some stock for regular selling time, so don’t give up.


Nope. Looks like there was no stock left for 1:00.


It was up for over 5 minutes at 1pm est. For at least the past 3 boxes they have very few presale boxes at 1230pm est and then they have more at regular launch time (1pm est).


It was still in stock at 10:04 when I checked and I got all the way to payment with no issues, so they did have stock for the real launch.


when is the regular selling time?


10 am PST


Added it to cart right away checked out and SOLD OUT 12:32 EST


sold out 🙁


I added the box 9:30, went through check out and 9:32 it told me that the box is sold out. So frustrating and irritating. I am not going to even bother with this box. What’s the point?


Luna, this is reply to you:)
I got the same message as you did, but I used PP and five min later received order confirmation. Honesty I was so frustrated that I was going to forget about this box, it was my third box attempt to buy it. Then I saw a comment that there will be a regular sale and I decided to try. But let me tell you, my heart was racing so hard to click on all the fields and my hands were shaking, it was so pathetic and I felt ashamed of myself to feel this way while buying bunch of unimportant product.


The same happened to me. I made the mistake of not having all of my information populated since I didn’t think to make an account with them first, plus I’ve never bought anything with them, and I don’t use Paypal or ApplePay, so by the time I finished entering all my info and I went to submit my order at 9:32 it said sold out. I wasn’t too bummed since I knew I could try again at 10, so when 10 came I was at the ready and purchased it within seconds but then I got a message stating something like due to them having a ton of orders that my order was processing and to look out for a confirmation email. Out of curiosity I continued to check the site for a few more minutes, and it was still in stock. About 8 minutes later I got an email stating that my payment didn’t go through. This actually happened to a lot of people, and Trendmood is blaming it on Shopify stating they had an outage at the same time the box went on sale. I didn’t see the email until an hour later, so of course it was sold out by then. I’m not angry about it though. I figure it wasn’t meant to be this round, and I’ll try again with the next box I like. At least this time I have my personal info good to go. I didn’t save my card info (I never do on sites), so hopefully those few seconds it takes me to enter my card info won’t hinder me getting the next box. 😉

Btw, I LOVE how you say you’re not going to bother, then in another comment you say you got the box 😀 I love it because I do the exact same thing with certain boxes too! But in my case it’s because I’m trying to be good, but then FOMO kicks in and days, hours, or even minutes later I end up getting the box I declared I wasn’t going to get, lol!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.