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Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review – May 2020

Look Fantastic May 2020 beauty box subscription review

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box from the UK that includes at least 6 hand-picked items along with an issue of Elle UK magazine. Each box includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and body products curated around a theme. It’s available to US customers for $19.00/month with free shipping.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About Look Fantastic

The Subscription Box: Look Fantastic Beauty Box

The Cost: $19.00 a month + free shipping. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: At least 6 hand-picked skincare, haircare, cosmetic, and body products curated around a different monthly theme, plus an issue of Elle UK magazine.

Ships to: The US, UK, Canada, Australia

Look Fantastic May 2020 “Botanical Edition” Review


Each box comes with a booklet that includes product information and tips for how to use what you got.


Magn!tone London Wipe Out Eco-Friendly Cleansing Cloth – Estimated Value $9.25 (Buy 2 for $18.50)

I love reusable cleansing cloths and this one works super similarly to my Makeup Eraser cloths and also has both the shorter and longer fiber sides for extra cleansing with water alone. It really works and gets rid of even stubborn eye makeup. It also has a super useful little loop to hang it when you are finished so it is dry for next time. Need to deep clean this cloth? Easy, just pop it into the washing machine.


Dr. Lipp Sweet Potato Lip Tint, 3 ml – Estimated Value $4.01 (Buy a full-size 8 ml for $10.70)

Dr. Lipp is one of the most effective lip moisturizers mostly due to the sheep lanolin inside which locks moisture and stays put! This formula has a slight pink tint which adds some gloss and color to your lips while keeping them soft.

It is just barely pink, but it certainly adds a little extra tint to my lips.


Eyeko Brow Gel, 4 ml – Estimated Value $12.50 (Buy a full-size 8 ml for $25.00)

I don’t know if I have ever gotten anything from Eyeko that wasn’t black mascara or black eyeliner, so seeing this brown brow tint gel was kind of exciting! This formula is really interesting because if you pull the wand out and look at it, it is actually filled with brown shimmers rather than a sheer tint. Though it looked nice on my brows, I was surprised at how watery this formula was and it never really seemed to dry. It wasn’t my favorite.

Glad I tried it, but not my favorite brow tint.


Avant Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Moisturizer, 50 ml – Full Size! Retail Value $138.00

FYI: This packaging is different than the tub that this formula usually comes in from the manufacturer. 

Avant is one of those brands with a wild price tag that I would never pay, but I do usually enjoy. This moisturizer is really nice and has some of my favorite ingredients: shea, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, and more! I would say this is certainly tailored to drier skin but if you are normal or a little oily it might make a good sleep mask option for you! It also has a soft smell that is pleasant and absorbs beautifully.


KORRES Greek Yoghurt Probiotic Superdose Face Mask, 20 ml – Estimated Value $9.80 (Buy 100 ml for $49.00)

I am a KORRES fan. Their formulas always work well and smell nice! Simply apply a thin layer of this mask to your clean face, wait 10-15 minutes (or 30 because you forgot) and then wipe away with a cloth. It left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated, with no film or texture really left behind. This felt especially decadent after a day in the sun!


Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist, 10 ml – Estimated Value $7.35 (Buy a full-size 30 ml for $22.06)

Finally, our last item is a plumping mist spray. Filled with hyaluronic acid, it is an instant hydration boost to my face. It works great as a toner and I totally recommend stashing it in the fridge for a hot day. I also thought it worked well used as a light fix mist over makeup, as it added a little dewiness.

The Verdict: This was a pretty good Look Fantastic Beauty Box! It has an overall value of around $180.91 which is crazy for a $19 box, though the vast majority of that value is in the Avant cream. I really enjoy makeup remover cloths and found the lip balm, mist, and mask to be really great products for my routine. I didn’t love the brow product, but 5 out of 6 isn’t bad!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. A pre-order for the June box is currently available! (The May box is sold out. This page will let you know which box is currently available.)

Value Breakdown: At $19.00 for this box, here is what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Magn!tone London Wipe $0.97
  • Dr. Lipp Lip Tint $0.42
  • Eyeko Brow Gel $1.31
  • Avant Moisturizer $14.49
  • KORRES Face Mask $1.03
  • Balance Me Mist $0.77

Alternatively, each of the 6 items has an average cost of $3.17.

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Do you subscribe to the Look Fantastic Beauty Box? What do you think?

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (36)

  1. I’ve never been a fan of their sub boxes.. However, they released a beautiful Christmas advent box that I just adore. I use it constantly and have it on display. If there was a fire I’d try grabbing it to go. Really love that thing.

    • I also got the advent box last year. It was my first advent box and definitely worth the money. The box itself is well-made and sturdy. I’m saving it in case someone wants it around the holidays-it would make a great gift if it were filled back up.
      What do you use it for after emptying out the goodies?

  2. Anyone know how this box’s customer service is? I signed up for a sub in March, but there’s no sign of my May box. I’m all 😩 since every item this month looks like a total win for me, but the box is sold out.

    • Sorry to hear that you have not received your box. In my experience, it depends on who answers your email. Sometimes they have been great, but other times it’s painfully obvious that they are part of the Hut Group (who owns Glossybox). I hope you receive your box soon. Mine always has tracked shipping so I know roughly where the box is located.
      As I mentioned in another comment, the box (any package really) can take up to 2 weeks to make it through U. S. Customs in normal times (based on experience and my father used to work for Customs and I asked him about it). I have no idea how long it may take during a pandamic.
      I would recommend that you contact LF to let them know that you have not received anything. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the info! I‘m waiting to hear back from CS now…

    • I usually receive mine by the second week of the month, but just got it. Shipping has understandably been delayed on everything lately. Hopefully you’ll receive it soon!

  3. I love this box! It is constantly my favourite!

  4. Great review Megan, as usual! I *so* want this box and I know I can’t have it since it’s sold out and almost June. It seems tailored to dry or, how should I say, “more mature” skin like mine. I could use that HA spray everything but the brow stuff.

    • Folks, please don’t feed the troll. Just ignore the few trolls on this site who no doubt have dull, boring lives and post offensive comments in the hopes of starting flame wars. Ignore them, and they’ll crawl back in their caves.

      • Thank you for saying this. I rarely read the comments anymore because the mean ones really bring me down. I loved this LF box. I don’t need my choices validated, I just wanted to see what others enjoyed about the box.

      • How is that an offensive comment?

    • Sorry, Errmm. I meant to post this in response to the comment below.

  5. Thanks for the great review. I got my box yesterday, and I like all of the skincare.
    Strange question-I do not use any brow products, at all, ever. But obviously, I receive them in my many subs. Has anyone ever tried to use these for other purposes? Like, could this be used as mascara, on the bottom lashes, or for corners? (Or, a similar product of better quality)

    • I saw something recently (maybe Allure)? Where a writer said she used mascara to tame flyaways. You could probably google it.

      • Meant to say – I would think brow gel would be even better for that task.

    • I use tinted brow gel to cover the grays at my temple! It’s a nice temp fix.

      • Nice tip! I am going to try this – don’t use brow gel but I have plenty thanks to sub boxes. And I have plenty of gray at my temples as well 😉

      • Great idea! I haven’t dyed my hair in months and will be 40 next week and my hair knows it. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  6. Boy has this site gone down hill since Liz left. So sad.

    • …she’s still here?

      • I loved the May box. I purchased an extra one because I enjoyed it so much. I never use brow gel, but everything else is great.
        As for Liz, I don’t know her, but she built a great site and deserves to take a break when she needs it. She built up a great community and I am grateful for those who keep it running. Just my 2¢

    • Really? How so? Or are you just here to make negative comments? People like you got the online forums shut down, nothing constructive or positive to ever say, just general negativity. I think everything is continuing just as it always has. Are you critiquing this particular review? Or what in particular?

    • How has it gone downhill? I find all the reviews helpful and enjoyable.

    • Jan why would you say something like that without a bit of clarification? If you think things have changed, how can they improve without knowing what you perceive to be the problem. That was just rude.

    • What do you think has gone downhill, it seems the same to me.

    • Liz LITERALLY just left….and nothing has changed (that I can tell) in the few days since she announced her break/departure/much needed respite.

      Kind of an odd comment Jan. What are you referring to specifically? Or were you joking?

    • Rude, unnecessary comment with no context or actual opinion. Sure, Jan.

      • +1, Amber.

        Would love one of the many “sure, Jan” gifs right now!

    • I’m confused. In what way do you perceive a difference since her recent announcement?

    • Add me to the list of people who are puzzled by and disappointed in this comment. I have seen no change at all – and it’s true, Liz *just* left for a well-deserved break, how much could have changed? Personally, I LOVE Megan’s reviews – I don’t always agree with her, but I truly enjoy her commentary. (Of course, I have no idea if your comment was in reference to this review in particular since ZERO context was provided.) I agree with others, your comment just seems rude. Also remember, no one is forcing you to take advantage of this resource that is of no cost to you…

    • So, this comment does NOT apply to this article because I think it is great and well written and I really like everything Megan does. And she has great hair… However, I do feel a little shift in the site recently. I don’t know if it’s Liz stepping back or something else – I would never claim to have any knowledge at all of the inner workings of MSA. I have missed some of my usual spoilers that I enjoy at the end of the month. I know that BeautyFix did not release spoilers so that’s beyond MSA’s control. However, I know GlobeIn has released spoilers on Facebook, and I was surprised not to see them here. So while I wouldn’t say the site has gone downhill, I have noticed fewer spoilers and more best of lists. And that feels a little different.

      • I’ve been a little ‘frustrated’ (I hate to use that word regarding a free site w/much content I like) but it wouldn’t seem related to Liz stepping back.

        Some of my fave skincare boxes no longer seem to be spoiled or reviewed. I’ve asked many times for moink to be put in the voting for being reviewed. It never gets mentioned – maybe some kind of agreement w butcher box?
        There’s been so much awesome content happening, on all kinds of things!

      • I agree with this! I do still love the site but I have missed spoilers that MSA always seemed to have before anyone else…it does seem as though those have taken a back seat but hopefully they will be front and center again at some point.

      • I think if anything they could be spread thin, they are reviewing more boxes than ever before in many categories and this is the only site like it. Give it some slack if you missed one review.

    • How so???

    • Folks, please don’t feed the troll. Just ignore the few trolls on this site who no doubt have dull, boring lives and post offensive comments in the hopes of starting flame wars. Ignore them, and they’ll crawl back in their caves.

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