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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box Spoilers: All Customization 2 Choices

FabFitFun Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the FabFitFun Summer 2020 box!

Choice 1 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

1A. Draper James Straw Bag with Floral Scarf $75

1B. L*SPACE Tie Dye Towel $58

1C. Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice* $59

1D. Yumi Kim Wireless Charging Pad $35

1E. Do Not Age with dr. brandt® TRIPLE PEPTIDE EYE CREAM $82

1F. LashesMD® Eyelash Conditioner $69.95

Choice 2 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

2A. Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet $78

2B. Business & Pleasure Co.™ Cooler Bag $59

2C. HydroPeptide® Moisture Reset Face Oil $120

2D. Isaac Mizrahi Blue and White Kimono $59

2E. R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner $64

Choice 3 – All Members All members get the chance to customize these options in their box.

3A. The Giving Keys Mini Key Necklace $45

3B. COOLA® Mineral Face Organic Matte Finish Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30* $36 U.S. only.

3C. COOLA® Mineral Face Matte Finish Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30* $36 Canada only.

3D. TOMS Sydney Sunglasses $58

3E. BLAQ Peel Off Mask + HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid $59

3F. Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream $65

3G. Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler $23

Only Select Members get to customize these options in their box. Otherwise, FabFitFun will choose the best option for you.

4A. Terre Mère Aloe and Tea Tree Toner* $54

4B. Zoë Ayla® Ice Roller $30

4C. Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve $29.50

Choice 5 – Select Members Only Select Members get to customize these options in their box. Otherwise, FabFitFun will choose the best option for you.

5A. Isaac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vase $28

5B. The Lyfestyle Co. Beach Mist $42

5C. amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray $25

5D. grace & stella Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum $25

FFF’s Pick

FabFitFun will surprise you with three items from this category.

1. Riddle™ Oil Original Roll On $50

2. WINKY LUX Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil $16

3. Cali Cosmetics Foot Cream with Menthol in Tarocco $24

4. MakeupDrop™ Hybrid Makeup Applicator $20

5. Murad® Essential-C Cleanser $40

6. Spongellé Coconut Verbena Hand Cream $18

7. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack $25

What do you think about the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (193)

  1. Got my box today, I really love most of this stuff and thought everything in the box was usable. One of my surprise items is the hand cream. While I like the scent (fairly strong) as soon as I put it on I started sneezing. Would love to trade with someone who would like this. I’d be happy with just about anything else. Anyone interested?

  2. As others I was “surprise” to see that I will be getting the 3 cheapest items.. I will only use 1 of them..the hand cream and i don’t even needed.

    Brow Pencil-I put in my profile that I don’t like make up.
    Makeup drop-I have so many Beauty Blenders so won’t need it.
    The hand cream-$18 hand cream is really need it?

    • Same! The cheapest items, across the board In the 3 categories I couldn’t customize. And I didn’t pick the most expensive in the other categories, so that’s not it. How can that be an accident when it’s literally EVERY SINGLE one, lol.

    • you could also customize it next time you buy it so that you know what your getting, but i agree my first box gave me the cheapest things as well!!

  3. I just got notice that my box is on the way so I looked to see what I was getting.. As with most people the “surprise” stuff are the 3 cheapest items.. I will only use 1 of them..

    Brow Pencil (I won’t use it because I am a redhead)
    Makeup drop.. I have several Beauty Blenders so won’t need it.
    The hand cream I can use.. I always like a good hand cream.

    Pretty disappointed about the FFF picks. Of course, I wanted the perfume, foot cream or Murad Cleanser and the eye masks..

    I did pick the diffuser, cooler bag, and the Kate Sommerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream.. Then I am getting the pillow sleeve and vase, which I am okay with.

    Before the next box drops, I will be upgrading to annual so I can have more choices in my box.. I know those last three items no one gets to choose.

    I ordered a second box during the add on sale and I am hoping it is completely different and will include some of the items I could use..

    HydroPeptide® Moisture Reset Face Oil, BLAQ Peel Off Mask + HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid or prehaps the sunglasses, which I can’t use but could give them to one of my nieces.

    • Yes Cheryl! I’m a redhead too. I also received the three cheapest items from FFF, even though I’ve been an annual subscriber for a number of years now. I really wanted to try the perfume, too. Isn’t it almost impossible to find an eyebrow pencil that comes anywhere near matching our actual brow color? I was hoping that maybe this one would come closer than some, but my bet is that it will be too dark, as usual. Oh well.

    • Yeah, I noticed that I’m getting cheap crap as well. Brow pencil, I have so many. Makeup drop, I have a ton of. Hand cream, can’t stand coconut. Would have loved to of had the vase. Was not impressed with the last box and cheap things. May cancel.

    • We are box twins and I felt the EXACT same way. I’m seasonal, so only got to pick the first 3 items. The rest was bottom of the barrel 🙁

      • I just wish they’d send me my box!!

  4. when I started fff I was excited and really impressed. Not so much now. I am not an annual customer and they treat us as if we are less important even though we pay more. Who ever has had to pay for something and than wait over a month and a half to receive it. And by the time I get to do my selections there is nothing left I want. You need to treat all customers equal. I will be unsubscribing for good. Too bad, 2 years ago I loved you guys 😢

    • Agreed. Ever since they let annual people choose so much further in advance it has been really bad. I rarely get anything i prefer. You are right. We do pay more! Maybe have a few luxe items for Annual picks that we don’t get, or something like that. Letting them choose one week or two in advance leaves us not wanting to even subscribe anymore.

  5. Finally…just got notice my box has shipped so now I can see the choice items. Foot cream, hand cream, and eyebrow pencil. Seems like this is the popular variation, which I’m ok with.

    Just curious, is anyone getting the Murad? I haven’t seen anyone say they are getting that one, which seems to be the one most people mention as wanting. Me included.

    • Re: “has anyone gotten murad”

      I saw someone open their PR box and they were given the foot cream, the murad, and the makeup drop. I don’t know how the PR boxes work except that the partners can only make requests but cannot actually choose their items and that they get shipped out before anything else including annuals.

    • I got the same 3 items. I’m a bit sad because there were the three things I didn’t want. Oh well. That is life.

      • I am putting all of the items I don’t really care for in my first box and will use them for Christmas and Birthday presents. I have a lot of allergies and sometimes a category doesn’t have anything I can use so I look for something with others in mind. Just an idea

    • I got the same three items. For some reason, every time I read “universal eyebrow pencil” my eyes run it together into a weird portmanteau of “unibrow pencil,” which is probably not how they’d like that product to be marketed.

    • I was just going to reply about the collaborators and what they receive when I saw Jeannes’ comment. I still don’t have a shipping label showing up in FedEx, even though they’ve now had the seasonal boxes and addons close and a “surprise sale” end since I paid for mine!! Sorry I digressed, lol. Anyway, I’d be willing to bet the last 2 boxes of my annual plan, the only people who get the Murad and perfume are the collaborators. This is for the most part. There might be a smattering of “regular“ folks who get those things but, in my opinion, not many. I emphasize my opinion. I could be totally wrong!!!

      I just don’t like the direction Fabfitfun has gone with all the variations that really started last quarter which causes box envy and resentment. It makes me feel bad about myself for being so shallow and yet that’s how we Americans have all pretty much been trained. When we all pay the same, we want the same treatment. I think it’s partly human nature.

      I chatted up cs last night because I was curious on why the rush to have another sale when they haven’t even finished shipping out the first batch of summer boxes. She admitted that they “ for the most part” ship out according to the schedule. But it just depends on how the warehouse deems it necessary to get shipments delivered in the most efficient way. So, some select members with zero add ons could go first and this last week so could seasonal. Now, I wonder if they will start shipping this latest sale lol. I’m so sorry I started venting my negativity! I’ve just had so many issues over the years but the pros outweighed the cons. I’m so sad to admit it but I can’t say that any longer.

      • I’m beginning to feel the same. I have loved my subscription for the most part but yeah I agree the box envy and fomo targeted up selling is leaving a bad taste in my mouth lately. The box is feeling less “curated” with so many options too. I was on board with the throwbacks because there’s a lot I missed that I’m happy to get now but the sheer number of items possible in a box is overwhelming and makes it hard not to spend a ton adding on. I don’t love the idea that all the sponsored folks/partners/collaborators are getting the three items that seem the most popular… that seems to be the trend so far though: makeup drop, murad, perfume. (Although to be fair I’m getting the three things I’ll end up using most: hand cream, foot cream, brow pencil).

        Dude I just watched someone in the UK unbox their box and folks on this side of the pond are still waiting for shipping labels….🙈🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

      • Yep, the same disappointment over the contents, I moved to annual membership a year ago and regret doing so. I purchased some add ons and they were delivered but never received my Spring box, which they say they shipped. So, I cancelled my membership. They owe me the Summer box but not getting excited about it as they did not send any info regarding selections, seeing as I cancelled, lol I doubt there will be anything in my last box that I will be able to use. FABFITFUN FAIL!

    • Okay, so today is the 29th now, I thought they were all supposed to ship by the 27th? Am I missing something or is anyone else in the same boat as me? Super bummed cause I wanna see the other items I got and it just makes me a little anxious it’s not gonna come on time.

  6. I just received my 4th box from FFF.There are always a couple items I’m not interested in receiving (face wash, Body creams, etc.) because I have rosacea, and eczema and Psoriasis. But that’s fine as I give them to my sons girlfriend or my daughter. For the price I pay I’m satisfied though with the 5 items I pick for myself out of the customizing choices. They are not items I NEED but are worth more than what I paid and I do use them all. I chose the charging pad, Cooler, Face roller, Coola spf face lotion, and vase. And I’m receiving the eyebrow pencil, foot cream and hand cream (all things I can safely apply to my body since they are not on irritated areas) All the items are welcomed. Like someone else mentioned I chose the cooler for cruise vacations as its perfect size and cute. I have been satisfied with the quality of 95% of everything I received since being a member of FFF.

    • I would be careful with the Coola spf lotion… I have normal/slightly sensitive skin and that stuff burned and made my skin extremely itchy. It was in last summer’s box and they’re trying to get rid of their old stock that no one picked/purchased in the add on sales for a reason.

  7. Got my box today and this is the first time in years that I’ve been disappointing in all of the “big ticket” items and felt like I don’t really want anything in the entire box. I feel ripped off. It’s been slowly getting worse every season but this is just BAD.

    The satin pillowcase is open at both ends. I’ve never seen that before but I really don’t like how my pillow sticks out of both ends – the tag is exposed etc. I can’t see it actually staying on my pillow overnight but we’ll see.

    The MK travel wallet smells like PU. I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to be real leather but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to actually smell like “fake bag” either.

    I unfortunately recieved the universal brow pencil which is comical because I’m a redhead so it’s not universal for me. If it was medium brown/warm brown I could work with it but it’s more of a dark brown with absolutely no warm tones in it.

    I’m beyond sick of the hand/body creams in every box. I have SO MANY I haven’t even used yet and getting yet another hand cream is annoying.

    Also no mystery choice options at all? Still just trying to get rid of old stock from precious boxes? Wtf?

    I decided to try out causebox since their summer box seems appealing and if the fall FFF box isn’t better I’ll probably be making the switch for good. Such a shame, I used to look forward to every box but they’ve been going downhill for awhile now.

    • I agree it’s getting worse, too. I miss getting a “big ticket item” like we used to. So many add-ons are out of stock and it’s not as much fun any more. And agreed…no more hand creams! I’m beginning to look at other boxes out there.

    • So, the satin pillow sleeve is a sleeve and not a pillow case. You’re supposed to use it on top of your pillow case. The point is so that it can fit on many different size pillows for example if you travel and the hotel has king sized pillows and your pillows at home are standard sized. Can fit onto both. I actually love mine. It’s one of my most favorite items in my box. It definitely keeps my curly hair moisturized and frizz free overnight. Hope that helps.

  8. This is the second or third box I’ve skipped in a row now. The whole reason I enjoy FFF is for their variety of products but after being a member for so many years you end up with a huge amount of beauty products. This box has too many beauty Selections and only a few other options for home etc. Give the boxes more of a balance! There are hundred of beauty boxes out there! FFF is supposed to appeal to a wider variety

    • To each their own, I guess. I haven’t liked the past FFF boxes I’ve seen and joined this time because I thought there was so much to choose from– and most of it NOT beauty products (I’m really particular about what I’ll use). I’m happy enough with my first 3 choices that even if I hate what FFF picks for me for the rest, I think I’ll feel I got my money’s worth, plus I picked up a couple little goodies in the add-on sale. Just sad I didn’t get the cooler bag! Just goes to show you we all have different opinions.

  9. WEW glad I no longer subscribe. FFF used to have higher quality stuff or at least a wider selection of interesting items with wide appeal. This just seems like a mishmash. Like zero curation.

    I just kept getting things I never used so I canceled. I was curious if things had changed, so I checked back …. guess not.

  10. Hello everyone,

    This might be a stupid question, but will all members ( seasonal and annual ) be receiving the 3 FFF surprise items?

    • Yep. 🙂

  11. Has anyone used that Lash MD? That’s what I selected but now I wonder if I should try to switch to the diffuser instead. I have really sensitive eyes.

    • I’ve used it and I can’t say that I’m that impressed with it. It doesn’t seem to irritate my eyes, but it hasn’t done anything to improve my lashes either. I’ve also tried applying it too my eyebrows without any results. It’s not something that I would buy again. If you have sensitive eyes, I don’t think it’s worth the risk!

      • Thanks! I decided to go with the diffuser. My best friend is really into that kind of stuff so if I don’t like it it will make a great gift for her.

      • If you want to see better result, I would recommend trying a lash serum. To my understanding, the conditioner is not as potent and it more like an extra boost for the serum. That’s why I did not choose it because it is almost worthless if you don’t already own the serum.

  12. Just signed up for the first time. Honestly, if I can get the shampoo/ conditioner combo, it’ll be worth the price of the box. Also hoping for the sunglasses, but those will probably be gone early.

  13. Hoping for the eye masks. All the other choices are great as well. Really love the eye masks being 54 years old. Very hydrating.

  14. I am a new subscriber and signed up for the annual membership with the $200 mystery bundle. It didn’t process correctly so FFF had to do it as a replacement order. The CSR said it could take 3 weeks for a replacement order to process. Is that normal?

    • Yes, very typical. The bundle will be shipped separate from your summer box.

    • I’m concerned the same thing happened to mine! It still hasn’t shipped but I havent heard anything final yet. My patience is a bit shorter with fewer distractions 😅
      Hope it gets to you quickly! I am curious what’s in the bundle.

      • What is this $200 mystery bundle you speak of. I don’t remember getting one when I signed up

  15. The Murad cleanser would make the box perfect !!!

  16. If I were to sign up today, and the items I want to pick aren’t available, can I just cancel it and not get the box?

    • If that happens then you can message them on the chat function right away and they will refund you. However, seasonal subscribers don’t get to customise until Friday!

    • Yes, just make some excuse like you can no longer afford the box during to covid or something like that. Don’t say it’s cause you don’t like the products. They’ll immediately refund you if it hasn’t shipped yet (they take a month to ship so it hasn’t yet).

  17. Hey everyone, I checked this morning in my account and I was able to see the three surprise items I am getting with my box. It looks like they gave me the foot cream, eyebrow pencil and hand cream. I’m happy with those options because I know they will be used. If you are an annual member you should be able to see what your getting. My box also says it has shipped!

    • I had the same picks and they weren’t what I was hoping to get. Would have liked the Murad cleanser and Makeup drop. Oh well! I will list the hand cream and the foot cream once swapping opend up here again.

    • Where in you’re account are you seeing your surprise items?

      • When you log in at the top left corner click on “view box” and scroll down

      • I am not seeing the 3 surprise items but my box has not shipped yet. Maybe that’s why.

      • Their website crashed so I couldn’t see.
        I’m hoping to get the hand cream, eye masks and the third is a toss up between the Murad cleanser and eyebrow pencil (the colour seems too warm). I love the Summer box. So much better than the Spring.

    • I got the eyebrow pencil, foot cream and hand cream as well. I won’t use the eyebrow pencil

      • I did as well. That seems to be the “popular” variation. I will use the hand cream but not the other two products.

      • Syd I wish we were friends so you could let me have the pencil!!! I lovvvveeeee brow pencils!!!! Anyways I hope you get what you want!

      • I’m getting the same three – eyebrow pencil, foot cream, and hand cream. Not too upset with the hand and foot cream but definitely not thrilled with the eyebrow pencil. I was hoping for the perfume or Murad cleanser – would have used those items.

      • I got hand cream, eyebrow pencil and sponge. Wanted: eye masks and face wash, but I am glad at least I did not get anything that I did not want at all (roll on and tan lotion).

      • Just opened my box. Thought I really would use everything, but one of my surprise items is the hand cream. While I like the scent, as soon as I put it on I started sneezing so it obviously won’t work for me. Anyone want to trade?

    • So have been subscribing since this started..and ONCE notice to pick my choices..long time purchaser and not a bit of courtesy. Thinking this is my last box as the products are “the same” and no choice given

      • Are you an annual or season subscriber? So far only annuals have had choice open. The first batch was annual subscribers only I think.

    • Crossing my fingers I get those 3 too. Very useful.

      • Hooray! my box shipped and I’m showing those 3!

    • I’m receiving those three items as well. I wanted the perfume and everything else is meh. I’ll be giving all three away.

      • I’m kingsburg nf oh annoyed that they have better choice of sunglasses for people just signing up they have Oscar de la renta sunglasses as a choice which I prefer over the Toms

  18. curious what people are hoping to get from the list of surprise items? Crossing my fingers for B, D and E. really DONT want F and G – not that theres anything wrong with those brands, im just not into hand creams or eye patches in general.

    • The more I think about it the more I’d like the hand cream, foot cream, and eyebrow pencil. I’d also be ok with the cleanser or eye masks but I’ve still got some of those eye masks from the fall box lol! The other two items would likely go unused in my life lol. I’ve got fedex labels showing up in my fedex account but it hasn’t shipped yet so my three items remain a mystery so far!

      • Did anyone get the Murad???? I got the foot and hand creams and eyebrow pencil as well! I think no one is getting the other items or not many of us! I really wanted the Murad Cleanser!

    • Wander Eye Masks
      Foot Cream
      Murad Cleanser

      But the hand cream looks nice too.

      • Hand cream
        Foot cream
        And brown pencil

        I pay for the year in advance so I’m disappointed i was given the 3 cheapest items. Seems like all the big youtubers are getting the Murad, beauty sponge and the perfume. But I still love fabfitfun

  19. Okay maybe quarantine has just made me super starved for excitement but I honestly love so much of what is offered that I’m definitely going to be adding on some of the category choices.

    • I feel the same way!! I liked at least 2 items per section ! 🙂

  20. Hey! Just wondering if anyone has experience with the BLAQ mask? It has good reviews BUT I’ve heard they’re actually really bad for you skin. Any opinions?

    • Any time I have tried BLAQ it has seriously dried out my skin. So if you have oily skin, that may be a positive, but it wasn’t for me

    • I love it. It will pull off all of your old dead flaky skin along with any gunk in your pores. It will also take some peach fuzz along with it. This mask is no joke. I have combination sensitive skin and it doesn’t flare it up. It does hurt a little coming off, though, I won’t lie. It’s not as bad as waxing, but it’s close.

    • I don’t know if it’s good or bad for your skin, but I am seriously addicted to peeling it off and seeing the gunk that was in my pores show up on the black peel, like little gray wax spikes (sorry if that’s oversharing xD).

      I only use it on my nose though, where I tend to get more blackheads, and it does seem to do a great job clearing them up. After I use it, my nose is a little more oily, like now that I’ve unclogged the pipes the oil is free to flow… Anyone else get that?

    • Peel off masks in general are horrendous for your skin! Try to avoid at all costs. The peel off the top layer of skin, which throws off your body’s natural oil control. In addition to that, the majority of the blackheads actually get ripped in half as you peel the mask off… leaving half of it still in your pores and completely defeating the purpose. I would recommend looking into wash off masks 🙂

  21. When do seasonals get to customize? TIA!

    • 5/15 – 5/18

    • May 15 ends on the 18th

      • Hi! I am considering ordering through a seasonal membership. Will customizations be limited by the time seasonal members can customize? I really want the box, but only for a few things that are available for customization. How fast do things “sell out” usually?

  22. Not a fan of the contents of the Summer box at all. So glad that I cancelled the subscription before they could charge me for this box

  23. I’m having fomo over the diffuser and bag now, after seeing some unboxing videos! 🙄 BTW, I get the angst about the random 3 fff picks, but there is always an element of surprise with sub boxes. Some you only get to choose ONE of the items and everything else is a surprise. I’d hate it if fff did that, too.

  24. This box is pretty lame. Cancelling after this season anyways.

  25. Ugh I thought my subscription had ended, and missed customization. Now I have this horrible box of stuff I don’t even want coming my way! Anyone want to buy it off of me? If i had customized I would have picked entirely different products. This is the worst.
    It’s got the charger pad, a cooler bag, the giving keys necklace, the tea tree toner, the vase, the hand cream, foot cream ,and the brow pencil. I would have picked out the towel, the face oil, Coola sunblock, the pillow case, the vase, hand cream, foot cream, eyebrow pencil.

    • Did you contact the chat CS to see if they would let you change a couple of them or maybe skip the box?? Worth a try (unless they’ve already packed/shipped it, they are pretty nice)

      • My bad! If you know the 3 non-choice items, they’ve already shipped yours. Sorry!!

      • It actually ended up being fine once I got everything! I was just miffed I did not get to pick. But the charger pad actually works really well, and is not “cheap” feeling. The cooler bag we can use when we go on cruises, since you can have it filled with ice in your room to keep drinks cold. The necklace is really cute! The only thing I was not a fan of is the vase because I hate how unglazed ceramics feel. It just makes my teeth hurt to touch it because it feels so weird. But I had some wax paint that dries clear, so I put a coat of that on the unglazed part and it’s fine now.

  26. Slightly off-topic but with no forums I didn’t know where else to ask this. Is there anyone who remembers or ordered the bamboo paper towel set from the mind, body and soul sale? I am fairly certain it said it came with 3 rolls. my order just came and there are only 2 which makes it more expensive than amazon. TY

    • Maybe someone in the FFF forum would remember.

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