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BE KIND. by ellen Summer 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the Summer 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Nancy!)

The Summer 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

Source: rocky_ruvia

  • Bombay Hair Wrap
  • Steeped Coffee Single Serve Coffee
  • Life is Good Be Kind Hat
  • Sand Cloud Beach Towel
  • Zoë Ayla Scrunchies
  • Zoë Ayla Detangling Brush
  • Be Kind Tote Bag
  • Be Kind Ice Cube Tray
  • Be Kind Wireless Speaker
  • Coupon for MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid SPF 50

Here’s a closer look at some of the items:

Sand Cloud Beach Towel

Be Kind Tote Bag

Be Kind Wireless Speaker

Source: seventy77seven

Be Kind Ice Cube Tray

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Sign up here. Use coupon code ELLEN10 to save $10. Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

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Comments (121)

  1. I’m still waiting on my SUMMER box. I’ve had nothing but problems since I “upgraded” to the yearly subscription in November. I was double billed in December after not even getting that box. After MANY emails I got refunded for that at least. I’m questioning this whole subscription as it just doesn’t seem worth the trouble anymore.

  2. I am wondering if everyone has received their summer box yet? I got the confirmation that it was paid for but it’s been awhile and I haven’t received it yet. I know it’s most likely delayed due to COVID-19 but seems like its been a long time. I’m always afraid someone else will see it delivered and swipe it. Just a little anxious about it. 🙂 Laurie

    • No summer box for me. This is getting frustrating. I saw people start to get their boxes over a month ago.

    • I still have not received my Summer box 🙁 Getting frustrated as well.

    • I wrote to them (has to write twice before I actually got a response) and they responded that the summer boxes haven’t shipped yet but will soon which is obviously a lie since so many people have received theirs. They charged me on May 18 so I am worried they are going to double charge again. I do like this box but their customer service is abysmal and clearly they can’t get their billing/shipping straight.

      • I’m afraid I’m just going to have to cancel. I had trouble with shipping last times and that was my first box. Thank you for responding.

      • maybe people should flood her IG account to get her attention with all the problems with her subscription box? The customer service team is not doing their job. There really needs to be a phone number to call.

  3. I’m happy with the Summer box. I gave some hair care items to friends. I sent some questions to the support email about 10 days ago – have not heard back from them. Wondering if someone knows the answers….. Thank you. Sand Cloud — which is true? 100% recycled plastic or 97% cotton + 3% poly. As for the mini wireless speaker, it says “FM Function (optional.” Does anyone know how to turn the speaker as a FM radio? There was no instruction/user guide in the box. Thank you so much.

  4. Glad I loved this season’s box because for the second time in 6 months I have received and been charged for (including duty since I live in Canada) the same box. I know it happened to me and a lot of other people with December’s box, not sure if it is happening again to many others this time. I have reached out twice to customer service through email, but just like in December, they go ignored. I did eventually get refunded for the box in December (although not the duty charges), hope that happens again. Frustrating though, love the box but the service is questionable.

    • You got sent two summer boxes? I am in Canada and I have received nothing yet…not even one.

      • I got the first box late May, early June I believe. And then the second box a couple of weeks later. Have emailed Customer Service 3 times with no response. Anyone know of any tricks to contacting Customer Service?

  5. I received my summer box. Being stuck in the house basically, I figured I might get stuff I couldn’t use and could gift because I am not out shopping. It is definitely more fun to give than to receive. So, my niece got the tote, filled with the speaker, sand towel, detangler brush and scrunchies. She has my two great nieces – 2 & 4 years old and they could make use of all of these. I have hair like Ellen, so am re-gifting the Bombay hair towel. I have a friend that looks terrific in caps, so she gets the BE KIND hat. I kept the ice cube tray and drink recipe. I can use that. Diane Keaton should have those ice cube trays. Love the box and am looking forward to the next three!

  6. First time order on this box- ordered May 10, but haven’t received it, but it seems others have, starting to wonder if I’ll even get it.

    • You better stay on top of them. Email them until you are blue in the face and demand your tracking information.

    • I’ve been a subscriber since the first box and I just received the Summer Box yesterday! And two items were missing and no cards. Honestly, it looked like the box had been dumped out on the floor, rifled through and then everything shoved back in. I’ve reached out to customer service, but don’t have much hope that I’ll get any response at all….sad.

    • I’m an annual subscriber and still waiting on my Summer box.

      • me too

  7. This has been the WORST customer service experience ever. I ordered 5 subscriptions and they have messed up every one of them. They sent them all to me the first time and I had to mail them to the right people. They did not send two people their boxes the second quarter and this summer quarter I have not received mine and neither did three of my four recipients. Furthermore, I have been back and forth with customer service since December when I ordered them. I cannot get a refund, customer service does not respond and I am out 7 boxes. It is a nightmare. DO NOT ORDER THIS.

  8. i am SO dissapointed in this box. Its my first box getting from this brand. The product pamphlet for the towel says its made out of “100% recycled plastic” but the sleeve on the towel says its “97% Turkish cotton and 3% poly”. False advertising. Also, the prices of most of the products are so inflated. No way a plain canvas tote bag is worth $35 or a baseball cap is worth $26. I feel like I’m being lied to and taken advantage of. I emailed the company asking to return the box and for a refund.

  9. I have heard people have been receiving their Summer 2020 boxes – so exciting!!

    I am a new subscriber. This will be my very first box. Does BKBE notify us when to expect a box? And should I be following up, since I haven’t heard anything or received a box yet? I guess what I am asking is what is normal for a first box order.

    I am so excited to get this box! It looks as fun as Ellen seems to be!! (I really enjoy her sense of humor.)

    • Hi Denise! We are so excited that you have joined our BE KIND. family 🙂 We will always email you tracking information once your box has shipped. Be sure to check your Spam and Junk folder too! Please note that there may be delays in your shipment due to COVID-19, but we are doing everything we can to get your box to you as soon as possible! Nothing else is needed on your end!

      • I have been told twice that my box was “on it’s way” and most recently that support staff would get back to me “soon“, yet I have been ignored. I was charged in May, have not received either of the supposed two boxes that were sent, and when I went to try to cancel any further shipments, now the website doesn’t recognize my email so I can’t even log in to stop them. I get that COVID is causing you delays, but you are outright lying to us by saying the boxes were sent. Not only has COVID has it’s toll on your company but covid has also stretched me to the point that I really don’t have extra money to be “donating” to Ellen without product. Get me out of this SCAM!

    • Please let us know if you get your box.

      • I received my very first box (LOVE it!!) about 12 days ago … and today, a duplicate one (???!!!) unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep. It looks like a second order was placed the day after I got my box … a day I happened to have spent in the local ER/hospital. That second order was not placed by me, and is completely unauthorized. I could find no contact phone number for customer service, but submitted a written request for correction (cancellation of that 2nd, unauthorized order). I have never had something like this happen before. It is odd.

  10. I love, love, love Ellen and all things Ellen. This was the best box yet! They are always wonderful but this one hit all the right spots for me. Always remember that your contribution is for a greater cause – you are giving to make a difference and receiving fun, useful, earth friendly items in return at a low cost.
    I am grateful!! Thank you Ellen!!

  11. Just received my summer “be kind”box and like a lot of you have a use for some of the items and share some of the others. This time I’m confused (although like) the Sand Cloud towel, it says on the wrapper that it is made of Turkish cotton (I even checked the web site to confirm), but on Ellen’s what’s in the box card it clearly states (twice) that it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. Wondering why the confusion on such an important fact?

  12. I have been premium since the beginning. I didn’t get any sunscreen coupon or anything extra period in any of the 3 boxes I have received.
    And for how much extra this Premium box’s costs a coupon is a joke. I don’t mind the be kind items as I think its a good reminder to us all. So far I haven’t heard of any premium members winning anything from Ellens Show. Does anyone know of anyone that has?

    • I sure haven’t won anything, but did get the free sunscreen in the summer box. Premium definitely hasn’t lived up to my expectations and maybe that’s my fault for imagining extra goodies in every box. Regardless, I won’t be renewing. I’m a teacher and this is my treat for myself. I can’t justify spending $40 extra every quarter and getting the same box as everyone else.

    • Hi Susan! Please note that all Premium Members will receive at least one additional surprise-and-delight product or experience within their annual billing cycle. Note: additional Premium products are not guaranteed for each Premium Subscriber each quarter. However, we want to make sure you receive your MyCHELLE sunscreen. It should have been sent to you via email. Be sure to check Spam and Junk if you did not see it in your main inbox! Please reach out to [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” if you need any further assistance.

      • Considering the extra price we’re paying for Premium, this is laughable.

  13. Hello!! I received an email on May 13th stating that my summer 2020 box was getting ready to ship out! I’m super excited as usual! I love the Bekind logo on the items, I love anything that’s positive! Especially during these times. After reading some of the comments.. it seems to me that some could use a little positivity rn. To each their own, that’s just my opinion based on some of the comments.. and we’re all entitled to express how we’re feeling. I wish everyone well and “ Be Kind” !! Thanks, Angie

  14. I just got charged AGAIN after trying to cancel this box FOUR TIMES. Im going to have to file a dispute with my credit card company. Im unable to login on the website, it says my email doesnt exist in their system….HOW DID I SIGN UP THEN?

    • Call you CC company ASAP. You can have them block this account. I had to do this via PayPal with Spotify when my account suddenly didn’t recognize my log in information. There was absolutely NOWHERE on their page (at the time-don’t know about now) with CS/contact information, nor anywhere to cancel my account. Ridiculous, but 100% true. I called PayPal and told them what was happening and they handled it. No more Spotify stealing my money.

    • I have the same problem! I want to update my shipping info as this was supposed to be a surprise for my daughter but she’s had to move home due to covid. I have sent multiple help requests to get into my account because the website says my email doesn’t exist!

      • Hi Charlotte! We are so sorry for the delay in our response time! We are trying to get back to everyone as quickly as possible considering COVID complications. In order for our system to recognize your email, you must activate your account and set a password. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can resend your login credentials and help you update your shipping address!

    • I subscribed to the quarterly subscription today. I cant access my account as well. It says email doesnt exist. Not sure what is going on …

    • Same problem here. I did sign up in December but when trying to go into the account to cancel it tells me the account does not exist. I continue to get charged and I receive the box but I do not know what to do to cancel since I did technically sign up. I never receive emails on when it ships or charges because according to them I don’t exist in their system. Thank God I have liked many of the items I have received.

    • I have same problem was anyone able to fix this or talk to customer service?

    • Hi Elizabeth! We are so sorry that you are unable to log into your BE KIND. account. In order for our system to recognize your email, you must activate your account and set a password. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can help you cancel your account or resend your login credentials!

      • I reached out to customer service about not being able to access my 5 subscriptions and I still haven’t gotten the Issue resolved. It’s a joke. Especially at almost 1000 dollars for the subscriptions.

  15. Disappointingly, this feels like Ellen “Merch”. Thankfully it’s for charity, so I hope they sell a ton. I do like Ellen and her accomplishments and also feel like she packs a lot of value into her subscription boxes, as well as unique opportunity with great items at a discount. I was excited for her Summer box since her last one blew me away. However, I will skip this one. Mainly because I do not need someone’s name/branding plastered all over my house. It takes the tastefulness away from the products, in my opinion.

  16. I love it, and cannot wait to receive my first BeKind box!

    Coral is such a great summer color. I wish I had 2 … Do they sell things separately, if we wish to buy another item from our box?

    So many fun things – I am filled with anticipation!!

    Thanks, Ellen! ❤️

    Now, if my primary vehicle (which turns 31 years old on June 18) makes it to the beach, it’d be a miracle. I may be using the contents of this box poolside, initially. That’s allowed, right?!! ☺️

    • Hello, Did anyone receive the Summer Box?? They were suppose to charge my card on the 18th, but nothing. They aren’t responding to my Emails

      • I just received my box 2 days ago…it was kind of a surprise. I didn’t receive a tracking number or anything.

      • Oh, I didn’t think the Summer 2020 box was due to ship until June! Should I be watching for a delivery already??!! Yay!

      • Hello! Sorry to hear about this. We’ll get this fixed asap! Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can take a look at your account!

      • I still have not received my summer box and I have also got no email response. Both my husband and I sent emails 2 weeks ago asking when it would be coming but nothing.

  17. I love it. I may not end up using every item but I love the idea that the items are coming from the Be Kind collection and the profits are being put toward the COVID 19 response. By using her own brand for many of the items, the marketing team can give more proceeds to the charity. I love the Be Kind theme and try to live by it. I don’t choose to listen to any gossip about whether or not Ellen is a kind person. If I ever have the opportunity to meet her in person that is time enough for me to decide. In the mean time, she is a person putting positive out into the world and that is all anyone can ask for. I don’t care who puts the sentiment forward, all the positive energy we can put out right now is what we need. I have many of the items but I will gladly pass them on to someone who needs them and use the ones that remind me how I want to be- KIND! I hope that some of the folks posting can reflect on that, for just a moment. If not, that’s ok too, we all need to express ourselves and live our best lives in the way we feel good about. Be Well!!!!

    • You made an excellent point of the advantage of using the Be Kind brand! Love the message you wrote also. 🙂

  18. Most everything has Be Kind on it.. The December box was a little better I think, except that wrapping paper. The scarf is really nice and also the bangle.. I haven’t subbed to the box because I just don’t think it is worth the price point.. Everything has her “logo” on it, so its advertising for her.. I think the box should be much cheaper, if she is going to do THAT much advertising in her box.

    • Agree. I keep looking at spoilers for this every month deciding whether to give it a try or not. I like Ellen but I don’t like that everything in the box has her logo on it. I’ll pass.

  19. I was on the fence ordering this box but after reading the comments, I am passing.. I really liked the hair towel, and towel.. maybe the brush.. Kind of sad about everything said about her.. I have been a fan since she was doing standup..

  20. I have been trying to cancel my subscription and have sent 4 emails requesting so. The webpage to cancel does not work. I would love someone to respond to my request. This has been quite frustrating.

    • Call your credit card company and tell them to put a stop on that account. I had to do that a few years ago with Spotify. My log in suddenly wouldn’t work. There was absolutely nowhere in the app (back then. Don’t know about how.) to contact them or cancel membership. I was paying for something I couldn’t even use. I called my CC (maybe it was PayPal?) and told them and it was done.

    • Hi Jannet! We are so sorry that you have not yet heard back from our Customer Service team! Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can help you cancel your account, though we’ll be sad to see you go 🙂

  21. I canceled my subscription a while
    Back. It was easy. BUT, I never bought into Ellen’s whole “be kind cause I sure am” and boy, is the truth coming out. Don’t get me wrong. I used to watch her show and liked her but stopped watching, (same as Jimmy Fallon) because it was beginning to be the same spiel, praising celebrities like they all walk on water (🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤨), and I couldn’t stomach her anymore. I can’t be the only one here that truly
    Believes all the accounts about her being made public.

  22. Why does EVERYTHING in box have to say BE KIND on it and that’s means it’s all Ellen’s products. And I hate getting a book in a box as well.

  23. I cancelled after I was billed twice at christmas, and still don’t believe I was reimbursed for.
    But there is nothing in this box that says, hey here take my $55. Nothing special.

    • Hello Caragon! We’d like to look into this immediately. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account and make this right!

  24. I just ordered my box! I wasn’t WOWed at first but I really need a new hair towel and I love the hat so with the coupon those two items pay for the box. I just did a little research on the coffee and I am very interested in this sample. I currently use K-cup pods and hate the waste so these would be a great replacement for single cup brewed coffee. Any items I don’t want I will pass along to my mom or my daughter. Happy with my purchase.

  25. Gotta rethink my strategy on this box. In the past I have swapped for the items in this box I have liked and thereby avoiding those that are not my taste. I have been happy with the quality and style of the items I have acquired this way. LIke most boxes, it’s trying to find the box that suits your style on a more frequent than not basis. Can’t wait to get back to swapping.

    • Hello Lainee! This would be my first box and I am not really happy with it. I don’t think anything is worth the money I paid. But where can I swap things at? and with who? I really liked the last box which is why I ordered this box but now I am stuck with 1 year worth of boxes.:( someone help!

  26. I just received my Ellen box and am very happy with it. The sunscreen is actually a premium member item! I’ve already ordered mine in the light/medium tint. I’m excited to get it! I recently purchased a hair wrap and was thinking of buying a second one so that was perfect for me. I love the tote, it’s be kind but not so in your face about it. The hat is, but it’s super cute and my favorite color so I don’t care as much. I actually like and am happy to have everything in the box, even the stuff I own similar/ the same already. This was a winner for me and makes me very hopeful for the Fall box.

    • Hi Jenn is the coupon for a free sunscreen or for an amount off? Thank you 😁👍

      • On the coupon it says it’s only for the Sun Shield liquid Spf 50. But that if you add more than one of them to your cart “the discount will be applied and spread across the products in your cart.” I only ordered one so I can’t confirm that.

  27. There is nothing wrong with what’s in this box but it’s just not anything I don’t have. I’ve got towels, brushes, hair things, hats and speakers. It’s fine and if you’re new to sub boxes probably pretty good but I’ve gotten all of those things before and personally don’t need anymore. Hope it’s a good fit for someone else!

  28. Ok, I have written customer service twice trying to cancel my subscription.
    When I try to log on, they have no record of my email, but I receive emails from them on a frequent basis.
    You know, like when they are telling me they are going to take money out of my account and her zillions of marketing promotions.
    I am so done with “Being Kind”.
    I am going to stop payment on the transaction.
    Their customer service is atrocious!!
    Beware signing up for this subscription box.
    On a side note, why is everything in this box labeled with her slogan?
    The items in my opinion are ruined.

    • Before when they had a bunch of issues with customer service people on here complained enough that the Ellen ppl commented on posts here. They fixed our issues and responded to emails. We had to write “MSA” (and something else) on the subject line and they responded fast to those emails.

    • I completely agree with the logo being on everything. I don’t even dislike Ellen. I wouldn’t use the towel even though I like it. The ice cube tray is also a bit much. It you have to tell people to ‘Be Kind’ maybe you shouldn’t have them over for drinks!

      • Awwwww that’s perfect true. Perfectly said!

    • She seems like an egomaniac and not actually very kind.

    • I heard she’s not even nice!

    • they won’t cancel mine either.

    • Hi Leza! We are so sorry that you have not yet heard back from our Customer Service team! Please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can help you cancel your account!

  29. C’mon, some of you are a little harsh…the sunscreen is $24, the towel is $47. I can always use another hair wrap, because one is always in the wash….this isn’t a terribly curated summer theme. I don’t adore the BE KIND branded stuff, but I can always use a hat when working outside….ice cubes are ICE CUBES. Speakers are pretty cheap, but not free….If you are looking for a box that will give you a 90% return on your dollars, this isn’t the one for you. If you think you are going to get tickets to Ellen’s show, probably not, either. If some of the items appeal to you and you want a bit to go to charity, great! I’ve subscribed since the beginning….some items I LOVE. many other I’m indifferent…those get given away, unless they can serve a function in my home, even boring. Some I actively hate….yes, HATE. I give those away, to friends who just have different taste than me. A few are still sitting on a shelf. I’ll dispose of them eventually, but just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean that Ellen is a horrible person trying to steal my money…..ok, this was the longest rant I’ve ever had ANYWHERE. Please know, I don’t think that if you are unhappy you are unjustified…..just remember, everyone is just trying to make a living for themselves (some make WAY more than other, yes, I realize) but do your research, find what works for you, and enjoy the spoils!

    • I think I’m light of her recent sketchy business practices and how she did her staff so dirty- her struggling isn’t a concern. She made sure she was financially sorted and didn’t give her staff a second thought. So giving this a pass because everyone is making a living- I feel isn’t applicable. Just my 10c… of course everyone can feel how they feel

    • #Word

    • #Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  30. Given all the small businesses that are struggling, I was hoping the summer box would have supported more of them. It seems mostly Ellen store items.

    • The problem is not lack of business for small businesses that ship stuff that they manufacture or brand. The problem is the logistics of the manpower. The businesses that struggle are those that rely on foot traffic and face to face contact. Not the Etsy kitchen-table assemblers.

    • Most of these boxes are planned way in advance. When they put this together most likely we weren’t in the pandemic yet.

  31. What a weird box of clutter. I guess it’s for charity or something though.

  32. I find the name of this sub ironic since she seems to be anything BUT kind.

    • Ha! Exactly what I was thinking. I think her preaching her “Be Kind’ mantra is the biggest con ever…because she does not practice what she preaches and is not actually a kind person…especially if she deems them “beneath” her in the hierarchy of life.

  33. I actually like this box. I love the hat and the ice tray, scrunchies and towel will definitely get used. Its a pretty good box considering the times we are in. The coupon code brings the cost down to $45 so Im in.

  34. Same here. I don’t see any difference and wish I had not signed up for premium.

  35. If interested in the ZOE AYLA products all are 65% off plus free shipping, no minimum that I saw.

    • Thanks, Christy! I wish I’d known about this sooner but there are still a few things left that I could really use and I definitely wouldn’t have known about this sale without your comment.

      • Dani, I had to look to see what those hair scrunchies looked like.. curiosity! But 65% off and free shipping is a great deal. Just what all of us need.. a sale!!

  36. This is soooo bad. The irony of Be Kind on most of the merchandise when she is reportedly the opposite. This looks like something they would give the audience as they were leaving the studio as a gift for showing up.

    • I know! I do think of her differently since all that has come out. She did her staff dirty.
      Really disappointing.

  37. Glad I cancelled my subscription. I don’t want a bunch of “be Kind” products that are are of cheap quality. I had had high hopes for this box but for this price point, its an easy pass for me

  38. I bought the first box and was very happy with it. This is the first one that has tempted me especially the Sand Cloud towel. I’ll need a coupon though.

  39. I’ll pass. I dislike the color & far too much kindness in a box for me. That saying I already own all these items anyways in some shape or form.

  40. I have seen so many subs come and go, and to me, this is the absolute worst one I have ever seen. Worst customer service BY FAR, worst items, worse consistency. With all the bad news about how rude, mean, and horrible Ellen treats her staff, I am not surprised her sub has so many issues. She seems to portray someone that she is not.

    • 🙄I’ve never heard anything but positive things about Ellen. That said, she probably has very little to do with the contents of this box.

      • Then you aren’t paying attention. She has been in a lot of hot water recently with ex employees as well as other celebrities saying she’s a pretty mean person. I obviously can’t speak to the validity of those statements, but they sure are being made, in excess.

      • I just did a little googling. Eh… the celebrities I saw mentioned were banned because of homophobic remarks. Who knows? She’s done a lot of great things for people—the other stuff seems very rumor mill. The only thing I’m sure of is that the box is crappy.

      • Amy, I agree. Ellen just gave graduating seniors in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, who worked at grocery stores through the pandemic lockdown, huge cash gifts. She’s beyond generous. I’m not a subscriber to this box; but, I support Ellen’s charitable work.

      • That is called PR.

      • She tells her production staff not to look at her and NEVER to talk to her. She was so cruddy to one of her staff one time in front of Paul McCartney that Paul turned to her and said “Who do you think you are?”…so yeah….really nice person lol

    • you’re just going with what everyone is saying. Ellen is one of the kindest people on Earth. Two years ago she gave all of the kids in my school district a new winter coat because no one could afford one.

      • I do not think any of us know what she is like behind he scenes. What we do know is that she has done “good” deeds to promote her Be Kind branding and that she has offended her own coworkers and treated them poorly during a crisis. Did she make a mistake and rely on others.. who knows. But they were her crew and she would have known that she hired a non- union crew to work from her home (jail). Has she apologized or made it right? Other talk show hosts paid their crew from their own pockets until the networks worked it out. That is class and “being kind”. When you set yourself up like she has you have an image to live up to. If you fail then you need to make up for it. .. unless you are really just NOT kind!!

  41. I paid for the premium subscription but not seeing any difference in the subscription nor giveaways or contests. Anyone have any experience with customer service on this? How are the premium, more expensive subscription, different than the regular one?

    • This is beginning to look like that…crappy…Vogue box that died on entry.
      Just be kind.
      Just say no.
      Let it die in peace.

  42. Looks like a good box. I will use most of the items. I am still waiting to see why I paid extra to be premium? So far all I got a duplicate fall box. Anyone else?

    • I’m in the exact same boat. I paod for the premium subscription but don’t see any difference, nor any announcements on giveaways or anything else. Be Kind needs to be more transparent on this. Thousands of people “upgraded” where did all this money go? I think they should refund it given the current pandemic and no shows or giveaways have been hosted.

    • My Summer box arrived today. The coupon for free sunscreen says it’s for Premium members. I’m interested to see if it’s in all of the boxes and not just those who got duped into Premium subscriptions.

  43. They forgot to write “be kind” on the scrunchies.

    • Lol seriously!

  44. Her first box (which I sadly didn’t get) was her best box IMO

    • The very first box was an awesome one. I got two when it came out. It was well worth the price! I haven’t bought another one since.

  45. Come on already with the branded items, definite overkill, pass especially at 55$!!

  46. That’s a really solid box. Tempting. My favorite hat is from Life Is Good-it is a soft and comfy ball cap.

  47. Too many branded be kind items. It is overkill.

    • Agreed! It unfortunately gives off that “gift with purchase” vibe.

    • Uffff, I agree. I might be the only one but this box looks awful to me. Too many branded items and all ordinary items we all have too much of anyways.

    • I totally agree, except for the hat. I think it’s cute. But the rest of that Be Kind stuff can go away. I’m still tormented from the double-charging a few months ago for the box that had the Be Kind wrapping paper in it. It took forever to be refunded and of course my credit card was charged interest on the amount at least once.

  48. Easily the best of the Ellen boxes yet! Sand Cloud is a well loved brand and that towel alone, provided it is normal size, is worth $47 so if you like the pink Sand Cloud towel it’s a decent deal.

    I still won’t get it, as other subscriptions with better discounts have me spoiled. I would be all over this at a $25 or $30 price point, but it’s not enough to tempt me for $55

  49. This box looks pretty good. I cancelled a couple boxes ago (and haven’t regretted it) but I wouldn’t have been sad to receive this box.

    My main issue with this box generally is that I don’t use most of the items. And although I don’t mind the items in this one, I really (really) don’t need another tote bag or beach towel (especially since beaches I don’t see myself having any beach days this summer). And I already have scrunchies and a wireless speaker. So overall, I’d say this would be great if I didn’t already have these items. I hope those that get it enjoy it!

    • I should add that I also already have a detangling brush, hair wrap, and silicone ice cube trays. So 🤷🏼‍♀️

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