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BE KIND. by ellen Fall 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the Fall 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Flora!) This box is now available for pre-order.

The Fall 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

  • BYCHARI HOPE Necklace $100
  • BE KIND. Wireless Earbuds $39.99
  • Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup $20
  • BE KIND. Hygiene Key $30
  • Let’s Make Art Watercolor Kit $59
  • Wander Beauty Eye Masks $25

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Sign up here. Use coupon code ELLEN10 to save $10. Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

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Comments (236)

  1. I’m curious. Has any Premium subscriber received their box? What was the extra item?

  2. The fall box is my final box in my year long subscription. I have been trying for weeks to contact their “customer service” dept. I have sent email after email with no response. After I received an auto message with a “how did you like your box” note, I just couldn’t deal with the insult. I have never done this in my life but filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Today I received a notice that my fall box was being shipped. No reply on any of the emails. I’m glad I am finally getting my box I paid in advance for however I will never do business with them again and also will not support Ellen or watch her show. So disappointed to see what she allows.

    • My exact sentiments. Thanks for reporting to BBB

    • Laurie,
      I am in the same situation as you and still waiting to get my final Fall 2020 box to my subscription and can’t get any feedback either.

      • I’m curious ~ were you both billed for a renewal in Sept?

    • Laurie. I am a premium annual subscriber and this is also my last and feel so ripped off for paying more for a “premium” the value certainly was not there. I have emailed multiple times an no one responds to me either

  3. I still do not have my fall box. No answer to any of my emails.

  4. How in the WORLD is MSA promoting these boxes for this SPAM company?!?!?!?!?!

  5. I am beyond frustrated with the customer service behind this company. They double invoiced me for my “subscription renewal”, and now I have TWO premium subscriptions listed on my account. No one will respond to my emails regarding the duplication. I just want my money back for the second charge! Instead of responding to my email, they have now shipped a SECOND Fall 2020 box out from the duplicate invoice. I didn’t even want the first one. I keep getting a canned reply that they’ll get back to me soon. My bank refuses to do a chargeback because they said I have to work with the company to get a refund. I have filed a BBB complaint against Ellen Digital Ventures and my bank in effort to get the unauthorized charge removed. Never again! And the worst part….she just promoted this disaster of a box on her show.

    • Just out of curiosity can you tell us which bank you use because that is scary to me. My bank was great with this and I’ve had another experience with my other bank both with subs and they were great so I can recommend Chase and PNC for subscription issues.

    • THIS JUST HAPPENED to me too!
      They charged me for full premium sub in October, then two weeks later they charged me again. I finally got them to refund one of the charges about 10 days ago, only to have ANOTHER CHARGE made YESTERDAY!

      They are absolutely out of control and I am furious. This comes directly out of my bank account.
      So far I have been charged THREE TIMES for ONE subscription.
      SCAM!!! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to this.

    • Same happened to me. I was charged TWICE for a premium subscription, in September and October. I tried to cancel when I received an email warning that a box was going to ship and I had only ONE day to make any changes. When I logged in, they removed the “cancel” button and there was a notice to email them or call a number. The phone number listed didn’t work, and I did send them many emails directly and through their website. I only received automatic responses that they would get back to me, and never did. Now that the site is back up, my account only shows one charge. I am disputing this with credit card company (Chase) for both because they never sent me a 4th box for the first subscription, plus they never sent me anything more for the “premium” version.

  6. I was able to sign in to my account today. Cancelling is easy as long as you cancel before next billing cycle. For Quarterly and according to my Fall receipt it’s Nov 20. So I can assume the billing dates are Aug 20, Nov 20, Feb 20, and May 20. That info should be available on their website. Weird. Haven’t received shipping for Fall box but at least they are making progress.

    • FYI, My box was shipped 10/23.

      • Received my box 10/30.

      • The earbuds work eventually but not by the directions given.
        After charging, take them out of the case, then press case button to turn on (blue light). They paired without flashing red/blue lights. No lights on the earbuds either. I couldn’t get the other features to work. Sound just ok but I’m not using them for music.

  7. Two months after the announcement, I have not received my box. I can’t access my account, as the site is supposedly being updated. This, after being suckered into a premium subscription. It looks like I’m not the only person feeling totally scammed.

  8. I haven’t heard a word from support since I told them I was advise by my credit card company not to stop the dispute until they do a refund and cancel my subscription.

    • I got this reply ~

      Thank you for contacting the BE KIND. box.

      We are so sad to see you go!

      Your subscription with us has been canceled.

      You will not be charged for any future boxes.

      Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund because you requested cancellation after the charge date, which was September 7th.

      Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

    • My CC company sent a letter that my dispute was settled

  9. For all of you that did a charge back on your credit card did any of you receive a refund from this company? I know that you get a temporary refund from your credit card company but I’m talking about an actual refund from this company or did they say you have to cancel the dispute first like they did me?

    • I haven’t received a credit from BK yet. I am NOT removing the dispute like BK asked.

      I did just send all my emails that went unanswered asking for a refund, canceling my subscription and copies of their website being down for almost a month with nowhere on the website to cancel and the terms of service to my credit card company.

  10. Hey Be Kind Customer service

    If you want customers to be happy and satisfied
    ANSWER all the emails that we are all on here complaining about!!!!!! I’ve sent 4 emails – all with MSA- and haven’t received a response.

    Issue refunds for the customers you billed before they should have been billed!!!!

    • I have tried cancelling my subscription for months prior to the fall box. Well, no answers from customer service. I decided oh well and I’m glad to be getting those AirPods. They don’t work at all. Again I email customer service for help and no answer. Be careful before you buy. If you try to cancel they won’t let you unless you get your bank or credit card involved to help. It’s so weird. I have never had an issue like this before with subscription box.

  11. Here is what Mehgan sent me today

    Meghan (BE KIND. by ellen box)

    Oct 8, 2020, 5:27 PM MST

    Hello Susan,

    We saw you filed a dispute with our subscription box and wanted to reach out!

    We understand that you were charged for your subscription for the next year. After reviewing your account, we discovered that one of your two subscriptions with us is still active.

    If you would like to cancel your subscription, we would be more than happy to do that for you, but you will need to remove your dispute first.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    Thank you and BE KIND.,

    I called my credit card company and they advise not to cancel my dispute until they refund my credit card and cancel my subscription. Then I can cancel the dispute. If you notice Mehgan said she would cancel my subscription but said nothing about a refund. I did respond back telling here what my credit card company said. So just waiting for a reply.

    • There is no reason to cancel a dispute. If they refund you they show the cc company this and the dispute is resolved. It’s because they don’t want a resolved dispute they want none. And possibly they are not planning to refund only cancel.

      I also have to advise everyone to cancel the cc you used. It seems like such a hassle but trying to get hundreds of dollars back is worse. Even my cc company told me to cancel it since this is the second time. Shortly after this they notified me my next box was on the way. Idk who is running this mess but they thank god I took my banks advice and cancel my cc. I have no payment form on file with them.

      • I did cancel my card. I can cancel the dispute if the refund is applied and my subscription is canceled so they would not have a record of a dispute. But if Meghan does not reply to my email by next Friday it can not be canceled.

    • I got the exact same email. I am NOT removing the dispute.

      They are wrong!!!!! I’ve been getting several subscription boxes for over 10 years. I have never been billed BEFORE my last box has gone out on yearly subscription. Nor have I been billed before my renewal date. I sent her a copy of their own terms from their website stating you will not be billed until your renewal date. Meaning all of us who started our yearly sub in Fall should not be billed again until Winter billing.

      You will not be charged for your subscription again until the end of your annual billing cycle. Your subscription will automatically renew each year unless you decide to cancel before your renewal date. If you cancel before the end of your billing cycle, you will still receive the remaining boxes for that cycle. Your cancelation will be put into effect for the start of your next billing cycle.

      I’m filing complaints everywhere I can find to do so. This is ridiculous. I wonder how many other people that don’t post on here or read blogs are having the same issues?

      • I need to correct myself

        My yearly subscription started with Winter ~ not Fall. So I should not have been billed until Winter.

    • Have you heard back from them yet?

  12. I have been having the same problems as many. I was billed for renewal before receiving all of my boxes. Luckily my credit card number changed so the billing was unsuccessful. I have been emailing them for a month, without getting responses. The very first email they responded to within 5 minutes to tell me how to submit my current credit card info. However they completely ignored the other question about not receiving all my boxes. I told them I was not giving any new card info until I received clarification about my current subscription. I sent another email today and was very surprised to get a response right away. In fact there were multiple back and forth emails. The first response was that they were unable to bill my card so that’s why my Fall box wasn’t shipped. When I again said that the Fall box should have been included in my subscription I already paid for, they said my subscription had been cancelled back in June so the last order didn’t get processed and they are issuing a refund (to my non-working credit card) for the Fall box. I responded saying that I did not cancel and would like to receive my Fall box not the refund. Then she stated that due to the recent ‘system enhancement” the Fall box for the Premium subscription that I paid for last year didn’t get processed that’s why a refund for the amount of the Fall box has been processed. She also stated that because of the system enhancement they are unable to process creating a manual order for the Fall box so the best they can do is to give me a refund for the Fall box. They stated multiple times that they are more than happy to help me renew my subscription. Ummm, no thank you. After reading all the reviews here I think I’ll pass. I’ve had nothing with problems and they have the worst customer service ever. Now, I just have to hope that I actually get that refund and don’t have to try once again to get in contact with them.

  13. The thing I like most about this box does not work. I cannot for the life of me get the earbuds to go into pairing mode. I hold the button forever and it never flashes red and blue and I cannot connect to it. So frustrating

    • I am sooooooo fed up with this SCAM of a site !!!! took my money, have never responded to my attempts to customer service/which obviously does not exist !!!! I never received anything, no box, of garbage, cheap s—— , tried to cancel , cannot signin, all request I have made have gone unanswered!!! What a trashy scam….

    • I found taking them out of the case after pressing the button, the buds themselves were flashing and then paired with my phone

      • The worst subscription ever !!!! Zero customer service ! Scam, scam scam

      • Thank you Megan – that worked!

  14. Got the Ellen Be Kind Fall Box and was really excited. I wore the $100 necklace twice and it broke for no reason. So disappointed!!

    • This is the most on brand result ever for this box.

    • I haven’t received it yet. Do you know if it was 14K gold like their other necklaces or maybe cheaper quality for this box?

      • Adjna also contacted me twice w/more excuses, no refund , no resolution of anything !!!! Twice one evening at 1 am, then poof , nothing again for a week, no response w/MSA, NOTHING !!!! This is the absolute most disgusting , scam, fraud I have ever attempted to deal with.
        I just am soooooooo weary of their absolute thieving scamming scum, Ellen Degenerate Knows this is going on !!!!!! & yet she does Nothing !!!!!

    • Hi Lynda,

      We are sorry to hear that you received a damaged item. Our intention is that all our customers are completely satisfied with their order. Please reach out to [email protected] right away with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can help you sort this out!

      – The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • Hey Be Kind

        How about answering all the emails that have been sent to customer service that remain unanswered instead of posting on here?

        I’ve sent 4 emails and haven’t received a response!!!!!! Completely unacceptable!!!!!!

      • Same!!! I’ve been trying to get my money back for weeks and my messages are ignored!

      • Same here ! What a dishonest smudge of crime ! Theives, Liars, Scammers! Steal our money and never answer for months, never received anything, Ellen DeGeneres is a Degenerate Thief!!!!

  15. Very disappointing with the earbuds. They say they are connecting but never do to any of my devices :(I cant use them at all……………

    • Earbuds don’t work

      • Same here. Earbuds worked for an hour then 1 just stopped working. So cheaply made!!.

    • Same here! I press and hold the button and they will not flash red/blue to connect 🙁
      This was actually the only thing in the box that I was excited about. Bummer.

      • I just received my Fall 2029 BeKind box and I really like it!

        My earbuds do not flash red/blue to connect either, as the directions indicate, but they DO connect. I haven’t tried all the features yet, but I was able to listen to the debate last night using the earbuds. They needed more charging afterwards, so the usage time is not super long between charges. I will play more with it over the weekend.

        I look forward to trying out the art kit (I have zero art ability). Ellen needs to show off her masterpieces, she tried this kit, right? 😉🙂😃

        I am saving the eye puff pads for when I will be seen by people. Hiding away in the house, it would be a waste to use them now. I will de-puff when we get out and about again. (Does it come in tummy sizes too? Covid-19-pounds, y’all.) 😋

        I actually like everything in this box, and think Ellen’s procurement team did a great job pulling this together. It fits well for this pandemic period we are in right now.

    • Hi Charlene,

      We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the earbuds. Our intention is that all our customers are completely satisfied with their order. Please reach out to [email protected] right away with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can help you sort this out!

      – The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • @[email protected] Where is my Fall box? Why am I not getting any answers to my email. I am a premium subscriber and boy was that a waste of money

  16. y’all! lol….
    after four emails (3 with MSA in the headlines), i got a response:
    1. yes, we charged you renewal before you got all 4 boxes in your annual subscription from last year.
    2. to rectify that, we’ve refunded you ONE box out of the 4.
    3. But we’re keeping your annual renewal charge $270 so you can KEEP getting boxes.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. what’s it going to take to tell them i don’t want any more boxes?

    Adja N. (BE KIND. by ellen box)

    Oct 1, 2020, 2:46 PM MST

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for your patience. We do apologize for the delay in response as we’ve been experiencing an influx of inquiries with the new season’s subscription.

    After reviewing your account I see that you did not start at the begging of the season last year and then received 3 boxes out of 4.

    I have adjusted this discrepancy and refunded your billing method on file for 1 missing box. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the refund to reflect on your bank statement.

    Since the system automatically bills for the new season boxes after we send the renewal letter. Your account was automatically renewed you since all 4 boxes for last season’s subscription were sent (the last one was the Summer box). You have now been charged for the upcoming year so that you can enjoy (4) more incredible season boxes!

    Once again we apologize for the technical difficulties we are having with the site but rest assured that it will be back shortly.

    • I hope you go ahead and cancel before they renew again, I’d be very pissed by this response.

    • What renewal letter?

      • probably that email they sent like “you have 24 hours to email us or we will charge you”– that unethical letter.

    • i’ve resorting to posting comments on their social media….i don’t want to but this is absurd.

    • Wow! This is the same response I got and the very same agent!!

    • I didn’t receive a renewal letter.

    • So a rep (contradicting another rep) sent me an email saying they canceled my subscription. That’s great! What would be even greater would be getting the $251.96 they STILL HAVE for what they just canceled! So I had to reply again and lord knows when I’ll get my money back. I also never received a bonus item of any kind for being premium for a year. I completely overpaid for absolutely no reason!

      • I also was taken in by what now appears to have been a scam with the so-called premium subscription. It’s truly reprehensible.

    • Why can’t the Be Kind support tell the truth?? Early December 2019 I receive an email that said the following:

      Ellen’s Holiday Box Has Arrived!
      The wait is almost over!
      Your Holiday Be Kind Box is packed and ready to ship! As a Premium Member, you will be the first to receive the box’
      Ellen is so excited you’ve joined the Premium Be Kind family! This is your first official Be Kind Box!! We hope you also enjoyed the FREE Fall Box Ellen gifted you, a special surprise for new Premium members!
      1st my holiday box didn’t even arrive until the end of January which was promised it would arrive before Christmas. 2nd they charged me for the free gift fall box and only gave me a partial refund. Then in April they charged me another $251.96 For another premium membership. They did refund this even though according to my account orders they only refunded $83.00. So the Holiday box was the first box, Spring was the second box, and summer box was the 3rd. Yet they charged another Premium yearly subscription on September 6th starting with the Fall 2020 box which we as Premium members already paid for as our 4th box. Stop Lying support at be kind I for one have kept copies of every email, ever order on my account. You have illegally charged for another yearly subscription before sending the 4th box (fall) to fulfill the first ever Premium subscription. I also have never received anything extra in my 3 Premium boxes.

  17. I received the notification of a refund yesterday and they deposited the money today back into my account. I look at my e-mail and now I see a shipping notification of the fall box that I do not want. This company is pathetic. No wonder they run out of boxes for people who actually paid for them and want them, they send them to people who don’t want them. Has anyone else on here received their refunds?

    • Ok super confused. I canceled in July. Fought to get my money back this time and they verified it was canceled and refunded me. This was no easy task. It involved my credit card company getting involved, lots of screenshots, emails, msgs through their system, posts on here. Finally I was done with them or so I thought. I just had a box from them show up on my UPS tracker! Wth? So luckily during the battle with them my cc company recomended canceling my card. I did. So there is no way for them to charge me. I’m guessing if they had my cc info they would have.

      So now what? I’ve got a kid with lung damage. I’m not going to our packed post office to return a package I didn’t order. Am I responsible for fixing their mistake?

  18. I got my box yesterday. It left me feeling pretty mehhhhh after all the troubles with CS which still has not responded to my emails.

    My question is ~ has anyone won any prizes for being a Premium subscriber? I rec’d the extra fall box and the coupon for a free sunscreen but not really feeling like that is what I signed up for. It’s very misleading saying you could win prizes like what is given on the 12 days of giveaways or tickets to the show when so far all I’ve seen is everyone getting the same 2 items.

    From the website ~

    As a bonus, they also gain access to surprise-and-delight gifts as a perk of their membership. These gifts may include products that are typically only made available to Ellen’s in-house studio audiences (such as 12 Days of Giveaway Tickets, trip vouchers and more!). Premium Members will receive these products inside of their seasonal boxes when applicable. All Premium Members will receive at least one additional surprise-and-delight product or experience within their annual billing cycle. Note: additional Premium products are not guaranteed for each Premium Subscriber each quarter.

    I hope someone gets something “Premium” in their fall box since it’s the last chance with the yearly subscription in you signed up in the fall.

    • No, haven’t received anything extra and feel I was overcharged as a result.

    • I copy and pasted this from one of the emails I received from their “customer service” representatives.

      “Regarding the list of official winners: Each customer receives different gifts at different times. For privacy reasons, we do not keep a list of official winners. However, we have heard your feedback and suggestions and I have forwarded them to our creative team so they can consider it in future implementation.”

      • So this sounds like it is legally a lottery.
        The following is an example of a Federal Statute defining Lottery:

        According to 12 USCS § 25a , “lottery” includes any arrangement whereby three or more persons (the “participants”) advance money or credit to another in exchange for the possibility or expectation that one or more but not all of the participants (the “winners”) will receive by reason of their advances more than the amounts they have advanced, the identity of the winners being determined by any means which includes–

        (A) a random selection;

        If it is a lottery then they have to abide by federal regulations, FTC regulations because they advertise it online, and the regulations of the states they are doing it in. For example,
        New Hampshire only allows gov or nonprofits to hold lotteries. There are strict rules and they must be able to provide proof that there were winners.

    • The fall box i received today is my 4th box. I have never receive anything extra. I didn’t even receive the sunscreen coupon. I have two friends which one is quarterly and the other one is yearly but not premium. They both received a coupon for a free year of Amazon Prime and the sunscreen coupon. I’m a premium member and have not receive anything at all. I haven’t had any issues with whats in the box until this fall box I received which I expected something extra as a Premium member but didn’t get a thing in any of my boxes. 4 boxes and not a darn thing.. I feel they owe me the $60.00+ dollars difference i paid for premium subscription since I received nothing extra. I don’t think coupons should be used as extras. At least the Amazon one gave people a free year of Amazon prime which at least was valued over $100.00+ dollars that I would have been ok with.

      • What?? There was a free year of Amazon prime subscription? I too purchased the premium box & I agree, we should be refunded the difference. We aren’t even receiving all of the products. I keep getting emails from the company that my box will not arrive because my billing is incorrect, which is ludicrous because 1. I cancelled the subscription after they with-held my subscription the first time and would not provide clarification of how the premium subscription was different. 2. The entire year is already paid for, they do not need my billing information. They continue to ignore my requests to confirm that my subscription is cancelled, provide info on how the premium box is better, or confirm that I’m getting a fall box. Super frustrating & I’m so thankful my bank switched owners, making my old payment account void! Otherwise, who knows how many times they would have billed me!

  19. I FINALLY GOT A REFUND! It only took almost a MONTH and no one responding! No one has confirmed that my subscription has been cancelled since my account is somehow no longer active for me to look, so I’m praying that I won’t have to deal with this again in a few months, but I’m going to call my back and see if they can block the company from charging my card again. Hopefully everyone else on here starts to get refunds today too!

    I was billed on two different credit cards for renewal earlier this month. See my post earlier this month. They billed the cc on file AND a cc that I had used earlier in the subscription, that I had changed to the current. They refunded the cc that I had used earlier.
    Waiting to see if they refund the current card, or if I still have the subscription.
    Took 4 emails, with MSA: In the subject line. And I put 3rd/4th attempt in each email.
    I am grateful that it worked. Will wait and see if I get a box, or if I need to fight them for it.
    Nothing should be this hard.

  21. I see a few listings from the fall box at mercari already.

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