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BE KIND. by ellen Fall 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the Fall 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Flora!) This box is now available for pre-order.

The Fall 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

  • BYCHARI HOPE Necklace $100
  • BE KIND. Wireless Earbuds $39.99
  • Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup $20
  • BE KIND. Hygiene Key $30
  • Let’s Make Art Watercolor Kit $59
  • Wander Beauty Eye Masks $25

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Sign up here. Use coupon code ELLEN10 to save $10. Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

Be Kind by Ellen

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Comments (44)

  1. Was anyone able to cancel this box?

  2. There is no way to cancel this subscription. This is no option through my online account, I can’t get a response to my website inquiry, and I got no response to my email with “Re:MSA” in the title as the company previously instructed us to do. I will be very, very upset if I am charged for this box when the next billing date comes up.

  3. If anyone is interested in selling/trading some parts of the box there are some items I would like in this one, but I don’t want to sign up.

  4. I will use zero items out of this box and am wanting to cancel , I see no options to do so , I cannot even access my credit card info .

  5. I think this is a terrific box, and look forward to receiving it!

    What great timing, to get a “Covid key” to add an extra layer of protection against handling doors, buttons and keypads. That will come in so handy! (Thanks, Ellen!!)

    I am surprised the necklace came in at $100 and not higher. The brand is excellent and not cheap. Bonus: It looks like Ellen and her team heard the message about not over-using the “Be Kind” branding, and went with a classic and endearing “Hope” necklace, rather than a more obvious “Kind” one. ❤️

    Stuck at home, why not experiment or even develop a new skill? The paint set is a great lockdown item! (Doesn’t nearly everyone wish they learned how to play the piano or paint?) 🙂

    Wireless earbuds – I don’t yet have a set, so this is great for me! And the eyepad refreshers are needed, now that a mask covers most of my face. Focus now goes to the eyes, so it is good to have something to make them look and feel their best, right?

    The collapsible travel mug will be nice to try out, and certainly easy to store! I have a collection of travel cups that take up a lot of space. To have one that has a smaller storage space requirement is refreshing. I am looking forward to trying this too.

    There will be no “gifting” anything in this box! I am keeping it all for myself. 🤗 Thank you, Ellen!! You make life in lockdown so much nicer.


    • Whole Foods has the hygiene key if anyone just wants that item. It’s appears to be the same one and great at the $ machine teller.

    • Ok how much did they pay you to type this thinly veiled advert for the company? Be honest.

      • Paid?!! I am not paid. I post what I think – my personal opinion, and ONLY my personal opinion. I thought that was the purpose, to ask questions, give feedback, express opinion, or seek help?

        Admin – if posting my enthusiasm for a subscription box was inappropriate in any way, please let me know!

        MY experience with this subscription to Ellen’s Be Kind box, which started with the Summer 2020 box, has been good. I look forward to the next box.

        I know others have had issues. However, I base my opinions on my personal experiences. If it changes, I won’t hesitate to say so, but I will always be fair.

      • I’ve always been happy with the box too. To each his own.

  6. I also can’t figure out how to cancel

    • I can’t either , it’s not giving me any of my info , just shows my pass order . There is suppose to be a manage subscription section but I do not see it as all . This box is definitely not for me , will never use any of it

      • I think they email you prior to the date they will be debiting the payments.

  7. I logged on to my account to cancel and don’t see how to. Their website for members is so limited there was no options besides “subscribe” and what has been fulfilled. I still regret having signed up for premium. For paying extra all I got was a duplicate box and a sunscreen that left my face too pale =|

      I have been trying to cancel and they are making it sooooooooooo difficult. Their site says go into ‘manage my subscription’ and hit cancel and it is that easy. Ummmmmm No there is no “Manage my subscription”
      I have emailed them and no response.

  8. You can’t make this stuff up. Ellen selling kindness….hahahahahahaha 😂😭

    • IKR!! She is getting ripped for what a beyotch she is to her staff and audience.

  9. Still not regretting cancelling! Its just not worth the price. I got my singles swag today and it beats this box hands down for a lot less price with a coupon.

  10. I see 6 potential gifts for $45! It’s too stressful shopping for the “right” gift. Subscription boxes make it easy and convenient to get unique items from online stores I never knew existed.

    • Me too. If I get something I can’t use, I pass it on.

  11. I have purchased other Let’s Make Art Watercolor kits and they are a wonderful company. They have great tutorials. Highly recommend.

    • Good to know. Thank you!

  12. I have never purchased this box. At the beginning I kept missing it. More recently, the contents didn’t justify the price for me, and now, all the stories about the Queen of “Be Kind” turning out to be not so kind to her employees and some of her guests has made this a no-buy for me. Ellen is far from the first talk show host who was everybody ‘s buddy on air and a jerk behind the scenes (google Johnny Carson if you need proof), but in this age of instant information, 21st century celebs have nowhere to hide. In summary, I think I’ll be frugal instead of kind.

  13. Never going to subscribe to this box,it has been said that she is not kind…….it does not cost anything to be nice to people

    • As someone who lives in LA, this is a known fact. We all know someone in the industry and it’s just common knowledge to never work for her.

      • That is sad and discouraging. Like another person said, it costs nothing to be kind in real life.

      • I saw a remark that over a thousand people have been employed on her show, and I wondered at how crazy that number seemed. Must be a revolving door.

  14. Recent drama aside, this would be a nice $20 box. The necklace, key, and watercolor kit are laughably overvalued, but of these items that I would use, I would reasonably pay $20 in a TJ Maxx (my sub box standard “worth it” comparison) for the key, watercolors, cup and Wander masks

    But I wouldn’t feel comfortable supporting her brand at this time anyhow

  15. I have been wanting to try Let’s Make Art so I may buy this and gift some of the spares. Does anyone know if the other tech they’ve included in the past is crummy or ok? That key… those are so cheap. Why in the world is it listed so high here?

  16. No thanks. I suspect this will be the next subscription box to fail.

    • Lol, the ‘hygeine key’ listed price of $30. I saw one at the grocery store on sale for $6.00.

      • Hygiene, lol. Tired from working 12 hour shifts.

      • And how about that $100 necklace?! I think they made a mistake, the decimal place is two over, the real price is $1.00. So tired of seeing jewelry in boxes priced ridiculously…ummmm hello manufactured in China specifically for this box….

      • I bought one for 3.99 at Kinney Drugs. Great to open doors, works on some screens but not all. I also don’t think the box is worth more than $20

      • Yes $30 is ridiculous…I got a set of 3 of them for $12!!

    • I agree Calico Cat, not worth it.

  17. Saw this yesterday and still appalled as this atrocity of this box. Sorry for annuals.

  18. Screw Ellen🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Adults fall for this?????????????

  20. Well I am just going to say it. Maybe she needs to spend more time being nice to her staff <3

  21. Wow that seems so bad to me… hopefully others love it 😊

  22. I am not a fan of Ellen, or over her brand of kindness.
    Easy pass. Tired of carrying water for so called celebrities.

    • Wow, that is the most perfect phrase I have EVER heard for celebrities! I will confess I had to look it up and I’m so glad I did. It’s so refreshing to hear someone talk this way! I thought I was the only one who felt kind of “over” celebrities.

      • I’m so over celebrities too. Don’t they make enough money without peddling their cheap junk?

    • I love that phrase! I don’t more people wake up and stop carrying water for others!

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