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Trendmood Box X Boscia Takeover Box Available Now!

TrendMood Box Vol. 3 Available 2/12 + FULL SPOILERS!

We have ful spoilers for the TrendMood Vol.3  box! (Thanks, Heather, for the heads up!) This box is not available yet but you can sign up for the waitlist here. It will go on sale February 12th at 10am PST online.

Vol. 3 will include:

Boscia Vitamin C with Caviar Lime Booster Serum


Boscia Vitamin B12 Hydration Booster Serum

Juvia’s Place The Berries Palette


Juvia’s Place The Violets Palette

Glow Recipe The Watermelon Glow Lip Pop – $22

A three-in-one scrub-to-balm that smooths, hydrates, and tints lips in a universal pop of pink. – Watermelon Extract: Hydrates, delivers essential vitamins, and soothes. – Coconut: Coconut flower sugar hydrates and provides physical exfoliation to gently remove dead skin, while coconut oil moisturizes—preventing further dryness and flaking. – Flower-Derived AHA: Extracts derived from hibiscus, wild pansy, and hawthorn that gently smooth, soften, and hydrate lips.
You can also apply three coats to build up color (it’s clear with a very soft hint of pink)


e.l.f. Putty Primer

Why to add just one, let’s add all 3!!!

1. Poreless Putty Primer – helps to hydrate skin, the velvety texture helps to leave your complexion flawless.
2. Luminous Putty Primer – Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, the skin-brightening formula helps blur the appearance of pores while delivering a plumping effect.
3. Matte Putty Primer – Infused with Kaolin Clay and White Charcoal, it’s ideal for someone with skin on the oily side.

Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches – $18 60 Patches / 30 Pairs

1% caffeine helps instantly create a firmer eye area. Designed to have result in about 10 minutes, it’s a great pick-me-up for the morning while prepping skin for makeup.
Depuff the skin around the eye using Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 which specifically targets this area . Caffeine constricts the blood vessels around the eye to also help alleviate the puffiness.
Astagalus membranaceus root extract, used in traditional Chinese medicine, helps control inflammation for an even tone.
Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid instantly hydrate and soothe tired skin resulting in more refreshed eyes.
This formula is free from: silicones, mineral oils, fragrances, alcohols, and PEGs

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Trendmood Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (67)

  1. Liz. Will the Trendmood Box be available for swaps? I was lucky enough to get one and the eyeshadow palettes although beautiful aren’t colors I would use and would love to put up for swap. You advertise the box but it doesn’t come up when I try to list them.

  2. I already got a tracking number with expected delivery for Fri!

    • I got a tracking number too, but mine is scheduled for the 19th. Super excited!

    • Nevermind, it updated to today! Wow, next day shipping, woo hoo!

  3. I am officially done with this box! I entered my email waaaayyy early on to be notified and never received any notifications until today—two hours after it sold out. As a working person, I find this type of roll-out a total turn-off and will not be supporting this box. It feels like they are trying to create artificial hype by only having a few boxes and getting everyone worked up over just being lucky enough to get a box.

    • You hit the nail. Artificial hype, for most = annoying as hell. Absolutely ridiculous to support such nonsense.

    • Yeah…I signed up to be notified with my email and just never received any email from them when it launched. I have the confirmation email that I signed up, but nothing else from them. Very annoying.

  4. I’m pretty annoyed. I received the email and it showed like it was still available then I tried checking out and it said sold out. So then I added my phone number for text on when it will become available. I’ve received like 3 text in the last hour and every time I try checking out it says sold out. I even tried doing it through different payment ways and that didn’t work. At this point I’m done trying. Someone else can take my money! Lol

  5. I got one. Didn’t buy the first 2, but this one was worth it for me. I actually had to pull over to buy it right at 9:30 (PST), haha.

  6. Still sold out for me. Bummer.

    • Yes, now it is sold out again! It took about 5 minutes this time.

      • Honestly, MSA shouldn’t bother with a box like this. It’s not a subscription, and sells out in minutes? Sorry if I sound like a pouty two year old, but, really.

      • If they didn’t people would complain that they didn’t know about it. Hopefully they’ll make more at some point so more people can get one.

      • It shows again. Maybe keep refreshing. 😊

      • It sold out while I was putting in my cc info. Sigh.

  7. It’s back!

    • Luna, did you see THE SPACE NK X CAROLINE HIRONS
      BEAUTY BOX? What do you think?
      I am going to pass

      • Hey Svetlana! Different “Luna”, but I’m guessing you meant me? (not to be presumptuous or anything 🙂 ) I got it 🙂 The Oskia & Chantecaille products were calling my name, and everything else is really nice too! The only things I’ll gift are the Ren sunscreen and Tan Luxe drops. How about you? Do you think you’ll get it?

      • Luna, yes, I meant you :).
        I was not even after TM box. I already have these palettes and I saw boscia in TJ, plus their product mostly oriented to achene (misspelled?) prone skin.
        Eye gel patches always slides all over my face. Did not like this box at all, but really want CH box

      • For me, I was interested in trying everything but the palettes, but they’re more like fun impulse items to try (i.e. not really on my radar), not something I’d really covet, so I’m okay with missing out on the TM box (this was the only one so far that has appealed to me). Now the products in the CH box(!?!), for me those are quite covetable. 😉

      • Thanks Luna, I like you too! I see you on here all the time and I know we would be friends irl, lol!😊

      • Oh! And I did a value breakdown:
        Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser (120ml) – $38.00
        Tan Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self Tan Serum (30ml) – $49.00
        Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream (50ml) – $65.00
        Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum (15ml) – $69.00
        Ren Evercalm Clean Screen SPF30 (50ml) – $38.00
        Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask (50ml) – $89.00
        Votary Super Seed Facial Oil (50ml) – $110.00
        Oskia Lactic Acid Micro-Peel (30ml) – $98.00

        Total Value: $556.00 (a 71% savings)

        I emailed Liz when it went live too. Hopefully she’ll post about it. 🙂

        I missed out on the Trendmood box. I got that password for early entrance, but didn’t notice there was a link in the upper right corner of the waitlist page to enter the code until 9:32 PST (doh!), so it was sold out (in less than 2 minutes!), and I was eagerly awaiting CH’s box at 10am PST and didn’t even think the TM box would go back on sale at 10am (which makes sense). Oh well…. the CH box is more up my alley anyways, so I think it was all meant to be. 🙂

      • Luna and LunaLee is not the same? I am sorry for the confusion.
        I want to get it, but we just got Votary oil in Boxwalla, I believe. Dont care about self tan product because I am like a ghost. Also, I picked up Kate cleanser at TJ. Still thinking, but your cost breakdown will push me to the edge.

      • No we’re not the same person 🙂 … although I do like her vibe, and sometimes it feels like we are the same person… like she’s reading my mind 😉

        I skipped Boxwalla because I already have the oil, so I’ll most likely be gifting it to my mom, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already gifted her one (I think I got one in a Mintd box, then another one in an advent calendar). I’m cool with owning two though. 🙂

        The way I spun the CH box in my head to justify getting it (lol) was that the Oskia & Chantecaille products were the big standout items for me (I’ve tried a deluxe sample of the Chantecaille mask and enjoyed it), and since the cost of them exceeded the cost of the box, I figured it was like getting them both at a slight discount and everything else for free! 😀

  8. It will go love again in about 10 minutes!

    • Live*

  9. I got one! It was sold out like at 12:32pm. This is my 1st one so, I am super excited!

  10. Are they really selling out that fast or are they just like 50 produced? I had early access but did some research on the products and decided not to buy. There is no reason why this should sell out this fast. What she should do is make half a available for early access and the rest available for the rest of the population.
    People are going to angry.

    Oh well, money saved!

    • It does say that quantities are EXTREMELY limited 😉

    • It seems that is what they did. The early access were sold out and then at 10am, it went live and sold out then.

  11. I think this one sold out even faster than the last one. This is almost impossible to get. I wonder how many boxes they actually have? Last month it sold out when i was entering payment info and I was bummed.

    • Try again in 10 minutes! It is going live again!

  12. Sold out in 2 minutes, so bummed!

  13. Early access sold out in less than 2 mins. Boss decided to call me at 12:30 on the dot and I couldn’t check out

    • Try again in 10 minutes! It is going live again!

      • Thanks! I actually stayed logged in with it in my cart until it went live again which made it much easier at checkout. Glad you got yours too!

  14. I got one!! I didn’t “need” this box, but I like it! I love Boscia and Juvia’s Place.

  15. So you have to sign up every Month to get on a waiting list for this box … THis is not a monthly subscription

    • nope its not a sub which I thought it was. I got the first box and thought i would get the second…then realized when I got the email that you have to actually buy it monthly and was too late so missed it.

      • Thanks ! I just tried to get this one it was soooooold out smh

  16. $42 seems like a great price for this.

  17. Im curious as to the price well. I like the looks of this little bix. Ill use the eye gels, been wanting to try this Glow Recipe lip pop, and isn’t Boscia a good name or am I mistaken?

    • Boscia is a good brand!

      • I second that, I love Boscia!

    • Me too so far everything looks good. I just wanna know the price.

  18. I wish we could get this in Canada!!

  19. I wish this would just be a monthly or bi-monthly sub with a set price where you only have to sign up once. I like the box, although this month I have half the stuff already, but I just don’t like to have to fight to beat other people out to get stuff. It’s actually one of the things that’s made me a little salty on Jeffree Star.

  20. Looks amazing but the last one sold out before the official sale even started. They ran out during the “pre-sale” for people who signed up early for notification. I was one of them but still didn’t get a box. It didn’t bother me too much with the last box but I really wanted that first one and this new one. I’ve already been eyeing a couple of these products like the lip balm. I’m not going to get my hopes up though. It’s almost as bad as trying to win the lottery.

    • I was one of them who signed up too and it was sold out!!! VERY disappointing!!!

  21. I like all of the items. I signed up for the waitlist. But, looking at everything this morning, I realize I don’t need most of this. I like the pallets, but I have enough to last a lifetime from subs. The purple would have grabbed me but I just got the amethyst pallet.
    I guess I really just want the elf primers, so I should just go buy those instead of an entire box. Hope the price is good for everyone!

  22. All these products sound kinda nifty to me, especially the Glow recipe lip item. I love their other watermelon products. Just have to see the price on Wednesday.

  23. Don’t need any of this.

  24. I kinda want this. Last one was $39 so my guess is this one’s the same.

    • 1st one was $39, 2nd was $54. They have said that it will vary based on what’s in each box. I haven’t seen a price for this box yet :/

    • Scratch that- I spent some time researching Juvias place, and they are insanely cheap, but all is made in China. I’m trying to buy less from there after learning WAY too much about their horrendous factory conditions and uncontrolled sanitation & unsafe ingredients added to so many products when products get lab tested over here. (I know, I need to quit watching documentaries on Amazon prime and Netflix)

      • If it helps your peace of mind, that documentary focused on fake products made illegally in China, shipped here illegally, and sold in sketchy places and online via reseller sites (Amazon, eBay, etc). Many reputable brands manufacture in China (not in the factories shown in the documentary!) and follow US rules and ship and sell in the US legally through their own websites and authorized retailers like Ulta and Sephora. I can’t speak to the quality of Juvia’s as I’ve never personally used it, but have seen many people love it. That said I do use some products made in China (legal real ones, not fakes) with excellent quality.

      • I had to do a double take when I saw this comment because I didn’t remember posting on here. Lol great name! 😊

      • Taren, what are the names of the documentaries? I’m interested!

      • The one from Netflix is called Broken.😉

      • Juvia’s is a mid-price brand sold at Ulta, and they have really high quality shadows in a fun range of colors! They’re a black woman founded and owned brand that has a great range for all skin tones and shades.

        It’s a shame they’re made in China, but so are so many other reputable brands.

    • This one is $42. Trendmood posted it on facebook, yesterday. With a video showing all the items.

  25. A price would be so helpful to know if the stress of trying to get it is worth it!

    • If buying a beauty box was stressful, I’d just not even bother. I’ll probably check when it comes out, out of curiosity, but I won’t be upset if I don’t get it.

  26. Gonna pass on this one but the last one looked wonderful🥰

  27. Do we have a price?

  28. It’s not bad. Kind of repetitive though.

    I live for those purples in the palette!

    • I think I will try to buy this, or at least swap for the eye gels. I’ve gotten a lot of single-use samples from subs, & it would be more convenient to have a tub.

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