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BE KIND. by ellen Spring 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

ByMSAFeb 14, 2020 | 46 comments

Be Kind by Ellen
2.4 overall rating
79 Ratings | 25 Reviews

We have full spoilers for the Spring 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box! (Thanks for the heads up, Amanda!)

The Spring 2020 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

Here’s a closer look at a few of the items:

DIFF Sunglasses

Reusable Lotus Grocery Bags

Quartet Dry Erase Board



What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Sign up here. Use coupon code LOVE10 to save $10! Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

“You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And, to top it off, LottoLove has made a donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund because it believes in this cause.”
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Donna M Mandy

I ordered my first Be Kind Box on 5/22 and have not received it yet. Can someone please give me an update and advise. Thank you.

Jennifer Allen

If anyone doesn’t want the produce bags or the mindfulness cards, I would love to buy them from you (for a reasonable price). I can’t find those bags to buy online and I would love a set of them.

Denise P.

I just subscribed! The summer box 2020 will be my first one. I am curious, for those of you with an existing premium subscription, what were the extras you received? I’ve not seen any mention of the premium extra surprises.

Carol Anne Pickersgill

Ditto other comments. The only “extra” was getting duplicate Fall 2019 box – and I’d certainly not consider that an “extra”!!!!! Absolutely nothing else, no premium extra surprises. And I’ve not seen single person who has received anything extra. This was “bait and switch” on getting folks to subscribe to the premium. Very very shady business practice.


I’m holding out hope that something fabulous will be coming in one of the next 2 boxes. When I signed up it said chance to get tickets to the 12 days of Christmas, one of the prizes she gives away on her show, Ellen merchandise, etc. I really can’t imagine the extra box will be our prize for signing up for Premium. At least I hope not.


I’m a premium subscriber and the only extra has been an additional fall box.

It looks like the summer box will include a portable speaker, a tote, a beach towel and more according to her website. Maybe she will include one of her new be kind masks.


Received my Spring box today… Positive – no “rocks” in my box (here’s looking at you Pop Sugar!). Negative – not one item had a “wow” factor. And… I’m SO not a fan of branded items! The “Be Kind” on the umbrella is truly awful, shameless advertising!

AND – this is two boxes in row for the “Premium” subscription and nothing to signify that it is even “Premium”. I mean – even a “better luck next time” note would at least be something! I’ve yet to see single person to post that they received ANYTHING extra for “Premium”. Talk about false advertising!!!!!

Carol Pickersgill

Has anyone received the Spring box – or notification of shipping? And…. has anyone seen or heard of anyone receiving anything “above and beyond” for the “Premium” subscription? The silence is deafening.


i got an email after the fact that said mine was sent back. i’m in canada and have to pay a delivery fee upon arrival. someone is always home no note, no call nothing that i knew they tried. Emailed customer service and still waiting to hear back after a week.`


Got my box yesterday — kind of eh…

Just opened the chocolate bar and it definately looks like it melted and then re-solidified (maybe just cause I am in FL.)

Also nothing to indicate this is a premium box (wonder if anyone has “won” something.)


They removed the shipping mid Feb off the website. 😂

But seriously it’s so frustrating to have not heard anything.


Any idea when this box will ship? It says on the website shipping mid Feb. It’s March 3rd and nothing has shipped……….


I haven’t got mine either. Two boxes in a row very disappointing 😡

Susan Smith

Looks like they have not fixed a thing from the holiday box. I’ve been a premium member since Oct 2019 and again nothing has shipped. I’d like to know what mid February means to this company??. It is now February 22nd and according to my account nothing has shipped. I’m sick of this. This be kind box is not worth the stress that I went through before and I’m not doing this again. I want a total refund this is beyond ridiculous. How dare Ellen put this box on her show again. She didnt even apologized for the first screw up.


I’m also a premium member. I just checked my account for info and saw that they only started processing it yesterday, the 23rd. Instead of sending spoiler emails trying to sell the box I wish they would send a general idea of when to expect the box. Stop selling me something I already purchased! I like what’s in the box and look forward to getting it, but I hope there’s something for the Premium membership this time.


I didn’t get 2 winter boxes 😠


I didn’t get the winter box either – tried to cancel they would not let me – so sorry they said you signed up for the year – just a refund for the box itself. My issue is when I contact them – it takes them weeks (literally 2 -3 weeks) to get back to me – not 3 days max as it says (or something to that effect) I am truly disappointed with Ellen and this box.


Clearly in th minority, but I like this box and think it’s an improvement over her last few boxes. For some reason I’m really into that white board; think it will be fun to have in my office. I wear sunglasses year ’round and always need another pair. Aviators are classic and as close to universally flattering as you’re going to find. Chocolate and tea – Yum! Grocery bags, useful and environmentally friendly. I’ll gift the mindfulness cards to someone with kiddos and umbrellas get loss, so it’s always good to have a spare.

Julia Gallagher

I’m with the consensus here. I’m so glad I finally unsubscribe after the winter box fiasco. I have given everything in my last 3 boxes away. I literally only use one thing out of all the boxes from this. It’s the simplest thing too! It’s the coffee cup.
This is another box I sadly would have zero use for. Loose leaf tea isn’t my thing. A Ellen umbrella? Pass the sunglasses are nice but that would be 2 things o would be using.
I want to love these boxes I just wish there was a “theme” and stick to it.

Kathy Piccini

I already own these Lotus bags, bought several pkgs off of a GMA deal for a LOT less than $16 each set. N yes, they’re nice n durable but dont need anymore. I have brand new sunglasses everywhere in my house, brand new unused umbrellas galore, etc. Easy pass for me personally.


I was hoping this box would make me regret canceling, but I am good with my decision. I have way too many pairs of sunglasses and random umbrellas. Maybe the next box…


I was thinking the same exact thing!


I wonder if the umbrella has a giant Ellen logo on it.


The umbrella says BE KIND. on it with a geometric pattern underneath. It’s actually pretty cute, but they’re valuing it at $35 which I think is ridiculous. For better pictures and the stated retail values, you can go to ELLENTUBE . COM and type in something like, “ellen box spring 2020” in the search box. It’s actually been posted for three days now. I guess that’s the site to look at when to get the spoilers sooner.


I’m wondering the same thing.


DIFF Sunglasses $85 on sale for $35
Reusable Lotus Grocery Bags $16.95
Quartet Dry Erase Board $26.95
Kind Lips Lip Balm Variety Pack $15 can be bought for $5 on fff
Little Renegades Mindful Kids $19.99 (Seriously!? This isn’t a mom box…)
VAHDAM Teas Sampler $24.99
Endangered Species Chocolate $3.29 each I’m going with 2 since 2 are pictures so $6.58
Umbrella (You too can be a walking advertisement for Ellen!) Priceless!

$195.46 + branded Umbrella


I was extremely disappointed. Very random and poor picks for Ellen’s taste. I wonder if this box would excite her? I work really hard for my money and I wanted something to look forward to. I was so excited when my box arrived and then I felt disappointed. I really hope the next three boxes are better as I paid all up front.


I really like how useful and different everything is. I don’t need any of these items, but I appreciate how hard it must be to please everyone.


How many pairs of sunglasses does one person need? I hardly ever buy Spring or Summer boxes for any sub as most of the RV is due to a pair of sunglasses. I have prescription lenses and can’t be bothered with this.

Amber P

I would definitely use everything in this box, which is such a rare thing when it comes to boxes these days. The sunglasses as the big ticket item are really drawing me in, I love sunglasses and especially aviators.

Everyone always likes to assume their own experiences/opinions/preferences is everybody else’s and that just isn’t the case. How many sunglasses can a person own? Well I own about 6 pairs, I love sunglasses. Do I think everyone loves sunglasses? Nope, but just because something isn’t for you doesn’t make it a bad box. It must be really difficult to please everyone. It’s annoying to see people complain that they don’t need a certain product so the box is a bust. I’m tired of getting eyeliner in my Ipsy, but everything else makes it worth it so Instay subbed…otherwise I wouldn’t!

Customer service on the other hand will keep me away and that’s what’s keeping me from this box. I read tok many bad things about it. I also agree it’s slightly over priced when comparing to other similar boxes, this should be more in the $35-$40 range.


I really do wonder about the curation of these boxes. I know there is the underlying theme of supporting and promoting companies doing good, but the items just seem so random. Between the issues with the winter box and feeling like the box contents and I were not a great match, I did cancel, and seeing the spoilers, I’m not sad. I’m sure I’d use the grocery bags and enjoy the chocolate, but other than that, I don’t know that I’d get use out of the rest of the box.


I dont think there are any kind of curation. The box filled with promotional staff that Ellen received from different companies.


this is ridiculous for $55. I’m going to cancel!


These are some nice usable items, but not for $55.


Bunch of random staff.


This would be a nice $20-$25 box, but at $55 it’s pretty laughable. Decently useful and unisex, but low value and mediocre curation.

I think with Ellen’s market she could have a really powerful box if there was some curation – maybe rather than something for everyone and nothing for someone there could be a few levels/types of box supporting different Ellen causes, like:
Kind Kids with different age ranges, proceeds to foster kids
Kind to Animals – proceeds to the foundation Portia gave her
Dapper – Ellen approved accessories, proceeds to an organization that helps people find jobs and job training
Kind to the Environment – reusable/eco friendly housewares, proceeds to environmental causes
Kind to the Arts – ethically made artisan goods, proceeds to support the artists/organizations they work with

Something that showcases the Ellen’s traits that we love and also supports specific charities!


Agree on all counts!


I’d use about half the items, but it’s not worth the price.


While not the most exciting box ever, I’ll definitely use every single thing in here which makes it a great value for me. I love tea, sunglasses are always awesome and my daughter likes aviators, the produce bags are necessary here in the Pacific Northwest due to new “no plastic bags” laws, the umbrella will get TONS of use during the 3/4 of a year rainy season, lip balms = practical and chocolate = yum. I’ve gotten every box so far and while the items do seem random they do get used or gifted so I’m good with it. I do keep hoping for a “unicorn box” though, lol!


I too am glad I cancelled. I don’t think the value is there for the items you get. Also they seem to be very disjointed and just a bunch of odd items put together.


This box is alright for me. I can use everything except the Little Renegades Mindful Kids card set.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.