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Walmart Beauty Box “Fall Faves” Review – Fall 2019

The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About Walmart Beauty Box

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box

The Cost: $5 (ships quarterly) + free shipping

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart.

Ships to: The US only

Good to Know: Here is when each season starts shipping: Winter – January, Spring – March, Summer – July, Fall – October.

Walmart Beauty Box “Fall Faves” Fall 2019 Review


When you sign up you will answer a series of questions such as your ethnicity, hair color, skin concerns and a few other preferences. The answers are used to provide a more personalized experience so that they can tailor your box to you.


Well, I guess it’s fitting that I should get my Fall box in December considering my Summer box arrived in September. This card lists our theme, Fall Faves, along with some info about reviewing the products and a link to a survey.


Bic Soleil Sensitive Disposable Razor – Estimated Value $1.99 (Buy a pack of 3 for $5.67)

I actually received this very same razor in my summer box so it was pretty disappointing to see it again. Especially since I’m a grown woman who has been shaving for over 20 years now and I already have a preference for razors. That being said, I do think this is a nice disposable razor and one that provides a very gentle shave. I recommend it as a starter razor for teens because it’s very difficult to nick yourself with this one even though it has three blades.


Jergens Lavender Body Butter with Essential Oils, 1 oz – Estimated Value $0.85 (Buy a full-size 7 oz. for $5.97)

I am not a huge Jergens or drugstore lotion fan, not after experiencing so many wonderful smelling, rich, natural lotions thanks to various subscriptions, so I wasn’t overly excited by this. I am also trying to be more ingredient-conscious and this does contain parabens, which is unfortunate when so many companies are moving away from using those. It does contain lavender essential oil, but the scent was very mild and overpowered by that traditional lotion smell that I really dislike. This is actually a body butter, but the consistency was much more like a lotion even though it has shea, mango, and cocoa butter in it. It did leave my skin feeling smooth, the bottle is pretty, and it is a nice size to throw in your purse, but it’s just not for me.


Degree Women Ultraclear Dry Spray, 1 oz. – Estimated Value $1.31 (Buy a full size for $4.97)

I’ve made the switch to natural deodorant so this was another item that wasn’t really for me. It does smell nice – fresh and light, although I haven’t put it to the test yet as far as the ultraclear spray goes. It’s a nice size to throw in a gym bag if you’re in a pinch! It also says it provides 48-hour protection.


NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Silk Indulgent – Full Size! Retail Value $6.10

I love that they sent a full-size lip product, but I am not someone who can pull off matte nudes well! This lipstick goes on smoothly and is very silky, but it does have a chemical smell that I didn’t enjoy. Once it dried, it left my lips feeling super dry and chalky.

You can see it’s more of a pale pink out of the tube.


And on my lips, it made them look chalky, and pretty much just washed them out.


Lalafox Milk Moisturizing Mask, 1 mask – Estimated Value $1.35 (Buy a 4-count variety pack for $5.38)

So this was out of stock at Walmart, but it looks like it comes in a 4 count variety pack. I am always happy to receive a sheet mask, but this one didn’t work out well for me. It was very wet and drippy and it actually left my face feeling a bit greasy afterward. The next day my skin seemed pretty moisturized, but still felt a tad greasy, which is rare since I have pretty dry skin, especially this time of year.

Verdict: Okay, so I wasn’t expecting to get any natural beauty products or high-end items in this box, but after the great summer box I received, this one was definitely a letdown, especially since I received the same razor again. Overall, this really was not a box for me, and while I appreciate the mask and the lipstick, they just didn’t work well for me. As for the value, I am estimating about $11.60 which isn’t bad for a $5.00 box. I feel like I could have taken my $5.00 to the travel section at Walmart and picked out 5 things that I’d actually get use out of. Hopefully, everyone else fared better than I did this season! We’ll see what winter looks like!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You may receive a different assortment of products based on your profile. From Walmart Beauty Box:

Sign up today for your first box. Each box is hand-selected with in-season products that fit your profile.

Value Breakdown: At $5 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Bic Soleil Razor: $0.86
  • Jergens: $0.37
  • Degree: $0.56
  • Lipstick: $2.63
  • Mask: $0.58

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What do you think of the Fall Walmart Beauty Box?

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Written by Brandi Dowell

Brandi Dowell

Brandi has loved the idea of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013. Now that she’s a mother of 3, she loves finding unique boxes to educate and entertain her kids while enjoying some more pampering boxes for herself. Her favorites these days are Lillypost, KiwiCo boxes & Wicked Good Perfume!

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Comments (53)

  1. I haven’t been subbed to this box for two years, and I just got charged twice by them. Check your bank accounts, y’all. I had to cancel my credit card.

    • I also was double charged for the latest box. I sent Walmart/Brandshare an email, and they removed the duplicate charge.

  2. Just received my Winter Box and I’m so happy again! I love this box!! I have the “Classic” profile and I received…

    • Color Club Nail polish – #1074 (Navy-ish) Full Size
    • Degree DrySpray Deodorant – Ultraclear Black & White 1oz
    • Curel Dry Skin Therapy 1oz
    • Colgate Optic White Renewal .71oz
    • NYX Lip Cream Duo in “California” FULL SIZE $13 MSRP

    I checked Ulta’s website & the NYX Lip Creams are $6.50 each there for the same size I received!😀 Couldn’t be happier with this box again! The California color I couldn’t find online 🤔 but it’s a beautiful dusty rose nude for my medium skin tone and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw it😂

  3. I just noticed I got charged twice for the upcoming winter box (still says processing shipment). Once on 2/1/2020 and again on 3/5/2020. If you subscribe, might want to double check that the same thing didn’t happen to you.

    • Me, too. When I saw the first $5.00 charge, I expected to receive the box within a few weeks. No box arrived and yet I was charged a 2nd $5.00 in early March.

  4. The info on this box shouldn’t say “free shipping”, since the $5 cost is actually just for the shipping. I moved last year and changed my email address. I thought I unsubscribed, but I must have only unsubbed my Mom’s box. Turns out they shipped out 4 boxes that I haven’t received, and because the $5 fee is for shipping, I do not get box replacements, or a refund!

    I guess it’s my fault for not checking or seeing these charges on my statement for what they were (I may have thought they were addons for another box), and luckily I’m only out $20, but I am disappointed that they wouldn’t even offer a customer concession like one replacement box, or something. Additionally I told them twice I was willing to continue the box at my new address since they never cancelled it like I’d thought, but they cancelled the box on me anyway.

  5. Does anyone know what scent the Degree dry spray was? I tried to find it at Walmart but couldn’t, it really works well for me and I love the scent! Ugh help!

    • I just subscribed the other day and got the Fall Faves. The degree deodorant I got just says ultra clear black + white.

      Also didn’t get a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette like some. Mine came with some Collagen Peptides drink mix.

  6. I think that shade looks great on you. Remember the box is actually free, you’re simply paying for shipping. Can’t wait to open mine for review, not sure what I got yet. Haven’t gotten to that box to review it yet. Still working on the back end of my blog.

  7. The day my own self worth is measured on whether a reviewer likes the same box I do is the day I’ll be quitting subscription boxes for good, or anything else for that matter. The review is not a reflection of you or your taste in products, but it’s obvious some people cannot separate the two. There have been plenty of comments over the years of people not liking certain sub boxes or products that I do like, but I certainly didn’t take it personally. I’m looking at you, Popsugar monthly.

    Reviewer mentions the lateness of the box. She is correct.

    Reviewer mentions she received the same razor in previous box. That WOULD be a disappointment. “That being said, I do think this is a nice disposable razor and one that provides a very gentle shave. I recommend it as a starter razor for teens because it’s very difficult to nick yourself with this one even though it has three blades.” Reviewer is complimentary of the razor.

    Reviewer says she doesn’t care for Jergens. She tells us it has parabens, which a lot of people are adverse to. She tells us the lavender smell is very mild and overpowered by a traditional smell she doesn’t care for. However, she also tells us the different lotions in it, that it made her skin smooth, pretty packaging and a nice size. It’s just not for her.

    Since she now uses natural deodorants, she doesn’t use this. However, she does tell us it has a fresh and light smell, and a nice size. Pretty certain other reviewers have received products they didn’t use in their review as well. And if you need instructions on how to use this product, you probably don’t need to be buying it.

    The reviewer loves they sent a full size lip product, but can’t pull off nudes. Reviewer praises that it goes on smooth and is silky, but also mentions that it has a chemical smell and left her lips feeling dry and chalky.

    The mask was very wet and drippy and made her skin feel greasy, however, she did say her skin felt moisturized the next day, although still slightly greasy.

    Reviewer mentions how great the summer box was, but that this one was not for her. Pretty sure I’ve felt the same way about most sub boxes I’ve tried. One month they may hit it out of the park, and the next may be a total miss. Some products I love, and others I won’t use. You tellin’ me I’m the only one? Pretty certain Liz won’t use lotions with parabens, even when reviewing the box.

    I’m still trying to figure out how a review that highlights the good and bad of a product, is a “bad review”. An honest review, not a cheerleader for the company, is what this old girl appreciates. Keep up the honest reviews, Ms. Brandi.

    I’m convinced the world has turned into a bowl of jello that can’t handle the slightest deviations from their own worldview. This post probably won’t get published, but at least I feel better for writing it. lol

    • Bravo! Great post.

  8. I had to throw the lipstick out. It had to be expired, it smelled really bad and was so dried out it was almost powder.

  9. Different strokes for different folks! I loved the Jergens Lavender Body Butter (will probably buy the full size version), and I was so happy I did not receive the eye shadow palette in the last box.

    I appreciate your taking the time to review this box, and I am interested in hearing a different perspective on the products.

  10. What happened to the eyeshadow palette some people got? My Fall box came in yesterday and it’s winter now!! Hmmm…oh well it is only $5 a quarter and getting a new razor every quarter is ok…I guess. I just wish everyone got the eyeshadow palette.

  11. At the risk of being slammed, I’m just going to throw this out there… I think some of the comments on this post about the review/reviewer are unnecessarily harsh. Her task in setting forth a review is to provide her personal, *honest* opinion on the box. It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxe product box or a drugstore product box she’s reviewing, her opinions are her opinions. Would you really want her to provide a dishonest review, just so she comes off as having a perspective that is more aligned with your point of view? I would hope not. There have been plenty of reviews on here where I’ve thought “OMG no, just no, how could you possibly like (or dislike, as the case may be) that?!?” but I recognize that people’s opinions differ and I just move on. JMHO.

    • I agree with you Sherri, 100%!

    • Thanks, Sherri. ♥️

      • All that I can say is that you stated that the lippie “washed you out”… All I could see was a beautiful young woman with AMAZING skin. Wow girl, you glisten in that photo.

    • I completely agree with you! It makes me mad whenever people attack someone just because they didn’t like a certain box. It’s ridiculous. A couple of days ago this YouTuber whose channel I am subscribed to posted her unboxing video for last month’s The Box By Fashionsta and was heavily attacked by vicious trolls just because she was unimpressed by that month’s box. Anyone who gets mad over someone’s honest review of a subscription box really needs to take a look at their life and priorities. At the end of the day it is a subscription box. It is not life or death. Y’all need to get over yourselves, because it’s not that serious.

      Rant over.

      • I understand what you are saying and of course people shouldn’t be needlessly mean. However, this is a review site and I think it is completely reasonable for people to state why they did not find this particular review helpful. Constructive criticism will hopefully help them in better matching reviewers with assignments in the future. Anyone who has ever done reviews understands that it comes with the territory.

      • I get what you are saying about people being able to say whether or not they find a review to be helpful, but some of the comments do come off as a little condescending to me at times on this website. I don’t have a problem with people voicing whether or not they agree with someone’s review, or even if they find it to be helpful or not, but I feel that it is best done in a respectful way. Thankfully, I have rarely encountered any rude comments on this site, but they usually don’t remain on the site for long. However, I have seen YouTubers who give products that they are reviewing less than stellar reviews get attacked so badly that it’s ridiculous. I’m just saying there’s no need to be rude just because you disagree or are unhappy with someone’s review on a subscription box.

      • Absolutely! Being rude doesn’t help anything. I completely agree with you that it should be done in a respectful way. I don’t think people always intend to sound condescending but sometimes it’s hard to get tone across online. Maybe some things were deleted already, but I didn’t see anything really outrageous on here. Ironically, I found some of the responses to some of the comments to be more aggressive/rude than the original comments.

        Attacking anyone viciously is beyond pathetic. I guess I’m glad I’m not on YouTube much anymore!

  12. I‘be cut back on subscriptions for budgetary reasons, but regularly read the comments on reviews to see what people are saying. Many times, it’s subscribers wishing they got a different variation or mentioning repeat products and they are cheered on. When a reviewer isn’t thrilled to receive a duplicate or doesn’t like something, it’s unacceptable? Yes, it’s a $5 box, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good value for everyone.

  13. I got my fall box back in October. So the winter box is coming out soon? Very confused by the delivery on this box.

  14. Thanks for the review. I wasn’t too thrilled to get a razor again either. I got a mini deo too but in a cucumber scent. Great to throw in the glovebox for those days when you or your teenage daughter runs out of the house without a proper pit stick application. I thought the same thing about the lip color but IMO it looks quite lovely on you. It makes your eyes the focus. When looking at your photo, I first noticed your eyes, then your radiant glowing skin, and then I remembered that the point was to look at the lip color.

  15. I have tried several Natural Deodorants that I have received in various boxes and none of them work for me, for very long. I have a very laborious job and with the natural deodorants before I even get to my first break I have to reach for my spray on Degree so as not to upset my coworkers with my stench lol. SO I am personally happy to get this sample in the box. As for the rest of my box, it’s not grandiose but it’s 5 bucks so I’m not upset with it.

  16. I always enjoy this box. For $5 a season it is totally worth it to me. The review seems overly critical for what this subscription offers. I don’t expect natural or higher end products from this one. I’m personally happy they didn’t send a natural deodorant. I’ve had several from subscription boxes and have yet to find one that I like.

    • I agree! I don’t think someone who has a strong preference for natural/paraben-free, etc. products should be reviewing a $5 Walmart box. Surely there is someone at MSA who isn’t as particular. For the record … nothing wrong with wanting vegan/natural, etc. products, but they are not the client base for this box!

      I also totally agree with you about deodorant/antiperspirant. I have received different ones in boxes before that DO NOT work for me. I’ll stick to my Secret for now, because it actually works. Little deos like the one in this box are great to keep at work, your car, gym bag, or purse.

  17. I really enjoyed the Walmart box! 🤗Heck, it was $5 with free shipping. I really enjoyed the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner sample. I’ve only bought my s&c from Sally’s, but may have to switch it out. My hair was left so soft and smelled great all day. My kids thought I was wearing parfume, but it was my hair! 😳 The shaver was nice and I can always use a razor🙃 The Jergens lavender lotion was really thick and helped my poor dry hands😖 The deodorant worked really well today. Overall, I thought it was great for the price.

  18. I discovered that deodorant in a previous box and it’s now my go to for boot camp days. It really does provide all day stink protection and is far superior than my natural ones for heavy workouts. I love it and like the small size for travel. Wish I could get the same power from the natural brands. That, the mask and the razor would make this box a win for me.

  19. I agree. This is a bad review. I have been washing my hair for 33 years. I have had various favorite shampoos, I buy a sub box to sample new ones. Don’t do drugstore lotion? Okay- but you’re reviewing a Walmart box?

    • I know this isn’t going to come out the way I intend it to – which is truly just me wanting to understand – but how can something be a “bad review” when the reviewer is sharing her personal opinion of the box/products, which is exactly what a review is supposed to be? I mean, I totally get it if someone has a different opinion and/or doesn’t agree with the reviewer’s assessment, but that’s different. Reviews are by nature completely subjective, no? And here it wasn’t like it was just “this sucks” – it was more “it has these attributes, some good, some bad, but it’s not for me.”

      • Perhaps better wording would have been “overly negative.” Or, as I suggested in another comment, perhaps there is a mismatch between the reviewer and the box. If she doesn’t like drugstore lotions and only wants natural products, perhaps this is not the right box for her.

      • To be fair, I’ve read other reviews by this reviewer, and she is very realistic and, like you said, gives the reader a feel for both the good and the bad of the products she reviews. I generally enjoy her posts. But this review was a miss for me, just as the box was a miss for her. 🙂

      • Honestly, I don’t think she is very realistic on a lot of the reviews. There are a couple boxes in particular that seems way too happy to receive cheap products for not cheap prices. Other reviews just nitpick at things. Even I was surprised at how “bad” this review was. Sounds like high expectations from a Walmart box, and it came off a little snooty.

      • I think it’s more just the mis-match. It’s not as helpful as it could be if every other item it’s mentioned “I don’t use products like this, but…”

        Seeing the lipstick swatch and description was useful, since that’s something I would care about. Knowing there is a repeat is useful. Knowing what the deodorant says, but not how it works, since the reviewer only uses natural ones, isn’t as useful.

        I ended my Walmart sub a bit ago since I had product overload, but I like to keep an eye on it. It probably would be more useful if someone who uses drugstore products reviews it, or if the reviewer at least reached out to a friend to try the products she wouldn’t use.

      • I read this review and thought the same thing. Someone who doesn’t like drugstore lotions is not going to like a Walmart box! Jennifer, I think you said it well: this was a mis-match. It would be like someone who only eats vegan reviewing a beef jerky box.

        I’ve seen bad Walmart boxes in my day…this wasn’t one of them.

      • Thank you. Agree completely

    • I agree. She isn’t the target audience for the box and as such can’t provide a good review. If you aren’t interested in “drug store products” then don’t review a “drug store box.” Reading that a product won’t be used because she prefers higher end stuff is not helpful. There’s nothing wrong with not like “drug store products” but there is something wrong with reviewing a box of entirely those items when you know going into it you won’t use any of it. It’s not like this is a new box – by this point in the game, the types of products sent are pretty well-established. When I clicked on this review I was hoping for an honest opinion on how each item works. That’s what would have made it a great review for me.

  20. weird, I got my fall box back in october 😕

  21. My billing seems to be via Brandshare, not Walmart. Is that how it shows up for you?

    • Yes. It showed up as “Walmart/Brandshare Box” on my credit card statement.

  22. Yeah, I got my Fall box last month, and I got the same 5 items as you. The NYX lippie was the only disappointing item in the box for me, as it did not look good on me at all (I also got the same exact shade as you). But the shade does look better on you, though. I’ll admit that my Fall box was pretty disappointing (mainly because some people actually received an eyeshadow palette in their boxes and I guess I was hoping that I would get one but didn’t but hey that’s life), but I can use everything except the lippie in the box. Plus, as one other commenter pointed out, it’s a $5 box from Walmart, so I don’t really expect to receive more bang for my buck like I would with Ipsy or Boxycharm (which I cancelled last month), since I would be paying more for those subscriptions. But I still hope that the Winter box will be better.

  23. After reading this I realized I never got my Winter box.

    • No one has. The fall box was the most recent box to be sent out, and it went out in December. Unless you mean the fall box?

  24. The RV of the NYX Lip Lingerie is $7, not $1.56. Maybe you found it on clearance somewhere, but even at Ulta it is still $7.

    This is a $5 box from Walmart, not a high end beauty box. People who receive a lot of sub boxes and/or who have already found their Holy Grail items probably won’t be impressed with the Walmart box. That does not mean it is a bad box. Perhaps it should be reviewed by someone who is new to sub boxes or who is not “a grown woman” who has discovered her favorite items already. I’m 48, and, while I no longer find my Walmart boxes exciting, I’m still happy to get a razor, a full size lippie, and a few odds and end samples to try for ***$5***

    • Hi Melissa, I did see that it was a sale price I had listed for the lip lingerie so I went ahead and updated the cost of the NYX to $6.10 which is what Walmart sells it for. Sorry about that. Also, I would be happy with the razor as well had I not received it in the box just before this one!

  25. Does anyone know when the winter box edition will come out? We are well into winter but all i see is fall unboxings. Thanks <3

    • It seems like they are running 2 months behind these days. So I’m going to guess March.

      • Agreed. The boxes used to ship the first month of the new quarter, so we could depend on them coming in January, April, July, and October. Now they seem to be coming the last month of the quarter, so more like March, June, September, and December. I get both the Classic and the Trendsetter box, and one of them came a few weeks ago, while the other one came at the very end of December.

  26. Yeah, my fall box was pretty much a flop too (I got a few of the same items). And it didn’t show up until mid December. The good news is, it only set me back $5 – a bad box is much easier to stomach when it’s only $5!

    • Got my box right before Christmas. Got the same brow shade set that I got in the summer box. Plus the same deodorant shown here, small dry shampoo and a small jar of Tea Time night cream. Not impressed with this. But I just can’t seem to drop the box! I keep thinking it’s only $5 and the next one will be better!

      • Do you know what scent the deodorant was? I’ve tried to find it at Walmart but can’t, it works really good for me and I love the scent ugh I has no scent name on it

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