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Oui Please Volume 5.1 Box Spoilers Round #3 + Coupon!


We have more spoilers for the Volume 5.1 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code HIVER15 to save 15% off your Oui Please subscription!

Volume 5.1 will include:


Fresh and floral in flavor, this Rose Petal Confit is perfect for a light sweet snack. Stir in a little of this confit into your vanilla ice cream or plain yogurt, or spread it onto a cracker, scone or fresh bread. For a hot sweet treat, stir this confit into your favorite hot tea!


100% natural balm with organic honey and dandelion, rose powder fragrance. It moisturizes, soothes, and repairs your dry or damaged skin.

PAPIER D’ARMENIE – $10.00 VALUE, 36 strips/12 sheets

Older than the Eiffel Tower, the Papier d’Arménie was born in Paris in 1885. Incense, myrrh, woodsy, and vanilla scent, it created in 2006 by the well-known perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to purify the air.


Each Piece Of Hand-Crafted Jewelry Makes Up A Unique Story. You’ll love this charming flower bracelet from highly-coveted jewelry brand Les Nereides.



The golden metal chignon hair pin is the perfect bohemian touch to enhance the messy chignon. Its rounded ends and slight curves will hug the outline of your head for optimal comfort. Ideal for retaining half-tailed hair, the Bachca barrette adorns your hairstyles in a jiffy. Very easy to close and position, it does not slip thanks to the presence of 2 interior combs.  *Does not include both, will receive either Triangle or Rounded Hair Pin*



Receive a Fall in Love or Oh My Cold Serum in the V5.1 Renew & Relax Box. Either one is sure to leave your skin hydrated and glowing. 10ml




Select between four color options: coral, sunshine, blush, or ciel (light blue). 4″ Diamond design. 125cm x 150cm

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FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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Comments (52)

  1. Gee I finally received this box 7 months after my purchase! The confit was missing. Not impressed

    • Yes, just got mine as well. Had totally forgotten about it!!! No confit here either.

    • Got mine today, and guess what was missing? Yep, the confit. 🙄

      • Just got mine yesterday after emailing last week. I was missing the confit, the Terre de Mars, and the Codage.

  2. Any movement or communication? It’s now March 26th, I got my shipping notice 23 days ago and it’s still just at label created. Do these shipping labels expire if you don’t use them within a reasonable amount of time? And I don’t buy this world crisis excuse when originally they said shipping on Feb 15th AND they’re hyping up the next box.

  3. I’ve had a label with no movement for nearly 2 weeks now. They already have spoilers on their website for the next box (I’m guessing it’ll be here for summer even though it says spring renaissance).

    • I finally got a reply to one of my two emails I sent regarding shipping. She said in a very verbose response but it’s because of the global health epidemic that it’s been delayed. But of course it was supposed to go out mid February so that’s actually no excuse! Very frustrated

      • This can only mean that some items have not come in. I wonder which ones — aren’t they supposed to come from France? France has been very slow in halting activities because of covid-19 — they’re finally closing non-essential businesses tonight — so it’s a little hard to believe. It seems more likely that some items were coming in from China, or were being manufactured in China for French brands.
        It would be nice if OuiPlease sent an update to its subscribers, wouldn’t it.

  4. I just emailed them again a moment ago. This is my email to customer support:

    “Hello I emailed a week ago asking when the boxes were going to ship from February. I still do not have a response. Can you please tell me when the February box is shipping? I do not even have a shipping label or anything created. Today is 13 March I’m starting to worry.”

  5. I got the shipping notice a week ago but no movement. Does anyone’s tracking show anything but label created?

    • This box cannot get its act together. We haven’t had a box in 3 months and it is supposed to ship 6 times a year. No sign the current box (spoiled weeks ago) is going to ship anytime soon.

  6. I just got a shipping notice!

    I’m crossing my fingers that the missing bracelet from my last box is included in this shipment!

    • Keep in mind that a shipping notice doesn’t mean the box has shipped, just that they printed a label. I the past I have had boxes not actually move for several weeks after they sent the “shipping” email. It’s a start, though!

      • Lol, yes. I’m intimately aware of their shipping problems, but I’m always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • My box was supposed to be delivered today, and it hasn’t even started moving… Lol. Well, I expected this, so it’s not a big deal. Based on previous experiences, I guess it may start moving at the end of next week. It’s pretty quick once it leaves the warehouse. As long as there are no missing items, I’ll be a happy camper!

    • I don’t even have shipping notice yet. It’s now March 6, I’m hoping to get the FEBRUARY box sometime soon. Sigh….

    • Sadly, I don’t think the bracelet will be in the box. I emailed about it today and was told that it was delayed because of the worldwide health situation…which feels a bit like a lie because they told me in January that a shipment would be arriving that week. That was long before this worldwide health situation blew up.

  7. Any updates when this box is supposed to start shipping?

    • Bonjour! You will get the box this month – we start shipping on the 15th 🤩

      • Thanks Ashley! Looking forward to it!

      • Has the box actually started shipping? I haven’t received any email about it. But I wonder if they are shipping in batches…

      • Ashley, what is the update on shipping?

      • No, it does not appear that we will get the box “this month”, since the month ends tomorrow, and I haven’t even received a shipping notification yet (much less an actual tracking!)

    • I haven’t gotten shipping notification. We are well past the 15th.

      I’m guessing this will now be the “March” box. And the box that we should get in April will instead come in May or June. Maybe they should just make the switch to quarterly…

      • This is so disappointing. I chose to invest in a yearly subscription because I thought they were committed to fix the major issues people have been commenting about for years. I’ve only received one of my six boxes and already I’m having second thought. I don’t think you should have to chase down a merchant to find out why you haven’t received something you paid for early in good faith and when you should expect to know SOMETHING. I’m pretty easy going and understanding. If there’s an understandable delay that’s fine. But I don’t have much patience when someone doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the delay. Or apologize. Or provide any sign at all they’re working on a resolution and what that will be.

  8. Sorry off topic, but is anyone still waiting for their 1951 bag from last fall? I keep checking on it and Ashley keeps giving the same types of answers (reaching out to the supplier, meeting with the manager, checking with the fulfillment team) and then never follows up.

    • I’m still waiting 🙁

      • 🙁

      • I was looking for an update on the missing Les Nereides bracelets from last box… Had anybody received it?

      • No bracelet here and no update on its status.

      • I emailed Ashley today about the missing LN bracelet. A shipment is coming in this week, so hopefully they will be sent out soon. The charm should be a butterfly.

    • I am also still waiting. Ashley has been keeping in good contact with me. It sounds as though the 1951 owner is not responding to them.

      • I agree! Ashley has been keeping me updated on the status as well. Hopefully 1951 owner gets back to OP regarding the availability.

    • I sent an email today, and received a reply back that they are now working on an “alternate clutch” since they aren’t able to get any more 1951 bags. I’m extremely disappointed that it took nearly 4 months for them to finally admit the bags weren’t happening, but it sounds like this is pretty par for the course.

  9. Why isn’t the price of the box listed?

  10. I have been eyeing this sub for the longest time and this box finally got me to sign up. I wish that we could pick the hair accessories and body products, however, I am pleased with the overall box!

  11. I’m so happy I decided to gamble and buy an annual subscription despite all the previous negativity. I only had one small issue with my first box and I have found Ashley to be very prompt and helpful anytime I reach out to her.

    I’m super excited for this box! I love the bracelet and it will look great paired with the blue flower one from the last box. Despite having MANY subscriptions over the years I somehow haven’t received any Turkish towels or throws unfortunately. Probably because I mainly subscribe to strictly beauty subs. So I’m anxious to try out my (hopefully blue or “ciel”) Turkish throw. I’m hoping for the Winter serum vs the Fall one since it’s for drier skin and for the triangle barrette since I’ve been wanting one exactly like it for a while. Plus I don’t have enough hair or rather it’s just not thick enough to support that other hair accessory.

    The only thing I’m NOT excited for is the rose jelly. I guess I just don’t have a sophisticated palette because I don’t like eating or drinking anything that tastes like flowers unless it’s boring old honeysuckle and I don’t know if it really even qualifies. I’ll probably just give it to the same friend I gave my Pink Champagne gourmet popcorn from my Kernel Crate sub box to. I also don’t like alcohol flavored food, especially wine or champagne. I don’t even drink them. I’m so boring and basic! 😁

    • Hi Danielle – not sure if you’ll be notified of a follow up message, but I was able to choose my preference (we might not get it though) for the blanket and the serum. I just got an email today. Wanted to let you know since you were newer to the box.

  12. Whenever I see LES NEREIDES it reminds me of my old username Nemirdes which means “Watery Jewel” in Tolkien’s Elvish. Their pieces are stunning and whimsical.

  13. Charming spoilers!

  14. How does the PAPIER D’ARMENIE work?

    • I had to look it up, but it’s basically a paper form of incense. You are supposed to fold the paper strip accordion style, light one side on fire and blow out the flame so the paper can slowly burn up. For safety purposes, I would probably place it on an incense burner with a lid.

      • Thanks KatS for taking the time to research this product! 🙂

  15. This looks good except for the bracelet which is the same as what was in the last box.

  16. I am so tempted by this one, but I am over the Turkish throw/towel phase. Can we move on the next big thing please?

  17. Love it! 😍

  18. Can’t wait!!! Love this box💜

  19. These items are different than the spoilers they sent to my e-mail. The latest two I am referring to.

    • The “which would you choose” items of a hat and a belt are for the box after this one.

  20. Soooooo excited! 😍

  21. Beautiful spoilers!

  22. Oh wow, I love all of these new spoilers. I am going to try the rose petal confit with brie.

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