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Jeffree Star Valentine’s Day Mystery Boxes Launch at 10 AM PST

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Mystery Boxes launch at 10 AM PST! (Thanks, Heather, for the heads up!)

The Box: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Boxes

The Cost: $60 for the Premium Box, $100 for the Deluxe Box, $145 for the Supreme Box

The Products:

  • Premium Box – 4 items (3 exclusive)
  • Deluxe Box – 8 items (3 exclusive)
  • Supreme Box – 12 items (5 exclusive)

Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

(Check out our review of the last mystery box to see what you can expect.)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (38)

  1. So excited for you. Unfortunately no one told me I needed a desktop site to do this or to switch to desktop site. I was stuck only getting the $60 box when I wanted to to higher tiers. Oh well at least I got something I guess!

  2. I was on the site all day, I got all 3 boxes in my cart 2 minutes before launch time, could even choose the size that I wanted. Didn’t have any issues. Only getting to check out took me 10 minutes. I hope there will be a lot of red!

  3. Passing once I found out it was $10 shipping and $5 tax on a $60 box.

  4. is anybody else having a problem switching the options from 60 to 100 to the top-tier? I can’t seem to change it I’ve been trying to get in and get another box but even from the beginning when I ordered my first box I was trying to change the tier and I tried on all my devices and it would not let me change the cheer. It’s got stuck at $60 here and I don’t know how to get above that I don’t know how to order the large box. Anybody else have this problem?

    • I had the same problem. So I decided to go ahead and order two of the premium, I’m really hoping they were worth it. Hopefully he will address the issue that people were having not being able to switch tiers. I was on the site before the launch and was refreshing the page in hopes to get the top-tier but I was unable to even select it.

      • I thought about buying two of the $60 boxes but I didn’t want two of the same product. No doubt there will probably be repeat items so… Just upset because I wanted and eyeshadow palette and I figured with the Deluxe indoor Supreme boxes we were probably going to get one. I mean if he would have put them in the lower boxes that would be awesome but… Which is why I wanted to purchase the deluxe and the Supreme rather than the premium.

      • Completely agree! I figure if I have repeats I have friends and family who will probably like it. A lot of people said you had to be on a computer for the drop down to work but my cousin was on a computer and it still didn’t work for her.

    • The reason you cannot switch to the top or medium tier boxes is because they are sold out. They sell out minutes after they are launched.

      • That’s not true because my drop down didn’t work and I was on the computer so I bought the premium. Then I went back on my cell phone about three minutes later and was able to finally get the drop down to work and bought the deluxe. Only the supreme was sold out

    • It was an issue with using phone web browsers. If you switched your phone’s browser to desktop mode, instead of mobile it would have worked to choose a different box tier. Or if you used a computer..

  5. Jeffree Star tweeted that people who bought premium box is in for big F word surprise .

  6. Can’t even order anything other than the premium box….. upsetting

    • I was upset by this too. Super frustrating and then when the drop down was fixed, all that was left were premium boxes. I’m hoping he addresses this.

    • Yeah same here I don’t understand it my device on all of them (believe me tried on all three)
      I couldn’t or it wouldn’t allow me to switch tiers in order to put it in my cart. And I was on the site of a half hour before it went live so I literally was like on there when it went live

  7. Okay, apparently one of the items in the $60 box is either a lip gloss OR a liquid lipstick, depending on your luck.

    I’m definitely passing on it now, not going to risk another freaking lip gloss. I have like 6 in a drawer from ipsy and other subs, and I don’t even know anyone who will take them. I’m sure the other items are nice, but there is one type of cosmetic I can’t use anywhere or for any purpose and that is lip gloss lol

  8. Not buying it. I bought last year and I got GREEN highlighter, deep purple lipstick, phone socket and other lip product with barely wearable colors. I have all his palettes, so dont want duplicates.
    Also, JS has not released any new product lately, it is definitely will be old product that I probably already have.
    Finally, last time “exclusive” items were stickers, and JS got mad and nasty when got criticized for it. In bigger boxes he includes clothes with his logo, and definitely dont want walking around advertising him.

    • Actually JS refunded all of the mini boxes money over the stickers and he posted apologies on all of his media. Just saying.

      • So only deluxe has a clothing item…

      • I saw the apology and refund, someone in his marketing team got him to his senses but the way he attacked his customer was awful.

    • If it’s the Mint Condition, it doesn’t go on green, for what it’s worth. It’s more of a gold if you use a highlighter brush. If you use it with an eyeshadow brush it is green.

      I had that same box. I sold the purple lippie on Poshmark, but was stuck with the orange. I broke down and used the highlighter once I saw a review for it.

  9. I’m definitely thinking about maybe getting the small one. I’ve never done one of his before. Like some others, I’m a little concerned about getting colors I can’t wear …. BUT I have a daughter that’s obsessed with him so I can always regift stuff I don’t like to her.

    • The lipsticks also work as an eyeliner so even the craziest colors can look stunning on the eye.

  10. I am trying to get myself a box. I got one of the Halloween ones and I regularly use two of the lip products that I received.

    • I got the mini Jawbreaker palette in my Halloween box, the Frost highlighter palette in my Christmas box and I was wowed! 😳🤯😁 I love JS cosmetics in general. Wearable or not. To me, they are like collectors items❤😊

  11. No Afterpay, no box 💔

    • Afterpay works now 🙂 it was only unavailable during the first two hours it went on sale.

  12. This is a hard pass for me. Everytime I try to make an order it becomes sold out and seeing what’s in the box is very boring to me. I would like to try something of his but shipment and price point seems to not call me.

  13. Does this person have wearable colors for professional women (meaning corporate, not the fashion and pole-hugging industries), or only purple, orange, and lime? For me, this is a lot of money to risk.

    • Same, I can’t do these colors even at home.

    • Yes, Jeffree has all kinds of really beautiful, wearable colors. However, you won’t likely find them one of his mystery boxes. I’ve seen people get wearable colors in their mystery boxes, but it’s really risky. You would be best to just buy a couple in shades you actually like. 😉 The formula on his liquid lipstick is one of the best!

      • Thank you Nicole! I appreciate your information. I guess we have to remember that mystery boxes are typically a way to get rid of what didn’t sell at full price – and there’s a reason it didn’t sell.

    • I love this comment. 😂 It’s one of the reasons I haven’t bitten either.

      I do sneak in some color in moderation on my eyes OR nails but just can’t sneak in lipstick.

    • I work in a law firm (I am a patent agent) and I wear purple and orange and hot pink all the time. Not just makeup but also clothes and shoes.

    • Jeffree Star made his brand centered around high fashion, so he definitely has a lot of colors for the risk-taker, a mystery box is definitely not for you if you don’t wear wacky colors.
      I work in theatre, so I can often show up to work with blue lips – I would be more worried to get an orange or yellow that wouldn’t suit my skin tone. I’ll probably still pass since I can’t guarantee something flattering, but one of these days I might go for one!

    • I did the beautylish lucky bag of his, and while it was disappointing to get a palette I already got (blue blood), I felt I faired better than a lot of the regular beautylish bags. I got that palette, a 5 piece 5 year collection of full size liquid lipsticks (THREE out of the FIVE are very wearable colors, the other 2 are way out there being white and green), a lip liner in a very wearable color, a liquid frost, and a pack of his straws. Now, his liquid lips are also eye safe, and I feel people are much more comfortable wearing a wild eye than wearing a wild lip. And I don’t always see that mentioned when someone is concerned about his bold color choices.
      Personally, given that this is for Valentine’s Day, I feel like colors are more likely to be pinks and reds given the holiday nature of the box, so I think you’d have a better shot at not getting wild colors than say a Halloween box.

      • I received this same box. I found that applying the white liquid lip, letting it dry down, and then lightly layering another color or topper over it made it very wearable for an every day look. I’ve gotten some stunning ombre looks with this white as a base.

    • Yes he does I work in a law firm and I wear his stuff literally every single day of my life. You can check my YouTube out @desiglamlife to see how you can use his pallets or liquid lipsticks he does have lipstick colors that are appropriate and eyeshadows that can be worn appropriately. It is all about application and knowing how to use them.

  14. LOL, no thanks. Hard pass.

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