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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium January 2020 FULL Spoilers!

We have full spoilers for one variation of the January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium!

One variation of the January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box includes:

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Here’s a closer look at some of the spoilers:

Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Eye Shadow Palette – Retail Value $45


Too Faced Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette – Retail Value $44

FARSÁLI Liquid Glass Radiance Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (95)

  1. I got the billion dollars brow kit but I think it’s a tad dark , don’t think they look at profiles for eyebrow color either :/

  2. Ooh one of the variant items to receive instead of the KVD single is a Natasha Denona single! Blackest black (matte) OR iridescent topper!

  3. This was my first month of premium so I didn’t get to choose any items. I received the Two Faced palette, Kat Von D shadow, FARSÁLI Serum, Billion Dollar Brows, Tula acne face wash, and Bliss clay mask. When I filled out my profile, I said I didn’t want face wash because the wrong formula will dry out my skin. I have a feeling the face wash and mask will do just that.

    I only want to sub to one box, either basic or premium. So far the basic box is the winner!

  4. Confused about what I just received…I got Tula Acne Foam cleanser at 56 do not need this…Bliss big pore clay mask….Don’t need that either and instead of Kat von Dee got Natasha Denona duo chrome top coat. Most of this I can’t use. Hmmmm

    • I got those items as well. I love tula so willing to give it a try

    • For the most part, Boxy doesn’t customize based on your profile. The exception is the tone of complexion products, & even that has been hit & miss in the past. It will be interesting to see how these concealers & foundations turn out in upcoming months.

    • I received the same . I am older as well. I do wish they would look a bit better at the age. I suppose I can give the acne cleanser and the pore mask to my kids. I do not mind getting the palettes because at least there are some mattes that I can use The Denona chrome is very pretty, however I think I may look like a clown. Pretty bummed this month

  5. I would absolutely love these products need my liners and eyebrow stuff just about out:-) I hope colors are good:-)

  6. So I’m paying more to get more filler products?? Uh, no thanks! Really only interested in the Farsali, which I could’ve purchased from someone on fb. Think this will be my first and last premium, waste of money IMO. I’ll stick with an occasional base box until they figure out what a “premium” box should look like!

  7. First premium box .. looks ok .. we’ll see 🤔
    Now I’m not so sure if I drop my base box for premium . Base box has been great as of recent . But . Don’t want to pay for both boxes and that be too much product ..

  8. Thank you guys for all the replies way up above when I asked about choice. Oh well…. IF I end up NOT getting the eyeshadow palette, I would gladly swap with anyone! 😁

  9. The mouse moisturizer has great reviews..I feel like this box is a litrle bleh compared to the others..and this will be my first one 😂 go figure the base box is nicer I think

  10. I really hope I don’t get the Billion Dollar Brows kit! Boxy sent a pencil in a past box and it was awful. I also forgot to pause IGBP and it’s one of the items I’m receiving this month 🙄

  11. That eyebrow kit is in the $25 Ipsy box and Boxy puts it in their $35 box🤔🤔Along with a single eyeshadow and no-name eyeliner pencils…smh

    • I have the feeling that the eyeliners are from the same parent company that owns many other brands like Steve Laurant (not necessarily this one). They likely own a bunch of brands that go in sub boxes.

      This is just a guess, but maybe the single eyeshadow is going into the boxes that get the face palette, since they aren’t getting an eyeshadow palette. That’s the only thing that would make sense. It would be cool if the boxes with the eyeshadow palette received a KVD blush instead of the eyeshadow.

      • The KVD eyeshadow doubles as a blush and is a 18$ single, I am excited about it! I’m still hooked on the lolita liquid lip, such a flattering shade on me.

      • That makes sense! The color is pretty. I’d be thrilled if we receive that palette in the future.

      • Kat Von D is cheap for boxy to buy now-her stuff is all over TJ maxx and Marshall’s since she ruined her own career by admitting to being and anti-vaxer and anti Semite (or at least being with an anti Semite)

      • I got the eyeshadow palette and the single shadow.

      • Not overly happy with either of my boxes but I’m also not miserable. Both boxes arrived together today.
        Regular box;
        – Pretty vulgar concealer dont need but if lightest color i will try. tried on hand and seemed dry which is not good for my dry skin 🙁
        -Dr brandt my choice (regret now as I got one as add on and am not loving it)
        – Skin Care gommage have a deluxe and now a 2nd full size TOO MUCH dont need. but will force myself to try it then keep or pass on.
        – Recipe watermelon have 2 samples not sure how i feel about this
        – Lip manna kudar beauty lip whip yuck too dark but I havent tried it yet

        – Too faced palm springs happy have several two faced palettes that I like so I know I will get some use out of this.
        – Tula acne foam cleanser Dude I don’t get acne and my profile says NO acne and that I have DRY SKIN so it’s useless and will be passed on
        – Farsali serum excited to try
        – Kat von d eye; too dark passing it on
        – Bliss mask; dont like bliss another dud may try or pass on
        – Billion dollar brows; pencil too dark profile says blond, super light hair and complexion so useless and passing on but I’m hoping the other items can be of some use to me

        This year I am committed to calling out DUDs and HITs for my boxes so I can move forward more knowledgeable on what to keep and what to cancel. Thanks

  12. Anyone else notice that the eyeliners are the one and only product that this Saint Luxe Beauty has? And not a single review on them? So shady. I also love the super inflated retail of $55 for 3 wooden eyeliner pencils🙄

    • Completely shady, and it’s not the only thing that made me go 🤔. I feel they are buying items from overseas wholesalers (ie. The Illuminati sponge and possibly the eyeliners) and setting up a website in order to inflate the value and make it look legit.

      Illuminati Cosmetics Sponge:  They only had 1 item on their website, the sponge for $21.00 US.  I was suspicious because they don’t have Instagram and there was no content on their Twitter.  I emailed them and asked if I could get a deal if I ordered 1,000 sponges.  They responded immediately saying YES, $5.00 per sponge.  I imagine Boxycharm got them for under $1.00 each.  I checked them again today and there’s still just the one item and they’ve deleted their Twitter account.

      SAINT LUXE BEAUTY (eyeliner set) :  Most brands start off with Instagram and have many posts of their products and advertise they’re coming soon.  This brand doesn’t even have a link to their Instagram or email address on their website.  After searching, I found it, but their email is a gmail address, which is not the norm for a company.  They’re charging more than Glossier and I find it strange they would only have one item that is a set, for $55.00.  Most people would only use the black. 

      Boxycharm has also used a private label company (m. greengrass) twice, which would be fine, only they also used part of the manufacturers (Anderson Lilley) back story, ” Our exclusive fragrances are created using aromatics from around the world. Each one takes its inspiration from our own experiences and travels.  Our complex scents can take months or years to perfect, and oftentimes include over 100 different notes.  We obsess over finding new and unexpected combinations, ones that create new experiences, or bring back memories.”

      They also charge more than Lilley Anderson (who also donates 10% of proceeds to charity).  The $36.00 m. greengrass Beach Air dry oil spray that was in a recent box has identical ingredients in the same order and the same amount of product as the Malibu Surfer Dry Body Oil by Anderson Lilley, which is just $14.40 ($18.00 and 20% off). 

      I feel Boxycharm is buying filler items from wholesalers and the websites and social media accounts were set up so it wasn’t obvious they was buying cheap items in bulk from overseas and placing a much higher value on them to raise the value of our boxes.  On the flip side, they are giving us items at 70-80% off, so they need to cut costs as they are a business that needs to make money.  However, I’d rather have them list a more reasonable price for fillers and be more transparent.  If they put a $5.00 value on that sponge and a $20.00 value on the eyeliners, I would be more than happy to receive a box worth over $100.00.  They don’t need to inflate values to justify a $4.00 price increase.  All that, plus and the stress (wasting hours on their website due to constant glitches), disappointments, extra shipping fees and poor customer service, has really turned me off.  I don’t like how they operate (ie. calling angry customers babe, honey, etc.) on their social media, and I feel like they’re a marketing company, not a subscription service that cares about their customers.  I don’t trust them and I’m finally ready to unsubscribe. 

      • Joanne I completely agree with everything you said here, that’s exactly what they’re doing! And worse yet, they assume we’re not going to figure it out lol!

      • Thank you for your coherent post that uses great examples. Your post reminds me of the old saying about not wanting to eat sausage after watching it being made. A wake up call is in order, because at some point, these items are getting in our eyes, lips, in our pores. I’m feeling queasy.

      • Omg. You are totally right!! Good detective work. This eyeliner trio probably cost around $1-2. That’s so sketchy. Just be upfront and honest. Just looking at these eyeliners they look hard. I don’t care so much about the value of the item. I care more about how it performs. But I still don’t want to be tricked into thinking I’m getting a luxury item when really I’m getting a dollar store item.

    • I noticed that too. It made me think that these eyeliners were just created for Boxycharm. No one would ever pay $55 for three dollar store wood eyeliners. They look like they would hurt to apply.

  13. Other than the TF palette and Farsali, this box is garbage! I wasn’t overly impressed with my December premium but this is super underwhelming. They really overhyped this box. 2 good items and the rest are giveaways, that’s why they only showed the 2 spoilers, they know what they’re doing…

  14. This box really isn’t good for January. I am glad that I almost got premium but at the same time this box isn’t calling my name at all. The only thing I see is the Laniege that I would want from this box. Why would I want another eyeshadow if there is a palette and too many brow and eye liners. I don’t mind it but I feel like the regular box looks way better. That’s just my opinion.

  15. I’m trying to sign up for boxycharm premium but it only let’s me sign up for boxy charm. Is there a separate way of signing up for premium. I’m located in canada.

    • You have to be an active boxycharm subscriber, to receive premium. Once you sign up, you can then join the premium wait list. When you are removed from the waitlist, you will get 2 boxes your first month, the base boxycharm & premium. After that, you can cancel the base box and only keep premium.

  16. My FOMO has been fully realized. I was trying to be financially responsible and cancelled Premium and now am wishing I could try that Laneige moisturizer and the Farsali serum. I also love Too Faced! I put myself back on the waiting list yesterday. Really regretting cancelling!

    • I haven’t cancelled yet but I need to stop all my BC boxes. That FOMO is terrible!

  17. Great value! Don’t love every single thing, but more than pays for itself!

  18. I received that facial cleanser in a previous box.. will that be taken into consideration?

    • They look similar but this one is not the cleanser.

  19. Love every single product, and haven’t tried any of them….Can’t wait….

  20. I was happy to see this combination of products, but then I saw that this is one variation, so we may get some other stuff instead and that would make me sad.

  21. I hope that this isn’t the variation that I get. I don’t need eyeliners or brow products and I specified that in my quiz

  22. If I get another black eyeliner, I am cancelling. I have enough black eyeliner to do cat eyes on every single model in the USA, Italy, and France for the next thirty years.

  23. I just don’t get it. The premium box is much better than the Luxe box. This box is valued at $240. They didn’t show all of the items for the Luxe box until it shipped and I don’t find that to be a coincidence. The items that others listed as spoilers were items that most people didn’t receive. They also included heavily inflated items, like a facial roller that listed the value as $69, when you can buy it anywhere for less than $20.

    • I really liked my boxyluxe. When I checked the prices on the roller with the special stones I did find it priced at $69. I have other rollers I’ve gotten cheaper. But I didn’t find many places that sold the nurse whatever it’s called roller. And all the ones I saw did charge $69. I watched a lot of spoilers and got pretty much what I saw. Was you hoping for some specific items that you didn’t get? I know how the let down is when you are really hoping for something inparticular.

      • The roller is by Cosmedix. I found one identical to it at Marshall’s for $12. Nurse Jamie has one for $69 and hers is sold at Sephora. It’s like they copied it and charged the same price.

        I received the witch hazel spray, a Too Faced matte lip color, which is my favorite, but the color dries as dark brown. I also received a Rituals shower foam that I can’t use, because it’s heavily scented. So 5 of the items are ideal for me, while 3 are misses and 1 is horribly overpriced.

      • Just because an item is now available at a Marshall’s it doesn’t change Retail Value or what used to be called Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Most companies inflate their msrp so they can sell the product for less and it tricks our brains into feeling like we scored a deal.

  24. I’m getting the Billion Dollar Brow Kit from Ipsy already, I really hope it’s a variant item.

    • It probably is a variant. I got it with my regular Boxy last month.

    • Me too. I received it in Ipsy a month or two ago and while some of it’s pretty good the brow pencil is mechanical and only ‘skinny’ enough for what I like until the little point is gone. 🙁 and I definitely don’t want another…

  25. Can someone reply as to how long it took to be on their Waitlist before getting the actual Premium box? Thanks.

    • It took me 3 months and I signed up the second the waitlist opened.

      • Thanks so much!

    • I put myself on the waitlist as soon as the premium box was announced. I got an email on jan 1st saying I was getting the premium box. So it’s been a few months.

      • Thanks!

    • 3 months

    • One month

    • Honestly, I signed up for regular Boxy in October and requested Premium – got off the waitlist for the first box in November…I still don’t know how since I was a brand new Boxy customer. No complaints, but I can def see how long term customers are frustrated.

    • I signed up a few hours after the list opened up and I got the 2nd Premium box. I felt bad though because there were people (like some of the people that commented here) that signed up immediately that had to wait another month. I’ve been with Boxy for a long time now and it’s become clear that much of what they do, how/when they do it, etc. is totally random. They’re just very unorganized and they use weak technology.

    • I’ve subscribed to Boxycharm (with no breaks/cancellations) since March 2014. I successfully signed up for luxe when it launched, but I was placed on the waiting list for premium…and I signed up as soon as it was announced. Just received an email on January 1st that I’m finally off the waitlist for premium!

      • I’m sorry you had to wait but, yay you’re in now!!

    • I signed up the first day the waitlist opened and this month January will be my first premium box

      • Me too signed up first day it opened and January 2020 will be my first month. Now reading some of what’s been coming out has me pause with concern wondering where some of these products are coming from. Fake elevated products and or prices that may be harmful arent a good way to promote or sell anything including a subscription box.

  26. Does anyone know if we can still get a choice option for January if we were JUST removed from waitlist? Sucks cuz I was charged for premium on 1/1 so I am happy to get it, but I never got the chance for choice… 😭

    • You dont get choice your first month unfortunately

      • Thank you so much for the reply! I HOPE I get the eye-shadow palette! If anyone wants to trade (IF I dont get it), just let me know!

    • When will I be removed been on the list for more than a month

    • I’m in the same boat. Not wanting the eye shadow palette so I’m sure that’s what I’ll receive.

      • Zo,
        This is my 1st month for Premium and I was so excited. I REALLY want the eyeshadow palette I will totally swap.with u if I end up getting the face palette 🙂

    • No you can’t get choice if you were just activated. Choice will start next month for you.

    • You won’t get to select until your second box, February.

      • I so want the too faced sugar peach face palette please!!

  27. I think it is pretty solid box. Most of the products are new to me, so I am happy to try and experiment.

  28. I still haven’t gotten my Dec box (not even a shipping notice) and I’m starting to think I’m not going to. Waiting for a “so sorry but” email. Hopefully, this one will ship without any issues. I love Boxy and the Dec shipping delay has been my first issue so I’ve been lucky. Just a bit disappointed because I really want the Dec box.

    • Contact them and also send a message on their Facebook. I hope you get your box soon.

    • Email thier customer service. I had to call the carrier, investigate, and when the carrier gave me the run around I emailed boxy to let them know what happened and they sent me another Boxyluxe. You can do this once a year.

    • I just emailed them yesterday about my December box & they assured me that I would still be receiving it, even after they refunded my money.

  29. I have never heard of saint luxe beauty, and why is there a single eyeshadow and a palette

    • I was wondering the same thing…the eyeliner trio is the only item they sell too, it’s got me like???

      • And it’s $55…yeah right

    • Well according to their website they are taking the beauty industry by storm !!! (Eye-roll)…

  30. nice box. hope they ship these soon, because i really like almost everything in that variation.

  31. Can you get the Premium without getting the regular box? If so, how? When I tried to sign up for Premium, it appeared that I would get both. TIA!

    • After you are off the waitlist for premium, you can cancel regular. So, one month you will get two boxes (one regular and one premium) but until then, you will just get regular.

  32. No FOMO.

  33. The Saint luxe eyeliner makes me raise an eyebrow, it’s the only item for sale by this company. Also I am not sure what a nude eyeliner would be for. But everything else looks amazing, happy overall. 😀

    • You can use a nude to define your eyebrow shape or you could probably use it instead of concealer for a cut crease look. Some people use it in the waterline as well to make their eyes look bigger.

      • Ohh thank you Amarante, for the info! I have never done any of that, will give it a whirl if it is in my box. 😀

  34. I’m really interested in seeing how that Farsali and the Laniege performs!

  35. Question on the brow kit. I have sparse light blond brows. Are there color options? I sure hope so, I’m tired of not receiving products in light or blond to match my skin tone. This year, because I want to cut back on some of my subs. Since I’m not sure which to cut I’m tracking what I actually keep, use and am excited by and what is useless to me and needs to be passed along. If I only keep one or two products on average I’m not sure if a box is worth the cost overall. Thoughts? How do you base which subs you stick with and cancel? Thanks

  36. Of course I just added the brow kit on to my ipsy so I’m sure I’ll get that in my box lol. I like this much better then my December box that finally came yesterday.

    • I almost got it but decided to hold off and now I’m glad I did lol. But watch me. It get it now haha!

    • Too bad they’re offering a product that IGBP has for this month too. It’s in my reveal with Ipsy so I hope I don’t get it with BCP as well. If so maybe my daughter will use it or I’ll have a backup.

      • I will take anything by Laneige or Farsali. I love both brands. I already have 2 of the brow kits from Ipsy and I dont do my brows so I’m really hoping I dont get that. I do not want anymore eyeliner. I dont use it and i get it almost every month. I dont use single shadows because I have over 100 palettes I force myself to use. I picked the face palette because I already have eyeshadow palettes with similar colors to that too faced one. I’m really trying to only get palettes that will be a new color story or the quality is just amazing. I’m saving
        for Pat McGrath and Natasha Demona large palettes now.

    • I ordered it from Ipsy too!

    • I got the same exact one from ipsy ultimate last month. I do really like it but I don’t need 2. The things I won’t use or don’t need I usually give away for bdays or Christmas to girls who don’t have much.

  37. Not impressed at all.

    • Think I’m excited for this box!!!

  38. I like it! 🙂

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