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Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription Box Review – November 2019

Sisley November 2019 beauty subscription box review

The Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Sisley Paris! Each month, subscribers will receive five Sisley Paris samples, including skincare and haircare from the well-known beauty brand.

FYI, Per Sisley:

The Beauty Subscription has been discontinued and unavailable for purchase effective November 1st, 2019. The Final Beauty Subscription boxes will be shipped to existing enrolled clients through January 2020.

12/13 UPDATE: Due to the number of questions in the comments, I have reached out to Sisley via voicemail and email to see if I can get any additional info regarding subscriptions that extend past the January 2020 cut. I will update with any info I receive back! If you have specific questions related to your subscription, I recommend reaching out via this contact form or calling Sisley at 1-855-747-2948.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About the Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription

The Subscription Box: Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription

The Cost: $10 per month with a 6-month minimum purchase. Save with a 12-month subscription.

The Products: Five Sisley Paris samples every month, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and bath products.

Ships to: The US for free

Good to Know: This subscription was discontinued on 11/1/2019. Boxes will be shipped to existing enrolled clients through January 2020.

November 2019 Sisley Paris “Luxurious Moments” Box Review


Each box comes with a card indicating the theme of the box. This month focuses on moments of luxury!

Now, let’s check out the items!

Every month, the products come nestled inside a satin pouch. This month, the pouch is a soft ivory!


Express Flower Gel Mask, 10 ml – Estimated Value $23.33 (Buy a full-size 60 ml for $140.00)

The idea of an express mask was pretty interesting! Basically, you apply this thick gel and let it sit for 3 minutes before wiping away the excess. That is a quick mask! It wasn’t the most hydrating Sisley product but I was impressed with how smooth my skin felt after wiping my face and I love the way my makeup sat on top. I will likely stash this away to use before applying makeup for more special or fancy events!


Eau Efficace, 30 ml – Estimated Value $12.50 (Buy a full-size 300 ml version for $125.00)

I have gotten this larger sample before and I love it! Liquid toning lotions are one of my favorite face products! This one is perfect for refreshing my skin after waking up, before my daily moisturizer and sunscreen. I also like it before bed as a step before my serums and night cream. It is pretty amazing how much hydration such a watery formula can add to a routine, and this time of year I can use all I can get!


Neck Cream, 0.33 fl oz – Estimated Value $37.13 (Buy a full-size 1.6 fl oz for $180.00)

I don’t generally use a special “neck” product. I generally just extend my moisturizer down my neck! I probably should start thinking a little more about my neck, as I am getting older and I don’t want to wear turtle necks year-round someday. This cream felt really great and had a Sisley scent I wasn’t familiar with, but loved. It was more perfumy and powdery than the other items in their lines. My neck is pretty smooth so far so I can’t speak to smoothing power, but the velvet finish sure felt great!


Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron Flowers, 4 ml – Estimated Value $17.60 (Buy a full-size 50 ml for $220.00)

I made the mistake of trying this during the day, and sadly, I found it pilled on my skin. I haven’t ever really had that sort of issue with any Sisley products, so it might have just been an off day! I found this worked for me much better at night as a sleeping mask. It is a heavier cream with a sweet neroli scent.


Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron Flowers, 4 ml – Estimated Value $9.33 (Buy a full-size 60 ml for $140.00)

Our last sample was a dream. I have gotten a foil of this before and I love it! It is actually one of my fave sleep masks. It is a heavy-duty cream that seriously coats your face. My skin is already getting dull and dry from the cold (it is going to be a LONG winter) and this is just what I needed! I like to slather it on my barely damp face after a toner (to make it go farther!) then crawl into bed. My skin is so, so soft and radiant when I wake up. Though this is cheaper than the Velvet Nourishing Cream, it is a much better product IMO. So if you find yourself with $140 burning a hole in your pocket, this would be a worthwhile splurge.

Verdict: Sisley had a value of around $99.89 for this box. (Keep in mind I come to this estimation based on the full-size values.) Everything this month felt really luxurious, meaning they hit the nail on the head when it came to the “Luxurious Moments” theme. Though they could have really tossed anything in here and it would have felt expensive and luxe! Let’s be honest! Aside from the 2 foils, the samples were pretty generous this month, which is a good thing because I horde all of my Sisley samples like gold.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Check this page to see what your first box will be.

Value Breakdown: At $10 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Express Flower Gel Mask $2.34
  • Eau Efficace $1.25
  • Neck Cream $3.72
  • Velvet Nourishing Cream $1.76
  • Velvet Sleeping Mask $0.93

Alternatively, each of these 5 samples has an average cost of $2.00.

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12/13 UPDATE: Due to the number of questions in the comments, I have reached out to Sisley via voicemail and email to see if I can get any additional info regarding subscriptions that extend past the January 2020 cut. I will update with any info I receive back! If you have specific questions related to your subscription, I recommend reaching out via this contact form or calling Sisley at 1-855-747-2948.

What do you think of the November Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription Box?

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (34)

  1. I got almost a full credit on my credit card statement. I didn’t know why, at least I will get 4/5 of the 12 months.

  2. Well, just great. I paid for an annual subscription in May 2019 with a $100 VISA gift card, which I then threw out because I’d spent it. So if they refund to that, I no longer have the card. I’ll reach out and ask for a credit that I can spend at Sisley, but I’m so disappointed with them discontinuing the subscription and their lack of communication, not sure I want to have anything more to do with them. But of course I love their products.

  3. I was told in October that they were ending in May 2020. Now it’s January so I guess they changed their minds.

  4. I just received my December box today and included was a note, informing subscribers that the subscription program would end January 2020 and that any remaining boxes would be refunded by the method of original payment.
    They also state that the My Sisley Gold and Platinum program is being enhanced with new benefits and rewards; details TBA Spring 2020.
    Hope that helps those of you who are wondering …

    • Thanks for the information. If you don’t mind posting, please let me know what is included in the December box. Mine hasn’t shipped yet. Thanks!

      • I just got my December box. It had:

        -Anti-age anti-wrinkle serum (sm tube in a box)
        -Sisleyouth anti-pollution (small tube)
        -anti-age hand care (small tube)
        -anti-age firming body cream
        -pre-shampoo purifying mask

        I was disappointed there was no makeup this month but I’m sure these are expensive products.

      • Thanks for the information. I am looking forward to receiving mine. Looks like nothing new for me to try this month, but I love so many of their products.

  5. I actually received a notification yesterday (from my credit card company, not from Sisley), that I had received a credit from Sisley. I am very irritated and surprised by Sisley’s lack of communication during this process. If I didn’t read MSA, I would have absolutely no idea why that credit showed up.

  6. I put up with their lackluster customer service and prepay requirements because I found those little skincare samples to be superb. A real luxury for my middle aged skin. I don’t live near any high end department stores, so this was my favorite sub box. What a bummer!

  7. My sub ends in March as well, and the credit card I used to pay for my yearly subscription is no longer active. I have no idea how they intend to reimburse me for the remaining two months of my subscription. It’s an odd decision, to end in January, rather than honor subscribers that go beyond that cutoff point by a few months. Bad business. ☹️

  8. So sad that this box is ending. They aren’t honoring the Platinum club membership of a free subscription past January, which really annoys me because I would not have dumped so much money to get there and have the main benefit cut with no notice and nothing given in its place. Horrible lack of communication from Sisley. Good luck with getting refunded for unshipped boxes everyone.

  9. The one sub. I actually bit the bullet and ordered a year prepaid. It may not be a lot of money to some people but, I’m on the tightest of budgets and Sisley was my treat to myself. I’ll miss their product but I certainly hope they aren’t going to fly by night on refunds.

  10. Saddened to see a free standing company (one that is still very much in business) do away with their subscription box in such a way. “Existing clients” should have been made aware from Sisley, especially since they are saying it ended in November smh. There is no explanation on what happens for the remainder months. Shame on Sisley.
    This was one you had to prepay for too isn’t? You couldn’t do pay as you go, correct?

    • Yes, you had to prepay.

  11. So, not only am I super bummed this has been discontinued, but I haven’t even gotten my last two boxes and it says I’m signed up until April. Has anyone else had this problem?

  12. My subscription ends in May 2020, will I be refunded?
    What is the point of sending the box at no cost for review if the subscription is no longer active?

  13. where is my comment? is it blocked because i used word “pr oblem”?

  14. That’s funny about your neck. I always thought a person’s neck skin changing as she got older was a joke…until it started happening to me about a year ago (at age 45). Just recently I started using a heavier cream on my neck (currently SR’s Ice), and it has helped a lot, way more than my usual moisturizer extended down my neck.

    • Try the Prai Ageless Throat and Decolletage. It is excellent!

    • The ICE is too heavy and pulls on the neck skin during application. The Prai glides.

    • The Nuface mini microcurrent is AMazing for the face and neck! I’ve been only using it for less then a month and my neck especially feels tighter and lifted and it’s such a difference that every time I put cream on it I’m wowed cuz it’s so tight and defined ! Check it out and there are so many good deals on it right now

  15. Ok, now I have a problem with this sub:
    1. My subscription expires in May 2020. Will I be getting a refund?
    2. What is the point sending this box at no cost for review is they ended the subscription? Do they really think that we will dump load of money on their product based on this review?

    • Hey there! I would reach out to Sisley directly with any subscription-related questions. I actually just found out the sub was cancelled from comments in my previous review from readers. I had no idea before that.

      As far as why we reviewed it, we try to always review regular boxes that are sent to give readers a space to discuss the items. I am assuming this box was just automatically sent to us since we have been receiving it for so long. If I can dig up any additional helpful info I will be sure to add it to the review too!

      • Megan, my frustration is not torward MSA, just to be clear. You, Liz, and MSA are doing an excellent job to inform us, and I really appreciate it. I am just frustrated with Sisley with lack of communication and I think it is kind of insulting when they send box for free to review but not allow to sign up for it. To me it is is a cruel teasing.

      • You didn’t come off that way at all, promise! <3 And I totally get the frustration. I def think Sisley could have given out more info. I was really surprised myself. I will really, really miss this subscription. If I can get any additional info, I will post it ASAP for you. 🙂

      • UPDATE: I have reached out to Sisley via their contact form for any info. I also tried calling them multiple times but ended up leaving a voicemail. Hopefully, I can get some info! <3

  16. My sub is supposed to go till March. Will they give a partial refund? I have loved Sisley but isn’t it odd they haven’t even sent subscribers an email about ending the boxes? I only know about it through MSA. Kinda weird lack of communication…

    • I know…why haven’t subscribers been informed? Maybe they are honoring present subs?? We can hope.

    • Hey Julie! I actually found out it was ending in the comments of my last review, so I was actually alerted by our awesome MSA readers, not Sisley. I then verified it on the Sisley website. I wish I had more info regarding subscriptions extending past January! I would reach out directly to Sisley for more info.

  17. So what happens if we were pre-paid past January? Does anyone know if we just loose that money?

    • My subscription was supposed to end in September 2020, and already received my refund from Sisley a few days ago for $108 and a few cents. Pretty happy with my refund since I’ve gotten 3 boxes and should receive January’s as well☺

  18. I’m bummed about this ending, I waited and waited to get this box and just decided in September to subscribe. Does anyone know how they will reimburse for boxes already paid for after January?

  19. I love, love, love the Velvet Nourishing Cream and Sleeping masks. I actually just purchased the Cream. The texture and fragrance are so luxurious! The mask is a bit heavy for my skin but I use it as a night mask for my hands and they look amazing. No more dry chapped hands.

  20. Great review!

    This box looks nice. My biggest fear would be loving the products too much, they are pricey!

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