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New Beauty TestTube May 2021 Full Spoilers

NewBeauty TestTube January 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the January 2020 NewBeauty TestTube Box!  (Thanks, Alaina and Kristine, for the heads up!)

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes of 2019 by MSA readers!

The January 2020 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

  1. Bawdy Beauty Squeeze It (full size)
  2. Caolion Pore White Cake Pack (full size)
  3. FRÉ Skincare Protect Me (full size)
  4. Naturally G4U Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum OR Instant Eye Repair Serum (full sizes)
  5. Rene Furterer STYLE Vegetal Texture Spray (travel size)
  6. Soon Skincare Face Mask Kit (includes 3 full size masks)
  7. Supersmile Extra Whitening System On-The-Go & New Generation 45º Toothbrush (travel size system + full size toothbrush)
  8. 10 Free Chemistry Nail Color (full size)

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (81)

  1. Will there be a test tube beauty box for March-April 2020?

    • I found another thread about this last night. They said they would bill March 10th and send out the new tubes but that spoilers would be out this week. I’m starting to wonder though…

      • I was charged on February 19th for the March test tube.

  2. I am super annoyed that new beauty will not give u spoilers prior to posting it on their own website! Why?!?!? U should try to make ur customers happy if u want to keep them, and a sneak peak builds suspense !

    • We usually have our tubes by now.

  3. Shouldn’t we already have February spoilers by now?

    • Oops, I mean March – April… since it’s late February!

      • I’m anxiously awaiting them too.

    • Anyone get spoilers or have an idea when the next Tube will ship? I was charged over a week ago and no word yet. Thanks!

  4. What is the easiest way to cancel this sub? I tried emailing them but they didn’t give me a definate answer.

  5. I’m excited to try the Fré, which alone more than pays for the box! Crossing my fingers that the 10 free chemistry is the gilded amethyst color, which looks gorgeous. Bawdy has been all over Sephora and numerous other places and it will be interesting to try! I always look forward to my TestTubes!

    • I just got my tube and the nail polish is a different color, so I was disappointed in that. I was hoping for the blue. I don’t like variations in boxes.

      • My nail color is Bell Vine. I really like it – very pretty.

      • My nail polish is Mauve-ing Mountains and while it’s not what I wanted, it is a color I don’t have already so I will use it

  6. I called and cancelled Thursday and still got charged yesterday. So now I have to find more time to call them. Again.

    • Hi Tara, we are so sorry to hear that. We’d like to learn more about your specific situation and make things right! At your earliest convenience, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or to call us at 888-974-6042 🙂

      • Why is there not anything on my account when I log in? And when I email to ask all they say is…what can we help you with? I want to see my account!

  7. Well, I just got charged for mine and that’s what made me come look here and I’m not upset at all! There’s some great things in here that I haven’t ever tried and that’s the point of all this right?

    • Right ☺️ TestTube by NewBeauty allows its members to try the best beauty products before investing in them.

  8. I used the 30FORYOU code on an annual subscription and it worked! Getting the annual sub with that discount puts it at just under $25/box! That’s a good deal, don’t know how long the discount will last. I bought a gift sub so it won’t automatically renew.

  9. I saw nail polish and got excited! Yep I’m a dork! For me, all the brands mentioned are new to me. This all looks good stuff to try out.

    • LOL! I got excited when I saw the nail polish too! So much so, I didn’t even notice the skincare options… and I’m a huge skincare nerd too! 😀

      • Me too lol.

    • There’s nothing dorky about nail polish. Facebook has groups upon groups upon groups dedicated to nail polish – individual brands, different colors, etc. I have about 1000 polishes.

  10. Omg I’m so mad at myself for prepaying for the annual sub during the black Friday deal. These are all cheap K beauty brands that would go in other K beauty boxes anyway. Basically they found a way to get a bunch of cheap stuff nobody heard of to fill their boxes. I am so over sheet masks it’s not even funny. The reason people sub to test tube is because it is supposed to be innovative high-end products. These are not high-end. Very disappointed New Beauty!

    • Yep. Caolion is a pretty cheap brand that floods the shelves at TJ Maxx for a few dollars. If they’re going to go for KBeauty, at least get some Dr. Jart or Sulwhasoo or something a bit nicer than dollar store beauty products.

    • Agreed ! Wish they go back to their glory years , TT and BF used to have great skincare haven’t been like that for a longtime :/

    • Taren, thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We are sorry we din’t hit the mark for you with this tube 🙁 Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers, that being said we hope we can do better next time!

  11. Personally I’m excited for this box! I don’t see why everyone is complaining; this box is about trying out new brands you haven’t seen or used before. You can’t be expecting full sized Sunday Riley in every single box for such a low price.
    That said, this January box has things I will definitely use b/c they’re essentials in my routine. Yes it has silly and fun things like a butt mask (which I would never buy that for myself, but I’m excited for), but it has staples like serum, moisturizer, teeth whitener, etc.

    Here’s the way I look at it for the price. If I had bought that moisturizer on sale in a store, and they gave me the rest of it free, I would be OVER THE MOON! That’s a fantastic deal! So how is that different from this being a sub box? You are still getting numerous full size items at a low price. As long as you try out the products, it’s not a waste.

    • This response is perfection!!!

  12. 30FORYOU code does work!!!

    • Thanks! I used it on an annual gift sub, and it took care of the shipping costs. It looks like I’ll be getting two January tubes since January is the final tube in my 6-month gift sub, but I’m okay with that (my mom will love it 🙂 ).

  13. I have received 2 TTB and loved them both. I skipped last month after seeing the spoilers and had cancelled my subscription last week because I’m tightening my budget and glad I did. I’d rather take the $30 and buy something I really NEED.

  14. Yup I cancelled. I honestly haven’t liked much since that Sunday Riley box. And they make it sooooo difficult to cancel. It’s annoying and will make me second guess re signing up. I like the boxes that you can go online, click cancel and be done.

    • Hi Tara, I find their CS excellent. I call or message them and they resolve my issues right away. Perhaps you could message them, which seems the best way.

    • TheY are getting cheaper and cheaper with each box. Was there a change in management????

  15. Looks like a pretty diverse selection– new brands, lots of full size items…. I don’t see what all the fuss is? At least they give 4 masks, and not just throw in 1 or 2 like most of the others. You have something for your teeth, body, face, hands and hair. Pretty decent!

  16. The butt mask was also in the Indie Expo Discovery bag. Although i have enough masks, i love that TestTube has things you don’t see in other boxes. I haven’t heard of more than half of the brands in this box.

    • I gave the butt mask from the Discovery bag to my daughter in law for Christmas. My son loved it!!!

    • exactly, that’s what the good part about BTT is! I actually really want the butt mask lol

      • I’m oddly excited for the butt mask too. I have never tried one, so why not?

      • I recently tried this line of butt masks and they are soooo good! I purchased them as a joke and had no expectation except to have fun. But they actually work! I tried a few out and saw results with all of them. I hope everyone gets as much enjoyment out of them as I did!

  17. Darn. I had higher hopes for this one. I would only use half of the products.

  18. I think I’m most excited to get the nail polish. I love the packaging… & color too!

    • I just noticed a face or eye serum will be sent also from a brand I haven’t heard of. I’m really looking forward to trying one of those too! Actually, the whole box looks good to me, but I’ll be gifting the butt mask. I’m actually hoping for the eye serum though since those are one of my most favorite types of skincare products. 🙂

      • Hi Luna, serums also get me excited!! I go through a lot on my mature skin, I’d prefer the facial retinol serum, but I’d be happy with the eye one. What an idea for a sub box, devoted solely to serums, would probably be expensive though. How about “Serious Serums”?

      • I like it! I’d keep an eye on that one 😉

    • Awesome, we can’t wait to have you try it 😁

  19. Not interested in the butt Mask, but the rest looks interesting. Has anyone tried any of these before? It’s all new to me.

    • The BAWDY SQUEEZE IT mask has a powerful combination of citrus fruit extracts—namely lemon, cucumber, orange peel and grapefruit that brightens and exfoliates skin. 😮

  20. Too many masks

  21. I’ve been seeing butt masks at Walmart for a while now. First time seeing one in a subscription box though!

  22. Ooo just signed up! Would use it all, even the butt mask! 🤣🤣🤣

  23. are there any codes for a discount ?

    • usually no

    • Misti, they rarely issue discount. They just had one recently for black Friday for 25% off, that’s when I jumped into it and signed up for a year.

      • Svetlana, I think I saw that discount posted on MSA, but I guess I didn’t read it close enough because I assumed it was only on their LE boxes. Darn. I probably would have signed up for an annual too. 🙂 January will be the last box in my 3-month gift sub. I’ll most likely purchase another gift sub (thanks for the tip on those 😉 ) when the next tube comes out that has something I really want. 🙂

      • Luna, that’s what I did this time too. I purchased annual gift subscription with 25% off on entire amount. I just could not resist such a good deal.

    • They had a code for Black Friday, 25% off. Spoke to a manager there after this deal was over and he said they may offer another discount in January. Fingers crossed they do.

      • That would be cool! 🙂

      • Looks like the current code 30FORYOU still works… 30% off any subscription. I didn’t decide yet but it worked in my cart!!

      • Thanks! I just used it to purchase an annual gift sub. 😀

      • I have been interested in Test Tube for a very long time, thank you SO MUCH, that promo code was exactly what I was waiting for. Comes out to exactly $25 per tube all year long, I can definitely justify that.

  24. This sad box was inevitable. I should have warned everyone here….I signed up for a year sub about two weeks ago 😑

  25. There are 4 masks here and one of them if for the butt. LOL, a butt mask! If that’s not gimmicky, I don’t know what is. I am out.

    • Yep! Don’t need it. Don’t want it. It’s going to take A LOT of need and want to pull my dollars away from me now.

      I’ve wasted way too much money on unnecessary crap through sub boxes in the past six months. I slightly slipped into the realm of this consumerism, but have pulled myself out with eyes wide open.

      I hope others see the trap for what this is: momentary excitement for something arriving, then immediately watching and waiting for the next month’s momentary excitement. It’s an addiction, that is true.

      I worked in retail management for decades and the inside joke is to sell anything you can to anyone. I’ll never forget one regional manager’s glee when seeing some ridiculous stuff flying off shelves because we announced a fifteen minute only special. He said, ‘Take 10 percent off and these suckers would buy a green hot dog off the floor.’

      Unfortunately I let myself buy into some annuals and have to live with those poor decisions. The month to month cancellations were easy. I don’t miss any of it.

      • Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve been in subscription world for a year now, and it’s truly addicting. I mean, what I was thinking, this is LOL. I definitely wasted some money, but don’t feel like it all went into the garbage, as my coworkers enjoy what I don’t want. And I have found some beauty products that are my HG, that I never would have over wise. But I realized, I only truly love clean beauty boxes, especially Petit Velour. So I am in the process of canceling most of them or waiting out the term. It was fun, but not healthy, like you mentioned.

      • Same for me and the clean beauty (especially Petit Vour). I started getting into sub boxes last February, and gave myself a year to try out the boxes I really had my eye on (in all categories, not just beauty) and give it a full go to see no only which products I really love, but which boxes I love, look forward to, and use most everything. I found that taking breaks from them really helped me see which ones I missed the most. I definitely had my share of mindless consumerism over the year, but now I’ve settled on a happy middle ground with the boxes I’m most excited about.

      • I’m with you! I subscribed to a few sub boxes for the first time last January because of two reasons, 1)a little treat to look forward to every month and 2) I would make care packages with the items I didn’t like for a women’s shelter for Christmas. I ended up donating almost a dozen Ipsy bags filled with fun products a week ago so some women down on their luck could have something fun for Christmas. But I am so overloaded with products now and it has become an obsession more of finding out what I’m getting, waiting for the box to come, then looking forward to the next all
        Over again. I cancelled testtube after Sunday Riley (which is the main reason I signed up) skipped a bunch of ipsys and now I finally canceled one boxycharm and am down to one sub every month. Such a waste of money when you can’t get through product that fast. My intention for starting was good and I followed through but got lost in the process!

      • I’ve been a sub addict for about 3 years now and I have more products than I could ever use even after giving tons away. I really need to start canceling a few subs. If I don’t look at spoilers maybe I won’t be tempted. I’ve pretty much found my HG products so no need to keep trying.

  26. I haven’t heard of most of these brands! That is great! I don’t know about the butt mask, but interested in hearing the review. 🙂

  27. This looks good! Guess I won’t be canceling after all.

  28. Nothing catches my eye on this one and what the heck.. a Butt mask! What will the beauty industry come up with next? Anything to make that $$$. Easy pass for me. Maybe next time…

  29. Nope still staying cancelled

  30. I just googled the Bawdy Beauty Squeeze It. The mask is for your butt. Very interesting.

    • My daughter has a ton of these and loves them. She especially loves the plumping one.

    • Now I’ve seen everything….

    • Hilariously ridiculous! I have questions. Is there enough mask to cover my big butt? If so, will the mask really make my ample derriere “plump up” even more? If that’s the case, count me out! 🍑

    • Yes 😄 it is cheeky take on skin care! This citrus sheet mask cares for the skin on your behind by brightening, hydrating and plumping.

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