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JourneeBox Subscription Review – Fall 2019

Journee Box Fall 2019 subscription box review

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods. The JourneeBox direct-to-consumer business model — meaning they design and produce all of their goods — keeps costs and environmental impact down. This model guarantees subscribers quality, vetted products made from sustainable materials that are ethically made.

open blue box with gold dragonfly

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

group shot of all items

About JourneeBox

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost: $54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

COUPON: Use code FIRSTBOX! to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: The contiguous United States for free, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii for $8, Canada for an additional cost at checkout.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also choose from different colors for certain products in the period before your box ships.

JourneeBox Fall 2019 Review


Included is a highly detailed booklet with info about all of the products. The theme this month is “A Journee to the Jaipur”, the pink city! Our booklet arrived this month tucked inside a stunning gold and peach traditional Indian wedding envelope. There is also a link to a themed playlist inside, which I played while I opened my box. It really added so much to an already exceptional unboxing experience!


Amer Earrings – Listed Value $85.00

FYI: Subscribers were able to choose between this aqua chalcedony shade or rose quartz, as well as wither gold or silver-plated finishes. 

I am really excited that I settled on the aqua and gold combo for these earrings, though I can’t imagine any of the pairings being anything but stunning. Admittedly, it took me a really long time to decide! The dreamy blue shade of these won out, and I love how the aqua pops against the gold. These earrings are also so gorgeously made. You can tell there is a lot of skill and love behind these faceted beauties. The rose-cut surface catches the light beautifully, and these have enough movement to cause more than a little sparkle. They are featherlight when worn and the gold plated brass doesn’t bother my metal sensitive ears one bit.

I absolutely love these earrings. They are small enough for everyday wear, but they do not go unnoticed.


Trio of Essential Oils in Lemongrass, Cinnamon, and Ylang Ylang – Listed Value $35.00

I have a few diffusers in my house, as well as one on my desk, so I love getting essential oils in a box. I actually planned on buying a new bottle of ylang ylang since I recently ran out, so this bottle arrived at the perfect time! The floral oil is one of my favorites year-round and I learned in my booklet that it is closely associated with Vata energy, one of the three energies in Ayurvedic medicine. Vata energy is tied to air, movement, and creativity.

Also included was a bottle of cinnamon essential oil and it is one of the finest I have ever smelled. So much more natural and woody than “holiday” style cinnamon, it is earthy and wonderful. It can be used to balance out Pitta energy, which is tied to the metabolic system and is a fire energy.

Our final oil is lemongrass, and I truly believe I am one of the only people on earth who doesn’t love lemongrass. I have no idea why. This oil was included to benefit the Kapha energy of the body, a water element energy that benefits bones and muscles, and is closely tied to feelings of love and forgiveness. I am going to try and combine this lemongrass oil with maybe cedar, orange, and lavender (my go-to mix) and see if I can learn to love it a little more, if only to help out my Kapha energy!


Recycled Cotton Textile Runner – Retail Value $103.00

FYI: This runner is huge! It measures 90 inches long (not including the tassels) and 16 inches wide! 

Subscribers could choose from this neutral colorway or a pink and blue option. 

I was excited about this runner from selection time, but I had no idea how nice this item would be. I also had a really hard time deciding on the color I wanted because both looked gorgeous. I went with the browns because I thought it might be nice for a holiday table, though normally I would always go for more color! This runner is legitimately thick enough to function as a rug, though it would be a little narrow. It is heavy, dense, and beautifully designed. I am so impressed. We have 9-foot ceilings downstairs in my home, and I have a little narrow wall that I plan on hanging this as a wall tapestry. It is far too pretty to be hidden away just for dinners!

I wasn’t tall enough to hold this runner straight up, so here I am attempting to show it off anyway.


Laddus Duet – Listed Value $6.00

I had never tried Laddus before this box, but I love tasty snacks from all over the world so I was pumped! These are so delicious. They are sweet, but not so much that you feel like you are over-indulging. One of these was a Dried Fruit flavor and the other was Golden Grains. The fruit one was filled with dried fruits and coconut shavings and was so yummy! The Golden Grains was drier and more of a nutty taste, but also so tasty.


Jaipur Travel Bag – Retail Value $15.00

I really like having cloth travel bags for trips because I store shoes, accessories, makeup, and anything else in them! This one is made of cotton and features a beautiful Jaipur-inspired architectural illustration with lovely bright colors. This bag measures around 12 inches by 16 inches, so you can fit a lot in here! It closes via a gold beaded drawstring.


Roshnee Votive and Catch-All Jar – Retail Value $18.00 and $40.00

FYI: The larger vessel is a bonus item for annual subscribers. The smaller will arrive in everyone’s box in their choice of red, silver, or gold. 

The larger vessel measures just under 4 inches tall, while the smaller votive is closer to 3 inches tall.

I knew I would love these as soon as I spotted them in the spoilers. We burn a lot of candles in the winter and I prefer metallic vessels that multiply the warm glow of the flames. These beauties are inspired by Diwali, an Indian festival of lights that lasts almost a whole week! These votives are a perfect testament to a festival known for fireworks, candles, and lamps. The insides of these pieces are a glowing gold that looks so bright and warm when you burn a votive inside. Though they may look delicate, they are made of iron and are super durable, meaning you can enjoy them for years to come.

Pure coziness!

Verdict: JourneeBox was really exceptional this quarter. I loved this whole box and the experience that it was from start to finish. All of the senses were totally transported to Jaipur, from the scents of the oils, to the taste of the Laddu, to the songs of the playlist. This box is always exceptionally curated and the included info booklet has so much knowledge about each item and the inspiration behind it. You can tell this box is a labor of love for the Kevia team, and if you find yourself looking for a travel-inspired lifestyle box filled with ethically produced and sourced goods, this is a box you truly shouldn’t miss. 

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? Yes, as of publication, you can choose the Fall Box! You can also choose the Spring Box, if you feel inclined.

COUPON: Use code FIRSTBOX! to save $10 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $54.99 + free shipping, which means that each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $7.86.

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (35)

  1. Would anyone happen to know whether the brown / neutral runner is still available in the fall box? It seems like only the blue/pink one is for sale on the website (in bundle or separately). I’d like to know before I subscribe.

    • I got smart and emailed the company directly. The brown runner was available and I am happy to say I subscribed after much deliberation about money and clutter.

      • I just got my fall box and I’m very happy with it. It’s so enjoyably curated. I don’t usually use Spotify, but I loaded up the playlist, and my husband and I sampled and read about the laddus and essential oils, and also had a little dance party while doing laundry.

  2. I just received the Home Bundle and I just love it. Great value and quality. The “mystery” piece of jewelry was a great pair of earrings.

  3. This box is wonderful and never disappoints!

  4. This is one of my favorite boxes ever! I signed up at the beginning and will continue for another year. For me, it just really suits my personality. I don’t need too much makeup or skin care anymore, so this is perfect. My favorite item in this box was a toss-up between the runner, which I’m actually using as a rug in a bare and neglected hallway I have LOL and the laddus (so delicious I have already ordered more of that same brand from Amazon!) The earrings have gotten several compliments both times I’ve worn them so far. As always, no box is going to be 100% for every person. This just gives me the opportunity to share what I can’t use with my mom, sisters and friends. 😊

  5. I have been an annual subscriber since the beginning of this box and did not receive the bonus item. Does anyone have an alternate email for this company? I have emailed them and Facebook messaged them without receiving any replies. It has been at least a month now.

    • I’ve used [email protected] as well as [email protected] and gotten a quick reply. Hope you have luck this go round.

      Also I just received an email they are having a great bundle sale. Free shipping with code 2020freeship. Otherwise, I’d have paid 16 shipping for a $34 box.

  6. Remember just because it is December that does not mean it is Winter. Fall ends on Dec 21st!
    Winter starts Dec 22 and ends on March 20 ( So the Winter box still has it right season to come out) Where I live Winter is in the Feb/March, that’s when we get the most horrid temperatures and when we get the most snowfalls.

    • The website says they ship December I sent an email yesterday inquiring as I haven’t got a selection email.

    • The next box will be spring according to customer service.

  7. The one thing I do wish about this box is that they’d mail it in a cardboard box. The inner box is so pretty and useful to keep but both of mine have had crushed corners.

  8. This was my first box and it totally made me smile, which hasnt happen with any lifestyle box lately. From the booklet, which felt like a story being told by a friend to the desserts everything was on point and so beautifully curated. Love that the items can be use differently and everything is so well made, like legit good!

  9. This was my first box and I loved everything in it. Customer service is second to none. I do wish, however, that they shipped their boxes in outer cartons as mine arrived completely ruined.

  10. I loved the box too and I liked the suggestion in the booklet (I think) to use the runner at the foot of the bed, since it’s a little thick for a table runner IMO. This is my 3rd Journee box and I’ve loved all three!

    • I may or may not have mine across my office desk right now to feel extra fancy… 😉

  11. I had the opposite view. I ddnt like anything in this box. It was the end of my annual subscription and I did not renew. My first box was wonderful, but for me, every other box was disappointing . In this box, I could nor use a thing and it was all given away to relatives, friends and the thrift store. For me, it was a waste of money–but that is only my opinion and I’m sure that many others feel differently.

    • So interesting to me! I’d be intrigued to hear what you would have wanted to receive, since this one was such a variety. Personally, I found this one super interesting because I wasn’t super excited about any particular items until I received them, and then I was obsessed!

    • I’m with Diane… I have been eyeing this bit because I loved the summer one (which sold out, I think, before I could get it), and seeing the spoilers I decided to wait. Hopefully a future box will be more to my taste. I do like, but not love the earrings, and I have so much jewelry that unless something is really stunning I don’t want it. I hate the brown rug / runner, I really wouldn’t have a use for it, can’t use essential oils because they’re really not good for my cats (wish boxes would stop sending them; unless it’s an oil specific box so subscribers had made a choice to get them. I really am over the essential oil craze). The votives are ok but nothing I can’t pick up at Winners. Can’t have nuts so the Laddu is wasted on me… Obviously a lot of people love this box and I think that they choose quality items with care, and I’d love to pick it up when the selections are more in tune with my personal taste. This was not it though. Fingers crossed for winter – and why the weird timing? It’s December, when will the winter box be shipped?

      • Totally agreed about the oils! In this case I was personally pleased to receive them because I was gifted a diffuser at work, but there’s a reason I hadn’t owned any at home – they’re terrible around pets. I feel like people who like oils have their own preferences and would obtain them themselves, while the rest of us are making conscious choices not to own any and we don’t need sub boxes trying to change that.

      • Essential oils can be used to make candles, a few drops in a bath, a reed diffuser, many other uses that don’t involve dispersing into the air.
        There’s lots of items in boxes I don’t need/want/have no use for. I throw all items with xylitol in the trash bin immediately. Some people like oils, that’s why they include them. Like some like earrings; I don’t. “Ya takes whats ya gets” …or cancel.

  12. This was my first JourneeBox and it was absolutely stunning. Lots of boxes give inflated values, but this box really delivered! I can’t wait for their next one.

  13. I really like the thoughtfulness behind these boxes…but it just irritates me that their schedule runs so far behind that of other boxes. 🙁 We’re just now getting Fall spoilers/review and it’s December. Maybe it’s just me being a sour butt. I want winter spoilers already…if the items are cozy I would want them while it’s actually still very cold out…not when it’s nearly spring.

    • I actually prefer this as it comes in between the other boxes which is kind of fun.

    • I guess I never thought that their shipping schedule was off, but I know seasons can feel different depending on your region. If the next box comes in Jan/Feb, that’s usually the dead of winter for my part of the country. 🙂

    • Fall does not end until December 21st.

  14. This box is new to me…! Wow, I like it and will be keeping an eye on it.

  15. I so wanted the blue and silver earrings but they were sold out. This was a lovely box and everything is very well made.

  16. Great review!

    And I’m here to support you in your disdain for lemongrass. That stuff is pure garbage.

    • Haha I feel less alone! My mom loves it so at least it went to a good home.

  17. This box looks amazing! Can I ask which theme you picked to get this selection?

    • Hey Stacey! I think way back when I first signed up I selected boho, but the theme shouldn’t matter much this quarter because all of the items are the same from box to box. You can select the colors for the earrings, runner, and votive after you sign up to customize!

      • Thank you so much Megan! This box is perfect for me! I’m trying to order more natural and independent brands.

      • I think you will be over the moon with this box. <3

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