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JourneeBox Subscription Review + Coupon – Spring 2019

Journee Box Spring 2019 review box and bag

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.  The JourneeBox direct-to-consumer business model — meaning they design and produce all of their goods —keeps costs and environmental impact down. This model guarantees subscribers quality, vetted products made from sustainable materials with that are ethically made.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review open box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Journee Box Spring 2019 review all contents

About JourneeBox

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

Coupon: Use coupon code spring15 to save $15 off your first JourneeBox!

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

JourneyBox Spring 2019 Review

Journee Box Spring 2019 review booklet cover Journee Box Spring 2019 review booklet contents Journee Box Spring 2019 review booklet info Journee Box Spring 2019 review mask info Journee Box Spring 2019 review more mask info Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel info Journee Box Spring 2019 review behind the bag Journee Box Spring 2019 review ethical crop Journee Box Spring 2019 review palo santo Journee Box Spring 2019 review glass tea infuser Journee Box Spring 2019 review blooming tea info Journee Box Spring 2019 review stationary set Journee Box Spring 2019 review daily stud set Journee Box Spring 2019 review meet kevia Journee Box Spring 2019 review dragonfly logo info Journee Box Spring 2019 review book back cover

Ever since our first JourneeBox, I have been really excited about the second. This box caused waves by replacing the Sugarbash subscription when that sub vanished with very little notice. I was very impressed with the selection and the message behind the products, but I was hoping for more info about the products and especially the ethical and sustainability details since this was a huge feature of the box. I am SO thrilled that the JourneeBox team provided us with a detail-heavy and over the top informative booklet to accompany all of our products this month. This is a huge win in my book! This book really was the missing piece for this sub and I loved pouring over all of the details of each item and where it came from. I also enjoyed reading more about Kevia herself, her background, and her vision for her brand and this box.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review charcoal mask Journee Box Spring 2019 review mask info Journee Box Spring 2019 review open mask

Charcoal Mask – Retail Value $32.00

If you read any of my reviews, you know I don’t do clay masks because I have dry skin. This one is pretty heavy in terms of kaolin but I decided to try it anyway because I have recently had a bad breakout and I always try to objectively try most things I receive here at MSA. This stuff feels so smooth and rich and is so much more glossy than other masks I have tried. It smells very creamy and earthy, and was jet black, even with a thinner coat. This is not a peel-off mask, but rather one you wash away after 15 or so minutes. I was impressed that my skin did not feel even a little bit stripped but felt a little bit moisturized! I am guessing this is because this mask also has large doses of shea and aloe. My skin was also much less red after using this, which I have found is typical for me after using anything with dead sea mud. While I can’t see myself using this all the time, it might be a good once a week skin treat.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel side Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel back Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel strap Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel inside Journee Box Spring 2019 review uffel strap detail Journee Box Spring 2019 review duffel inside pocket Journee Box Spring 2019 review megan holding diffel

Gwen Duffel – Retail Value $109.00

This bag is huge! Like perfect weekender or carry on size. I could easily fit a few outfits, my makeup bag, and a pair of shoes in here with no trouble. (The booklet lists it as being 18 inches wide and 7 inches deep.) Made of vegan leather and organic cotton canvas, it is heavy duty enough to last quite a while without being heavy. Since the cotton is a cream color, I plan on waxing mine so it doesn’t get dirty and gross. It features two roomy front pockets for smaller essentials and an adjustable shoulder strap in a shiny seatbelt like brown material.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review palo santo bundle Journee Box Spring 2019 review palo santo info tag Journee Box Spring 2019 review palo santo sticks Journee Box Spring 2019 review palo santo trio

Palo Santo – Retail Value $11.00

I absolutely love Palo Santo, but I recently read that (sadly) this wood is quickly becoming commercially trendy, meaning it is on the fast track to endangered simply because of a spike in demand. If you decide to purchase Palo Santo, this is absolutely something to be very mindful of, especially since this holy wood (the name literally translates to holy wood) is sacred in some cultures. From Well + Good:

“Palo santo, which is scientifically known as Gonopterodendron sarmientoi (or Bulnesia sarmientoi) is used medicinally by locals throughout its native range in the Gran Chaco boreal region, which primarily spans Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and parts of Brazil,” Oakes tells me. The tree has recently been added to Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix II, which includes species that aren’t necessarily threatened with extinction, but due to a certain level of popularity in international trade, must be controlled in order to prevent becoming threatened, endangered or extinct.”

I know the inclusion of this item was of some concern to our readers when it was announced in our spoiler post, so I am thrilled that Kevia proudly sources hers from a supplier that firmly follows the National Forestry and Wildlife Service of Peru’s guidelines. They also partner closely with the communities closely linked to these trees to improve the lives of the people responsible for the care of these incredibly special and sacred trees. Palo Santo actually takes 4-10 years to mature and develop that intoxicating scent, and then even more time to dry and develop after the precious branches fall from the trees.

I love burning Palo Santo when I am just feeling like the world is slipping out from under me. In addition to smelling like a giant earth hug, it is also incredibly grounding. As with any sacred ritual plant, burn this special wood with intention and respect and please take the time to research your sources to make sure this gift is available years and years from now.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review glass tea infuser and box Journee Box Spring 2019 review tea infuser Journee Box Spring 2019 review infuser pieces Journee Box Spring 2019 review infuser details Journee Box Spring 2019 review iinfuser handle

Glass Tea Infuser – Retail Value $23.00

Yes! This is the sort of item that makes a tea addict very happy indeed! Though this three-piece tea infuser set feels impossibly delicate, it is made out of very strong, hand-blown borosilicate glass. This piece was included as a partner to the special teas below, but you can also use it with any loose leaf tea because the inner straining piece has very tiny slits to allow water to meet your tea without the tea itself escaping into the main vessel. It also includes a lid to cover your brewing tea and then set the strainer in after your brewing is complete. I love this item so much it has yet to leave the office, as watching the beautiful way tea brews at my desk is so relaxing and beautiful.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review blooming tea canister Journee Box Spring 2019 review blooming teaa set Journee Box Spring 2019 review blooming tea detal

Blooming Tea – Retail Value $14.00

These blooming tea orbs feel so special! Each is a blend of black tea with either roses, peonies, or chrysanthemums. The tea itself is very mild yet energizing, and I enjoyed it without the addition of cream or sugar, though you could easily add either. Wait to add any cream until after brewing so you don’t miss the blooming flower show in your mug! You can resteep this tea at least one more after you drain your first cup. Of course, these magical teas are fair trade and in compliance with IMO Switzerland Organic regulations, and Rain Forest Alliance certifications, which means you can enjoy them for being even more beautiful!

It is like art, right?

Journee Box Spring 2019 review stationary set Journee Box Spring 2019 review stationary Journee Box Spring 2019 review stationary cards Journee Box Spring 2019 review envelopes

Stationery Set – Retail Value $16.00

I really like these moody navy and gold cards. There are a few different designs happening in this set and they seem to take their inspiration from natural lines and botanical patterns Made with soy ink and recycled paper, you have a total of 5 different designs to send love notes to your closest friends and family. I love the handsome navy envelopes and the gold dragonfly sealing stickers.

Journee Box Spring 2019 review earring set box Journee Box Spring 2019 review earring set Journee Box Spring 2019 review hex studs Journee Box Spring 2019 review square studs Journee Box Spring 2019 review round studs Journee Box Spring 2019 review cz studs Journee Box Spring 2019 review bar studs

Annual Subscriber Item: Daily Stud Set – Retail Value $48.00

Finally, we have this really sweet little stud set in a lovely box. This set of 5 different styles is included in all annual subscriber boxes. I like that annual subscribers get a little bonus item and I think it is totally fair to include something like this for someone who has committed to this subscription long-term. These are all 18K gold plated and are allergen and nickel free. I have slightly metal sensitive ears (getting worse as I age) so I am thrilled with these as they don’t upset my lobes! Though these are all smaller studs, they have a ton of variety and are fun to mix and match if you have multiple piercings in the same ear.

Verdict: I am SO impressed with JourneeBox. I knew I would probably end up loving this box from my first review, but truly the inclusion of the info booklet was the icing on the cake this time. It is one thing to brag about being an eco-conscious box and quite another to back up those claims with actual information. In addition to those good feels, the items are great! There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t love and each felt special and totally useful in my everyday life. While it would be nearly impossible to select a favorite item, I would have to choose either the tea mug/infuser or the Palo Santo wood. I also just really adored everything, so don’t make me rank the rest! If you value ethically sourced and environmentally sensitive items, this will be a winner for you. You can really feel the heart behind the curation, and I can’t wait until next quarter. The overall value of this box is around $253, which is great for a $54.99 box. Keep it up Kevia and team!

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? Yes, as of publication, you can choose the Spring Box!

Coupon: Use coupon code spring15 to save $15 off your first JourneeBox!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $54.99 + free shipping, which means that you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Charcoal Mask $6.96
  • Gwen Duffel $23.69
  • Palo Santo $2.39
  • Tea Infuser $5.00
  • Blooming Tes $3.04
  • Stationery Set $3.48
  • Stud Set $10.43

Alternatively, each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $7.86.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What did you think of the new JourneeBox?


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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (35)

  1. I’m curious if MSA has any info on the summer box yet. I recently subscribed and I’m thinking the summer box should ship soon. I saw a spoiler somewhere online that included an amazing cuff and a tunic, along with a suggestion to customize (gold or silver cuff and size/color tunic choice), but there’s nothing on their Instagram about it and I have no idea if/when or even how I’m supposed to submit my choices. In short…I’m clueless!

    Does anyone know? I know this is a super old post but I’m hopeful some helpful MSA reader might see this 🙂

    • In that email at the very bottom was a link to click on to take you to your account to choose your customizations. If you can’t find the email, you can just log directly into your account to customize.

      • Thank you so much for replying. None of the emails I received from them mention anything about customization and there’s nothing on my account management page about it either. Maybe they just haven’t fully processed my sub yet. I’ll try to connect with them.

        You are SO sweet to respond. Thank you so much. I’m clearly a bit over-eager!

  2. Is the blue box itself what gets the shipping label? Or does it come shipped in a brown cardboard box? Just curious about reusing it if I sub

    • The blue box is placed inside of another box for mailing.

      • It’s actually placed in a plastic bag, and mine has come damaged both times, though the items inside were fine. Maybe your was different, but that’s how mine came.,

      • Interesting, mine came in a box.

  3. I signed up for an annual subscription and received this box today. It was sent the same day and arrived quickly which I appreciate. I am so happy with this box. I am already using the glass tea infuser and it is so lovely. I can’t wait to try the flower tea. The earrings are so pretty and nice, they are in such a nice box so that you could gift if so inclined. The tote is super nice and I’m happy it’s made from organic cotton. I can’t wait for the next box!

  4. This is my second box. I am a wife and mother to a 23 yr. old son and find my guys love the bath products and tea. I’m scared my tea infuser might get stolen when my son moves in August. All the people who left after the Sugarbash mess need to try this. Kevia and her team are truly wonderful. I love this box and wish them all my best!

    • Kevia was late in delivering the holiday box by over a month. The mess was caused by Kevia And not Sugarbash. People are so quick to cancel and tear down brands and people. The holiday box was Kevia’s first box. They should be given a break first time out. @Megan, Sugarbash did not suddenly just vanish. They have us a three months notice of the change. Please make to report the correct information. Sugarbash is still in business. I just got an invite to their new project. I support both Sugarbash and Kevia. A fan of both!

  5. I loved this box! Glad I subbed!

  6. I received those cards in my last box of my Sugarbash subscription. I do like them and have sent a few out. Nice to have cards on hand!

    • They certainly look more chic than my others

  7. I am aghast at the thought of putting cream in tea. Ugh

    • Earl Grey + almond milk is my absolute JAM!

    • That is the main way it is prepared in Great Britain, especially when attending a high tea or an afternoon tea.

    • I am English and cannot imagine drinking black tea without milk!

  8. At the top of the review, there was a mention of choosing between themes and getting to pick certain products. For the next review, would it be possible to show or at least mention/link to the variations subscribers could receive (similar to what’s done in FFF and Causebox reviews)?

    • I will mention that to the box team, Casey! I believe this second box was consistent across the board, but I know that the first box had style choices like classic, boho, etc that was mainly used to select jewelry.

  9. Wow this looks more my style then FFF lately specially after I do a full year and i can’t even get the addons i want because they are out after seconds and it’s been going on like this for years. I shouldn’t have tk spend my day stocking the site in hopes that someone will drop a mystery pack. It’s really sad and I think I’m over it. This looks like a great highend box with my name on it.. LOVE IT.

    • I agree! I have a yearly subscription to FFF and I most likely will not renew, sadly. I am loving Causebox recently and I am intrigued by this Journee Box. I signed up for the Spring box, however if they keep hitting it out of the ball park, I will switch to annual and possibly drop FFF.

  10. Wow this box is awesome! I just signed up for an annual subscription after reading your review! Very excited 🙂

    • Yay Erinn! This is only their second box, but both have been fantastic. I have high hopes and I hope you enjoy like I have!

  11. Is anyone else disturbed by the company’s inability to spell “stationery”? If they’re careless in something so obvious, where else are they careless?

    • A simple Google search would tell you that you are the one that is incorrect!
      From Google:
      “Stationary with an ‘a’ is the older of these two terms, and it means “fixed in one place and not moving,” like a stationary bicycle at the gym. Stationery with an ‘e’ stems from the term stationer, which refers to “a person who sells the materials used in writing, such as paper, pens, pencils, and ink.””

      • GlobeIn used to misspell that in their online shop. I sent them an email, pointing out that they must be referring to merchandise that they can’t move, teehee. They recently changed that to “desktop and cards”. Good for them!

    • Never mind, you’re right! 🙂

      It’s just not a big deal these days, and that one is an easy mistake to make.

      • I agree, especially when it wouldn’t get flagged as being misspelled.

    • In the book they did spell it stationary instead of stationery. This is the best box I’ve seen from them.

    • No.

  12. Wow love the message behind this box! I can see this company growing bigger every season!

  13. I thought this box was amazing too!

    How do you wax a bag, though? I’ve never heard of that!

      • Hey! Thanks for sharing the linking to my waxing canvas post! Just wanted to say I wouldn’t recommend Otter Wax for white or cream fabrics. It will yellow, which probably isn’t the look you’re going for. It works beautifully on darker fabrics though!

    • Otter Wax is a life saver for anything canvas, including bags and my beloved Superga sneakers! It gives your fabric some waterproofing and also protects from dirt and grime.

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