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JourneeBox Subscription Review + Coupon – Winter 2019

Journee Box January 2019

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.  The JourneeBox direct-to-consumer business model — meaning they design and produce all of their goods —keeps costs and environmental impact down. This model guarantees subscribers quality, vetted products made from sustainable materials with that are ethically made.

FYI – JourneeBox recently took over Sugarbash subscriptions. If you had an active Sugarbash subscription, your final box will be the Winter JourneeBox. You can start a 2019 subscription directly with JourneeBox.

Journee Box January 2019 open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Journee Box January 2019 all contents

About JourneeBox

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

JourneyBox Winter 2019 Review

Journee Box January 2019 intro card

First off, the packaging was exceptional and very beautiful. The stunning blue box and carefully wrapped items make quite the impression. On the intro card, Kevia takes some time to explain her our journey, her business, and her hopes for this new box. I can absolutely get behind a fair trade and eco-conscious box, and I appreciated her anecdotes about her travels and inspirations. As someone with a pretty substantial buying/retail background, I can also see the value in products that a brand manufactures themselves and has creative and quality control over. I can also see a drawback because those products can be difficult to estimate value for.

Journee Box January 2019 discount card Journee Box January 2019 discount card back

Included was a promo card with a discount for any new Journee subscriptions. If I understand correctly, this box took the place of the final Sugarbash box and subscribers have to begin a new subscription to keep getting this one. It was nice that they included a little discount.

Journee Box January 2019 bracelet Journee Box January 2019 bracelet back Journee Box January 2019 bracelet side

Wood, Gold, and Horn Stretch Bracelet

This was included as a bonus item for former Sugarbash box subscribers. Although this box did not come with an item list with descriptions or listed values, this item did come in a clear back with a sticker that stated: “Annual Member Bonus MSRP $75”. While I would in no way ever guesstimate that this is a $75.00 bracelet, I did find myself really loving it when I put it on. I would never have chosen this sort of bracelet, but I have found myself wearing it most days since I received the box. There is something really striking about the gold foil mixed with the texture of the resin and horn. It is a stretch bracelet that is actually quite loose on my pretty average wrist. I like that it is some weird mixture of glam, boho, and mod, and fits with my eclectic style quite well.

Journee Box January 2019 ring dish Journee Box January 2019 ring dish bottom Journee Box January 2019 ring dish detail

Gold Feather Trinket Dish

This dish was much heavier than I expected. I tend to keep little bowls and trays all over my house to drop jewelry into or stash skincare samples in easy reach in bathrooms. This feather s a bold and charming gold and is rather detailed for what it is. I am currently utilizing it on my living room mantle to hold some of my smaller crystals.

Journee Box January 2019 kevia candle Journee Box January 2019 kevia candle back Journee Box January 2019 kevia candle bottom

Kevia Rose & Fig Candle

I love moody florals, so this mini candle was a winner for me. It is a heady rose with a deeper base with woods and musk. The glass itself is really beautiful as the candle burns down. I rarely complain about candles in my subs because we go through them constantly in my home, especially in the winter.

Journee Box January 2019 earring pouch Journee Box January 2019 agate earringson card Journee Box January 2019 agate earrings Journee Box January 2019 agate earring detail

Kevia Black Agate Earrings

While you can choose certain products before your box ships, we didn’t make any selections in this box. That being said, I happen to LOVE these earrings! They are exactly like something I would wear. The large bottom pear stone is a gorgeous black agate and all the hardware is 14K plated which helps with my metal sensitivities. I always appreciate a slightly heavy earring and I love how these dance around while I wear them. I honestly would have bought these for myself if I had stumbled upon them out shopping, so it is awesome to find something to spot on in a sub.

Journee Box January 2019 bath salts Journee Box January 2019 bath salts open Journee Box January 2019 bath salts info

Kevia Himalayan Soaking Salts in Lavender and Vanilla, 8 oz

These salts smell so good. I used them in my little heated foot bath after a super long day and really enjoyed them very much. The scent is super strong and very natural, and the salts themselves are beautiful to look at. My feet felt absolutely amazing after their soak.

Journee Box January 2019 necklace pouch Journee Box January 2019 necklace pendant Journee Box January 2019 necklace detail Journee Box January 2019 gold necklace

Madeline Elizabeth Gold Necklace

This was the only real miss for me in this box. It isn’t remotely close to my style, though if you love longer and more minimalist necklaces you might be really into it. I did like the longer gold chain, and the necklace itself had some substance. Compared to the other items in this box it just seemed a little generic and not quite as special.

Journee Box January 2019 scarf Journee Box January 2019 scarf up close Journee Box January 2019 scarf detail

Floral Scarf – Estimated Value $45.00

This scarf is gorgeous. It is a lightweight bamboo viscose fabric and drapes beautifully. Though not as large as a blanket scarf, this is still a really big scarf that gives you lots of coverage without being heavy. I absolutely love the shades of grey and the bold floral design. I couldn’t find this exact scarf online, but I did find it with slightly different coloring here. This is another item I have been wearing pretty much nonstop since I opened this box.

Verdict: While I know this box will be super polarizing for some subscribers, I really and truly loved the new JourneeBox! The gold necklace was the only solid dud for me in the entire box. I absolutely loved the earrings and scarf, found the bath salts really papering, and enjoyed the candle. The gold trinket dish is a beautiful addition to my home. I appreciate that this box was a nice mix of different lifestyle items, with a heavy emphasis on jewelry. The packaging itself was lovely and each item was wrapped or tucked away into a decorative bag, making for a fun unboxing experience. I am very excited to see what comes next quarter and hope that it is as awesome as this one was. 

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? Yes, as of publication, you can choose the Winter Box! The Spring Box will ship in April.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $54.99 + free shipping, which means that each of the 7 items in the box has an average cost of $7.86.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

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Written by Megan Kirkland

Megan Kirkland

I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (63)

  1. I have mixed feelings about kevia. I didnt like that I received no notifications about anything because I subscribed to them directly. That’s ridiculous! When I initially contacted them they said it was a delay because of a problem interfacing with sugarbash. However since I wasn’t part of that why did it effect mine? Then when I said I wanted a refund suddenly they were able to ship it to me immediately. I took the money and ran! She was very nice etc, and I wish her well, but the whole situation made me nervous.

    • That’s odd? I don’t trust the lack of communication and not checking into your account status before stating it was Sugarbash’s fault. Decision made easy pass for me.

  2. I just can’t get behind a co that advertises fair trade while buying scarves from China.

    Signed fair trade agreements are nice to hear about but in reality mean NOTHING in China. Unless you have onsite monitoring (mult unannounced spot visits) you can be pretty sure conditions have not changed. Yes, I lived worked there

    • Hi Anne!

      We completely agree with your sentiment regarding the importance of onsite monitoring in each country we work with. We strive to do our best to implement our agreements and would never want to work with a factory that isn’t aligned with our values. Just one way we do that is by working with third-party inspection services to monitor all of the practices at our primary vendors. We have also learned that the our monitoring goals and methods need to vary by country, factory and business type. In the spring box, we plan on including an insert with much more detail regarding our production methods and fair trade practices. We hope this answers your question!


  3. I enjoyed my Sugarbash subscription even though they had some issues along the way. I’m not sure that Kevia is going to be the right fit for me style-wise, so I will wait and see. But I will say that the customer service I have seen so far (thank you Laura) is pretty impressive. I hope that remains the same as time goes on.

  4. The box was disappointing for me. My issue is that I signed up as an annual subscriber with Sugarbash (the first and last time I will sign up as an annual subscriber to any sub box, based on my experience) because I’d liked the curation of the Sugarbash boxes. While the Journeebox was certainly gorgeously packaged, it mainly contains items that won’t be of use for me. This is because it included three pieces of jewelry, all of which reflect a particular aesthetic that just isn’t mine at all. One, I can see, but three?! (On top of the Kevia bracelet we’d received the previous month.) I get that it’s because Kevia makes jewelry, so my disappointment is clearly a product of the fact that I didn’t sign up as an annual subscriber to a Kevia box, but to Sugarbash. Oh well. Sigh. Had a good run there with Sugarbash for awhile.

    • I can see why that would be a total bummer Jennifer. It is never fun to pay for one type of box then feel like it had suddenly been switched. I hope you find another you love as much as Sugarbash!

  5. First, I want to say that all my issues are with Sugarbash, not Kevia. Sugarbash misrepresented what there box was going to be, and consistently shipped late and only rarely with brands promised and even then only a small discounted item from the brand. When sugarbash migrated over they got my address as Florida, then Michigan when I live in SC. Two boxes went out the wrong address and it required numerous emails to sugarbash to deal with.
    However, Kevia was super nice to deal with. She apologized for the mistakes Included some extra small items to make up for it and once I got the box I actually liked a number of the items and loved the earrings that were sent. Sugarbash was awful but I will be watching Journee box and may pick up a box now and then and I wish Kevia well.

    • I am glad you had such a great experience with Kevia! From everything I have read regarding her, her company, and her customer service, she is awesome! I hope this becomes a regular sub for you someday 🙂

  6. I am still on the fence regarding getting a subscription. I am using most of of items. I don’t care about the drama with Sugarbash, I am judging JourneeBox independent. I don’t like that the box was a month late, and I received a broken necklace. I am hoping they will improve each quarter. Waiting to see the Spring spoilers before deciding.

    • Those issues would definitely make me pause too Amanda! I hope this sub gets better and better though, because I sure did love the first box!

  7. I was pretty disappointed in this box. I received one of the necklaces that had beads and a large crystal pendant but it arrived broken. My scarf is a melon orange color that I will never wear. I did find a listing for the scarf on the Kevia site and it is listed as a summer item and is sold out. In fact, the model wearing the scarf in the listing is also modeling the necklace I received.

    “This lightweight scarf is the perfect transitional piece for your summer wardrobe! Extremely versatile, this scarf can be worn as a beach cover during the day or as a light wrap for the cooler summer nights. The metal grommets add an edgy touch of glamour elegance to your favorite ensemble. Size: 69″ long x 32″ wide Material: Cotton Viscose


    • I totally would have been less enthused with a solid scarf so I get it. I am a little jealous of your necklace though…

  8. I received a different bracelet and scarf. The bracelet is not my style and looks cheap and I don’t wear scarves. I love my geode necklace and the earrings though! The candle smells wonderful just sitting on my desk (haven’t lit it yet). Not sure if I’ll actually use the bath salts, but I like the idea of using them in a foot soak. I am considering subscribing to Journee. I liked this better than the last Sugarbash we got with the silly smurf hat.

    • The salt is awesome in a foot soak! 10/10 would recommend!

  9. I really wanted to give this a chance a be happy with it, but right off the bat, the annual subscriber bonus that I received was THE EXACT SAME BRACELET THAT WE RECEIVED IN THE FALL BOX! Seriously. So now I have two of the same bracelet, which did not feel like much of a bonus, at all. In addition, the earrings I received were simply silver discs and did not feel special; more like something I could have picked up at Target for $10. I did love my necklace and have worn it already. The candle is a miss for me as I am allergic to fragrances and it is HIGHLY frangranced. The scarf is not a winter scarf and the trinket dish is a little gaudy, IMO, but I realize that is personal preference. All in all, I was not motivated to subscribe to this box nor was I impressed that this is what I received instead of what I signed up for.

    • I could see how the items would be hit or miss for sure. I hope you find a good Sugarbash replacement Carrie! Sometimes a good lifestyle box is hard to find.

  10. I’m scratching my head with this box. Wasn’t there a completely different person in charge of Sugarbash (a radio DJ I think?) – who is this new person who is promoting the box? Are they in some way associated with Sugarbash? Or were the subscriptions sold?

    I remember when SB ended last year being monthly and the promises made for subscribers of the quarterly box. There were many brands promised, and at times items offered. This is not a good note to start out a new box, it feels like they are changing company names to avoid a bad reputation.

    I also have to question the validity of these products and prices without more information. If this subscription is truly promoting eco-friendly and fair-trade products – transparency is absolutely necessary for that.

    • What are you talking about? Incorrect on all counts? I wonder if this a competitor? If you were a member they were very good regarding all information on the changes

      • I’m not sure why you feel the need to be rude, I was asking genuine questions. I cancelled my subscription last year after there were several issues with my box. I was asking questions I didn’t (and still don’t) know the answers to.

      • I was an active subscriber, did get an email to “explain” but am still not sure myself. I posted another response on why you aren’t wrong on all counts but it’s not showing yet.

      • Yes, there is a delay function now, and when my comment comes through, it’s going to look like I didn’t read anything that anyone before me said. Well, technically, I didn’t because it hadn’t shown up yet. lol! I hate looking dumb, though.

      • It’s ok. We all get busy with life and lose track of things that aren’t at the forefront of our minds anymore. I gave up swapping and reading this site for a while. Now I feel like I have missed out on a lot of good items.
        Anyway, yes, Sugarbash was originally curated by Shirley Strawberry, a radio DJ or something, and the wife of Steve Harvey. It was announced a few months ago (I’m not sure when) that they were going to switch over to working with Kevia, who is, I guess, a fashion designer. It seems she mostly makes jewelry. Along with the change in curation came the name change to Journeebox.
        Indeed, a lot of people have felt misled or in some other way unhappy with Sugarbash in the last year. I guess a number of name brands and products were promised and/or “spoiled” and then not delivered. I didn’t pay that much attention, even though I was an annual subscriber. So people felt like they weren’t delivering the quality that they had promised, and then when they changed to a completely different box with a different curator or whatever, It was like changing horses in mid-stream. Also, the box should have been here in December, but there were a lot of delays, so they just arrived in the last couple weeks. I didn’t really mind the delay, and they were, in my opinion, transparent about it and emailed a couple times if not more to let us know that the boxes would be late.
        Anyway, this box is the end of the “journee” for me with Sugarbash *and* Kevia/Journeebox as it is definitely not my style, although the packaging was gorgeous, and it was kind of fun to see what was in the box, but I’m not spending that much for a box that will have so few items I will actually want or use.

      • Just ignore her. She trolls on here and typically calls out anyone who is complaining about bad customer service, late boxes, or anything else deemed “negative”. She jumped on my case a while back because I expressed my displeasure with customer service from a sub box. Because if “you’re a GOOD customer you wouldn’t have this problem, blah, blah, blah.”

      • Oh look it’s that Jenai women that everyone ignores

      • Where is Jenai? I see Jackie, Jane, JennR….

      • This isn’t incorrect on all counts. Many of us are still confused on how we ended up with a box from a totally different company than the one we paid for 15 months ago. Granted, I am happy I got something and my money wasn’t just stolen. When Sugarbash was trying to get people to sign up for annual subs in Novemberish 2017 they listed many brands to expect. Godiva ended up being 4 pieces of candy and when called out on the missing Crate and Barrel item in the Summer box we got a single $2 single ice cream scoop bowl in the Fall. I believe all the rest of the promised brands were never delivered. The whole experience was very odd and most boxes were late (surveys were late too) with little communication. I do feel bad for Kevia because I think alot of people are not going to give this sub a fair chance because of the bad taste left in their mouth.

      • Thank you for the information! I cancelled after issues with the…spring (?) box – it was “nautical” themed and I was not happy. I didn’t realize they had resolved more of the issues with the promised brands. I’m definitely unsure if I want to give this company more money, so I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks again!

      • I think nautical was Summer. That was the one that should have had a Crate and Barrel item but didn’t. The Spring box was the one with wine glasses and plates and stuff. I actually liked that one best. Fall had a winter hat (which I actually enjoy) and the scarfgate (they spoiled a scarf but changed it to a skincare item after some complained they had too many scarves). This should have been winter to round out the year.

      • They never explained why they were backing out of the brand promises that they got subscribers on board promising. They cancelled my account (again, lol) when I emailed with some questions on the new box. Eventually they did give out more complete info on *what* they were doing replacing the last box with the new Kevua box, but not much info on the ‘why.’ And no apologies for deliberately backing out of the promised brands.

    • Hey Jackie! I totally get the hesitation. I was not familiar at all with Sugarbash but I know there was a bit of a surprise when it suddenly transformed into this one.

      The new curator is a brand called Kevia who was founded by a woman named Kevia Jeffrey-West. I did a little bit of googling on her and found quite a bit of info about her story and label. From everything I can see she is very much committed to fair trade and eco-conscious items. I know that I personally like more info on this and for sure there could have been a little more. I have read this company also has good customer service, so I would absolutely reach out to them if you feel the need for more info!

      • I’m a bit concerned that the items would actually be fair-trade in the box, myself. It might be true of her Kevia brand that she tries, but what about the other filler items? The feather trinket tray, for example, is sold on aliexpress by Freelove good living store in China (it might be sold by other stores, too.) And while the bracelet could be fair trade from Vietnam, no info was included (as is in most fair-trade oriented boxes) about the artisan or who made it or conditions of workers. Fair Trade is a bit of a meaningless phrase (as there is no legal definition or enforcement) so it might be more reassuring if she included some info or got one of the organizations that certify fair trade to give it a stamp of authenticity.

    • Hi Jackie!

      I’m glad you asked. Due to an error with our printer, the inserts we had planned were not usable. I’ve included some details about the product below:

      The scarves are made from sustainable bamboo viscose. The annual member’s bracelet is sustainable buffalo horn — meaning it’s a byproduct that is generally thrown away. We think it’s a beautiful and durable material — making it perfect for use in jewelry. Our candles utilize a sustainable soy wax. Both glass products used recycled glass and every item in every JourneeBox is produced under a fair trade contract — meaning we only work with factories who provide their employees with good working conditions and fair pay. We promise that our Journee will never rely on the use of child labor, inhumane conditions, or exploited workers.

      While we did partner with SugarBash on this box, JourneeBox is an entirely independent box produced by Kevia and future boxes are not associated the SugarBash name.

      If you have any other questions regarding the winter box, our products, or JourneeBox in general, feel free to reach out to me personally at [email protected] .

      • Hi Laura! Thanks so much for leaving this comment with further clarification! I know the readers appreciate it. I look forward to next quarter!

      • I have to say that I am very impressed by the excellent customer service that was provided by Laura. And I am definitely looking forward to the spring box.

      • Sorry Laura, I had to do a double take and check if this was Johanna from Happy Rebel
        Problem with your printer? That’s why you didn’t include inserts in the boxes…? In 2019, printing is hardly a tough to come by service. This seems like an oversight in a mad rush to get a box out to customers who have already been strung along enough.
        The whole “dog ate my homework bit” is exactly us Sugarbash subscribers are exhausted of. It’s insulting and disrespectful.

        I’m sorry, but accountability is a display of integrity; the fact that you’re reading these comments, then responded with such a meaningless excuse, shows poor values.

      • Wow! So quick to criticize Box owners. These box companies are small business. No wonder so many companies don’t want to deal this and shut down. Johanna and Laura you go girls.

  11. I dont wear gold jewelry, do not have pierced ears and prefer more subtle pieces…and do not take baths. Since there was so much jewelry in this box (which people usually have specific tastes about) it was almost a total miss for me. I signed up for an annual sub with Sugarbash because they promised more home items. The one included in this box is even gold. Ugh. At least it’s over now…

  12. I clicked on Megan’s referral to the other color scarf(I got that one). To add more unsettling news it states perfect for your summer wardrobe! This was our holiday box. What a joke. I am sorry but this still leaves a bad taste in my mouth for trusting Sugarbash with my money.

    • The druzy necklaces were on clearance previously for 18$. It’s a leftovers box.

    • not familiar w/sugarbash so no clue what happened, will read comments when have more time – did they sell the company to this company?

      • No idea. Those of us who we subbed to Sugarbash got notified that instead of the winter Sugarbash we’d get a Journey box instead, and that there would be no Sugarbash boxes after that. The company cancelled me when I wrote to ask some questions. It was more than a bit wierd as the boxes weren’t quite the same style (Journee being mostly a one brand box and jewelry focused) and Sugarbash still had a lot of promises of specific brand partners they hadn’t followed through on. So no idea if they sold company or sold subscriber list or what happened.

  13. This box shipped multiple weeks late for most of us and arrived weeks after the holidays. The spoiled stationery item wasn’t included. The bracelet must have only been for annual SB members, I didn’t get one. What irks me about this box the most though is that the non-jewelry items appear to be bric a brac box-filler, not regular items from their site. I wanted to like this box, but I just didn’t. The outer box was beautiful though.

    • I was lucky enough to like most items (except the necklace which is literally everything my style isn’t) but I absolutely get how this box would be hit or miss. I hope that t continues to improve each quarter.

  14. The bracelet says it is from Vietnam and from their FAQ says that with their “Fair Trade Agreement, our customers don’t have to worry about the ethics behind the brand. We promise that our Journee will never rely on the use of child labor, inhumane conditions, or exploited workers.” Also I believe water buffalo horn is a *usually* discarded byproduct.

    • I would like a specific answer about the animal horn, too. No need for any animal to be killed so I can wear a trinket on my wrist.

    • Hunter: That makes sense – I didn’t think about the fact that water buffalo might be slaughtered for their meat and then the horns could be “harvested.”

      Lauren: For me, I liked the leaf dish and the rose candle as much as anything. I thought it was odd that we all got different earrings, and I don’t say most, if any, of them on the site, making me think they were clearanced at some point. Also, not being able to find the items on the site made it hard to know what swap value to assign to them. I know, I know, the value is whatever someone is willing to give you for them. A lot of their earrings seemed to be around $35, so I used that amount.

  15. I received different earrings which which I love. But I didn’t receive the bracelet or any bracelet and I was an annual member. The presentation was beautiful, but I would have liked more information on each piece. There was no description of the items of any kind. I haven’t decided if I will try this box or not. The items all seemed very nice quality but not really my style. I hope we get to see a review of the Spring box when it comes out.

    • Hi Julia!

      If you email me at [email protected], we can absolutely get you that bracelet.

      Laura at Kevia

      • Thank you Laura, I’m doing that now.

    • I am curious what the spring box will include, too. It says something about “self-care rituals from around the world” or something to that effect. That could be really cool and doesn’t sound like a lot of jewelry. At least jewelry is not a self-care item to me; it is a luxury item.

      • I just got an email with spoilers for Spring. There’s a big ole duffel bag (canvas and vegan leather), a glass tea infuser cup thing, and blooming tea. I’m a previous sugarbash subscriber but didn’t get this box. I don’t drink tea and am sick of cheap bags from sub boxes, so I won’t be signing on.

      • I don’t think I got that email so I haven’t seen the items but they sounds like they would have been a better fit for me than this box. I’m still not signing up, though…

      • Thank you! Doesn’t sound like anything I would be interested in, then, darn it. Or actually that’s good. I can save some money.

  16. I got my box. It had totally different earring, a similar style bracelet, and a different color scarf. But it didn’t have the dish in it, nor do i remember getting anything else in its place. Hmmm. I’m not sure what to make of that.

    • I think that the leaf trinket dish, the soaking salts, and the rose and fig candle should have been sent to everyone. We each got a different set of the Kevia earrings – you can see some of the different styles on the swap site. I don’t know about the gold necklace – it seems some people got that one and some of us got the one with the big stone and a lot of beads. I remember that we had a choice, but I don’t remember this gold necklace being one of the choices, but maybe it was. I thought we all got the same scarf, but I guess not. I thought the one I got was hideous – similar design but had some horrible yellow tassels. Finally, I also got the bracelet and am not sure what to do with it. I tried it on, and, like Megan said, it is very comfortable, but not my style. I put it up for swap but am thinking about maybe keeping it. I’m not sure what to make of it being made partly of water buffalo horn because I’m not sure how they sourced it. Horns do not fall off every year like antlers do, so was the animal dead? They are domesticated in some countries, and maybe their owners dehorn them to make them easier to work with? I’m not sure.

    • Also –
      I’d like them to explain why they feel they are fair trade. They say they design and manufacture all of their own products. Where? If items are fair trade I’d like to know where from. Most fair trade companies (like Globein, etc) go out of their way to promote the country of origin of their items. Yet the only country of origin tag/label that I saw on anything was on the scarf and it said “made in China.”

      • The bracelet says it is from Vietnam and from their FAQ says that with their “Fair Trade Agreement, our customers don’t have to worry about the ethics behind the brand. We promise that our Journee will never rely on the use of child labor, inhumane conditions, or exploited workers.”

      • In doing independent research on the company, you can find some additional info on Kevia herself, who seems to really value products made fairly and consciously. I do think that next quarter s an opportunity for them to give us more info on the product origins, especially since things like that are very important to people who would find this box attractive!

    • Their customer service has been great for me so I would reach out. I had a plate as well.

    • Hi Julia!

      If you email me at [email protected], we can send you that plate! You’re the first I’ve heard to have that issue and we are very sorry about that oversight.

      Laura at Kevia

      • @Laura – my earrings came broken. Send a pic to that email?

      • @missJ Yes! We will get you fixed right up.

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