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Happy Rebel Box Winter 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle box for women. The theme for the Winter 2019 Box is Grateful Rebel. And we have full spoilers thanks to Susan!

Here are the full spoilers:

What do you think of the spoilers?

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

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Happy Rebel Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got the email email is trying to sell their branded stuff and eliminate the curated box, which the opposite of what subscribers would want? I’ve never purchased anything directly from them even though I’ve enjoyed my boxes, the sales never seem to have much or do well..

    • I can’t imagine anyone, other than the owner, saying “I want a Happy Rebel logo on my shirt, hat, etc.”

    • Just got an email too. Sad that she has chosen to take this path, I wish her much luck with it though I question whether “her brand” is enough to stand by itself. I just can’t see that many people interested in purchasing logo items. Seems strange to take over a subscription box to only do away with it entirely in the same 6 mos.

  2. Ok I actually received my box now, and I’m actually really happy with it.

    Kiko bag- while I love the fold-over bag I got last fall, I’m too clumsy to not have a bag that can be securely closed. So I love that this one can be zipped up completely.

    Necklace (howlite)- cuter and more substantial than I expected.

    Body oils- I gravitate to fruity scents, so the light oil is totally my thing. I wasn’t sure if the dark oil, but I mixed it with a little vanilla body oil I have on hand, and now I love it.

    Gratitude journal- as a therapist, I have half my clients keeping journals like this. It’s good for me to practice what I preach.

    Pens- my favorite thing in the box. They are cute and have a nice weight to them. I like a little sparkle, so they make me happy.

  3. I got my box and I really like everything. The quality of the items is like night and day from last box. The bag, pens, journal and necklace all feel super high quality. Both the scents are really great. To me this is a much better value than the plastic stuff you get with the Popsugar box. I would love to see other brands too but if the Happy Rebel brand is gonna be this nice every time, I’ll be happy! It feels worth the money, which I can’t say for it before (or for some other boxes at this price point).

  4. I like this box and curation but I am not impressed by the lady running the company thus far. I was close to subscribing but could not figure out how to subscribe at the $100 price point. I asked on Instagram if I could still subscribe to the box rather than purchase in shop and she said it was no longer an option. I left a polite comment saying thanks – but I wish she would reconsider offering the box under subscription or offer discounts on future boxes. My comment was deleted almost immediately. That’s really distasteful to me and I am turned off as a customer.

    • Yes, I think that would turn me off too.

      I will say that I think she seems to post too many pictures of herself and that could come across as self-absorbed.

      I think all the branded stuff in this box sort of goes against this statement from her website: “You will receive items from brands you know and love, as well as up-and-coming designers.”

      I have one more box and I am not likely to renew with what I’m seeing so far.

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one bothered by that. I mean, yay for having good self-esteem, but I’d like to see more of the products and causes supported, and less of her.

        It’s also a bad sign when the company can’t handle criticism.

  5. I like the items! Haven’t gotten my box yet but they seem like much nicer quality stuff for the price than say Popsugar. I’ll hold out for next box to see if they come up with less branded stuff but the branded stuff also looks like nice quality to me.

  6. I’m done after this box. Bag is almost identical to the Kiko back we got two or three boxes back, journal and pens are like the ones from Fall 2018, and everything else was just meh…I’ll save my money and buy whatever I want from the box on another website for a legitimate price. I told myself I’d give the new woman a chance but this wasn’t a good relaunch at all.

    • Yeah, the purse is rather similar to some of the ones offered in the Winter 2018 box, but not all of them, since there were 5 different styles offered. However, while a gratitude journal and planner are similar in the fact that they are both in book form, they are totally different things. Not to mention, a planner for 2018-2019 is pretty much worthless at this point, so even if they sent a new one, it wouldn’t be impractical. The pens really aren’t that similar either. I’m assuming you didn’t actually get the Fall 2018 box, which was one of my personal favorites. I used everything in that box.

      • No, I definitely got the Fall 2018 box and every single item, other than the coffee thing, are still sitting unused in my closet. I accept that not all boxes will mesh with my style or current needs, hence having buckets full of makeup I’ll never use from Ipsy. The point of my comment was item choices are very repetitive. I’m looking for a box to show me different brands, and new things I wouldn’t buy for myself; two Kiko bags (regardless of having options for different styles) is a miss.

  7. The box should lower the cost if they are gonna use their brand throughout it.

  8. Overall, this box was “meh” and not what I had hoped. I stayed because of the Kiko purse. The skull necklace and oils I did not care for, as I could not tell where they were sourced or even what was in it and my allergies were immediately suspicious when I smelled the oils that had also leaked.

    As to the journal, I personally do not use such things and wish that this had not been included. The pens and purse are the only useful items in this box for me. After that awful Mariposa paper plate debacle, I expected an awesome relaunch. This is my third box and I’m not likely to renew at the new price point if journals and oils are to be featured in this box or if this is to be her own branding thing.

    The skull necklace is just not my style and cannot be worn to work, at least not in a counseling office. To those wondering how it sits, it rolls constantly, sometimes facing backwards and sideways, maybe would sit correctly on Barbie, but on an actual person, it is a fail.

    Soooo…..the only thing I liked was the Kiko and maybe the pens, that journal was a miss and the oils and necklace seem okay, but not even useable for me. At $500 per year, I think I will save my money and just buy Kiko direct…..

    • $500? Did I miss something? I thought the box was still $100 per season. Was this the last $100 box or something? That’s all I paid and I didn’t have a coupon/discount code.

      I cancelled my membership after seeing the spoilers for the previous box as I don’t entertain and didn’t feel the box would be worth $100 even if I did. However, although the box was indeed a flop, I felt bad about the way it and the previous owner were completely trashed by so many people. I understand no one wants to or can afford to waste $100 but still. Nearly all previous boxes were at least good if not great. And she provided excellent customer service in my experience. I felt bad when all the sudden she was gone. Everyone should be allowed one mistake and had she been willing to provide partial refunds or credit towards the next box I think the situation could’ve been resolved. But admittedly I didn’t have any personal dealings with her regarding that particular box so I don’t know how she responded to everyone’s disappointment and anger.

      I was curious about the new owner but when that first “exciting” item that was supposed to be a more appropriate representative of the “Happy Rebel” style was revealed and available for purchase I was not impressed. I couldn’t imagine many people finding that trucker hat appealing and I thought the price was a bit steep for company swag, i.e. free advertising. If that was a sign of things yet to come I knew I would likely not regret canceling.

      When the first spoiler came out I found it interesting, although only the silver/howlite one appealed to me personally. However, it wasn’t really my style. I did think it might be a good gift for my younger sister but I definitely wasn’t tempted to take a $100 gamble. But then I became much more interested because of the Kiko bag. I love my other one but it’s just slightly too small and doesn’t completely close so there’s a risk of things spilling out (I chose the very boxy style, the least popular choice as far as I could tell from comments.) This bag is just a bit larger and a lot more secure. I also liked the vegan one with the silver hearts but the stitching/edges seemed somewhat ragged and poorly put together, at least from the pic I saw. I wasn’t able to find them on their website so I knew Kiko would be the safer option. I went ahead and resubscribed once I confirmed the howlite was still available. The new owner was very accessible, quick to respond and very accommodating when I found out (by asking her) the ring I ordered from the sale was a size 7 instead of adjustable like I’d assumed since the description didn’t specify. I should’ve asked first I guess but it was so cute, matched the earrings and bracelet I just got from the Boxycharm pop-up, and a deal at $10 so I feared it would sell out quickly. (Plus in my experience if there is no size specified the ring is adjustable.) I was feeling pretty good about my decision and looking forward to seeing what else the box would have.

      I still haven’t gotten mine but I have to admit after seeing the full spoilers here I share in the surprise and disappointment others have expressed about the rest of the box, including the products being sourced in-house. I also think body fragrance (vs home) is too risky for a high end/priced sub box. It’s just too personal as far as scent preferences and potential allergies/sensitivities. The other box with perfume was so much more inclusive by giving subscribers several different options with very detailed scent descriptions. I’m fairly picky about scents partially because some notes give me a headache or irritate my sinuses. So if I end up not liking or not being able to tolerate this oil I may regret ordering the box basically for the purse only, despite the fact it alone retails for $150. I’m just not one to pay $50 or more on a box unless I know I’ll be mostly satisfied with the contents either for myself or to gift. For $100 I typically won’t take the risk without knowing more if not all the contents. I wish I’d stuck to my normal strategy here because the oil has a high risk of being a disappointment and I definitely have no interest in receiving yet another journal I won’t use, especially one this plain (or chic as some people may see it 😄). I never used the other pen (s?) from a previous box because no matter how lovely they look I have strong preferences as far as the type of pens I like using. There’s also no one in my life that would be pleased or even flattered by getting a gift of pens regardless of what they look like.

      So unless I am pleasantly surprised by that oil and find out the necklace doesn’t look too “cool” for me to pull off (or even better that my sister loves and wants it), I will probably at least skip the next box.

      • I don’t think the price is actually increasing for subscriptions. However, like previous seasons, the price does go up after the full reveal, so it’s now $125. At least, that was my impression. I paid the extra $25 anyway. I love body oils, and I love the idea someone else had of adding some drops and water to a spray bottle to use as a room spray. The purse alone makes this box worth the price.

      • When I e-mailed the previous owner about my disappointment with the last box she was very nasty. She responded to my e-mail on the comments here saying how much she loved the box (her comment was eventually removed) and I felt that her overall behavior was pretty awful. I cancelled the box and won’t go back. I do not care for sub box branded merchandise since I tend to gift a lot of it (I won’t gift sub box branded merch). So this box is a write-off for me.

      • Really? That’s disappointing to hear. I emailed Johanna about my disappointment in the last box. While she was definitely defensive, saying that she thought the box was lovely, she did offer me the ability to return my box for a refund, minus return shipping.

      • Holy comment.

    • I asked because of my own allergies and they do contain almond and jojoba oil. It would have been good if they listed the ingredients

  9. I love it,but I love the Brand. I’m delighted with the box and so glad that I purchased sooner than later. I love every single item!

  10. I went with the Breo box this winter as my “splurge” box, with the coupon it was $105, am very happy with my choice after seeing this. I agree, I hope HR will go back and support Indie type brands and not logo everything (like Be KInd by Ellen). I will stay tuned for HR Spring box though 🙂

    • Everything but the purse in the HR box was branded in some way. At least with the Be Kind box, there is like one or two branded things (like the planner) and the rest is on brand. It sucks if there’s something I don’t like and want to give away/regift. However. I think I’d rather give away something that says Be Kind than Happy Rebel. Regardless. There’s no value in either box if you don’t like the stuff and it ends up sitting around not being used.

  11. I opted out of the Fall box (thankfully!), and I opted out of this one as well. Someone mentioned that it didn’t look like the skull charm would sit properly, which I hadn’t considered and would drive me nuts.

    I’m sad to say it because I used to love HR and thought their box was one of the best, but I’m done for good. I just don’t want to pay an extra $25 for mostly self-branded items. This box pales in comparison to the winter boxes of 2016 (literally my favorite box of all time) and 2017.

    • Amanda how does the necklace look in real life?

      One of the reasons I did not bite at this early was the necklace appeared to be bulky.

      • It’s not bulky in real life at all

  12. Hi, anyone having problem logging into their account? The login page hyperlink within last email I got was 404. I’m sure I didn’t put anything wrong, but website just kept telling me my email doesn’t exist 🙁 this is so annoying and frustrating…

    • Did you previously have an account, but skip this box? Because I did that and it seems that my account info didn’t follow over to the new website.

    • I have the same problem too

    • Got response back. They’re in mid of account migration from cratejoy platform to new one, should be done by Dec 18th. In the meantime, guess best to email them if you need to make any changes to your current account 🙂 hope this helps.

    • I had the same issue logging in it says my email doesn’t have an account associated with it.

  13. It does seem strange that almost everything is self branded now. One of my fav things about past HR boxes was being introduced to cool indie brands I might not discover on my own. I didn’t order this box so I’m wondering if there is at least some info provided about who they worked with on the fragrances or are they actually making there oils in-house?

  14. Um. What does “skull” smell like? That’s a fragrance note in the dark oil! I actually really like skulls and skeletons in decor, I think they are beautiful, but I don’t want to smell like one.

    • The skull is not scented until you put the oil on it, then it will smell like the oil you use.

      • The description for the ‘dark’ scent actually states: Masculine notes of bourbon, cedar, absinthe, and a touch of ‘skull’. Is skull a common scent profile? 😩

      • That’s not what she is asking. One of the scent notes in the Dark oil is “skull”. Se she was wondering what a skull might smell like.

    • That made me giggle. I think it was meant to be cool and edgy, but I just imagine it being rather stinky like rotting flesh or chemicals used to preserve it.

    • This is the result of self branding your own items and making them in China. You write the description. Obviously there is no skull scent but rather a way to make something more edgy. Would never happen from a reputable brand. Total fail.

      • I agree about the self-branding descriptions, but it doesn’t look like this product came from China. On the website, it says made in Columbus, Ohio.

      • Thanks for providing that info, Mary! I know China makes so much of what we buy but I think some people are now just assuming if something looks cheap or the brand seems untrustworthy or suspicious or even just new/unknown in some cases, it must be made in China. My main concern is whether a product is sold in China if it’s a cleaning or health & beauty related item since animal testing is required for all items sold there but not if they’re only manufactured there.

        I do understand that many people only want to receive items from “reputable” or well known brands, but realistically all companies have to start somewhere to build their reputation and level of brand recognition. Subscription boxes are a great way for companies to get a head start on those things by introducing their products to so many people in so many places. Oftentimes smaller companies, especially in the beauty world, are using their home as an office and don’t yet have the necessary funds to launch an ad campaign or enough of a customer base to convince major retailers to start carrying their products. I’m a major sub box fan mainly because, aside from the tremendous value that allows me to have a MUCH bigger beauty product collection than I could otherwise afford including higher end products I wouldn’t normally allow myself to buy, I really enjoy not only the fun and potential benefits of discovering new brands/products but also the opportunity to support and potentially help grow smaller, often female owned businesses.

        However, I also appreciate receiving well established brands/products and understand that some people subscribe to boxes exclusively for the retail value of receiving top well known brands at a fraction of the cost. I think the best way to achieve that is to avoid niche sub boxes like Happy Rebel, Spiritú, perhaps even Causebox (not that I am in any way speaking I’ll of them, especially considering I subscribe or have happily subscribed to them) and of course most of the clean/organic beauty boxes. If you only want mainstream brands already old and popular enough to have established good reputations, sticking with boxes like FFF, Popsugar (for the most part), Allure, Macy’s, Sephora and even Boxycharm is probably the way to go. They may throw in an unknown brand or even their own brand/collaboration of products occasionally but usually no more than one such item per box with the others being very well known.

        Just a little unsolicited advice from a long-time seriously addicted sub box lover. 😄

      • Actually, I love to receive indie brands and prefer them, at times, to reputable brands. However, it needs to be a real indie brand like Siam Seas or Flower Spice not just some designed brand with a modern logo and website front. Let me explain, there are 1000’s of unknown brands solely created for the beauty industry. These are brands that have a splashy logo which makes you think they are new and modern but in reality just created for profits and no intention to establish themselves in the beauty industry. They are made in China and manufactured at the cheapest cost and added to sub boxes where consumers think with the modern label and outrageous price they are getting a great deal/brand. I can think of several boxes that include these ‘fillers’ (FFF) because they’re so cheap to buy and look good. I prefer to have a real indie brand that, one that lists the ingredients and has the background/education to actually mix and create formulas. Or a reputable brand that has the money for lab testing and can backup their claims. Perhaps the oil was mixed in Ohio but I’m pretty sure the bottles were manufactured in China. Either way I would never buy this, especially a sub that puts their labels on things so you can’t really trace where its from.

      • Thanks for that, but previously HR rarely had self branded items, and usually represented established, yet unique brands. Until now, HR wasn’t exactly “niche”. It had its own unique aesthetic, but was still your standard lifestyle box, much like PSMH, but with a better curation.

      • I really like the journal, it’s not a regular journal, it’s like a 30 day transformation journal. I’m excited to use it. The oils actually smell really good, the white one is my favorite. I picked the white skull, but it doesn’t sit quite right and I’m concerned it will get discolored from the oil. Even though it doesn’t sit quite right I’ve always wanted an aromatherapy necklace so that is nice.

    • I saw that too and instantly thought “what would bones smell like” and my mind went to the gnarly, nausea-inducing calcium supplements my mother took in the 90s. I

  15. So if I want this now I must pay $125? No way. This box is way overpriced as it is. I still have those pens from a former HR box.

    I have plenty of oils thanks to Popsugar. I have plenty of journals from FabFitFun.

    The necklace does not seem to fall properly and probably just dangles without the skull being front and center. The aromatherapy is a bad idea unless I get tannis root! 😂😂😂

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 to the sound of Rosemary humming the la la tune.

    • FFF has only had one “journal” in their box, and it’s a date book. Not “plenty”. And even then, it was only an option for many people. Don’t blame other boxes because Happy Rebel sucks.

      • Meow!

      • You obviously have not been around FFF for long, I love the xo Sienna journals (A FFF brand in add ons).

        I am not blaming other boxes for anything. Blame is harsh and was not at all what I meant to imply.


    • Perhaps a snack with some sort of “undertaste” would make sense?

  16. I got my box today and absolutely love it! I chose the rose quartz Skull necklace, which is smaller than I pictured, I love it! The pens are beautiful and I was looking at the happiness planners as well, so I was happily surprised it was included. I usually hate fragrances but the White is fruity and tropical and the dark has a dark masculine scent that I find very pleasant, surprisingly. I really really love the black leather bag, it’s my first Kiko.

    • Does the necklace hang well? I wish I could see it on a person.

      It is cute and I love the rose quartz but it looks huge and awkward.

      I would love to know more about how it fits!

  17. I missed out on summer and then [redacted comment about fall] and I’m so bummed about this. I think it looks nice but at $125, I just cannot.

    • Did you redact your comment or did it get editted by this site? I’ve neber seen that on here before?

      • I’ve only had my comments deleted but not redacted.

      • Oh I redacted it– I was trying to NOT say anything too bratty about the fall box. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Your [redacted comment] joke made me lol! 😊

  18. Branded stuff with your logo=cheap items manufactured in China. Truth.

    • Not truth. It seems you keep putting your suspicions out here as facts with literally no investigation. They’re made in Ohio.

  19. They don’t even have the option to subscribe for $100 on their website anymore. If you want it, it’s only for sale for $125. You can pick which bag which I guess is nice but not $25 extra nice.

  20. Hard pass. I canceled sometime last year and self-branded items aren’t appealing for the price.

  21. I love happy rebel but I agree if its going to be mostly cheap self branded items they’ll need to lower the price point

  22. Did I miss the option to select a bag? I’ve been a subscriber for awhile and already have a Black Kiko crossbody and would have preferred another option so I could have some variety. I can honestly say I won’t use this bag since I like the fold over one better. Also my oils came slightly open so the bag has a strong fragrance now.

    • I wondered the same thing, I never got the option to pick the bag. I didn’t even know it was an option until I got the box and saw the insert that had other options… I’m starting to wonder about this box, especially at this price point.

    • I never got to make a choice on that either as a subscriber. Very disappointing.

      • I believe the choice was between the black kiko or a vegan option with the first spoiler.
        Anyway I just got my box and I’m very happy with it. I love the bag and the necklace is very nice. I like it more than I thought I would. I got the howlite with silver. Very pretty! I’m pleased with everything!

    • Same and same. I saw the card inside the box with other cute bag options and wondered why I wasn’t given an option. And both of my bottles leaked a little. Journal was spared but the bag was not.

  23. Not impressed with all the self branded stuff.

    • I hated it too

  24. The fragrance/body oils both smell wonderful, though very strong! I love a strong scent, but these were sitting unopened near my bed and I had to move them because I wouldn’t fall asleep! They will def last awhile being so potent!

    • The oils do smell wonderful, although potent. I diluted some of mine and made some linen spray.

      • That’s a fabulous idea! Thank you.

  25. I got mine a couple days ago before seeing any spoilers and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked and will use all the items.

    But only because the bar was sooo low after the last few boxes–they were truly awful. I didn’t even notice that everything was HR brand until I read these comments. Good point. I’m curious what future boxes will bring, though I likely won’t purchase unless it’s really special.

  26. What a bummer. Don’t like the direction this box is going. This will be my last box. Unfortunately, I have never found box brand items to have quality. At least I get a Kiko bag! The vegan purse wasn’t even on the company website!

  27. I like the Kiko bag, and the pens are pretty but I too find it disappointing that everything but the bag is Happy Rebel brand. The other items in the box aren’t of interest to me, and the fact that the items all say “Happy Rebel” front and center on them to me makes them difficult to gift. I imagine it is much cheaper to curate a box full of your own branded items rather than to have to find and purchase other brands, but I think they’re likely to lose many customers if they continue to do so. I do like Kiko bags, and like this one…but I now have several of them thanks to Happy Rebel, so don’t need any more. I am really hoping they will branch out and include some different brands. At this point I plan to cancel my sub until I see what future boxes bring…and hopefully it won’t be a lot more Happy Rebel brand stuff.

    • I agree with this 100%. One of the benefits of the winter boxes is I can usually gift what I don’t use. I would love to gift the pens with a planner I received in another box. However, with the Happy Rebel logo I am now hesitant. The logos definitely cheapen the box.

  28. Oh my, everything but the bag is a Happy Rebel brand item? Do you think this is how the boxes will be now?

    • Looks like it. Bummer.

    • If you watch the introduction video at happy rebel the new owner explains her vision. I think she wants to see her subscribers wearing (she also wants to include wearable items) and using the branded items proudly.
      I assume that the box will include mostly happy rebel branded items in the future.
      I did like this box so it does not bother me but it is an expensive box and I do not value happy rebel items as high as well known brands.

      • Yes! The price point needs to be lowered if this is the route she wants to take. I’ll happily spend $100 on a box of goods from retailers that are known and have established reputations. I can’t say the same for a box full of Happy Rebel logos.

    • I’m a little nervous about that. I did like previous HR brand items like the robe and the gold pens. Luckily I love body oils and Kiko bags, so I took the plunge on this. But it does make me sad. At some point I’ve subscribed to PSMH, FFF, And Cause Box, but HR is the only box that has introduced me to brands I loved enough to purchase from later. I’ve made purchases from Rebel’s Refinery, Kiko, Copper Cow, and Soprano Labs. So I hate to see them representing less brands.

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