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BoxyCharm Premium January 2020 Spoiler #1!

We have the first confirmed spoiler for the January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

The December 2019 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Eye Shadow Palette – Retail Value $45


Too Faced Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette – Retail Value $44

What do you think of the spoiler? Which palette do you want?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (65)

  1. I wonder what the transaction number of those who joined the waitlist the moment it opened is? While I agree it would be unfair to take someone off the waitlist with a higher number before a lower number, I’m not sure that’s what’s happening. When you were waitlisted, an order number was automatically generated. I’m pretty sure they went by order number to fulfil premium.

  2. Did anyone see the YouTuber that received both dose of colors palette and Natasha denona? It’s hot mess mom.. are we supposed to get both palettes?

    • She got the Natasha Denona lip liner, I did too. I got the storybook palette and the Natasha lip liner in a light pink, it’s really pretty!!! She had variation 33, I got 34. They also sent another palette from basic beauty called Glowy AF, maybe that’s y u saw two palettes?

    • I’m shocked people watch her. Lol

  3. This is taking too long for me to be on this long wait for premium. Is there any premium full spoilers box? I feel like this is dragging and people like me who signed up the minute it was announce didn’t get first dibs which to me is quite unfair. Now it’s like we have to wait and see what’s gonna happen next. Ugh… boxycharm needs to seriously work on this premium boxes.

    • I completely agree with you. They keep dragging this premium and not quite sure what’s going on. I signed up when it announce as well and barely any spoilers for this particular box. It’s been the regular and boxyluxe. I hope they get this fixed and finally get others to get on premium too.

      • They have got quite a few people. If you signed up AFTER spoilers came out, then you are most outgoing to have to wait a few months. They had a email waitlist and emailed people 30 minutes before it went live to sign up, and then when it went live a mass of people signed up, so if you waited for spoilers and more then one, you most definitely will wait a while. I know they recently took a few more off the list.

  4. I know this is completely off subject but I used my body charms to order elemis oil which I was going to give as a gift to my mom and for whatever reason the post office said the address label was unreadable 😢 so I emailed boxy and they said all they can do is refund me because unfortunately they’re out of the product…I may b unfamiliar with how it works but couldn’t they have resent it once the item got returned to them? And nothing for offered for the inconvenience which btw I had issue with fff box and was my own wrong doing and they gave me a mini box even though I had the wrong doing 👍

    • Hey! I had this happen with a swap and it turned out to be a fault of the post office…I had to file a claim and I was reimbursed. I can’t speak for every situation, but, as the address was unreadable, the post office didn’t mail the product back to me. About a month after my refund, the post office sent me back my empty box with a claim letter inside of it (I assume they junk what’s inside). They had my address to send the box back from my claim and I’m assuming when they opened it saw it was for the same items I claimed. Again, I don’t know if this is standard, but I’m assuming Boxy won’t be getting it back either…thus why they can’t send another :/

      • Gees, I’m so greedy. I’m trying to figure out away to upgrade to premium and keep this and boxyluxe coming out of my account but letting my dad pay for my basic box? Buy xmas. mothers day birthday etc present stress him out. So I thought this situation would be perfect. I think I’m worth 300$ a year lol. I would hate for my evil step mom to figure this out and cancel and I miss a box. I see on account I can add credit card. Does anyone know if first card declined do they charge the second card. I’ll pay for my own stuff but I’d rather he get me this then weird dad stuff he usually buys and over pays for. Like last year xmas jacket. It was a black puffer jacket too small and I looked like micheline tire guy lol.

      • 🙄

      • probably not

  5. Ooooh hope the universe box Gawds send me the eye shadow pallette!!! Happy thoughts!!! So excited to try out all these eyeshadow pallettes!!! With good brands. So looking forward to this!!!

  6. Hopefully these will be our choice items!!!! HOPEFULLY!!!!!

    • From what I’ve seen, we will have choice between a Pretty Vulgar concealer and a Too Faced highlighter.

      • Or maybe that was base box. I would have to go back and check. The spoiler was on IG though.

      • I think that’s for the base box at least I hope so

  7. I absolutely want the eyeshadow palette.

  8. I went on the waitlist as soon as it opened and already get the luxe box and as of the 3rd I’m still on the waitlist which mean I missed November and December premium. I’m really disappointed as I wanted the ND blush palette, now I have to wait another month and hope I get off for January. Ughh

    • Grace—You really should make a complaint. I didn’t sign up until about 3 hours after the waitlist opened. Last month I saw so many comments from people like yourself that signed up immediately but didn’t get off the waitlist. So I was pretty much certain I wouldn’t get off the waitlist until January at the earliest, but probably February or even later.

      I was really disappointed about not getting November but I was okay with missing December because although it still said waitlisted until this month, I got the choice email for BoxyLUXE so I assumed I’d almost certainly get that. Unfortunately I also made the HUGE mistake of throwing away $50 on Ipsy Ultimate as well. Between those charges and the money I spent at the Boxy pop-up sale I was actually relieved I was stuck on the Premium waitlist for at least another month or two. So when I got charged for Premium I was shocked and honestly more disappointed than excited because I absolutely didn’t expect it or plan for it financially. I found it so odd that they were able to take so many off the waitlist, assuming of course everyone who signed up faster than me was getting December’s box as well. I guess I should’ve expected that once again they’re not treating customers fairly.

      I’m so sorry they cheated you. I know how it feels because they did it to me more than once with Luxe. I would definitely email them and ask how it was fair to take people like me off the waitlist before those like yourself who signed up much earlier. I know it’s unlikely they’ll make it right but I hope they offer you something.

  9. You know they still haven’t added me to the premium and I’ve been a member for 2 yrs .. I’m about sick of boxycharm crap

    • I know it’s super unfair but they never take how long they’ve been getting your money into account. It’s SUPPOSED to be whoever signed up the quickest after they opened the official waitlist but I have reason to believe they’re not doing that either. Honestly I think this is how EVERYTHING works with Boxy:
      Influencers, You Tube stars, Bloggers, etc. get first dibs. After that it’s sort of first come first serve, except in the case of the very first Boxyluxe where people like me (a subscriber for about five years at that time) logged on at the precise time and spent several hours trying to get the sight to load or for the order to get completed before it crashed again.
      Then after that first month it’s mostly just random. Kind of like how some people get important emails on time and others days later and some never get them at all. It’s all super unfair and unethical but it’s hard to resist the value they offer, especially now with the different boxes and the pop up sales. They make the same amount of money no matter how they do things so they have no incentive to change unfortunately.

      • I’m not an influencer or YouTuber or anything like that, I’ve only been with boxycharm since September and I got the first Premium. To be fair I did sign up like when it went live, but I was still shocked!!!

      • This is the worst. They are telling new comers to sign up, it people who have been with boxy are still on the waiting list. They tried Telly me I wasn’t getting premium but I got to make a choice and they charged me for premium this month and it shoes on me account. They act like this god. I hate to say it but it is better then luxe. Everyone waist for luxe and to see premium to be better was a put down. I like everything I’m getting, but I already have a hair towel that I paid 12 dollars for. I love it but, but they could of put the watermelon in the luxe. I’m getting all 3 box so it don’t matter but for everyone else.

      • Same with me! Sept was my first box and I don’t “do” anything. I was surprised to get off the waitlist so fast – I didn’t think I would.

      • I got on the waitlist about 40 minutes after it opened. I’ve been subbed since 2016 and a Boxyluxe member since the 2nd Boxyluxe. I missed out on getting the 1st one because the site kept crashing, so I got waitlisted for that.

        I got Premium the first month they had it.

      • Do you pay $35/month for premium or $60 ($35 on top of the $25 for the normal box)

      • They charge separate so they will charge you $35 for premium plus tax and then $25 for the base box plus tax.

      • me too- and I actually just canceled my Boxyluxe, and am planning on just keeping the premium. I was NOT impressed with the last Boxyluxe, and I feel like they’re putting most effort in Premium lately.

  10. Am I the only one that doesn’t want anything from Too Faced? They have fragrance in almost everything which I can’t have on my face thanks to my eczema. I need to try Petit Vour & cancel Boxy.

  11. Are people not getting tired of warm tone orange eyeshadows? I know I am..🙁

    • I used to be on a hunt for an orange shade and now I have 17! Crazy how these things work.

      • I hope I get the face palette! I really don’t want the eyeshadow palette. Maybe we’ll get to choose.. 🤔

      • MSA,
        The little blurb above the pic of the palettes says ‘December 2019 Premium’ instead of January…

    • YES!! Especially being a cool toned gal! They are killin’ me with all these warm tones every month…Hoping this is the choice item so I can pick the face palette.

  12. are we going to be able to choose the one we want?

    • I doubt it because I’m betting way more people will want the eyeshadow palette. And the people that got the ND face palette in the first box will almost certainly want the eyeshadow palette. I was still waitlisted but I definitely want the eyeshadow palette a lot more than the face one. I’ve been wanting it since I first saw it before it was even available to buy.

  13. Can I cancel regular boxycharm this month and still get premium next month? I finally got premium this month! I like that Too Faced face palette.

    • It’s my 2nd month of premium so I was able to cancel my base box and just get the premium box.

    • I want to do the same but I think you still have to get both if you want to keep getting Luxe. I would hate to give up my Luxe spot until when or IF they change it (which they really should do considering we’re paying $15 more than the base box every month anyway) but I can’t allow myself to get all three when I already have so many products I haven’t even tried yet.

    • I believe you have to go one month of getting both before you can cancel your regular box otherwise you get removed from the premium list. I stated this at signup for the waitlist I believe.

  14. Can I cancel regular boxycharm this month and still get premium next month? I finally got premium this month! I like that Too Faced face palette.

    • Yes you can. I had all three subscriptions and I just cancelled both the Luxe and the Base box this month and kept the premium box.

  15. They need to stop with the face palettes. I have 3 from boxycharm this year alone. That doesn’t include other subscription boxes. I hope I get the eyeshadow palette but my luck it will be the face palette that I don’t need/want.

  16. Too Faced has everything on sale now at 30% off and free USA shipping. I get exactly what I want snd don’t have to worry about BC’s nonsense.

  17. Just redeemed some of my charms on a Colourpop The Zodiac Pressed Powder Shadow Palette!!! So freakin excited! 🙂

    • Curious, how many charms was it? I keep getting emails to come back so I can redeem my charms but don’t know that I have enough for it to be worth it.

      • it was 2000

  18. I want the shadow! I have several peach 🍑 face blush/highlight/contour

  19. Oooh😍…might consider Boxycharm’s nonsense for one of these lol.

    • 😂🤣

  20. Too bad this isn’t for regular boxycharm. Its like the regular one is going downhill.

    • Im with you on that. Im noticing boxy premium is getting good quality make up and have better choices. Boxyluxe in my opinion is going downhill for sure. If we had what premium offers in boxyluxe then it would be good.

  21. BOXYCHARM, may I please get sent the Palm Springs palette!?!? 🙏🙏🙏

    • Im finding premium to be so much better than boxyluxe! I hope I get the face palette!

      • 👍

      • If you don’t get it I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will swap it for the eyeshadow palette. I know I would.The face palette is much prettier than most but I’ve been yearning for that palette since I first saw it and have come so close to buying it several times. Glad I waited!

  22. I want the Palm Springs palette! I kept almost buying this but I didn’t. About half the time, the palette we get is something I already bought because I wanted it, but not this yet. Please please please let it be the Palm Springs.

  23. With my luck I’ll end up with that highlighter palette and be PO’d… Pass.

  24. I’m excited for either!

  25. December or January ?

    • January

    • They need to remove the line of text about December’s box up top. 😉

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