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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2019 Box Spoilers + Pre Sale!

We have two spoilers for the 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box! This box is available now for current subscribers and will be available for all on October 10th.

The 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box will include:

Your choice of Alexis Bittar Earrings or Bracelet:

It’s that time of year when adding a little something special to your outfit is a must. Choose between two Alexis Bittar designs — the long leaf earrings or the studded hinge bracelet. Both come in a soft pink lucite that matches just about everything in your closet. We consider them to be timeless classics.

Alexis Bittar Long Leaf Earrings


Alexis Bittar Studded Hinge Bracelet

And the box also includes:

Skin Worldwide Vara Slippers

Slide your feet into these soft, plush slippers when you’re relaxing at home. The machine-washable design will be perfect for the Winter months ahead. Nanoparticles of jade within the fabric lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees, so you won’t get too hot when you crank that heater up. This pair is about to be your new favorite.

Your size choice of Small, Medium, or Large

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $275

Are you going to buy a box? (Check out my review of the 2018, 2017201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).


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Comments (167)

  1. It’s totally fine if none of these spoilers appeal to you, but please be kind in your critiques as you’re insulting those of us who DO like them.

    • Thank you! Lots of snotty comments here.

    • What a stranger thinks shouldn’t be hurtful. It’s just stuff. I have no ego wrapped up in stuff. Why does it matter what anyone else says?

      • The way the items are bashed makes it so some may not even feel comfortable sharing that they actually like the items. People calling them junk and garbage. Once upon a time people wouldn’t say that to actual people. Downfall of the internet and not knowing who’s who, guess.

      • I agree completely. There are ways of expressing your dislike without sounding harsh. For example one could say it’s not their taste instead of saying “so tacky” or “so ugly”. I do believe folks would never say these things to a complete stranger in person.
        This example is personal to me. I live in an area where folks all send their kids to public school. We tried it for K and 1st grades. I decided to send my kid to a private school and not even one close but 40 mins away. Folks here definitely took it personally. Instead of saying the public school here sucks (which is true in my eyes) I would say things like “the new school is closer to my work” (it wasn’t) or “the after-care has a later pick up time so I can work late if needed” (it didn’t).

        It ruins a thread then the comments are really harsh.

      • You shouldn’t have to hide your choices or thoughts, opinions. This is life. You cant say how someone else should address a situation, just because you wouldnt.

      • So that means if people have an opinion or thoughts that are different then yours, they arent allowed to share them?!?!

        Anyone should be able to post their thoughts and opinions and if some dont agree or like them, keep scrolling.

        So not trying to be rude or mean, but that is how life works and at the end of the day, if you like something, like it, of you dont, then dont. But whichever someone’s thoughts are, they shouldn’t be censored on them.

      • Exactly, why get offended because someone doesn’t like a pair of slippers? People need to put things in perspective

    • I don’t understand why you would be insulted if someone else didn’t like the same things you do.

      It happens all the time here and I don’t look twice.

      We all have different taste and needs…it’s not personal.

      • We don’t care that they don’t like the items. It’s the delivery of their message with statements that the items are junk or cheap. They might not be their taste but they’re not junk either. You can’t please everyone.

      • Just came to applaud Bonita, MissJ and Zo.

  2. Very easy pass.

    • Nicely said, Thank you. I’m not thrilled with the spoilers and most of last years items have not been used, but I love subscription boxes and even more love mystery boxes… at this moment it’s a bit of a mystery box.. I was so pumped to purchase this box yesterday but after reading the comments I pumped the brakes and am on the fence still.
      FOMO is real!! Sometimes I find myself SMH when reading rude comments.. I feel really bad for the MSA team. Just saying.

      • MSA want opinions good or bad. That is its purpose. Just saying.

      • I agree with amyr. I don’t give a damn if someone doesn’t like what I like (actually, the more the merrier, as I might be able to get a box at a discount down the road). Honestly…when has America become the land of only-one-opinion-allowed? I come here for everyone’s opinions (especially for the Slut Box). I am an adult, and I expect to be treated like one.

  3. These items are just embarrassing. The earrings and bracelet look so cheap, leftover from 1985 and the slippers are so ugly. Bleh! I think the person who said these are the things Neiman’s can’t sell is absolutely right.

    • I think the slippers are adorable. It’s all a matter of taste. I might think you have bad taste about something but I certainly wouldn’t express myself quite like you….

      • I think the slippers are kind of awful. However, if you like them, enjoy!

        The comment sections you’ll find anywhere on the internet will likely include people’s real feelings on whatever topic is up for discussion.

        If you have a hard time with that, maybe skip it or try to scroll by. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I was considering splurging on this box this year. I always enjoy looking at the big reveal and enjoying it vicariously. I actually really love the bracelet, alas I have giant hands and suspect it won’t fit on my wrist. I dont Carr for the earrings or slippers, so I think I’ll sit this out. 🙁

    I am considering 2 PSMH winter boxes though for the matching rainbow necklace and earrings. I’m sure I’ll have plant of gifts from it too. I can see how they might look tacky to some, but I work with young children who like colorful, whimsical things.

    • I’ve considered two of the winter boxes, instead, too. I like the earrings, those are what I chose, and I would love a matching necklace. Why do they keep making us choose? Wish we could add on the other for discount rather than purchasing a whole additional box. I will use the extras for gifts, though, so might order a second!

      • Easy pass for me… never wear earrings and I have SIX pairs of unworn slippers. Stuck in that cabin sock rut…

      • I’m not thrilled with the dish thing, but I’m thinking of doing some neat things with some tea lights and some sort of filler. The extra one I’m going to fill with some nice pens, post-its, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a christmas card for the woman who’s office I use twice a week, along with an apology for constantly using her post-its. I’m sure I’ve stolen a pen or two by accident as well.

    • Hello Noelle,
      I like your idea of 2 Winter PSMH for a matching set. The daintiness and multiple colors of the design are attractive to me too.

    • I think I saw that the bracelet has a hinge opening, so hopefully it would fit you!

      • I’m not optimistic. I’m a bit of an Amazon princess. Just shy of 6ft and not a beanpole at all. I’m just a little scaled up compared to the average woman. Generally if jewelry isn’t somewhat flexible in nature as far as fit goes, it won’t work. I’ll probably have to make some adaptations to the necklace to make it fit, which is easy enough most of the time, but I don’t think I’d be able to make the bracelet work if it’s not quite wide enough.

        Seriously though, I’m just picturing the rainbow jewelry with a basic black 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of black boots so that the colors pop. I think it could look really awesome.

      • I think you’re right about the color pop.

    • I think the bracelet is hinged, if that makes a difference to you. My experience is that Alex Bittar jewelry is primarily constructed from plastic, and it is very fragile. I actually like the pink jewelry, but I wouldn’t buy it because it may be very easy to damage.

  5. Mmmm this is an easy pass. None of these spoilers are an atheistic me or anyone in my circle would be into. For real, I’d be happier with some baublebar from Target. They’d probably have cuter slippers too. I don’t care about designer labels though… 🤷

    • Atheistic, huh? …I thought this box was NON-DENOMINATIONAL, danggit!

      • 😂

      • Lol curses!! Auto correct has struck again. Aesthetic is the word I was trying to use. 😂😝

      • dead…:D

    • I agree! Thank God for spoilers! I just saved myself $275!

    • I had to chuckle when I saw your response because as soon as I saw the rainbow jewelry in the PSMH Winter box I instantly thought of all the Baublebar jewelry I have that looks just like those. I cancelled the PSMH Winter box. Dobt need more Baublebar twinsy jewelry nor another knicknack tray. N Neiman Marcus is an easy easy pass as well. I can buy Lucite jewelry anywhere. I just purchased no less than 6 new pr of house slippers n all are cuter than these. Just saved a ton of $$$ lol

      • I’ve been so worried that the box would sell out before it was open to non-subscribers b/c I’m taking a break from PSMH. A lot less worried now! I’ve gotten the NM box the last couple of years though and really liked it so I’m torn. NM has both the earrings and the bracelet at $145 and the slippers are $85 on the the Skin Worldwide site. So that accounts for $230.

        What’s the value of this box supposed to be again?

      • Value should be $800

  6. I am in the minority here and really like the earrings – so I went ahead and did the pre-order (I don’t have a subscription – but the link above allowed me to order). The bracelet – not my thing – so I am happy it’s a choice.

    As for the slippers – these will be perfect for our houseguests that forgot theirs and want a pair to borrow while they are here. That style is usually pretty great for being thrown into the wash for the next guest to use.

    I don’t get the impression these are ‘hero’ items. Plus, since the RV isn’t being eaten up by both the bracelet AND earrings – makes me wonder what the WOW item will be 🤔

    • I love your idea for the slippers! What a kind and thoughtful way to welcome people into your home. You must be a wonderful host 🤗

  7. Wanted to love this box this year. These slippers are awful and the jewelry is not a wow factor. Usually the first spoilers are the better items in the box. Looks like I just saved myself $275.

  8. Don’t most people wear slippers because their feet are cold…

    • I think both spoilers look like overall solid options. I’m not a jewelry girl and I think the earrings would be too long for my mom (she’s the only one to whom I gift jewelry). The pale blush looks gorgeous though!

      I’m a Birkenstock girl and just have a pair of indoor Birk clogs vs. slippers. My poor feet need support on my floors.

      The suggestion to keep them for house guests is fun but my house guests wear very different sizes (mom is a 7, sister is a 10 and my best friends are a 11 and 12). Plus would I wear used slippers as a guest in someone’s house? Nope.

      The slippers only go to a size 10. This seems iffy but perhaps I’ve just known a lot of bigger footed people? 🤷‍♀️😂

      I really thought I’d be buying this for holiday gifts this year but will have to skip it. If you love these two spoilers, you’d probably like the rest of the box as I’m assuming there will be a face cream/serum and the home goods based on prior years. I’m thankful they spoiled these 2 items vs. a home goods item.

  9. I really don’t see why everyone is talking down on these spoilers so much. I wasn’t able to get the box last year and I’m happy I was able to get the preorder this year. In fact the main reason I ordered was the slippers because I intend to gift them to my mom who isn’t into jewelry, handbags, makeup or skincare and doesn’t own anything designer so I thought her eyes will light up with some slippers she will actually use and feel a bit luxurious about. I chose the earrings as they would go cute for a holiday outfit and I truly don’t own any nice jewelry, so it’s a treat for me. I know there will be items in the box that don’t fit me personally, but I ordered because I know I can use what I don’t want as gifts for Christmas and make my shopping list way shorter while also giving myself a couple nice things. Even if the box was only a $450 value, I would likely still find the $275 worth it as it still gives you discounts on several items, but this one will be upwards of $700, which isn’t bad at all. If you ask me, it’s a nice start to the box and I am looking forward to seeing what else I can either keep or gift.

    • I had a whole exchange with a lady who was appalled by the idea of using “sub box rejects” as gifts. I see nothing wrong with that.

      • Depends on the “rejects,” lol. I’d never gift anyone one of my 12 Eyeko black eyeliners, but there are plenty of items in boxes that make great gifts.

      • My teenage nieces love those things! 😅 Of course I just hand them over, I don’t wrap them up with a bow or anything.

      • I wrapped up a bunch of eyeliners and mini mascara and used it for a white elephant party last year. People actually really wanted it. Apparently there are people out there that don’t have a lifetime supply of black eyeliner and mascara. Who knew?!?

      • Ha! I stoped sub boxes for 1 year in January. I still enjoy looking at MSA and my fav boxes– and am almost out of liquid black eyeliner–you never know when a “reject” will get appreciated!

      • Oh I remember reading that exchange. I tried to comment in your favor because that person was absolutely redic , but as usual my comments didnt post. Nothing wrong at all with giving sub box items as still boggles my mind.

      • I would never gift my sub box leftovers either but honestly it’s nobody else’s business.

    • Hi Nikki,
      I appreciate your attitude! Thank you for your positive silver lining in the world of subscription boxes. LOL, many times the items that I thought I would not like turned into being one of my favorite things.

  10. Thanks to these lackluster spoilers I went and looked at the normal PS box spoilers and liked them better, used the MSA code, and am perfectly happy for $58. This box is so hit and miss–I got lucky and loved it the one time I got it, but there have been a lot of misses IMO. Hope everyone who gets it loves it!

    • I used an MSA code too which brought my box down to $60. Tennessee sales tax is draconian. It is 9.5%!

      I honestly adore those earrings! I love rainbows, am a Pride supporter and they are small enough to add a statement necklace. I love the dish too 🙂

  11. The jewelry that Popsugar has picked out for this & the winter boxes are really bad. And the slippers are shapeless & wide… I think of LUXURY when I think of this box, and the price.

    • I am a regular subscriber. Where can I find the spoilers for the Winter Box?
      Thanks in advance

      • Joyce, you should have recently received an email from Popsugar to make your choices for the jewelry. Log into your Popsugar account and you can make your choice.

  12. Why aren’t they giving people both the earrings and bracelet? This box is too expensive to be pulling that pick one stunt. In the past this box had an earring and necklace set so it can be done.

  13. For 275.00 shouldn’t you get both the earrings and the bracelet?

  14. $85 RV on the slippers, and the brand also has a single pair of hipster panties for $40. These prices are literally 10x what I’d pay for them

    • Someone found the slippers on sale for 63.00

      • OMG you can find sub box stuff for cheaper online! Well tickle me silly!

  15. I never had serious intentions of getting this box, so nothing here disappoints me. If anything, I’m glad the spoilers aren’t appealing so I’m not tempted to order a $275 box of stuff I don’t need.

    That doesn’t mean I can’t get joy from it though, because I’m getting a really good laugh out of those overpriced granny slippers and it’s free!

    • Same here, sister!

  16. Ugh – easy pass. This is a good reminder why Neiman Marcus has been nicknamed for years, Needless Markup. The RV of these items is ridiculous IMO. Plus, for me, the earrings are way too long and the bracelet too big, and I don’t wear backless slippers – they don’t stay on my feet. And if the slippers are from NM, shouldn’t they at least be fashionable- not something that screams TJ Maxx??

  17. OMG…. that’s a hard pass for me!

    • Pass for me! My wallet likes this.

  18. So wait, am I the only one who questions the claim that the nanoparticles of jade lower your body temperature ten degrees? Like, my body will be 88.6 degrees? WE WILL ALL DIE OF HYPOTHERMIA.

    • Now it’s getting fun 😂😂😂

    • Literally LOLing at my desk!

      Think I’ll pass on this one.

    • We should be able to apply this same method to cure global warming! (I kid.)

    • OMG that’s great!

    • Exactly! Lol…..

    • No kidding. Dumbest claim ever.

  19. I keep thinking of that old Peggy Lee song:

    “Is that all there is? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    More spoilers, please.

  20. What looks like plastic costume jewelry and slippers with TASSELS?! Thank you, PS, for making this an easy pass for me! No fomo here.

  21. The slippers are on sale at Neiman Marcus for $63. Why would the include sale items in the box? Makes me think it the items are ones that aren’t selling well either. I like the bracelet, but the slippers aren’t calling my name. I really wanted to buy this box, but I’ll hold out for another spoiler. My rule of thumb – I’ve got to like enough spoilers to cover the cost of the box, then I don’t worry if the rest of the box doesn’t appeal to me.

  22. Let’s see… Diptyque Baies candle, Acqua di Parma Eau de Parfum, La Mer Creme de la Mer, Chanel lipstick (all full-size, mind you), a silk Natori caftan, & a Waterford Lismore crystal bowl as the icing on a too good to be true $275 self-indulgent cake. This is seriously what people expect to receive in this box & take it as an affront not to receive a luxe Neiman Marcus shopping spree at a rock-bottom discount. I peruse MSA on a daily basis for the sole purpose of discovering new products that fit my personal preferences then purchasing independently. I have discovered many staple products in my daily beauty routine by doing this. Subscription boxes are exactly as MSA states, an addiction much like gambling. Consumers compulsively purchase these boxes, being mostly disappointed but futilely hoping the next box will be the BIG win (much like a gambler haplessly feeding dollar after dollar into the slots, optimistically anticipating bells indicating a payout worth tens of thousands). Don’t be that person, save your money, & splurge only items you absolutely love. Don’t grimly settle.

    • I don’t think anyone expects a box containing all of the items you listed (nor would I personally have any use for at least half of those items). People have a right to be less than enthused about costume jewelry and clearance slippers as the first two spoilers for a luxury box that is supposed to have a retail value of at least $800. We had higher expectations in light of what has been included in previous NM boxes. Hopefully those who have purchased the box end up enjoying it.

      • I’m not getting this box and while Alexis bittar is costume, it is handmade lucite and very high quality. I have a few pieces, and love them and I usually don’t wear costume jewelry. Check out the lucite flower brooches. Thy are stunning.

        Those granny slippers though. I saw them at TJ Maxx for $15 (not really but they look like they belong there).

    • You hit the nail on the head. It does become an addiction! I am not buying this, have one more box from FFF, a couple of the $12 Ipsy bags prepaid for one year and I just dumped Boxycharm and Happy Rebel. Glam Bag Plus and Ultimate are gone too. I am getting off this hamster wheel.

      I did buy the Must Have and it looks OK. I like the dish and the earrings..

      Last year PS Neiman Marcus was awesome. Now it looks curated by Ada Frump and screams nursing home to me! It looks like things that an 95 lady I know would love.

      There is not one damn thing lavish about this.

  23. Disappointed in these spoilers, they are just not interesting at all to me. I will happily use the money for something I really want. Hope others enjoy!

  24. Hey, Liz! Couple questions about the slippers. Do they seem grippy at all on the bottom? Like when you walk around in them do they feel slippery on the floor or do you feel they have grip? And I am wondering about the “jade” component. Do feet feel cozy/warm in these? Or do you genuinely feel like these are “cooling” from the jade? Thanks in advance!

  25. I’m so glad, I got to preorder, Ichose the earrings, I also ordered the Luxor “Opulent” box, Merry Christmas to me:)

    • Love it…treat yourself!! 😉

  26. While I like Alexis Bittar and own a few of his pieces, these particular ones don’t appeal to me at all. And… slippers? Really? Unless they are Louboutin I’m not interested.

    • Rolling on the floor. You are my kinda gal!

  27. I love the bracelet and slippers! I wish I could afford this box

  28. I dig the earrings, but who wants slippers that cool you down?!? My slippers keep my feet warm so that I don’t have to crank the heat. I can’t imagine cranking the heat and thinking, “I’m too warm, I should cool myself down, not turn down the heat.”

  29. I’ve never purchased it in years past but I’ve always wanted to so I treated myself this year. I know it will sell out so I wasn’t waiting.

  30. Yikes. Hard pass. TBH, I’ve never been excited by anything offered in the Neiman Marcus boxes for the price. $145 for a piece of plastic jewelry? C’mon. I don’t care who the designer is.

    Does anyone else feel like the box has things in it that aren’t selling well at NM?

    • Had the same feeling. Plastic jewelry and not-too-cute slippers don’t have the feel of Neiman Marcus luxury. I can get earrings like this in my Rocksbox.

  31. Oh man, I’m so glad I read the description of the slippers before buying. Jade particles to ensure your feet don’t get too warm when you crank up the heat? Lol!!!! I need slippers that WILL keep my feet WARM. These wouldn’t bode well for the environment or my electric bills. Hoping for more spoilers soon indeed!

    • I thought the same thing. I thought the point of putting on slippers was to RAISE your body temperature, not lower it! SMH

      • I wear slippers to cushion my feet. I don’t want to wear shoes in the house all day but I stand on my feet an hour or two most every day cooking and then dishes and it’s nice to not be in my bare feet.

      • Zo, I’m with you on that one. I also don’t walk around the kitchen barefoot on the off chance of a glass breaking.

      • Sure, so do I, but I still have to account for climate. I don’t want slippers that cool my feet down by up to ten degrees when it’s snowing outside. I hope the folks in warmer climates enjoy these.

    • Fortunately, the jade claims are B S and bogus, so you can safely ignore that nonsense. What cannot be ignored is how unattractive these slippers are.

      • Lol!!!

      • This!!! LOL …..

      • Agree!

      • Yep. And, I don’t care for the jewelry at all. I was going to splurge and finally get one this year. Idk

      • I was planning on treating myself also. But after looking at the items again, I canceled. It just doesn’t make sense to me to pay so much for fake jewelry and slippers. Maybe if the next spoilers are great and it doesn’t sell out, then I’ll get it.

      • Nailed it!

  32. @ MSA/lIz – did PS give an estimated total RV? Also, what is size of bracelet?

    • I don’t know where I saw it since I can’t find it now but I remember seeing “over $800” value.

    • I found it. It was in the 9/25 email for the NM sweepstakes.

  33. My cat would destroy those slippers. They would not last a day.

    • Jakki – LOL

  34. Big no for me. I wouldn’t spend this much on a sub box, personally. For this kind of cash, I want to pick items that I LOVE.

  35. Those slipper would last 2 hours with my cat! I always consider buying this, then the spoilers come out and my money is safe for another year. Really though I don’t think I am target for this box… I don’t have enough money to ever shop at Nieman Marcus.

    For now I haven’t been tempted by any of the advent calendars either – except Bonne Maman, I did get that one.

  36. I love Alexis Bittar so I’m excited & I ordered it! The slippers aren’t exciting though, hoping for some better spoilers coming up!

  37. With tax, it would be almost $300 for me. I just cannot gamble that much money, even if I had it growing on trees! I do like the bracelet and slippers, but need more to convince me it’d be worth it to me. There has been no past Neiman Marcus box that I loved, but the theme of this one does catch my interest. Ugh. LOL

  38. Well, my wallet is safe for now. I was planning on buying this box (for the first time) for myself as a push present (due with baby #2 this month), but none of these items are calling my name. Oh well.

    • I was also hoping to buy this box for this first time this year, as I missed the boat on last year’s box (which I thought looked really fab). I’m pretty bummed about the spoilers for this year so far. 🙁

      • I was planning on purchasing this box too for the first time, but not anymore since these spoilers are pretty bad 🙁

    • Lol I just had baby #1 this year and forgot to give myself a push present! One more excuse to make an extra pre-holiday splurge. Not on this one though. Nothing is calling me here.

      • When my daughter turned one, I bought myself a “I survived my first year of motherhood/keeping a tiny human alive” present – my first Kate Spade purse and I still love and use it now that that “baby” just turned 7 😉

      • Can I get myself an “he turned 6 last month” present? 🤔💁‍♀️

      • OF COURSE 😉

      • I love this. Keeping a tiny human alive definitely deserves a present. I can’t even keep plants alive.

    • I was planning on buying this box too for the first time, especially since I had missed out on last year’s box, but these spoilers are pretty awful 🙁

  39. Still waiting to see a standout item that justifies the $275+ price tag. Based on these two spoilers, this feels more like a regular quarterly PSMH box (rather than a luxe NM collab). I’m hoping for a luxe home item or tech gadget of some kind. I’d even be happy with a full-size, high-end candle (e.g., Diptyque, Jo Malone, etc). I’m concerned that PSMH is leading with these two spoilers, as generally the initial spoilers tend to be the strongest offerings in the box. It makes me think the rest of the items will be filler (e.g., beauty/skincare products) to inflate the RV. I hope I’m wrong, though!

  40. No FOMO on this one. Easy pass

  41. I like the first two items as they are both colors I wear or willing to wear☺️ This box is labeled Retreat, so I am so looking forward to what Lisa and Neiman Marcus consider retreat items!! I actually love the bracelet and it’s simplicity and elegance!

  42. Not impressed at all.

    The earrings are so boring and I find the slippers to be frumpy. Those tassels would drive cats crazy! The bracelet is huge on my wrist which is under 6 inches.

    So I too talked myself off the cliff.

    I think I will take my money and buy a Sophie Bag from Cambridge Satchel Company.

  43. This box isn’t in my budget by any means, but I figured I’d peek at the spoilers to see what I’d be missing out on and I can now confidently say I wouldn’t want this box even if I could afford it! My fingers are crossed for more exciting spoilers for those who are looking forward to this box though 🙂

    • That is really sweet! Have a great day:)

  44. $275 for slippers and plastic jewelry – um, no thanks. 🙂

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Unless the next spoiler is a refund, Im not interested.

      • We think alike.

      • Hahaha. Lol!

    • Right? On their website, it says the slippers are valued at $85. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay that much for slippers like these.

      • I saw slippers that looked very similar to that yesterday at TJ Maxx–for 8.99.

      • That’s the price of the slippers on both skin and zappo’s.

      • Yikes hard pass on the costume jewelry and ugly slippers

      • But the nanoparticles, Liz!

      • Right! You can get Uggs at Nordstrom rack! The jewelry is horrible! And not great for winter.. looks like cheap tourist souvenir stuff🤢 so glad I saw this! I won’t be trying the box

    • Kay — I totally agree!

  45. For $275 I can buy nice gifts for others and myself with money left over at Marshalls 🙂

  46. Very nice start to the box. My experience with Alexis Bittar has been bad, in that the bracelet that I purchased arrived broken, so it must have been exceedingly fragile to begin with. But it was very pretty, as are these items. While I have to desire to purchase this box because the spoilers are ho-hum to me, I think there will be many who will be happy.

  47. The earrings are cute enough, but I hate that both jewelry choices are pale pink with gold detailing- I own nothing that I would pair with pink, and gold is a miss for my skin tone.

    The slippers are also… not exciting. I would wear them, maybe, but nothing here screams or even whispers “Give me $275”

    • Normally, I would feel the same way, however, my girlfriend showed up wearing a navy suit with pink earrings and that changed my mind. She is not even a little bit frilly and I was surprised how nicely the pink popped against the navy. Gold disappears with my skin tone – and the minimal amount of gold on these will be in my ears.

      Not saying this to change your mind regarding this box – but just to give you an idea of using a pink accent you may not have explored and might find you like 😃

  48. The slippers sell for $85, the earrings or bracelet $145. I think I talked myself off the cliff.

  49. While I don’t hate these spoilers, I’m definitely underwhelmed. I’ll need to see another spoiler before deciding whether to take the plunge on this box. These aren’t true hero items, imho.

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