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Margot Elena Subscription Box – Fall 2019 Review

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Oct 3, 2019 | 33 comments

Margot Elena fall 2019 box review

Margot Elena Subscription Box
4.7 overall rating
57 Ratings | 18 Reviews

The Seasonal Subscription Box from Margot Elena is a quarterly subscription box featuring full-size beauty and lifestyle items. (If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s carried in stores like Anthropologie.)

floral sticker on decorative box outer

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

open bow with teal tissue paper inside

In general, the packaging is fab, and this would be a great box to send as a gift!

all items inside

About the Margot Elena Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Subscription Box

The Cost: $49.95 per quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box, filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by the M.E. team.

Ships to: The US for a flat fee of $6.95

Margot Elena Fall 2019 Review

cover of info booklet with flowers

This box comes with a card detailing all of the items included. As usual, the floral illustrations are stunning.

We have so many pretty things to see.


Happy Home Made with Love Apron – Listed Value $32.00

I always wear an apron when cooking a larger meal, mainly because I am a disaster of a person and I am constantly spilling things, wiping my hands, and just creating a large mess. I have an older plain linen one that I have relied on for years, but this floral cotton number is significantly more festive! I just love these big, bold flowers in the bright color palette. Because this design relies more on teal and tan than green, it feels totally appropriate for fall and winter without being drab. The quality is great too, and there are even little embroidered elements within the center of the flowers.


Happy Home Made with Love Kitchen Towel – Listed Value $20.00

I am pretty happy to see a coordinating towel. It is made out of the same heavier cotton fabric and is finished with a bold red hem embroidery. It is beautiful enough to drape on the front of my stove handle or wrap warm bread in for the table itself.


Lollia Always In Rose Perfumed Shower Gel, 8 fl oz – Retail Value $22.00

This is a new fragrance from Margot Elena, and as a rose lover, I am totally into it! The majority of this scent is a natural and clean rose petal explosion, but there are also amber and hibiscus notes that make it tart, sophisticated, and a little sexy! I am always happy when I get a big tube of shower gel in this box because I use them daily when I am not testing out other shower gels or body washes from boxes. They leave my skin lightly perfumed and feeling really fresh. The gel texture is thick and has a thick lather, especially when you combine with a loofa.


The Cottage Greenhouse Violette Fig & Black Currant Body Lotion, 8 oz – Retail Value $28.00

The packaging for The Cottage Greenhouse line always reminds me of a little French cottage. It is so giftable! This scent happens to be one of my mom’s favorites, so I will be gifting this to her as a “just because” sort of present. This scent is one of those that I find perfect for fall because the fig is balanced with a warm honey fragrance that is soothing and comforting. This is a lighter lotion which is perfect for Mom since she wears gloves all day at work and just needs a little moisture here and there throughout the day.


Lollia Dream Little Lux Eau de Parfum with Lollia Pouch, 0.16 fl oz – Listed Value $11.00 (Buy the perfume alone for $9.50)

This little bottle is super cute and perfect for travel. The notes are white tea, honeysuckle, linden, and bergamot, but I always seem to notice a super girly powder note in this scent. While it isn’t my usual fare, I do love a fresh, almost laundry-like scent to layer with some of my warmer vanilla perfumes. It has a super familiar quality that is really comforting and nostalgic to me.


Neptune & The Mermaid Age of Aquarius Lip Balm, 0.22 oz – Listed Value $10.00 (Buy a trio of balms for $30.00)

Look at this packaging! I love the nautical and floral vibes and that cute octopus! The balm is clear and very hydrating, and has a sweet fruity scent. The pot itself is made of heavy glass and capped with a gold lid.


Lollia ‘At Last’ Travel Size Shea Butter Handcreme, 1.25 oz  – Retail Value $15.00

These metal tubes of heavy duty hand cream are one of my favorite products from the whole M.E. line. My hands love this formula! It is over-the-top creamy, hydrating, and the scents are on the stronger side. This particular one has notes of white florals and rice flower. I found it to be a little musky, floral, and also a little powdery. It feels very much like a sister scent to “Dream” above, but is different enough to make its own impression.


Infinite Beauty Sea Mud Clay Facial Masque – Listed Value $12.00

My face is very dry, so I don’t generally indulge in many clay masks because they just sap all moisture from my skin. This envelope is resealable, and filled with a dry clay powder, which makes it really useful if you only want to use it as a spot treatment. Simply add a few drops of water, mix, and apply! I did use this on my T-zone and a random zit and I was great for those specific areas. I can only imagine that if you have an oilier complexion, you will love this even more.


TokyoMilk Signature Stationery Set – Listed Value $22.00

Margot Elena always has the cutest cards. More often than not, they are also quite cheeky, which suits me just fine. Each of these features a vintage style illustration with glitter embellishment. Most M.E. cards are $5.50 each, so this listed value makes total sense.


TokyoMilk Bon Bon Bubble Bath Mini, 2.5 fl oz – Listed Value $8.00 (Buy a trio for $24.00)

I wish this had been a bigger bottle mainly because I loved the fragrance! It has a lot of citrus happening with notes of flowers and woods peeking out and grabbing my nose. It was oh-so bubbly and made for quite the luxurious bath! Will brought me roses home a week or so ago and I grabbed some of those petals and tossed them into all those bubbles and didn’t leave the bath until the water got cold. Basically the perfect Sunday morning ritual!


Library of Flowers ‘Willow and Water’ Parfum Crema, 2.5 oz – Retail Value $21.00

Willow and Water is easily one of my favorite Margot Elena scents. I received a body scrub in this scent this past spring, and I am still obsessed with this smell. I think it might be because the scent reminds me of a more water-based Tocca Florence, an older favorite that I recently bought a new bottle of. To my nose, it also has something in common with OUAI’s Rue St Honore, but again, this feels much more watery and slightly less powdery. All three of these scents are ones I have been dabbling with ever since I randomly decided I like white floral perfumes, a huge change for someone who more often used to wear men’s colognes! Maybe they all smell distinctly French in some way? Hmm… Either way, I love this! Since it is a cream perfume, just a little bit goes a long way in terms of scent power, so reserve this for your wrists, neck, or anywhere you would normally apply a fragrance.

Verdict: If you love beautifully packaged and highly fragranced bath and body products, you really can’t go wrong with Margo Elena. Everything is so over-the-top lush and pretty! This quarter was one of my favorites so far, mainly because I absolutely adored that apron. And a matching towel? I am done! The bath and body products were all hits for me too, and that shower gel arrived at the perfect time since my old one just ran out. This is such a treat yourself kind of box, but if you are feeling more generous than I am, it would also be a great purchase to divvy up into presents for others. I plan on hoarding all of this to myself though! The overall value of this box is around $201, making it an awesome value for a $49.99 box.

A note from the Margot Elena Team:

We’ve received a lot of feedback on our Fall Discovery box and want you to know that we hear you and are taking it all to heart. We had an error on our site that caused confusion and we apologize for that and are looking into how it could have happened. Our retail value remains what it’s been from the start and we pour much heart and thought into our boxes, wanting them to be a special treat for our subscribers. Unlike many other beauty boxes, we love to create items exclusive to our boxes as a special gift to our subscribers that’s not available anywhere else. Our team puts a lot of love into designing these limited-edition items as well as selecting products that have been tried-and-true customer favorites. Our Little Luxe Perfumes are one of these much-loved staples that have been a part of Lollia’s offerings for over a decade because they’re such a great size to carry with you whether you’re traveling or just out and about. We’re always striving to include a broad selection of items in hopes that people of many different tastes will discover a new favorite. We’re sorry to hear that a few of you felt these items weren’t what you expected and will keep all of this in mind as we work to deliver an extra-special Discovery Box for the holidays.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, the Fall box has sold out. The Winter box would be your first if you sign up today.

Value Breakdown: At $49.95 here is what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Apron $7.95
  • Towel $4.97
  • Shower Gel $5.47
  • Body Lotion $6.96
  • Mini Perfume $2.73
  • Lip Balm $2.49
  • Mini Hand Cream $3.73
  • Mud Masque $2.98
  • Stationery Set $5.47
  • Mini Bubble Bath $1.99
  • Parfum Crema $5.22

Alternatively, each of the 11 items has an average cost of $4.54.

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“Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries. With your purchase, you’ll be enrolled in our seasonal membership and receive a box of beauty every 3 months delivered to your doorstep as long as you remain a member."
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.
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Great review, love this box as always. I just read through the “drama,” silly and blown way out of proportion.

Meagan I have combo skin and feel I need hydration after clay masks as well. What I like to do when doing a clay or detox mask of any kind is follow it with a hydration mask (cream/gel or sheet mask).


I agree 100%!


Sorry, *Megan*!


I love this box. I have yet to be disappointed by one. I don’t know why people have to cause so much drama and fuss over everything. Seriously suing the company? That is such overkill. If boxes are causing so much anger and stress just stop subscribing and stop being such a buzzkill for everyone else.


Amazing box, always one of my favorites! Great job Margo Elena!


I love this box and always feel I get a great value. It’s a little less full of over-the-top amazingness this month, but still plenty amazing. Comparing what you get at $50 in this box to other $100 boxes like Happy Rebel or Popsugar, it’s just head and shoulders above and beyond in value. Plus the curation is always so gorgeous and thoughtful. I’ll definitely continue subscribing and can’t wait for the next box.


It’s a beautiful box and I will continue to subscribe. I am seeing a friend tomorrow who has gone through a very, very difficult time, and I’m giving her much of it. I want ME to feel good about what they do. It sounds like they tried very much to correct the mistake.


I’m on total product overload unfortunately, but definitely would subscribe to this box otherwise. It seems so luxurious. I know I would love it. And this Fall box looks fantastic.


I want that kitchen towel to be my bedspread <3

Megan K.

Or a sheet set!! I would die. <3


I love this box. That is all!


Great review Megan. Your description of the products was spot on. I first found out about the ME box on MSA and the reviews convinced me I would love it. I do and I always feel that the value for me exceeds the cost. I think when the spoilers came out there were some complaints that the items in the box were not on the ME website. I like the surprise factor and knowing that I might be the first to try some new items or things they are testing. Thanks again for all your reviews.

Megan K.

Thanks MissPippa! I always love this one too. I used to buy M.E. goods at anthro all the time, so I knew it would be a winner for me. I also don’t mind custom made box surprises if they are of good quality, which more often than not they are in this box. Thanks for reading 🙂


My cards, perfume, bon bon bath, handcreme, lip balm are different, too.


Just to be clear … I love my box! Well done, M.E. Thank you!


My cards, perfume, bon bon bath, handcreme, lip balm are different, too.


Can someone tell me the drama behind their site? It was down for a while recently and I am curious.


There was a typo that listed the RV as $300 instead of $200. Someone complained on Reddit, saying they wrote M.E. to ask why sample sized items were included in a $300 RV box, and their subscription got cancelled. I think M.E. just assumed they wanted to return the box and cancel, but the subscriber felt like they were canceled just for complaining. The subscriber got a refund but wasn’t satisfied with the way it was handled and felt the RV had been lowered from $300.

But as M.E. said, it’s always been $200, and there was just a typo on the site. The whole thing blew up on Reddit, with people suggesting a lawsuit for false advertising, saying they’d never subscribe, etc. The thread is called ‘Margot Elena just canceled my box subscription because I emailed them about the value of the box’ if you want to google it.

IMO Margot Elena is one of the best boxes out there, and this person just wants attention. I thought the fall box was great, and I haven’t seen any negative reviews about it at all.


“Just a typo”…. it’s a $100 difference in value. IMO Margot Elena products are not good. They all just smell like heavy perfume, and I have tossed out or given away all of the hand creams and lotions I’ve ever received from this sub, or any other sub I’ve gotten their products in. I could go on and give my negative review, but I don’t want to be accused of “just wanting attention”. This person has every right to bring up the discrepancy, just like everyone else has a right to moan about their ipsy ultimate (and my goodness there’s been a lot of that).


Thank you so much for sharing this information. I had seen some negative reviews of this box and could not figure it out. I love this box and it has never disappointed me. If any one has ever seen & smelled ME products, they will know if this box is right for them.


I don’t think the person just wanted attention. I mean even if it is a typo, Margot Elena screwed up. If you walk into a store and there’s a shirt on a rack that says “30% off,” when you take it to the register and it’s not 30% off, you’ll be annoyed, and most likely the store will give you the 30% off.

I do think the person made it into a bigger deal than it was, but IMO Margot Elena didn’t respond well in this customer service situation.


Thanks! Social media feeds mob mentality. At this point I see it used more for negativity than connectivity and positivity. So sad as that was not the intent of social media.


I also agree that this is one of the best boxes out there. The promised RV has always been $200 RV since the very beginning. Check out all the past reviews and promotions on this site.


My hand cream and perfume lotion were different scents than you received, I didn’t realize ME did any variants?


Mine too. I’m happy with the True Vanilla perfume creme. I received Linden in a past box and this stuff wears better on me than traditional fragrances. I can still smell it the next day!


They do sometimes. There was a gift bag that people received different designs.

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