FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the FabFitFun Winter 2019 box!

All subscribers will be able to pick one of these five items:

Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65 value)

UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow ($65 value)

Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle ($48 value)

Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set ($70 value)

R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner ($64 value)

What do you think of the spoilers?

We also have the Add-On + Customization schedule for the FabFitFun Winter 2019 box!

Select Access Dates:

  • Add-Ons: Nov. 1 – Nov. 5
  • Customization: Nov. 2 – Nov. 5
  • Bill Date: Nov 7

All Access Dates:

  • Add-Ons: Nov. 14 – Nov. 18
  • Customization: Nov. 15 – Nov. 18
  • Bill Date 2: Nov 20
  • Bill Date 3: Nov 27

Starting this Winter, we will be implementing some exciting changes to make your membership experience more efficient and enjoyable. Back in June, we had announced our Long Term Shipping and Billing Improvement Plan 193 based on the feedback we collected from many of you. We are now excited to share these plans being further put into action.

First, starting in Winter, we will be moving to 3 separate billing dates (previously 2). This change will reduce the average time between billing and shipping for each of the groups. It will also help prevent shipping overlap between each group as we will begin shipping only one group at a time. Select Members will be billed and shipped exclusively within the earliest group.

  • Group 1: All Select. This includes APO/FPO/DPO address which will be automatically upgraded to Select status to honor our Active Duty Military. Stay tuned while we continue exploring other ways to verify Military in future seasons.
  • Group 2: Non-Select Members who purchase Add-Ons or add additional items to their Box during Customization and Non-Select Members who live in CA/UK/AK/HI/PR.
  • Group 3: Non-Select members that don’t fall into group 2.

The second notable change is that we’ll be launching 2 separate access windows for Add-Ons and Customization!

Select Access Add-Ons + Customization window will be exclusively for Select members. If you are an active Select member you MUST customize during this window.

All Access Add-Ons + Customization window will open after Select-Access closes. Non-Select members will have the exclusive opportunity to customize their box during this window. During this window, Non-Select members can shop Add-Ons which will ship with their Winter box.

Please note that while Select members do have access to shop Add-Ons in the All Access window, they may only purchase the specified max of the same item between both sales. For example, if a certain product has a max of 3 and a Select member purchased 1 of the product in the Select Access Add-On window, they would only be allowed to purchase 2 of that product in the All Access Add-Ons. They will also be subject to additional shipping fees because their main order would have already begun processing with the earlier shipping group.

What do you think of the new changes?

And if you’re a current subscriber, if you upgrade your account to annual by October 29th, you’ll get a $10 in free Add-On credit.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code FALL50 to save 50% off your first box! (As of the post publication, your first box will be the Fall box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.

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  1. First time in my life I’m having trouble picking just one item in a category for FFF. Looking forward to another to make sure, but probably going to order this <3

    • Me too! I’m very pleasantly surprised. Great variety to pick from. I’m loving the JA candle!

      • Me too. I’m thinking I will pick more than 1 for sure!

        • Why? You can buy candles everywhere.

          • This is a really good price for a Jonathan Adler candle. They’re usually pretty expensive

          • And it is a plain Jane vessel!

          • Some people really like candles! Everybody has there likes and dislikes!

      • Jonathan Adler x H&M collaboration is released on November 15. There should be a candle – decorated ceramic vessel with a tassle. Don’t think it will be expensive.

        • Do you know how many items are in this box? I know we have 7 spoilers right now… 5 choice, and 2 for everyone, but will there be any more items?

    • What time does the add on sale and box customization start/open and end/close?


  2. Winter is the best season, and I won’t have enough blanket. It will be my last box of my annual subscription, love FFF!

  3. The marshmello thing is a blanket, right? I’ll be picking that one.

    • You are right, Chrystal! The Lil’ Marshmallow is a 50 x 60 sized blanket.

      • Wonder how thin it is, it looks like one that I recently picked up from Marshall’s for $10…

        • I think it looks good!

    • I could use some too. I like BB creams and CC creams but **only if the shade is an exact match to my actual skin tone.** Which might be hard to do in a sub box. It would be a customization with a ton of choices!

    • I was completely bummed also! I know it seems to be a Maskapalooza Favorite, anyone know a good brand to try?

    • I was so bummed to receive the blanket. After following the care instructions to wash it before use, it sheds like CRAZY, rendering it totally unusable. I have a dark couch, dark bed, dark pillows, dark pajamas, etc. I now look like a marshmallow after covering up with it. The feel and texture is AWESOME but the shedding and practicality are not. It will sadly become dog-bed stuffing. 🙁

  4. OMG I want all of them! 🙁

    • Me too 🙂

    • Is there going to be a spoiler 2 before customization opens up? I keep checking to see if there’s a schedule of spoilers and I can’t find anything anywhere.

      • Oops sorry didn’t mean to put that comment there

      • Their website says spoiler #2 will be released October 31 at 8am PST, so tomorrow! Then customization for select members on November 2, so we’ll get more spoilers soon.

  5. WOW, I’m liking alot of these spoilers and hope to get them ALL! When is customization?

  6. Super stoked so far. Bout time we get an exciting box. 👍

  7. This gonna be tough, I like everything ❤️ Have never been able to say that

    • Same here! Super shocked!

    • Me too!

  8. YAYYYY FFF definitely a step in the right direction!

    • Omg yes I want everything !!! 😩

  9. Very gun shy about ordering anything extra besides what we can customize. My last two add-ons and edits have been disasters. Things not shipped, third-degree interrogation from customer service-different representatives handling the same issue and not up to speed, and then grand apologies refunds and crediting my account $10 after they tell me the items that I had ordered and paid for were sold out. This the last box in my annual subscription-really ready to move on.

    • I hear ya! I like many of the items but the insecurity of whether or not we get what we actually ordered is real!

    • That was the exact thing that happened to me. I usually order a lot of extra items. My last shipment had missing items and dented boxes. My box was packed very poorly. When I emailed customer service, I was unpleasantly interrogated. Not sure I want to continue my subscription. Does anyone know of a better alternative, with high-quality products and great customer service?

      • Well, i thought that BoxyCharm was going to be amazing, i got my first box this month and i didnt recieve the gift i was supposed to get, the Tarte Pallet and didnt recieve a ColoPop eyeshadow palette that i was told everybody would get. The products didnt come close to my profile, i have emailed them three times since i received my box, about two weeks ago, still have heard nothing back. I am really dissapointed with BoxyCharm! The only time i have had any contact with there CS is when i first joined and they were more on the rude side about my questions and didnt answer anything i asked, So i honestly have no idea what beauty box has the best customer service with top of the line products that everybody wants, i mean as far as full sized products. I am actually really happy with my Allure sub, there CS has always been great, on the phone anyway. They may not offer all full size products but for $15.00, i have actually got some really good products, deluxe and full size plus they usually send a extra product.

      • I love Causebox! Their items are high quality and their customer service is very responsive when an item arrives in less than perfect condition. They just started add-on sales with this fall’s box. The add-ons shipped a little slowly, but given it was their first one, I’m giving them leeway. They gave a lot of unique finds and if you’re an annual subscriber, you can skip as many boxes as you like. Just my 2 cents😊

        • I just bought an annual to Causebox and was so happy when I unboxed, it kinda reminds me of the good ole days of the monthly psmh.

    • I was bummed last time when I bought an extra box at the edit sale, they didn’t let me customize it. It of course was all the leftover last-place choices that none of us wanted 😛

  10. Getting everything don’t care! I just got the shampoo conditioner in the edit sale love it. I never say no to a blanket. I have been wanting to try the goats milk. I don’t really need the candle so probably skip that. Love all thing Rebecca minkoff. Love all this. So excited. Can’t wait to see the other choices for other categories. I also get my shipments on time now. And get them fast. I’m excited for the changes.

  11. I have heart eyes right now! Spoiler #1 definitely packs a punch, although I’m used to half of these boxes being duds so I don’t know what to expect from the rest of the box. Looking forward to more spoilers!

  12. These are all fantastic choices. I am impressed. I hope the other product selection choices are just as good.

  13. So far this is making it easy for me not to stay subscribed – nothing I want AND increased the add another option(thinking of future choices)
    Keep it up and save me money! 😉

  14. This looks amazing.

  15. I want them all. If this was the box, I’d resubscribe.

    • I agree. These are great options, but you only get 1 in the box. The rest will be a lotion, hair mask, some cheap jewelry, manna kadar makeup, same old same old. I wish they would not have all they really good choices for 1 choice.

      • All the good things are probably in this category to make us buy the others as add-ons. lol I’m curious what the rest of the box will be though.

      • FFB is stale! Nothing creative there. My girlfriend put together a birthday box for another girlfriend of ours and it was beautiful! She spent $300 from money we all contributed, her homemade box even included a makeup mirror with boob lights, a straightening brush and a box of cubanos for our mommy dates. Plus, all the stuff she found at TJ Maxx. I hope they do the same for my birthday it was so beautiful.

        • That’s what I was thinking… $300 of TJ Maxx crap. With $300 you could get gorgeous bits from Charlotte Tilbury, or any high end brand, a bag, or even a day at a Spa….

  16. Thank god for actual variety and not all are beauty products!!!! Excited for the first time in almost a year about this box

  17. First thing I’ve seen from fff in forever that makes me want to jump back on board!! Bravo fff!!! I want to jump back on the train… now I’ll wait to see what’s next:)

  18. I am so happy with these spoilers! Also that they were released somewhat early. I’ve been looking at other boxes for possible winter gifts but I am 110 percent doubling down with FFF. Yay!!!!

  19. I’m a sucker for a faux fur blanket and a candle, Ugh…I might just have to get a second box. All of these look amazing and i’m so sad that it’s $15 for extra selections and not $10 anymore.

  20. I almost bought that Kate Goat Milk moisturizer at TJ Maxx for $20 yesterday! I’m glad I said no. I know my first choice now!

    • Tanya, Is it a good moisturizer as that was going to be my choice as I’m out of moisturizers.

      • I don’t know, but I’ve yet to meet a Kate skincare product I didn’t like, so I almost gave it a try! Hopefully someone else has tried it and can give us the info!

        • Yes, I’ve tried it and it is very light and kind of milky, very different than anything else and nice. Sinks right in and almost no scent. I think you will love it!

  21. This is looking better than I’ve seen in a LONG time. Darn. Now I may have to resubscribe.

    Does MSA or anyone else know if these items will be available to add on? I haven’t been subscribed in a while but I know before you could make your choice and get one or more of the other items for an additional $10 or $15 each. Thanks!

  22. Wish these were still $10 instead of $15. I actually want all of them but I’m not spending $45 xtra to get them!

    • Hi, Beccah! I didn’t see your comment right below my question. Either that or it was one of those times my comment didn’t post until hours lately. I hope it’s that and I’m not just going blind or getting ditzier. So they are still letting you get as many of the options as you want (if they’re still available), but they’re all $15 instead of $10, right?

      Part of me is hoping I will hate the rest of the box so I can resist renewing my FFF subscription. I’ve been going a little sub box crazy lately and with Advent calendars, Ipsy add-ons, the Boxy pop-up, Sephora’s sale, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday inevitable overspending ….I’m going to really put a hurtin’ on my wallet.

      • Yes, it changed to $15 several seasons ago. You can pick xtras only until they run out though so the faster you select the better. From all the comments these are going to sell out quick!

        • Not sure if I should reply to Beccah or Dani G but only 2 of the categories addons were $15 and the others were $7. They definitely aren’t all $15 for addons. Still worth it though as long as you research it, first. The felt letter board they offered over the summer could be bought for $15 at Target and I saw some online for as little as $6.99. Same with ipsy, I’ve learned not to add on masks for $3 because the tubes are usually only one and a half applications and that’s not worth it for me.
          **anyone else wish our user names were locked in on here?

  23. I buy that R&Co combo at full price. I might need to get this box if its a selectable item for seasonal members.

    • It is! It says all subscribers get to choose 1 of 5!

      • I want to choose 4 of 5.

        • Haha, me too! And I have not gotten a FFF box in over a year.

  24. The moisturizer has lactose and milk protein in it, so heads up for those with allergies! I won’t be picking that because my son has a severe milk allergy.

    • Thank you for posting that! I don’t have a severe allergy but enough of one that I will definitely avoid.

    • Yup. I have a pretty severe milk allergy, too, as it turns out. Doesn’t actually kill me, but it makes me, look, sound, and feel terrible for weeks. It would be AMAZINGLY useful if popular subscription boxes like FFF would list common allergens next to their product options kind of like restaurant menus or ingredient labels.

      • 000 ummm it says “milk” in the name of the product… it even specifies which type of milk…

        • 😳 this^

        • Most people with Cow’s milk sensitivities like me actually can tolerate Goat’s Milk perfectly fine. The surprise isn’t the Goat’s Milk but that it has other Milk Proteins and Lactic Acid and Lactise listed as ingredients. I’ve learned the hard way that anytime it’s listed as just Milk it’s actually Cow’s Milk. So the surprise to many of us with allergies is that it has **BOTH**

          • So I just emailed Kate Somerville to get further clarity on this and be 100% sure. If I get a reply I’ll update folks here.

          • Kristy, fine, but expecting companies to highlight special ingredients is lazy and dangerous. It’s the victim’s job to read all labels thoroughly.

          • Yes, this exactly!

      • I would say they think the world *milk* would be a dead giveaway for anyone allergic…

    • I’m happy to report I just heard from Kate Somerville (I emailed them) and while it contains lactose and milk protein it is ALL 💯 Goat’s milk derived.

      I know this won’t be a relief to everyone, but many folks have allergies only to cows milk and Goat’s Milk doesn’t cause reactions at all. If you’re unsure, check with your physician or allergist.

      I just thought I’d update because upon my own research of their posted ingredients list on the internet I wasn’t sure and I’m so happy they emailed back to clarify.

  25. I somehow missed the “choose from one of these 5 items” line at first and was like,”OH, I am IN for this box!”

    Dangit. I was (almost) all the things. But mostly the blanket (I hope they don’t run out!) – so I’m probably still in. Will wait for the next spoiler(s) to be sure.

    • “was” = want. Oops. (wish we could edit posts sometimes)

  26. I do have to say that I think FFF is genuinely trying to improve their subscription service. I had absolutely no difficulties with the last edit sale. All of my items were shipped very quickly, and arrived well packaged, and intact this time. I do like all of these spoilers as well. I’ve stayed with them through all of the difficult, or “rough” times. I sincerely hope that they will continue to maintain higher standards.

    • I’ve had no problems since the beginning over a year ago, except one, which they fixed very quickly. I was unhappy with the fall box, so I’m really hoping this one is better.

      I am concerned about their forum, though. I enjoy many of the conversations, and the bullying and favoritism accusations are disheartening.

  27. I’m way too excited about that blanket. I’d also like the candle and I’d get the hat set to gift but I’m worried it will be labeled “for FabFitFun“ on it somewhere.

    • They never are.

  28. Does this blanket shed?

    • I don’t think so but if you google reviews, it’s actually called “lil marsh” not “lil marshmallow.” Marshmallow is a different blanket with them (presumably bigger). It says it’s pet friendly so that’s a huuuuge plus. I hope that means pet hair brushes right off.

      • Thank you cornflake

      • Pet friendly in my house would mean my cats would take it and run off with it. My one cats is OBSESSED with fuzzy blankets to the point we need to hide them lol

  29. I am in trouble…. I LOVE all of these! Great Job FFF

  30. I thought the 1st spoiler was gonna be on like Halloween so is the that spoiler?

    • I think they released it earlier to quell the unrest over the targeted flagging g attacks in the forum… 😬

      • Yes. I want more lifestyle items & better quality!

  31. Wish these were all the products guaranteed in the box for everyone lol #sorrynotsorry

    • If this was the box, I’d be down for it. It would look great!

    • lol right – like if there were the box that’d be great

  32. Can we get the dimensions of the throw. On their website the Marshmallow is listed at 50 x 60, but the Lil Marshmallow doesn’t have a size on it. I don’t want a tiny blanket.

    • Under Lil’ Marsh it says 50 x 60.

      I’m a little confused about what the difference is between the Marshmallow and the Lil Marsh. Both are listed as the same size but the regular RV is $165 while the Lil is $65. They describe it as “lightweight” but other than that I’m not sure what the difference is.

      • Considering this is a collab with FFF and Unhide describes this as “super lightweight faux,” I would say it doesn’t feel as luxurious as the Marshmallow. Looking at the images of both blankets on the Unhide site, the Lil Marsh appears to have a shorter and not as thick pile as the Marshmallow.

        • Correction….looking at the above images once more, this doesn’t appear to be a collab since FFF added that descriptor to all of their images.

      • Well that’s interesting. It didn’t show me the size on the desktop but does on my phone via mobile site. I guess it’s just not as thick as the original. My dog loves fluffy soft blankets so I’ll get this and maybe I can have my Massi back!

    • I emailed customer service to find out, it is the same size (50×60) but is a lighter weight blanket

    • The FFF ad says yes, its standard 50×60 sofa throw size. Iove it.

    • Hey Rachel, I noticed on their website home page it shows the dimensions are 50 x W as well. I think the difference is the thickness between the two blankets. I hope this helps!

    • I cannot find a website for the UnHide company? Is there one?

    • Omg yes I want everything !!! 😩

  33. For anyone wondering the scent of the shampoo & conditioner: DARK WAVES – A warm romantic scent. Cardamom, Pineapple, Tangerine, Lavender, Bamboo, Blonde Woods.

    • That’s gonna be my pick.

    • The R&Co in the box?

  34. The wood shelf in the shower has me all kinds of confused. Otherwise, not bad at all.

  35. Does anyone know what the Kate moisturizer smells like?

    • I have that moisturizer. It’s fragrance free.

  36. I’ve never subscribed to one of these. Can you only choose if you have an annual or can quarterly subscribers also choose between these?

    • It says all subscribers 🙂

    • quarterly can choose as well. Annuals get more categories to choose, but this category is a choice for everyone.

      • Thanks! I love all of these so I am finally ready to sign up!

        • Don’t sign up or upgrade your membership without a bonus code! They’re always giving out something and although I loved getting my first box for 40% off, I’m still kicking myself for getting too excited and clicking upgrade when I could have at least gotten a $10 credit that they’re still offering.

  37. Torn, I like a few items, but not sure I want to jump into FFF again. I guess it depends on what the rest of the box looks like and how much adding items is, last few boxes adding items had gone up. Also depends on if what I want is still available since seasonal has to wait to choose now.

  38. The Kate Somerville moisturizer!!!!!!!!!! So glad that the blankie thingy was a choice and not “everyone will get it”.

  39. Yes FFF! Love every one of these!

  40. Not bad FFF. So far I like the blanket so if the rest of the spoilers are good and not junk then I’ll jump.


  42. Never. Enough. Blankets. (though my husband would disagree)

  43. blanket blanket blanket blanket! I will need one for me and each of my kids so they don’t steal mine!

  44. Blanket for me but a couple other things were tempting.

  45. This is just for the first customization? RIP to my wallet.

  46. Oh heavens, give me the blanky.

    • I want all the things!

      • Oops, meant to respond to main thread.

  47. Love all of them except the RO+C only b/c it wouldn’t work with my hair. I hope I can add items on…? My first choice would be the blanket, then Kate, then candle, then hat set.

  48. This sounds like a solid plan. Unfortunately too little too late. I’m still missing items/credit from the Summer edit. I canceled prior to the Fall box when I had yet to receive any edit items. I hopes this new process helps.

    • So, basically, every season has a set formula for items. I hate that I renewed as an annual and cannot wait to dump them, their shipping mishaps, their terrible CS, their cesspool of a forum, and their lack of caring about anything.

    • I had the same issue. I just chatted with them and they credited me the same amount to my account so it is not designated for a specific box/ sale. Super easy. Now I can use it towards the winter box.

  49. Now I’m going to have to re-up my membership! I had cancelled all of my subscriptions because I love my eyelash extensions and want to be able to keep them up, but I’m loving this winter box so far! I want everything but the gloves and beanie set. Good job, FFF!

  50. I hope these are not items made just for FabFitFun. The last few items I got made just for them were made of poor quality and didn’t last for more than 6 months after regular wear and tear.

    • None of these items are FFF exclusive items, I just went to all of the individual websites to read up more on them 🙂

      • Ahh thanks, Mrs5716 and LS!

    • So, basically, every season has a set formula for items. I hate that I renewed as an annual and cannot wait to dump them, their shipping mishaps, their terrible CS, their cesspool of a forum, and their lack of caring about anything.

      • Yaaasss. I can never have enough blankets.

      • I signed up for a year, too, and after the fall box I hope FFF redeems themselves.

        As for the forum, I keep seeing posts about people being bullied, but I never see it. I wish I knew who was doing it so I could avoid being a target.

    • The Kate Somerville and R&Co exist as items you can buy directly from the company .. I don’t think any of the other items are made *just* for FFF either ..

      • Sooo excited! The moisturizer alone is worththe box. Was a bit iffy but I love kate Somerville. This stuff is the only thing that actually works in the dead of winter when my skin is super dry and doesn’t make my face break out.

    • I noticed that when I bought Zoe brushes from FabFitFun a few months ago. I was very disappointed, even their ‘links’ to save money end up being scammy.

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