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BE KIND. by ellen Fall 2020 Box FULL SPOILERS!

Be Kind by Ellen Fall 2019 Subscription Box – FULL SPOILERS!

ByMSAOct 12, 2019 | 85 comments

Be Kind by Ellen
2.3 overall rating
87 Ratings | 33 Reviews


We have spoilers for the Fall 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box!

The Fall 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

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What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

For 17 years, Ellen DeGeneres talk show guests, viewers, and audience members have all felt the same unifying experience when they watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show one that lightens their moods, lifts their spirits, and makes their hearts smile. To share this experience with people everywhere, Ellen h... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Lisa featherston

I got my Fall Box but have still not received the Holiday Box and cannot get anyone to respond. This is very unfortunate because I have been a Ellen fan for a long time.
This feels like a scam and I’m trying to get my credit card from being renewed.
Any suggestions out there for me. I an not on social media and cannot seem to contact anyone by phone.

Agatha Rutka

I’m in the same situation. I received an email on December 5th saying my Ellen Holiday box was ready but I haven’t received it as of today. I am searching for a phone number to call and talk with someone but can’t find a phone number. I’m upset and frustrated!!


Hi! Is anyone else still waiting for their box? I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice but I have received emails asking me to review. Review what?! Thanks.


I have not received my box or emails. Just the email where I paid. I just tried to sign in and it says my email is not found. Not sure how this is working.


I just unboxed mine and I’m really happy with it. I love the white noise/fan machine and the key necklace. I think it will be fun to wear to work and it is nice and long which I love. The soap smells great too. I guess I’m in the minority but I’m really pleased with my box.


Very disappointed in this box. 🙁 It feels like it was just thrown together. Her website says there is a $200+ value in every box. By the card sent the value is only $148.89 without the Thrive Market value and that is only an additional $35, total of $183.89. For people that have tried Thrive in the past that offer is not valid. I love Ellen’s mission but if the Winter box isn’t awesome it will be my absolute last one. And I am appalled at the higher cost boxes for a POSSIBILITY to win something, not a guarantee!


I get that you’re not pleased with your box, but curious why you’re appalled at paying more for the chance to win something. Isn’t that what fund raisers generally do? Such as, you buy one ticket for $10 or get 7 for $50 and hope to win the prize, and either way the money goes to a good cause and you knew what you were doing when you made your choice. It’s devised as a possibility not a guarantee. And in this case, for those that don’t want to purchase the higher priced box, there is a lower priced box containing the same items but without the possibility of winning something more. You certainly have the right to your opinion on the box you paid for, but it feels like you lost your punch when you turned towards being appalled.


I love Ellen. I love the charity angle. But like someone else said, I’d rather just donate the money. I sleep with white, brown, or pink noise already from Alexa. The body butters melted and ran all over the box and then went solid again so it’s a mess. I don’t wear eyeshadow pretty much ever. I missed the first box…which I’m still bummed about. I keep hoping they’ll regroup. I’ll give it one more shot then I’m done. Appreciate the spoilers!

Nancy B

Yes people tend to forget that it is for charity so it’s not real charity for them.

Debora Baker

I believe all of us signed up for the cause of our money doing “good things”. $55.00 isn’t a joke when calculated times 4. I’ve noticed the box is filled up with freebies she pulls together from venders that write off the gifts and we get a box load of papers and unusable vouchers.
I haven’t received this October box but her team that is assigned to this charitable project is loosing contributors like me. I’m done. I throw away everything. I can’t even give away the boxed items. Now she wants Premium subscribers ? First thing was yo go to all of us offering a discount on those who have paid for a year of boxes .. incentify us before those who haven’t spent a penny. Poor marketing.


Totally disappointed with whomever takes care of the box subscription. It is the 17th and no news of the box coming. Yes it is a donation to the Ellen fund and yes it is nice to get something when this is after all a donation. However, when you are promised a wonderful box for participating…. you are expecting just that. The gifts could be fewer but better…. coupons, MAKEUP?! What is that about? And how much of the donation goes towards the cause? I am curious about that


I really liked this box. I had a lot of fun opening it and everything is useful to me, I can’t wait to try the sleep machine. I especially love the scented body butters, very luxurious!


What scent are the body butters?


Lemongrass and Lavender


For those that have received the box, there is an option of going premium and paying about $252.00 for 1 year upfront for a chance to win other gifts. It kind of sounds like a lottery/raffle type box option. Not sure how I feel about that. I kind of want to do it but am a little hesitant. Has anyone heard anything about the premium boxes?


I see Liz just posted about it. Ill wait a little bit and see if I want to commit. I know the boxes haven’t been too great but I still like the idea behind it and am still keeping hope for at least 1 more amazing box like the first one I missed out on.


I mean this is slightly better than the Oprah boxes but really people need to think of this as a donation that they are getting a thank you gift for. This is not a box to get if value is important to you or you expect to get a bunch of high end stuff for. You’re basically donating to her charities and getting a box of gifts in return. I would personally rather just donate myself and at least get the tax deduction.


I was annoyed at being charged well before the ship date and was prepared to cancel this box, but I have mixed feelings about it. In my family, we will use everything but the soap, so it’s a functional box for us. But was it exceptional? No. There wasn’t anything that made any of us just super excited. And I think a box from Ellen (for $55) should do that.

Tonya Purcell

I’m looking forward to it. The white noise sounds like a great item for trips. The key seems fun. I like the theme of relaxation. I can curl up to the book have some good smelling stuff. I’m excited😀


The spring box was my first Ellen box and I loved it… it has gone down hill (for me since). I want to cancel but I think I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to cancel after the Winter box. It’s just so random and the membership things are just not helpful (of interest) to me …. Come on Ellen one more box and then its cancel time for me I think.


I agree 100%. I’m not loving this box. It’s not bad, but I just keep thinking it should be better. If I’m not in love with the winter box, I’ll cancel.


Loved the first couple of boxes, but the multiple trial subscriptions box was what sort of pushed me to stop. I wish Ellen the best, because she does great things, but this box just isn’t for me. Glad for those that are able to afford it and help Ellen with her missions to make a difference. If it could return to the Vitruvi box level of being such a great bargain, I’ll be back then. The price of the fan alone is around the price of the subscription, but I already have a very high-end sleeping machine. Glad she released spoilers!

Carol Pickersgill

And – just wow (and for those not used to sarcasm… this is the “wow” in the most sarcastic voice possible!)…..

For the SAME price of multiple other quarterly subscriptions – Be Kind by Ellen under delivers in quality, quantity, and VALUE. Other quarterly subscriptions are promoting significantly greater value for $ spent. And they do…. But Be Kind by Ellen just sends out hodge podge of random items. Yes, the concept of giving back is great. But…. there are SO many other companies that I’m SURE Ellen could promote & work with for the greater good. The power of Ellen is worth millions to companies who should be lining up for her free promotional power!

As most all have said – first box was great. And every single box since has been major disappointment. This lack of value – plus the WORST Customer Service in subscription box world – makes this box a “NO” in capital letters for me.


I totally agree!


I wasn’t excited about this box when I first saw the spoilers – basically because I already have a white noise machine that I never use and a Giving Keys necklace I’ve only worn a couple of times (I bought it after a massage when I was feeling particularly zen 🙂 ). But then I remembered that the reason why I don’t use my white noise machine is because I didn’t like any of the fan sounds. Been doing some research on YouTube to see what this thing sounds like and there are definitely a few sounds I think I could roll with. With the exception of the necklace, I can see myself using pretty much everything else in the box – even the Thrive voucher. I’ll think on this for a couple of days and make up my mind, but I’m not hatin’ it.


The first box was good. After that… not so good.
I just can’t justify spending $55 for this.

Ercilia Pinto

I am also trying really hard to like it. But for me, Canada, and with all the duty and exchange it is going to be really hard for me not to cancel. Like many I will give it one more box chance. Come on Ellen make it worth the extra for this Canadian ECE on a tight budget.


At first glance I think a I’m not excited about this one at all. But then I remember I have a 3 year old on the spectrum with sleep issues. And we are going to Disney World soon. That white noise machine looks like it can travel well and is worth trying. I’m not sure I will like the scent of the body butters and wish they had chosen an unscented one. The key necklace is not for me. I will list a couple of things from this box for swap like I have from the last couple of boxes, but I will enjoy some things from it too.


Ellen is the kindest person I know. She makes me happy for one hour a day.

Esther Mendoza

that is true Ellen is the kindness person ever!!!! I am a BIG Fan of Ellen!!!!


I love Ellen and her show, and what she does for charity.

I’ve received all boxes but this is getting so disappointing. I loved the first box and with the Ellen socks included I was hoping there would be a pair of the famous Ellen underwear in the next box and so on. Last box I did love getting the Drunk Elephant so had kept my hopes up for higher end goods. Now, Colour Pop?? I know it’s popular, but it’s cheap! And trial coupons are worthless.

For this one I was hoping at least for a fall throw or something fall-ish. I hope they can kick it up a notch for upcoming boxes but it looks like time to cancel for now.


I saw the boyshorts in her store and was hoping for a pair as well!! Not a fan of Lavender – and REALLY not a fan of Lemongrass! So, those will be in the swap bin. To go from Drunk Elephant products in one box to Colour Pop in the next box is a major step down. White noise keeps me awake – I am the wrong customer for that little doodad 🙄

I hate to cancel because I do like the overall feel of the box they are going for – but have been really let down with the quality of products that we are receiving. Think I will hold out for winter and hope they step up their game for the holidays. Fingers crossed they improve 🤞


I finally cancelled this box. I’ve received all of them since the beginning and I keep hoping for the love I felt for the first one. I kept giving it a chance, thinking they’d get their feet under them and it would get better. I love Ellen and her message and helping the causes, but I don’t feel like this box is worth the value. These trial subscription things need to go away. Sending a Spotify membership that can’t be used if you already have a paid account? Really not cool. I hate to bail, but I hate spending $55 a quarter to be disappointed again even more.


Exactly. This one is the biggest let down. Is Ellen even curating it? Sure doesn’t feel like it.


I love it! Everyone needs to remember it’s going towards a cause. Adopt a shelter dog is a great cause and it should make you feel good about donating to it. Be kind everyone!


This is the last straw. I just canceled my subscription. The first box was so phenomenal that I got two subscriptions. Every box since has been a disappointment. I haven’t used any of the trials they send like the Thrive membership or Spotify from the summer box. I already have a Spotify membership so I was ineligible for that offer anyway. Meh!


SOOOOO glad I canceled. This box sucks.


Not even remotely interested in this.


Same. Yawn.


Disappointing box. Again. So sad because I would love to get Ellen’s box. The “free trials ” are just absolutely annoying to me. White noise? My alexa has unlimited choices. Nothing even slightly exciting in this box.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.