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FabFitFun Flash Sale – 50% Off Your First Box!

For a limited time, use coupon code FALL50 to get your first FabFitFun box for $25!


Now through 9/19, use this link and coupon code FREEBIE to save $10 off your first box AND get a FREE Mystery Bundle ($125+ value) from FabFitFun! If you sign up now with this offer, your first box will be the Fall Box.

FYI – FabFitFun transitioned to a new Warehouse Management System in the past few months and there have been some issues in shipping since then. Some readers have reported not receiving their Summer Box or Summer Edit sale items yet. We’ll update when we have more information, but please keep in mind that shipping may be delayed with FabFitFun orders currently.

FabFitFun is regularly $49.99. Check out our review of the Fall FabFitFun Box to see what you’ll receive!

And if you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun, I highly recommend it. It’s a quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box that sends beauty, fashion, home, and wellness items. (And it was voted the Best Subscription Box for Women by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)

Details: You will be charged $39.99 for your first box (which will be the Fall Box) and enrolled in a Seasonal Subscription for $49.99 per season thereafter. Cancel anytime. In addition to your first box, you will receive a mystery bundle valued at $125+. Offer only valid for new customers purchasing Seasonal Subscription; excludes Annual Subscription. Mystery bundle offer not available in the UK. All prices are in USD. Foreign exchange or transaction fees may apply. Price does not include taxes, where applicable. Shipping fees apply to orders shipped to Canada, Puerto Rico, AK, HI, and the United Kingdom. You may not receive all of the products shown. The specific items you receive will depend on product availability and the choices you make when customizing your box. Offer expires on September 19, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer only available while supplies last.


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Comments (110)

  1. What the h—. I had nothing in my cart. Doubled checked before going to bed. They sent an invoice for an item and charged me the price plus shipping. This is crazy. Submitted a complaint but no response yet maybe because LA is still asleep.

    • Use live chat.

  2. Somehow, I was able to get this this morning and was able to get the straightener! When I went to review my choices, I saw that it was no longer available and it said “yay, you got this before it went out of stock!” Super strange!

  3. I can no longer get freebie to work 😢

  4. I ordered this box last week and it hasnt shipped yet. I’m a little worried, given what people have been saying about the shipping problems lately.

    • Same here, I’m concerned that I ordered a while ago & mine hasn’t shipped either. I’m glad others on MSA got theirs quickly this time though.

      • Ugh I really want to buy the one bundle on the edit sale but I dont know if I should. My fall box not being shipped yet makes me think I wont get the edit sale items either.

      • I ordered mine last Tuesday, and it finally shipped today. Maybe it is the customizations we chose? Anyway, I live on the East Coast, so it won’t be here until the 8th. At least it is coming!

    • Just spoke with customer service on chat and they said it can take up to a month from order date to ship, and then another 6-7 days to be delivered.

      • Be more aggressive. Theyll ship when you demand.

      • Finally got my shipping notice and tracking # today.

    • I ordered before you and mine went ten days, no shipping notification. I contacted them and it shipped the next day. Rattle their doors, get your shipment!

  5. This is the emssage the chat agent gave me when i tried to cancel “I have to end this chat as we have to evacuate due to a minor earthquake. We’ll be back shortly and I’ll be sure to email you to follow up on our conversation as soon as I can.”. Dont know if its legit or not as she did not tell me where she was when i asked and im on queue again to chat with another rep.

    • This is a new one for me! Funny how the reps at Comcast never tried that one on me when I call to correct their horrific mistakes. Yet.

      • I know rt! Comcast drives me crazy – its like they don’t understand what I’m talking. I finally did manage to cancel fff though. Just got back on the chat for the next rep who helped me.

  6. My box just arrived! 8 items plus 2 mystery items for a total of 10 for ~43.

    So are these, to oversimplify, each worth $4.30?
    1. Cheese board. Yes, I will use this as a trivet as soon as the factory smell airs out.
    2. The scarf. Yes, it feels nice.
    3. Volcanic scrub. Unknown.
    4. Eye masks. Unknown.
    5. Sugar cubes. Unknown.
    6. Body gel. Unknown.
    7. Hair protector. Unknown.
    8. Face masks. Unknown.
    9. Foot mask. Unknown.
    10. Body souffle. Unknown.

    • I always Google any products I’m not familiar with. If Sephora or Ulta carry them, I consider it a good product. LoL. Aveda is not from either, but I get my hair cut at one of their salons….and they’re definitely high end and worth that suggested cost.👌…but I definitely have a “gift drawer” of all the items I will never use 😀👍

  7. I just got my box and I am super happy. I chose the mystery item and I got a full size dr. Brandt clean biotic cleanser and dermelect luxury foot treatment. That alone would is worth $25 to me 🙂

    • I got a dermelect serum and dermelect body Mitt. Since I am unfamiliar with the brand don’t know what to do with it??? I think the Mitt is for tanning… and the serum I’m going to have to check the Ingredients…

  8. I knew this wasn’t a box I want totally crazy about, but because it was $25 and I needed a new lunchbox and the scarf would be good to keep in my office drawer, I went for it. I chose the scarf, lunchbox, and ear crawlers. Well, I got it last night, and I was really, really disappointed. For the other items I got the firming body stuff and the eye masks — two things I will not use, at all (and I won’t use the body souffle, on the fence about the aveda) The lunchbox is tiny! I can’t fit any of my lunch containers in it. At least my daughter liked the ear crawlers — but she can’t figure out how to make them “crawl” and wore them as dangles. Is there a trick?

    • I bought a second box using this promo because it’s $25. There are 8 items in the box, so you’re paying a little over $3/item. You just can’t beat that…even if you don’t like most of the stuff.

      I’m not saying you don’t have a reason to complain; I canceled my FFF membership because of service. However, if you ordered this box for $25 and there were no problems with it, maybe consider donating the items or trading? You really didn’t lose much money.

      I have quite a few scarves from sub boxes and I have to say, this is my absolute favorite one. It is SO soft. I use it at work, too, and it looks very professional. I like that it’s navy because of all the scarves I have, I didn’t have that color.

      The lunchbox **is** very small to be used in that way. However, I repurposed it by putting all of my small containers of TSA-sized liquids inside (shampoo, conditioner, Ouai leave-in conditioner, skincare, etc) and it was the PERFECT size to keep it all upright and safe from any possible spills into my bag. I can think of a bunch of different ways to use it other than just as a lunchbox…even just carrying a handful of snacks to work if I don’t want lunch.

      The Wander eye masks are amazing! If you haven’t tried them, you might at least use one packet. However, if that’s not your thing this is an **extremely** trade-worthy item. People LOVE these things, including me.

      I’m on the fence with the Aveda hair product, but again, some people swear by it. I prefer the Ouai leave-in conditioner. I think hair products are hit and miss because of the uniqueness of each person’s hair. You will definitely be able to trade it, even if you used some of it. They have a “used items trade” thread.

      The Body Souffle is nice. It smells wonderful and has gotten some good reviews in the community. You might try it out. It’s fluffy and absorbs quickly. 😊

      I didn’t get the ear crawlers because my ears aren’t pierced, but if you post in the community I’m betting you will find a solution.

      This is one of my favorite boxes — I started my membership with the summer 2018 editor. I think that one + fall ‘19 are the best for me. It is difficult for them to please everyone, but I hope I gave you some ideas for how to use some things and you really should think about trading whatever you truly don’t want. I have done this several times and it’s so nice not to have a wasted product.

    • Suzi, when your daughter has the earrings in dangle position, gently rotate them in the piercing hole so that the long back goes up the back of her ear. This is the support. The gem part will then also be turned, appearing to crawl up the ear. Hope this helps!

      • This does help. Thank you/

  9. I wouldn’t take this box back if it were free!

    • Wow!! It’s amazing how different we all are in our preferences. I abhor FFF as a company because of their OOS problems and Customer Service.

      This is my last box, but I did buy a second one for $25. There are a BUNCH of Xmas presents in that thing and I just saved myself a ton of money. 😉

  10. Just got this box and I am super, super happy. I paid a total of $42.79 and received 11 products (the sign-up bonus bundle was two items and the mystery item instead of the scarf I didn’t want was two beauty items). That is less than $4 paid per product, and they are all full-size. I will use nine of them happily, and the two I won’t use will be Christmas gifts for my step-daughter and her daughter. Great products that I would not have purchased for myself, but received for less than $4. This is a HUGE win for me. Happy camper here.

    Cancelling the account now and waiting for winter spoilers. Who knows – the next time I sign up, it may be for an annual. I’ll get to customize more of the products, and the most I’d be paying per item is $6. This is definitely worth considering, if I can spare $180 in the near future.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, what items did you get as the mystery choice and what was in your sign-up bonus bundle?

      • Mystery choice items (two for one): Dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt and Dermelect serum (huge bottle! retails for $42)

        Bonus bundle: Whish exfoliating foot scrub (but smells really coconutty) and five-pack of 111Skin sheet masks (I love, love, love sheet masks).

        My profile says that I want beauty items and not home/accessory stuff, so they nailed it for me.

      • Thank you! Those are great items.

  11. I chose the scarf, lunch tote, and ear crawlers. The two mystery items will be the hair towel and the Wander eye masks. I am satisfied with my box! Should be receiving it Saturday (a little over a week after placing the order).

    • I just realized that my box is identical to the one pictured in this post! Ha!

  12. Is anyone else having trouble going to the chat boards on FABFIT FUN They don’t seem to be there.

  13. This deal is still going on and am super tempted. But do you still get to choose? Or it all selected for you?

    I wish I could select before entering my CC info before.. seems odd.

    • You can choose. Possibly a couple items might be gone.

    • I just received mine and love it! Scarf, toner, vitamin c crystals, salt/pepper mill, cheese board, hair remedy, scrub cubes, moisturizer… it all! If this deal is still going, i am going to order a couple more for the local women’s shelter for christmas donations.

  14. Fyi the straightener is sold out. Only found out after I subscribed, and it was the main reason I signed up:(

    • It was available when I purchased a box today

      • Were you able to select it? When I signed up it was still pictured, if just said sold out on the bottom.

  15. I can’t believe I am not buying this for $25, but there is nothing grabbing my attention that I WANT and lots of things that I just don’t need and I would feel wasteful. Awesome deal for those who will use everything.

    • Same. I feel like a snob, but nothing in this box is a good fit for me at the moment and getting it would just be wasteful. Crazy deal, though.

    • There’s nothing in there I want either, but I know someone with a birthday in a few weeks who will likely find all the beauty products useful, so I bought it for her. I’m just going to give her the whole dang box. I’m not even going to open it.

  16. I ordered 9/18, already got box revel and shipping it will be delivered Tuesday!

  17. I just checked my account and the full box contents are already showing. I picked the yoga mat, lunch tote, and vitamin c crystals. In addition, I’m getting the salt and pepper grinder and the toner, I’m very happy with both. Such a great deal for $25!

    • I love the toner – I’ve bought it at retail. Hope you enjoy your box!

  18. In for one. I picked the scarf, the cheese board and the ear crawlers.

  19. My box just shipped. Super disappointed that their “$125 mystery bundle” is a set of 5 overpriced sheet masks that are going for 15$ total on ebay

    • Was it the 111 masks from the previous box? If so, ugh, I still have the last set.

    • I actually would have loved to get those masks for only an additional $15 on this box.
      Sorry you’re not happy with them though.

  20. I received my shipping notice today. Of course, I had to check what I’m getting. Yoga mat, cheese board, ear crawlers (my choices); mini eye kit (was hoping for the hair towel); and eye masks (was hoping for the aromatherapy item but I’m good with the eye masks). Overall, I’m happy with the box.

  21. I wish they would allow unsubscribed members to re-sub with one of those offers. I want get this, only if I can get either deal .

    BTW, anyone signed up for the free $125 bundle? What did you get?

    • You can! Just use a new email address and you should be fine, I was! I used the same credit card and same address and was able to use it.

      • Tried different e-mail but wouldn’t go through.

      • Make sure to log out of your old account first.

      • Still didn’t work.

      • Crazy I was charged. It evidently went through but did not allow for customizing. Looks like my original e-mail worked.

      • That happened to me. I used an email that I thought I hadn’t used before. The order went through with the 50% off code (even though it didn’t put me through to an order verification page) but it wouldn’t let me customize. However, I got on the phone with CS and they manually put in my selections for me. I honestly think the ability to use the code with an old email address is a glitch in the system that allows for placement of the order but screws up the ability to customize. If there are certain selections you want, I’d try contacting them.

      • I purchased one box with the code freebie and I got the $10 and a eye mask with some oils (disappointed). Then I got another box with the code Fall50 for $25. With the same credit card and address. I’ve found out that the trick is to use a different type of internet connection, if you used your data from your phone try to disable them and use the wifi at hine or somewhere else (even the internet from work).

      • #wifi from home

      • Thanks. I don’t like using several emails though, I’m not good at keeping tracks of them.

  22. I am sooo tempted. Is FFF easy to cancel if I sign up just to get this box (and maybe the winter box.. I love a faux fur throw)?

    • Yes, super easy, you can cancel immediately after, it is done online and it will not stop the box you paid for. I cancelled within 30 minutes of signing up. I always take a screenshot too, JUST in case. It has come in handy quite often, especially with free gifts with enrollment, Allure loved to screw you out of the gifts, so having a screenshot is smart.

    • Honestly, I had a horrible experience cancelling FFF. I had cancelled it immediately after the summer box (literally the day after the summer box shipped) everything was fine until a few weeks ago when I received the new fall box. I immediately logged back on and noticed my subscription was “renewed” I NEVER did it and I talked to FFF numerous times and they insist that they have no idea how it happened. I never renewed it and they even admit that they saw it was cancelled but it “magically” renewed itself. I’m still angry over it because I didnt want the next box..and I couldn’t afford it either. It may just be an isolated incident with me & I cant speak for the ease of others cancelling it but there was clearly a glitch with their system and now they’ve stopped responding to me altogether

      • Call your credit card company and dispute it!

      • Definitely dispute it, that’s comppetely unacceptable. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of that happening before, what a bad experience.

      • I had the same with BarkBox. I cancelled and magically renew subscription by itself. I had the cancellation email, and showed it to CS. They admit there is a glitch in the system and refunded me. This happened before they send the box.

      • Happened to me as well.
        I never renewed it and was shocked to see the box delivered to my doorstep.
        I contacted CS but they were like nothing they can do about it.
        I had to gift them all as I didn’t need any of them, and since I didn’t know it was magically renewed, I didn’t customize the box as well.
        At least I was able to sell some of them so it kind of worked, but never will I get FFF again.

      • Same thing happened to me! I caught it before it shipped though and they refunded my money after chatting online. I had called and they said they couldn’t do it but then the chat rep did for whatever reason. Made me happy!

  23. I was a FFF member for two years and cancelled due to the non-delivery and extreme delayed delivery of add-ons and edit sale items. When they posted the video of the new warehouse packing these boxes, all I could think of was, “Where is the warehouse that is packing my missing items from my summer edit order?” They ended up having to give me a refund, because they, once again, over sold them item and it was out of stock.
    I will not be purchasing this even for the low $25 price. In the words of Eddie Murphy, “I ain’t fallen for no banana in my tailpipe!”

  24. So I got my shipping notice on email. There’s an animated graphic in the email that shows a truck driving along and a box marked “FabFitFun” falling out of the back and the truck keeps going. Are they trying to tell us something? “Your stuff will be lost”? “Your stuff will be broken”? “The emails we send out are not reviewed for a professional look”?

    • That certainly doesn’t send a message of confidence!

    • I don’t think it is meant to indicate anything is going to be wrong obviously. Supposed to be a cute graphic, think about it, does your delivery guy stand at the door holding your package in his hands until you get home, or does he deliver the package at your door and then leave to deliver the next package. I think the graphic is a cute addition.

  25. Does anyone know what is in the current FFF starter boxes? I don’t want to send invites to my friends if it’s not a good box.

    • My friend got:
      Kate Somerville Exfolikate
      Mark and Graham throw
      Way of Will Cuticle oil
      Lavido body lotion.

      • My friend got this too, her box was delivered last week. They do change often though. They’ve been good lately compared to about a year ago.

    • Throw blanket
      lavido lotion

      It’s on fff community.. all stuff from previous boxes.

    • Friend got the MuMu robe, apple cider vinegar rinse, Tula and something else I can’t remember.

      • Wow. Seems like there is a lot of variation in these starter boxes. It’s like they are just throwing whatever leftovers they have in the warehouse.

  26. That’s a really good deal for 25 but sadly it’s not enough for me to subscribe. There’s nothing that really wows me even though I like the stuff. I like the yoga mat but already have one. I like the cheese board but can find better at Marshalls. The beauty products are good and Aveda is superb but I have lots already.

    I’ve been thinking of getting the BeautyFix box this month because I’m in love with the water bottle and I love CC cream, argan oil, First aid, Murad, Vichy. All these products in this box would get used.

    • I loved this months beauty fix just sad I can’t take my water bottle everywhere because theme parks don’t allow glass. I looked for cheese boards but loved the one in fff better so got this box glad I waited an it went for $25

  27. Scarf, lunch tote, ear crawlers… hoping for the grinder or mini eye set and the rollerball.

    • For half it I bought one too.
      I wanted the Aveda anyway!
      Yoga mat, lunch bag, ear crawlers….
      Wanted the cheese plate but decided not to add it for $10 since I can buy a nicer one for $20 just about anywhere that I pick out.

      • Mystery item (🤞GA)
        Lunch tote
        Ear crawlers
        Hope for hair towel & eye pencils

  28. I just ordered one and was able to pick the mystery item for the first customization

    • What are the other options for the mystery bundle?

  29. Is the Iron still available for a choose?

    • No, the iron is sold out and the teeth whitener is also removed.

  30. Has anyone who chose the mystery item instead of the scarf or yoga mat gotten their box yet? If so, what did you receive?

    Tempted to order one of these boxes because I already use the Aveda stuff and it alone costs $32. But I’m not really interested in the scarf and have no use for the yoga mat.

    • Most of the people who have reported receiving the mystery item in the box got a skin care item. I’ve seen reports of Murad eye cream, Grown Alchemist night cream, Dr. Brandt yogurt cleanser, and Elemis night recovery oil.

    • I got Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum and a Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt.

  31. The $25 deal was too good for me to pass up also. I really wanted the amika Straightener, but unfortunately that was sold out. So I got the scarf instead, perhaps I can swap it for the straightener! I also picked the lunch tote, which I really wanted, and the earrings. Not sure if I’ll keep, gift or put those up for swap. Hoping for the Wander Eye masks and salt and pepper mill but I think I can make use of all of the options for myself or as a gift.

  32. For $24.99, I bit. I got the scarf, the cheese board(I have 3 other cheese boards, but this will be the smallest and ideal for myself and my bf), and the vitamin c crystal deals.

  33. FYI, I got this, with a new email address, and I did get to make the choices. I have an annual sub, but skipped fall, it was not worth $50 to me.

    Option 1 was between the scarf and the yoga mat only, choice 2 I had all options to choose from, and choice 3 had all options as well. Could not say no to $25, I would pay that just for the cheese board, Aveda, and the yummy smelling sugar cubes.

    • Just wanted to add I just signed up and I could pick the mystery item in the first category too. In case anyone is looking for that! Everything but the straighter was available and you could even add extras (they must really have a lot of stock because this late in the season you normally can’t add extras!). I picked the scarf though because for $15 it wasn’t worth it but for less than $4 it is!

      • I only got the option to add one Spongellé lol.

      • Same (for the add on items section)! But I meant you could add extras in each category. Like if you like all 3 items in a category, you could pay the extra 10 to 15 for each item. I didn’t add any additional items, but I was tempted since I had a hard time choosing between the detox pads and the cheese board – both items have gotten rave reviews.

      • Glad the cheese board has gotten good reviews- I couldn’t find anything about it via da google!

    • We’re allowed to skip when we have an annual? How do we do that?

  34. I still battle about cancelling or not. I like it but I haven’t loved it… Winter is my favourite season for subscriptions so I think I’ll give it one more chance. Just hoping for not another blanket…

    • We are definitely getting a faux fur blanket, that is the first and only confirmed spoiler so far.

      • It could be a choice item…so it’s not guaranteed that we’re all getting one.

  35. I wonder what products are left to chose from? If anyone knows can you share??

    • Choice 1 only had the yoga mat and scarf, choice 2 and 3 had everything to choose from still, and those were the only categories you could choose from without being annual. I am annual but got this box with a new email address just fine. I cancelled immediately afterwards.

  36. *no longer

  37. I cancelled with this one after 3 years of being a loyal subscriber. It’s not longer a Fabulous, Fit, Fun box for me and the curation had nothing to do with Fall.

  38. They’re pretty desperate to sell this box

    • They’re prob trying to clear inventory before moving on to selling the winter box

  39. Wow, what’s the point of being a loyal subscriber when they offer these sales for new customers all the time?

    • There isn’t one…. I think it’s always been best to wait for spoilers from FFF and jump on deals.

    • Journeebox gives annual members an extra item every single box, and it is always a great one too! That is SO appreciated, no other box seems to reward loyal members. That is frustrating. I love Causebox and Journeebox though, their customer service is impeccable.

  40. I think Fab Fit Fun may be having some problems with selling this fall box! They definitely didn’t hit it outta the park with this one, but I still “liked” it. Notice how I didn’t say love lol. But, with all the shipping woes and the boxes seeming to decline the past couple of months, I hope they can change a leaf this fall and come up with a great winter box!

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