Oui Please Volume 4.5 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the full spoilers for the Volume 4.5 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code LABORDAY35 to save 35% off a Oui Please subscription.

Each box will include:

After the success of the Serum No.3 in our previous box. Good news! Your September box will include the Intense Moisturizing Serum from Codage Paris. Harsh winter months are coming and bringing dry, irritated skin with them, but this serum will keep your skin soft, smooth, and calm all winter-long.


1951 Maison Française is dedicated to delivering modern, chic styles in the best quality. Each piece is made by hand in their own ateliers using traditional artisanal methods and fine leather. The versatile X-Large Pochette is the perfect size to use as a going-out clutch or a makeup bag inside your work tote.

If you’re a long-time OuiPlease subscriber, you might remember 1951 Maison Française from our very first box! The Pochettes have been sold out since last year, so OuiPlease subscribers will be first to get their hands on them!

Customize your box here.


This September, you will receive a delicious chocolate spread from La Frenchi. The rich creamy spreads are delicious on toast, waffles, and crêpes, but we won’t judge if you dig right in with a spoon!

These spreads are not your average Nutella! La Frenchi makes all their products by hand in Paris with no oils or additives. They use simple, ethically sourced ingredients to create a delicious  indulgence you can feel good about eating!

Choose from three yummy flavors: Hazelnut Dark Chocolate, Pecan Dark Chocolate, or Crêpe Dark Chocolate.


Tea Heritage was founded in 2013 in Lyon, France. Their teas are ethically made by hand to bring a delicious, fanciful experience to your mug. The tea bags are made from biodegradable cotton and the finest ingredients for the perfect taste in every cup.

This September, you will receive adorable heart-shaped tea bags box from Tea Heritage.

Give your morning cup a sweet touch with these shaped tea bags. Comes with 10 bags in each box, made from biodegradable cotton with delicious blends.


This September, Polaar Micellar Water will upgrade your beauty routine. Micellar water is a staple in every French girl’s skincare regime. Micellar water is beloved for its ability to remove makeup and gently cleanse, all in one step! It’s the perfect way to refresh and cleanse your skin before the rest of your routine.

Polaar’s Ice Pure Micellar Water is made in France with the purest ingredients. Arctic cotton extract hydrates, detoxifies, and soothes skin, while green seaweed and white tea fight dull skin. Polaar micellar water is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, but it;’s extremely effective for cleansing pores of impurities, pollution, and sebum.


This September, curl up with a book that will take you away to France, no passport necessary! Choose from three best-selling titles: Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah, My Twenty-Five Years in Provence by Peter Mayle, or Paris For One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes. Consider this an invitation to kick back with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get lost in a great book.

Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah will take you on a culinary journey through France. Interwoven with the lively characters Ann meets and the traditional recipes she samples, this is a story about love of family, food and France.

In My Twenty-Five Years in Provence, Peter Mayle reflects on his life in Provence and the changes village life has undergone in that time. His final book serves as a lasting love letter to his adopted home, marked by his signature warmth, wit, and humor


Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes is a collection of stories full of holiday romance and dreamy escapism. The collection is the perfect funny and charming read to make you feel like you’ve run away to Paris.


This September, fan favorite Bangle Up Paris is back! Bangle Up’s colorful enamel bracelets are perfect for adding a pop of color and shine to any outfit.

Choose one of three gorgeous styles to add to your Bangle Up stack: the Jonc Bangle 0.7 cm or the Bollystud Bracelet in Ginger, Blush, or Rose Powder. Customization submissions to follow soon!


Dine in style like the French. Coming to your September box, experience the excitement of the French way of life and bring sparkles to your meals with these Pied De Poule dishes. Select between four designs: from Paris, French cancan, Cocorico, and French Kiss. Customization submissions to follow soon.

Porcelain Diameter: 15.8cm Available in 4 designs Microwave and dishwasher safe 100% Made in France


In your September box, you’ll receive fresh, delicious French Madeleines from Oui Love It! These gluten-free Madeleines have a slightly sweet, spongey base. The strength of the Madeleine lies in their versatility and simplicity. Enjoy them with whipped cream, sandwiched with your favorite jam, or with nothing at all. They’re the perfect light and delicious French treat!


Malou & Marius Natural Face Mask Malou & Marius Natural Face Mask

In your September box, you’ll receive two all-natural face masks from Malou & Marius. The “gym tonique” mask reverses aging with hyaluronic acid, while the “nettoyage de printemps” masks purifies your pores with charcoal. Malou & Marius is a French, family-run brand with sustainability, dedication, and progress at its core. They are dedicated to bringing effective, all-natural, and fun skincare products to their customers.

What do you think of the spoiler?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. False alarm here too. Pending. I think it was a label created and not really shipped.

    • I wish it would have just said that then 😛 The email I got says it shipped so I got my hopes up – in the words of Debbie Downer – womp wompppp!

  2. Mine shipped today 2 day. I should have it on Friday!

    • Fabulous! Keep us posted. Fedex says that mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but it has not moved since I received the tracking on 10/5, and the status is still “label created” so hmm, maybe it won’t!

      • False alarm. I have a app called Arrive, that flashed a notification last night that the box was in transport, but looking on FedEX, is has not shipped after all. Mine shows expected delivery Friday. Hope they ship tomorrow.

        • Mine said it was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it turns out the shipping label has been created and delivery is now pending. I asked for a refund on next box, I feel like I need better communication and transparency for 150. Bar of soap spoiled on IG for 4.6 box.

          • It was a false alarm on shipping for me too. FedEx still shows the expected delivery date as today BUT it’s only that a label has been created. Grrr, so frustrating! I ordered this box at the end of August and I have been anxiously looking forward to receiving it since then. I am not surprised as I have read what other people posted in the past but it also seemed like OP was potentially turning things around and getting better. Even if spoilers for another box are amazing, I’d be hesitant to pull the trigger because of frustrating process.

          • Me too! Label created on October 5, and at first Fedex said it was supposed to arrive yesterday. But it has not started traveling yet, and now the delivery date is “pending.” I’m sure it will eventually move. I don’t mind the delay too much as long as all the items are in it and I get my choice for the bag 🙂 I will be a bit disappointed if I don’t after such a long wait…

          • Looks like real movement at last. Box arrived at FedEX today…scheduled delivery 10/16!

  3. Tracking for me in NC.

    • Tracking received here too!

      • Of course, we know it really means “label created,” because it’s the weekend and it has not started moving, but I’m excited 🙂

        • Thanks for the updates everyone! No shipping notification for me yet in Florida but thrilled to hear progress is being made 😉

        • Yes, last time it took 2 weeks from the time the label was created until the box actually started moving!

    • I just got tracking and notification that my box is expected to arrive on FRIDAY! Yay!! I can’t wait.

  4. Tracking info received WAHOO!

  5. I got tracking!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this box!

  6. Anyone shipping yet? I thought it was the week of the 15th, just wondering if there is any movement

    • I was wondering the same thing…

    • I have been anxiously awaiting a shipping notification or any sort of an update, but nothing yet. Fingers crossed for this week…I can’t wait to get my hands on my 1951 bag!! 🙂

    • Still waiting as of today. Spoilers out for the next box, so I don’t know what the holdup is.n

    • No shipping notice here either, and it is now October 4. I too am anxiously awaiting! Anyone with any idea when these will go out, please share. Thanks!

      • Just came on here to see the same same thing….lol. Wondering if anyone has heard anything!

  7. In case anyone hasn’t seen it, apparently 3 new bag colors are available along with 4 new Bangle colors (possibly in place of the original options). I just emailed Ashley to update my selections. I am really looking forward to this box.

  8. I wrote Ashley on August 29 and got a response on September 3rd that she got my request for a chain + color customization preferences…now just obsessively checking my account for any updates. It still just says my order is processing – has anyone heard any updates or gotten notification about shipping/shipping labels being created, etc.? Eeek so pumped for this box and trying to be patient 🙂 Meanwhile, I also finally caved and ordered the Rachel Zoe Box of Style for fall and got my shipping notification about 4 hours hours later!

    • No although they did email me a few days ago to say they received my customization requests. This just reminded me to email and request the chain also! I think it should come standard but evidently it doesn’t.

      • I wouldn’t have even known it was an option if I hadn’t seen other people talking about it in the comments here on MSA. Okay so I’ll continue to be patient 🙂

        • I got an email from Ashley today confirming the chain in my box. No word on shipping yet.

  9. Oui just emailed me to say that I won’t be getting any of the three bag options I specified. As an annual subscriber, I was hoping for deference, but nope.
    Anyone else get that message? I’m wondering if they do not truly have the customization options they advertised….

    • I have not received that message — what a bummer! — but saw a few days ago that my top choice is no longer on the list of available options on the website. Keeping fingers crossed because that’s the one I really wanted 🙂 Allison, did they at least let you pick other options?

      • Where can you find out what’s sold out? I just went back to the customization page to resubmit and there’s no indication of what’s not available. They even say “3 colors added”.

        Boxes are supposed to start shipping soon, so I have a feeling I’ll be stuck with some random leftover color.

        • In the scroll-down menu! I submitted my choices early on, but went to check the website a few days ago after reading a comment here mentioning that various options had gone. Indeed, a few colors no longer show up on the menu. I think there are ten options available now.

          • Thank you, Frankie! I was just referencing the picture. (I figured they would have lined them out or something.)

        • There’s no confirmation of what you chose. I’d e-mail Ashley at CS. She has been a huge help to me and let me know what color was locked in for me. Good luck!

    • I keep waiting for a reply from Ashley at OuiPlease. Sent second follow up today. Has anyone else had a response?

      • I’ve e-mailed Ashley requesting for a chain and multiple e-mails with questions about the color of my bag. She’s gotten back to me within a couple of business days each time. I believe I e-mailed her directly from my e-mail account instead of through their CS support. Also, the e-mails went to my “promotions” tab in my gmail instead of my usual “updates” or “primary” tab that I get if it’s from a real person. Have you checked your junk mail?

        • I once emailed Ashley at the wrong email address — ouiplease.com instead of ouipleasebox.com. I bet that’s a common issue! Could that be the problem? Note that I didn’t get an automated email to let me know it’s a not existent address. I just realized it a few days later, and after I sent my email to the right address I received a reply within a day.

  10. Is the carmin color more red or more purple? The gif looks really purple but the customization picture looks more red.

    • I originally wanted carmin when I thought it was deep red…but the purple/pink hue scared me off a bit

      • I ended up choosing mustard as my #1, carmin as 2, and blanc as 3. Originally i had blanc as my top choice but didn’t want the bag to dirty easily. Not sure which choice they would go with lol now i’m worried about the carmin. It looks so purple….i’d be ok with mustard or white.

        • Yes, some of the colors really didn’t look the same from place to place. After thinking about it for way too long, then realizing that there were about 20 choices left out of the 33, I picked Python Gold, Navy, and Taupe.

          • Python gold looked good to me as well! It was so difficult because the colors don’t match up with what the site has them as listed, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I think they may have changed the entire color naming system. Ashley from Oui Please informed me that Mustard was oos, so I did end up with carmin (2nd choice), which she said is a deep red, almost maroon. Hoping all our bags look good lol

  11. Really appreciating the great customer service from Ashley and excited to resubscribe for this box!

    • I wishhhh she would reply to me 🙁

  12. When will this ship?

    • Bonjour! We will start shipping the week of the 15th of September.
      You will receive an email with your tracking information as soon as it ships 🙂

  13. After years of ‘looking’ I finally signed up for this box. Emailed for a chain as I don’t do ‘clutches’ so hope all comes through as requested.

  14. This helps me get over the single plate a little. :p

  15. Just made my selections. Looking forward to this box.

  16. I have two 1951 clutches for sell. Has dust bag and chain! I will make a deal so I can get rid of them!

    • Hi, Michelle! Are you on the swap site?

      • Yes! As ChelleBell! I have Bleu Petrol and an orange one.

    • Michelle, if this bag does not come thru (color, chain), I may very well be looking to purchase as the bag is for my D for a Christmas gift. She loves the bags, often borrows one of mine when in town, and was disappointed the retail storefront was no longer open when she was in Paris this summer.

  17. I just signed up and made my selections. I keep getting additional emails to make my selections. I couldn’t find a place on the website to see the selections I’ve made. I sent an email but have not received a reply. Is this anyone else’s experience? Can I trust that my selections have been saved?

    • I do not see my selections either – I just ordered my first box this morning. I’m wondering too!

      If you hear back, please let us know.

      I also emailed Ashley about getting a chain for the handbag and heard back right away. Great customer service so far.

      • I haven’t seen my selections in the past and was worried the first time but everything has always shown up correctly I do wish we could check back though

      • Will do!

      • No word yet.

      • What great customer service! Ashley apologized for the delay in responding and confirmed that my selections were saved.

        • Is the Ashley at OuiPlease? Is that who we email? Thank you!

          • That is who I emailed. It took a couple of days, but she answered my questions and anticipated follow up questions I’d have. It seems like Oui Please, and Ashley, provide actual customer care, and I appreciate that.

    • When you sign in to the account, there is a tan/yellow bar at the top of the page. It says, “To select WOMENS style preferences click Here.” Click on that bar. It takes you to the selections page.

      • That’s the trouble I’m having. I’ve made my selections, but the bar is still there. It makes me wonder if the selections i made have been properly stored.

        • Same exact situation for me.

          Fingers crossed we’re ok.

          • Bonjour! All your selections are being processed as we speak due to a large volume but all the emails will be answered soon 🙂

          • Me too! I actually redid it yesterday but the first set of colors I chose were no longer there, so I entered a new set. Am hoping they got my first “preferences”!

  18. this box is amazing seems too good to be true! I signed up for a one time box, and it let me use the Laborday35 code.

    How has shipping been? this is my first Oui Please box.

    • I have never had a problem they offer lots of choices so when my box was delayed because I picked a weird shoe color they were super transparent and contacted me before the box was supposed to ship and updated me every step of the way Ashley was great to work with and since everything was explained I wasn’t as frustrated as I was with fff for example

      • Thank you Marcy! I got an email about shipping as well from Oui Please. Communication has been excellent!

  19. Awesome box! So excited!!

  20. I emailed for a chain, hope I get one.

    10 items in the box! This is great. I still have a few heart-shaped sugar cubes. I’m excited to use them with the heart-shaped tea bag. It’ll be a fancy tea-party for one.
    Not really excited about the plate. I have when stuff has writing on it. But everything else looks great.

  21. Is this box still available if I order today?

    • Hi Mia, it shows the box is still available on their website. Just click the link above and it will take you directly to the box. Don’t forget the coupon code!

  22. Can anyone advise which of the 1951 & bangle colors look great in person?

    • Hi Rochelle,
      The above flashing examples of the different colors are a good way to look at the colors of the 1951 Maison Française Pochettes. It will be up to you if you prefer quiet tones or something that has a “POP”.

  23. I haven’t looked forward to a box like this in a while.

  24. Wow! What a great box!

  25. Wow – SO impressed!!! Well done, Oui Please, you have worked hard to come back, and this box is amazing! I even bought a second one – it’s like 2 boxes in one with all of the goodies. Cannot wait!

  26. Ive been eyeing this box for so long and finally took the plunge. So excited for it. It’s so diverse that i think it might fulfill most of my subbox wants…at least I hope!

  27. Can’t wait to get this box!
    ❤️ Oui Please

  28. Guessing no chain- but have some from other 1951 bags. This is the best box ever!

  29. Does anyone know if the clutch comes with the chain that is shown in one of the photos? The chain would be fantastic since I really cannot use another clutch.

    • Yesterday Ashley @ouiplease said that she had chains to include on request, so you would need to email her and ask.

      • Thank you! Purchased this as a gift for my daughter as she loves the bags. Will email Ashley.

  30. I am so sad that I can no longer afford this box 🙁 It’s fantastic.

  31. It looks great but I’m not sure that the bracelet would fit my fat wrist.

    • I’d love to trade for another bracelet, so if you want to buy I’d be happy to swap for it. Just click on my name to go to my swap profile

  32. YES!!! So excited, what an amazing box!!

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