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NewBeauty TestTube September 2019 FULL SPOILERS Update!

We have the updated full spoilers for the September 2019 NewBeauty TestTube Box!  If you sign up now, September will be your first box.

If you aren’t familiar with this box, it ships every other month, and it was voted one of the best beauty subscription boxes of 2019 by MSA readers!

The September 2019 New Beauty Test Tube box includes:

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers? 

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (123)

  1. The 10th and no spoilers yet? We get billed on the 15th (or at least I think everyone does) and I’d like to decide if I want it.

    • It’s October 14th an no spoilers for the November test tube? Someone should provide an update or a reason for the lack of information.

    • I think this maybe the Nov Box since it is on their website: The first tube will include:

      Aveline Razor
      Elvis+ Elvin Grape Stem Cell Treatment Masks or Lilac Stem Cell Treatment Masks
      Klorane Shower Gel or Body Lotion
      Laura Geller Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick
      NIU Body Piña Colada Sugar Lip Polish
      Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel
      Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask or Dry Shampoo
      Vitabrid C12 Scalp Shampoo

  2. We should already have a sneak peek or spoilers for the next one already….

    • You read my mind! I’m waiting to see if I should go out and buy some more eye cream. Come on New Beauty with some spoilers 🙂

      • I don’t know about you, but it gets me a little anxious knowing that close before being billed.

  3. I did not like this box at all. The oil is orange and would leave a stain on pillow cases. The Nuria feels sticky on my skin. Dry shampoos don’t work for me…no need, hair is not oily. Not interested in the facial steam or going for a $300 facial for the dermabuilder. I was super busy in August and did not have time to look to see what the box contained. In addition, I had just signed up in August so I got the July box 2 weeks prior to this box. I thought it was an alternate month program so I was not happy paying for 2 tubes in one month, especially since I had no interest in ANY of the products in this one.

    • Hello Suzie,

      I can’t imagine how this may have happened. Our membership is set up for your first tube to ship within 2–3 weeks of your order date, and then a new TestTube is scheduled every 2 months thereafter. If you allow us the chance to speak with you we would like to make things right. At your earliest convenience please give us a call at 888-974-6042 or email us at [email protected].

      We’re sorry this happened and look forward to speaking with you

      • Any spoilers before you bill us?

  4. The last few tubes are going downhill rapidly and this months has totally pushed me to think about cancelling. Never thought I would be feeling this way. I may give them 1 more chance to redeem themselves especially since they know how bad this tube has become maybe they will try to lure us into staying with a good tube. It is make it or break it time Test Tube!!

    • Cindy,

      We appreciate you giving us a second chance.☺☺☺
      We hope our upcoming TestTube doesn’t disappoint!

    • We should already have spoilers for the next one already…

  5. The September box is a TOTAL miss for me. I will use the oil (not like I don’t have a ton already) and my daughter will use the shampoo (not her favorite but okay) the rest of no value at all. I love this sub so I guess it’s time for a bad box. Otherwise I have been estancia with this sub and will sub for life. And I used a MSA link so you guys got the credit:)

  6. Ughh! Just had the worst experience with Test Tube’s customer service again. I had ordered 2 Test Tubes last sub in June. After receiving those, I contacted customer service to cancel 1 of the subs. After speaking with them and assuming I was all set with one sub…low an behold I got charged for 2 and sent 2 for September. When I contacted customer service after much go around…it came down to “the person who you spoke with is no longer with us and we had issues with her”, “it looks like she did not enter correctly what you wanted”, “but due to our policy of no refunds and no returns, there is nothing we can do”. Test Tube…I know you read these…if you have an employee who screws up a customer’s order/account…it is NOT the customer who should have to suffer the consequences. That is retail and customer service 101. I should add that instead of doing anything to help (they did finally cancel my 2 subs), meanwhile though they were trying to sign me up for another. I was too scared I would get 3 subs so I cancelled them all!!! Buyer beware…if they screw up on their end…it will be you who suffers and pays. And to think, up until now, I liked them.

    • I have not had the best experience either. I just got the July box delivered AGAIN yesterday. Cannot figure out how they messed that up. I reached out to them and hope I get the September box delivered to me. I wasn’t that thrilled with the first July tube (I had tried to skip but was told I couldn’t). Getting a second one is really frustrating. I hope the rectify this. Perhaps Time to move on…🤔🤔

      • You are SO lucky to get the July box again. I HATE the September box. If u want to sell the July box to me debbie @ home in Eugene dot com

      • Probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I called back in May to cancel June box and was offered a gift with purchase, Sunday Riley tonner. I was charged on June 6th and received a shipping number for the toner, but after over two months the tracking still shows pending which means this item never shipped. Few days after I was charged for the June box, I was charged again the exactly same amount. I called their customer service and spoke to Jason on multiple occasions telling him that I have never received the toner and that I was charged twice. His explanation was that the second charge was for the September box ( which I never authorized). It took 5 phone calls to have the non authorized charges refunded.
        But I have never received the promised Sunday Riley gift with purchase. I would caution everyone to do any business with this company and do not trust them when they promise you any special
        deals. I am considering filing a complaint with BBB

      • Ania,

        We’re sorry to hear of your less than satisfactory experience with our company and we hope that you will accept our sincerest apologies. Since we strive for customer satisfaction it came as a surprise, and we would like to make things right. If you could provide us with an order number, we will reach out as soon as possible to determine how we can provide you with a better solution that you are happy with.

        Or if you prefer, you can also contact us directly at [email protected] or

        Thank you for your patience.

    • Tasha,

      We understand your disappointment with our company and agree that this is not acceptable.

      It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue immediately.

      If you give us a chance, we intend to make this right and hope you allow us to speak with you and discuss the situation.

      Please give us a call at 888-974-6042 ☺

  7. They’ve been great in the past, but this entire tube seems like a trainwreck.

    Not impressed with the facial nonsense that I have to pay to use.
    Not impressed with the probiotics being included with such a high price padding the value
    Not impressed with the Batiste (though I will use it, but with such slim pickings for this box I would have expected better)

    Can’t use facial steam and I’m already drowning in face oils, but that’s a me specific issue. Others may find value there.

    All in all, this seems like the Glossybox of Test Tubes. Hyper inflated retail values of unknown/beauty box brands. Except the Amika. Excited about that.

    Do better Test Tube! I believe in you!

    • I totally agree with you. Each of the last several boxes have not been anything special and this one is awful. That whole facial thing is ridiculous. When I first signed up, the boxes were fantastic, with superb full size items that were very useful. They get one more chance, if not better then I’m cancelling.

  8. Dear Iggy,

    HydraFacial that helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports skin’s structural proteins, including collagen.

    You will receive $50 off your facial when you bring in your DermaBuilder booster (included in your tube) to your treatment. The DermaBuilder has a $50 value that can be purchased as an add on to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—but lucky you; yours is complimentary 🙂

    • I love you guys, but “You will receive $50 off your facial” is misleading. We won’t receive $50 off, we still have to pay full price for facial. This derma thing is optional add on to facial, since we are bringing own product this extra add on is free, but there is no $ OFF the facial itself.

      • Agree, the statement “You will receive $50 off your facial” is definitely misleading.
        That statement made me think I got free dermabuilder add-on and $50 off on the hydra facial.
        But that’s not the case. I’ve asked & mentioned Newbeauty.
        Basically the $50 off = you don’t have to pay $50 for the dermabuilder add-on. The facial itself is still regular price.

      • And why should you have to enter your email and phone number to find the local partners?

  9. It seems as though each tube has become successively LESS awesome and exciting with each delivery. This one REALLY doesn’t impress me. I made the mistake of prepaying for the annual subscription, and I honestly cannot wait for that year to be up so I can cancel.

    I really don’t appreciate receiving an item that requires I make an appointment for a special beauty treatment in order to use it. For me, that item has NO value because I can’t afford a Hydra Facial.

    I made the mistake of prepaying for the annual subscription, and I honestly cannot wait for that year to be up so I can cancel.

    • I agree with the comment on the Hydrafacial tube. For those who aren’t near the places where you can get those done, or can’t afford that service (such as myself). Then what? Try to sale or trade it…I guess. But, some people might be tempted to throw it out & that just creates unnecessary waste! I feel like this is way too much of a “specialty” item to be included.

      • I received it the other day and it was super easy to pop open and use as a serum. It was actually really nice and moisturizing. There is enough for 4 applications.

    • Hello!

      We would like to apologize for your negative experience with our September TestTube. We’re normally known for our exceptional products, and we regret that we missed the mark. We appreciate your review and we look forward to working towards earning your business back.

      • This was a total miss and the value seems super hyper inflated. The “we’re going to give you a serum so you buy a 300$ facial” is not nice. Why do you think it’s okay to decide how we spend our money? The dry shampoo is at Ross all of the time for 2.99 and FYI, it smells like old lady perfume. The tea is an attempt at a new product but the science sucks. Steaming your face with herbs doesn’t do anything. I’m really not sure what you guys were thinking but your curator needs a little talking to. Total disappointment. I will use the oil but am curious why an olive oil for facial use? I’m never going to use olive oil on my face. So the arms it is. It just a weird mix of over inflated useless items. I really hope you listen to the feedback and hit it out of the park next time. You have been my very favorite sub up until this tube.

  10. did anyone actually get charged yet for this tube? i skipped the last tube, but didn’t cancel. i still haven’t been charged. i just want to make sure everything is still active?

    • I got charged on Monday the 19th of August. I emailed them as I was confused on the billing and told me specifically I would charged on that date.

      How did she get free shipping?

    • Xunseenx,

      To better assist you with your inquiry please feel free to call us at 800-313-0210.

  11. I just purchased it yesterday. Instead of $8 shipping, they offered free shipping, I also emailed to confirm free shipping on September subscription. Below is the response from them:

    Your September Test Tube includes free shipping and handling, and your next Test Tube (November) is also scheduled to include free shipping and handling. Please reach out to us should that not be the case!

    for 29.95, nice deal!

    • How did you get free shipping? Did you email them and ask for it? Was this a promo?

      • after you fill out all the name, address, under shipping choices, there are four choices, and one of them is free ship-recur. Just choose this one!

    • Hi Stella, please reveal the secret of free shipping. I and I believe all subscribers would like to be in on this “secret”!!

      • I am a regular subscriber and would like a break on the shipping from time to time. Also it would be a nice incentive for loyal subscribers.

      • after you fill out all the name, address, under shipping choices, there are four choices, and one of them is free ship-recur. Just choose this one!

      • Oh, I just went back and check, there’s no four choices of shipping anymore, maybe their system bug before? The four choices I see the other day is standard shipping, annual shipping, freeship – recur, and I forgot the last choice

      • I have to call them to check on stuff as their new website is still not complete on my computer. I see the pictures but not any wording. Does anyone else have this issue?

  12. I received this derma thing. It was shipped separately from Santa Ana via FedEx by some Andrea. On the packet there is treatment directions: apply to clean skin and let absorb.
    What is weird under Cautions section it says “for single use only” and in next sentence it says “do not use the entire vial for one treatment.

    • Is it Santa Ana, CA?
      I only live a few miles away but haven’t received it yet.

      • I am in Irvine and it was shipped from Santa Ana, CA via FedEx from Andrea

      • Thanks, Svetlana7e!
        Irvine is closer to Santa Ana than Buena Park. Maybe mine will arrive soon 🙂

  13. Thank you Luna 🙂

  14. Can someone help me?
    When do you get billed?
    Online says the 15th but I was not charged today but does say the week of hmmm? By the end of the week then?? Anybody?

    • I’m currently cancelled, and I don’t plan on re-subscribing until a little later, so I’m not sure when they’ll charge for September’s box, but the past couple of boxes I was charged on 4/20 & 6/18. I hope that helps some 🙂

    • I was charged a few minutes ago.

    • Hello!

      The September Test Tube billing took place as of 8/19 🙂

      Please let us know if you need anything else!

  15. This tube didn’t amaze me like previous tubes have. I decided to skip the September tube.

  16. Can someone tell me how easy it is to cancel this subscription? Thanks!

    • It was pretty easy for me. I just sent them a short email letting them know I wanted to un-subscribe, then they replied a day or two later. Lately, they’ve been offering a free product from a list to choose from to stay.

      • Thanks for letting me know!

    • I emailed TT today and they replied about 8 hours later and paused my subscription as requested. They didn’t offer me any incentive, though.

      • I wonder if it’s because you requested to pause your subscription rather than cancel it. But who knows… maybe it’s a crapshoot like with how Allure offers the 4 boxes for $10/box or $12/box, or doesn’t make that offer at all to different subscribers when they request to cancel.

      • I went back and re-read the email and I clearly asked to cancel the subscription. The response said they went ahead and paused it as requested. I giggled because no, I didn’t request that they pause it. But I’m not upset. I generally love these tubes. This one just didn’t thrill me.

    • Tomorrow,

      We are so sorry to see you go! If at any time you wish to cancel your membership, please email [email protected] or call 888-974-6042.

  17. I think 1 out of every 2 – 3 Test Tubes is bad – like this one. I think there’s a really good one a couple of times per year that keep people hanging on. I cancelled my sub and just plan to get the award winners boxes…although the last ones were boring…and they stopped accepting paypal 🙁

  18. The variety of the product in this box is amazing, there is a lot to offer for a small amount of money. These are all products I have been wanting to try- but haven’t gotten around to getting them. Can’t wait for the next tube- best mail day ever!

  19. Evertime I think the tube just can’t get any better, IT DOES! I can’t believe theres a freakin hydra facial! I can’t wait to get it!

    • Hi Melody,
      Thank you for taking the time to review us! We’re so happy you’re enjoying your subscription 🙂

  20. I have been a reader of Newbeauty for YEARSSS and I am so excited about this Test-tube, especially the hydra facial! I was telling my friend the other day that I wanted to book an apt to try it and the treatment goes for $300! The universe has sent me a sign! I’ve also been looking for a new probiotic to try and if there anyone I trust it’s Newbeauty so I look forward to giving my feedback.

    • I asked the location near me & still need to pay for the hydra facial only: $120, but the dermabuilder add on is free (they usually charge $40). There were many other boosters add-on in the full course hydra facial they offered.
      Not sure if different location had different policy though.

    • Amber,
      I am pretty sure you have to pay for the treatment. Testtube included just added a booster to the hydrafacial treatment

    • You have to pay for the treatment. Nee Beauty isn’t paying 300.00 for it. It’s just the booster.

    • Amber ☺️

      We’re so happy that you love this Test Tube!

    • Amber thanks for leaving a review 🙂
      We look forward to hearing from you!

  21. They lost me on this hydrafacial thing. I cancelled. I might try to swap for the Amika, but that’s really the only thing that appealed to me since I already get Curology.

  22. The Dermstore BeautyFIX box came out with a useless item like this once too. Since it’s just a serum, I don’t see why we cannot be sent an applicator top for it. Otherwise these boxes are great fun and I share anything I don’t use.

  23. This is a pretty great box for me. The value is good and I’ll try everything except the booster. I usually don’t use supplements, but these look interesting. And Batiste is one of the few dry shampoos that doesn’t make my hair feel grungy.

  24. I’m an annual sub and just emailed to request skip and CS replied they paused my sub till next box.
    I won’t be using the detma thing, and I don’t feel comfortable taking probiotics from companies that I’m not familiar with (although I believe it’s 100% safe to consume), also the batiste dry shampoo, like, seriously? If I won’t buy it from TJMaxx for $3-4, for sure I don’t want it in my subscription box.

  25. I want to try the essence and will swap items from popsugar must have for it? Also have a bunch of it cosmetics up for swap.

    • Haha. No. They are using your info to market salons to buy their equipment by telling them they already have customers ready to buy. But I like that you’re all innocent. It’s a corporation. It doesn’t care about giving you value. It cares about market share.

      • Interesting, Debbie! I didn’t know that. I love reading these comments and finding out these tidbits. After you said it, it makes perfect sense but I never thought about it like that. ☺️

      • Thanks for the insight, Debbie… I never thought it’ll go that far

  26. I remember TT sent survey early June and I believe this survey relates to this useless product. I took the survey because they said for completion of the survey they will send free trial product. The questions were heavily around if what make me to use salon facials and would I motivated to go have facial if I receive free product. I did not know that this free product will be included in the box.

    • Oh ya… I remember that survey. I kept answering all of the questions that I wouldn’t be swayed to visit a salon/facialist if I got a trial product or for any other reason. I guess my answers were in the minority. 😀

  27. So this might be a stupid question. I watched the Hydrafacial Dermabuilder videos online. It seems that they use a three step process with a special adapter- machine thing. However the Dermabuilder is like a serum. So couldn’t you just use it from the tube and skip the other two steps? What I mean, is bust it open, and slather it on? Or no? I think they want you not to use it at home because of the other steps involved in the facial- not because the product is difficult or dangerous to use- right? Just wondering out loud….

    • I had a Hydrafacial once and it broke me out something awful…the full machine basically starts with a canister of clean water/solution that is blasted into your pores and sucked back out with dirt and gunk. I imagine that the booster needs to be done after that for maximum efficacy? Maybe you saw that from the video, apologies if I’m making an obvious statement.

  28. Normally, this is a great deal with multiple full-sized products from companies that are new to me. They were extremely nice when I called and allowed me to skip this month since there is no way that I can use some of the items.

  29. I skipped, sadly. Nothing appeals to me.

  30. I’m really looking forward to trying that Curology cleanser 🙂

    • You can get the Curology cleanser, moisturizer, and Rx tretinoin cream all for free + $5 shipping through their website.

      • Thanks! I’ve never been interested in signing up for their service (yet), but that’s nice to know of that deal! I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m ready 🙂

  31. I’m interested in the Essence and will try the Amika, but this is a very low value box to me.
    I wish facial oils or dry shampoos worked for me. I don’t use supplements as a personal choice. Hopefully I’ll be able to swap the rest of the box for something I’ll use. Or maybe it’s not too late to skip?

    • I have straight med/thick hair and dry shampoos don’t do much, but create a bit of texture or soak up a bit of oil for an hour or so… but someone i know said they use them to freshen up their clothing kind of like febreeze! BUT, i have found ‘salt spray’ used w a blow dryer soaks up the oil in my hair WAY better.

      • Your hair sounds like mine. I found out that Drybar Dry Shampoo is the ONLY one that actually does what it claims. It’s $24 for the full size which is a bit steep but SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!! I go to their website and subscribe for it to come monthly and it adds a discount. Have you ever tried that one? It’s my holy grail. Got it on my bathroom sink RIGHT NOW. 🙂 I’ve got thick medium length hair with tons of volume and it’s around 110° here right now, so it works flawlessly for me.

  32. @MSA I’m not able to add the Probiogen as an item for swaps. It hangs endlessly while creating the new item.

  33. I am excited about box. However this derma thing goes to the trash unless somebody wants it. I do not do salon facials since I already spend a lot on product and mainly I do not have time for it with two little kids, especially school starting next week. Shame to waste this product but I won’t have any use for it at all.

    • I’ll reimburse you shipping if you want to send it to me. 😁
      Vegmom28 at gmail.

      • Sent you email

  34. Why in the world would they send out something that you can ONLY use at a spa location that is ONLY on the west coast when this box goes to the entire U.S.? Seems like a big waste of product IMHO

    • i just emailed the company and they said they are working on updating the site and sent me the name of a place 20 min from me in NY. still not sure if im going to go but…

    • such a disappointing box. to me last test tube wasn’t the greatest either. but there customer service is wonderful, but not really sure if I’ll skip the box or just cancel altogether and wait to see what’s in the next test tube. thats just crazy that’s it’s only available on the west coast. I live in palm springs and I’m sure there are places here that do it but at what discount. I read in a comment earlier that she was told 120. yes I agree that s procedure that costs 300 is a great buy at 120 plus the 29.99 test tube. but honestly now what percentage of subscribers can just take that find of money aside personally I get test tube to get to try high end items that I normally cannot afford.

      • Hi Pauline,

        We do our best to provide our subscribers with excellent choices we know they deserve and it saddens us to see when one of our subscribers has a negative experience. I’d like to reassure you as a loyal member, you will receive $50 off your facial when you bring in your DermaBuilder booster (included in your tube) to your treatment. This product is not for at-home use — visit to find a participating partner, mention NewBeauty when you schedule your appointment
        and remember to bring your booster to your discounted treatment!

  35. I really wish/hope they would have sent a coupon or something for the Dermabuilder item instead of sending an actual vial. I hate to think of thousands of these ending up in the landfill. Love the rest of the box though!

    • Even if not for the vial, thousands and thousands of items ended up in the landfills from subscription alone.

    • Alison,
      As a loyal subscriber, you will receive $50 off your facial when you bring in your DermaBuilder booster (included in your tube) to your treatment. The DermaBuilder has a $50 value that can be purchased as an add on to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—but lucky you; yours is complimentary!
      This product is not for at-home use — visit to find a participating partner, mention NewBeauty when you schedule your appointment
      and remember to bring your booster to your discounted treatment! 🙂

      • You have to put in your email and phone number to find the participating partner near me?? I don’t like that and won’t be doing that.

  36. Even excluding the dermabuilder, this box has a great value and some wonderful products.

    That said, I really wish there were an option to permanently opt-out of any “not for home use” products. There’s no way I’ll use it, and I hate when things go to waste. It’s inclusion cheapens the box and the brand for me.

  37. That Dermabuilder is really ill-advised. How could they have ever thought that would be a good idea?

    • Probably got it for free and are passing it on.

  38. When I saw the update I thought they would remove/swap the dermal builder product ….nope. No locations where I am at which is upsetting. But the rest of the items are gold for me.

  39. No places within 500 miles of me do that specific facial. Guess it will be sold on Ebay to someone who can use it. I like the idea, however it should be a product that is more widely available. Or have it as a opt in product. They are going to waste more product this way. I would be surprised if 20% of the ones sent out get used. With that said, the rest of the box is still great. Looking forward to it.

  40. I’m irritated that I had to give them my contact info AND agree to get their emails just to see if there is a location near me, which there isn’t.

    I’m unhappy with Test Tube for including this spammy useless nonsense in my paid subscription box, and really turned off of this Hydrafacial Company.

    Poor execution of a bad marketing campaign.

    • Same here!

  41. I love everything in the box however I also am disappointed with them putting in an item that a lot of us can not use,because we can not use it at home….Some of us do not have the time to go somewhere to get this item done, and some of us do not have the money to pay to have this item done…..I can only imagine how pricey it will be to use this product at a place where you can use this item.

  42. From what I can tell, 100% of the HydraFacial partner locations are in California. Sweet.

  43. This isn’t a terrible box. The not for at home use item and the Batiste (since it’s a lower priced item found in any drug store) bring it down though.

  44. Really? Now I have to pay more to use an item? I find that poor.

    • Even if you don’t use this item the tube is still a high RV, so I’m looking forward to receiving it.

      • Claire: but what is the point of receiving a product with high RV if we are unable to use it at all? The spas that provide the service are all in California, AND they don’t allow us to bring in this product anyway, for liability and public health reasons. And even in the rare instance that a spa allows us to bring this in, we’d still have to PAY to use the product. So what are we supposed to do with a high-RV product, look at it daily? Please don’t take this as an attack; like many subscribers, I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.

      • Claire: I apologize — I misread and misunderstood your comment. ❤️

      • Just a misunderstanding, Tammy, no offense taken. Yes, I was referring to the contents of NewBeauty Test Tube. I think this is my favorite sub. as the items are full size and are products I will really use.

      • I’m with you Tammy. I think it’s a lame choice, really. We need to find a location that accepts it, make the appointment, and pay extra. I love all the other items, but the derma is a huge miss for me. And I don’t know who I could gift it to.

    • Dear Iggy,

      HydraFacial that helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports skin’s structural proteins, including collagen.

      As a loyal subscriber, you will receive $50 off your facial when you bring in your DermaBuilder booster (included in your tube) to your treatment. The DermaBuilder has a $50 value that can be purchased as an add on to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—but lucky you; yours is complimentary 🙂

  45. Can’t wait! It looks like a great Test Tube.

  46. I’ll use almost everything in this box, and think it’s a great mix of products. That said, I don’t like the inclusion of a “not for home use” product. I’m a confirmed DIY-er and I doubt I’ll schedule what’s sure to be an expensive facial just to sample a new product.

    • Agreed. Also, as someone who tries to be environmentally-conscious (not that I’m perfect), it kind of stresses me out to figure out how to safely and responsibly dispose of this product, as well. Wasteful all around.

    • Hi Jen, I had mentioned in the earlier spoiler that I am thinking of putting a syringe in the top, drawing out the liquid, squirting it on my hand and applying it to my face!!

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