FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box Spoiler Hint!

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We have a spoiler hint for the FabFitFun Winter 2019 box!

We’re pretty sure that hint is a Faux Fur Blanket.

What do you think?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. As of today, your first box will be the Fall Box with this coupon code. 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. 🤔🤔 hmmm I’m wandering if it’s going to be a west elm one and the reason is bc we’ve received west elm selections before so there’s a partnership there and there’s a west elm blanket listed on 2019 top faux fur blankets list

  2. Excited for blanket. Just hope the quality is there. We need quality. I’d prefer quality over quantity.

    • I dont think there is a blanket.

    • You & me both!

  3. Excited for blanket. Just hope the quality is there.

  4. Let’s see. What is the status of my FFF subscription deliveries?

    + Summer Edit Sale Status: Ordered 7/11; FINALLY out for delivery today (8/23). (roughly That’s SIX WEEKS since I paid for my edit order!!! What, is it 1960?)

    + Fall Box: FedEx label created 8/22. Historically, once FedEx finally gets the box (which I’ve seen take up to 2 weeks after the label is actually created), it will be another SEVEN DAYS before it’s actually delivered to me.

    + Subscription Status: will be cancelling when it comes up for renewal

    + Will I be participating in future add-ons & edit sales? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

    + Customer Satisfaction Level on a scale of 1-10: ZERO

    • It took two months for my Summer Box to arrive

  5. The blanket sounds cute!! Thinking about resigning back up I just love the add on sales and the exit sales those are my face hope they get in more guys stuff though!! I canceled my sub cause of moving and getting too many diff answers from each rep.. I hope that changes but all the only thing I like about the fall box was the cheese board … Because I buy a lot of Swiss colony and Wisconsin meats and cheeses😅 in not a complainer but all the subs I get always seem to have the same or close to the same products.. But I have discovered a lot about my self😅😅😅 as well as learned a lot from others but when it co!we to makeup in clueless !!! Learning as they come lol!!!😊😊😊

  6. Dear FFF, sadly, I’ve realized we have to break up. It’s difficult because you were my first (sub) and at one point, we seemed like a match made in sub heaven. Remember the time I opened my box and squealed with pure happiness about the awesomeness of you? Well, today, when I opened my fall box, my heart didn’t race, not one little bit.

    It’s impressive that you showed up on my doorstep in Aug, but everything felt so ho hum.

    So, please know that it’s you, not me. I’m still the same girl looking for some unique, fun, fabulous things.

    I’m moving onto another sub who seems to get me. Please understand that this is what I must do.

    I wish you nothing but the best.

    Ps: I’ll check on you from time to time, and might come back if the spoilers are good or there’s a super deal, but annual? Never again.

    • I completely agree. The last box was a HUGE let down. I didn’t renew my annual a subscription. Things seem to really go down hill after fall of last year (my first box ever). The quality of a lot of the non-cosmetic items are questionable at best. Also, I’m tired of having all of these products show up with “made in China” stickers. I expect more from a box that champions animal and people causes. I also want to see ethically made products in the boxes.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I cancelled my subscription after the fall 2019 box. Sad

    • What sub did you go to? I feel completely the same as you!!

      • Causebox is great! Lots of unique, ethically made items, and great customer service.

    • Which subscription service are you going with now? I was pretty disappointed with the Fall 2019 box as well. I also don’t understand why it takes so long for me to get my damn box. By the time I get it, I already know what is in there with all the unboxings i see on social media.

    • Hello,

      I feel the same-did not renew for Winter 2019….BUT…..have you tried the Oceanista boxes??? Quality is superb…a little bit pricier but….I love everything they have!!!

      • Ordered add ons and did not receive what I ordered I think I got someone else’s order. Not a good business. Love boxycharm they have their business together. Anything I order is what I receive.

    • Agreed! I’ll wait to see what’s in the Winter Box before trying to unsubscribe, but wasn’t impressed at all – except with the scarf 🙂

  7. The Fall 2019 box was such a let down for me BUT with a blanket (depending on quality/color) they may redeem themselves! Could be a great Christmas gift.

    • Same! The fall box could’ve had much potential but it seems they just threw random crap together for this one. It’s by far,the worst one to date for this gal!

      • Absolutely I was wondering if anyone felt that way. I was super disappointed.

        • Just received my fall box today… there is absolutely NOTHING in the box that I will use. Super let down. Somehow missed the option to pick… so I ended up with a box of creams… a scarf (that cannot be worth more than $20 – seriously!) and a pair of made in china cheap looking earrings. WOW, better redeem on the next box!

          • Yeah I was extremely disappointed in this box and I definitely didn’t even think the choices were good either

    • I agree that the fall box was a huge let down. I could have bought that junk from tj max…… but a blanket sounds amazing!! Great way to redeem the sad fall box.

  8. I hope the faux fur blanket is an option and we can choose something else!
    I was so underwhelmed but the Fall Box. Except I was excited for the cheese board and Aveda Damage Remedy as I am almost out.
    I am still debating on cancelling my subscription. I may give it one more year and then be done with it if those four boxes do not wow me.

  9. Faux fur blanket sounds like an excellent gift for my niece. Not my style and not impressed – most of my FFF box seems to wind up in the gift closet this year.

    • Unfortunately mine too☹️

  10. I do not get tired of FFF blankets! They are most always super cozy, and make great keeps or gifts. 🙂 A+++ on cracking the code & the future item. 🙂

    • Faux Fur Blanket it is indeed! That’s so cute, took me a second but I totally get it now heheheh, yay! That’s quite exciting I hope it’s plush and thick!

    • I loved the Fall box. I can use almost everything.

      • Julia – did you by any chance grow up in NY/NJ/PA fro state area?

  11. Please let it be a faux fur blanket! 😍 Sorry some of you are having issues with shipping. I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years and mine have always come on time. Keep the spoilers coming, MSA…thank you!

  12. I know a lot of you love this box. Yet, I canceled it after about a year. I found the shipping somewhat lacking. I also, found many of the items in the box overpriced.

    • Literally if you do the math each item is about $5 how much over priced are you talking? Lol

  13. I don’t ever remember getting a faux fur throw in this sub. Probably worth the entire price of the box! YAY!

    I can’t wait to try the ACV scalp scrub. I love anything Ahava.

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Liz!

  14. I am still waiting on summer edit sale items. 😡. My annual subscription expired with the summer box and I did not renew mainly due to repetitive shipping and inventory issues.

    • If it makes you feel better mine just came today. So 🤞

  15. A faux fur blanket might be nice but it seems weird to be talking about the winter box when I haven’t received my summer items yet.

  16. It’s gloves. Because you also sent a second FFF email today that showed that entire page and it’s gloves.

    • Those fingerless gloves are going to be in the Fall Edit sale. Not the Winter box.

      • I didn’t get to choose gloves for my fall edit sale

        • The fall edit sale has not happened.

        • Fall edit sale hasn’t happened yet. They just wrapped up the fall add-ons sale.

    • Yes that didn’t look like a blanket to me!!

  17. My favorite thing about this site is how often people mention TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Call me crazy, but I’d definitely rather have a random box of crap delivered than drive out to the burbs and rifle through a bunch of dirty crap hoping to find something.

    • I think the issue for a lot of people is there is just no hero item in the fall box that makes it worth it. In the summer box they had the SDJ set that cost more than the box itself, everything else was just a nice freebie after that for me. SDJ is a great, current, buzzed about brand and it was a great deal. The fall box though, there is not one option in that whole lot that I would pick out and spend my money on if I saw it in the store. It was just a matter of picking the items you disliked least, so it felt like a waste of money to me. Which is why I cancelled and had my annual refunded.

    • But why even have a “random box of crap” delivered in the first place? If its crap than why bother? Call me crazy but it seems like its just clutter at that point, so why even bother?

      • Because for some people the highlight of their day is getting a box in the mail and running online to cry about it. Sad.

        • 😂 literally died at this comment. So very true though.
          The amount of people that buy subscription boxes because their “value” is more than what they pay for, even though they may not use or like the items is astounding. If a subscription box truly brings you joy, more power to you.

  18. Fuax fur blanket? Uuuummm… no thanks. For one, it’s another item I can pic up at Marshall’s in the size and color I want, and 2, by the time we get it, Winter will be almost over… 🤷‍♀️😂 Kinda sorry I didn’t try FFF before they went down hill. Bye Felicia! Well, after I finally get my editors box…

  19. I hope it’s pink!

  20. I, for one, would love another fuzzy faux fur blanket! Also… I found acv scrub and rinse at tj maxx or Marshall’s (I shopped both& got the rinse at Marshall’s) for about $10 last week!

    Also, while I plan to stop buying edit and add-ons, since that seems to be the main problem with FFF, I think the boxes, at about $6 each item, are a great deal!

  21. FFF was boring to me after my second box , haven’t subscribed in over a year and don’t miss it one bit ;/ I could get my makeup and skincare elsewhere , all their jewelry and towels are cheap quality that’s just my opinion. If it works for some people that’s great, this sub was not for me

  22. Yep, you’re good!

  23. Nope. Sick of the constant wraps,throws,scarves etc. Plus I can guarantee this faux fur monstrosity will shed like crazy.

  24. I would love to see a nice pair of leggings, yoga type clothing. Maybe a great book, a packable down jacket with hood, cozy onesie in a neutral color, Nudestix!!!! Love the tinted blur stick. But would love Nidestix lipsticks, bronzer or cheek/lip balm. You already have the mini eye sticks from Trestique, so this would finish the rest of the face. Portable, easy for commuting or up coming trip. Trestique has this Essentials 8 kit that does the whole face. I would love to see the Anthropologie Mer Sea come back to add to your box. Love this body lotion! More items from Thrive Cosmetics, Grown Alchemist, Coola. The following is over done: exfoliating, scrubs and masks, eye patches. Anyone else feel the same way??? Lots of the same products.

    • People complain about lack of size inclusion with robes, so I don’t think something as size-specific as yoga pants are ever going to happen with FFF.

      • Their sizes are insanely huge. The “one size” robes are like tents. I’m a walking fire/trip hazard when I attempt to wear them.

        • That’s nuts! They must have sizing consistency issues. I’m a dress size 2 and the floral robe from last season barely closes on me. I would have been upset even at a size 6, much less plus size, with the robe I got. I saw in some other spoilers that a cardigan may be coming. I’d take my chances on that one.

          • I agree that the clothing sizes must be inconsistent. I gave the robe to my 10 year old (4’11”,80lbs) and it is slightly big on her-will fit her nicely in a year.

          • Wow 😮 that is really crazy! I had no idea this was going on with the sizing. My floral robe was a little big but I can still wear it. I’m just under 5’ and 115 pounds . When I first tried it on though I was wondering how it could possibly be one size 🤔

      • With “customization” and the right partner brand, I can totally see it working well.

        • There’s no way they’ll have enough options to customize by size. They have a hard enough time getting out the right customization when there are 3-4 choices. Anything that size specific is likely to stay in add-ons.

          • They could partner with a brand like Loo loo Roe, I think that’s the name. They have one size fits all and then big and tall that fits mostly everyone else. They are great. It would be a perfect partner for them.

      • If they had some nice clothes I would possibly resubscribe. Some nice yoga pants or a pretty sweater would be awesome!

        • They have a FFF clothing line now, only you give them pictures of what you like and they send you clothes based on your pics. Well they’re supposed to, it’s 20$ a box with option to do monthly or every 3 months. I was good with my first box, second box never arrived, I’ll never know what was in it. Still trying to get a 200$ refund for that box, to be honest great stuff comes in the box including jewelry. Some things they send can be hideous lol, until I get my refund I won’t be doing the FFF clothes. It’s a shame they don’t work with you, how can I provide you with a Fedex receipt when I had nothing to send back. Just copy everything and take pictures, save all Fedex receipts. I don’t want anyone mad at me because they can’t do their job correctly, and I have been with FFF just the box not clothes for at least a year and no issues. I try the clothes for something new and BOOM I feel attacked, it’s been going on at least 2 months and no refund. I have no time to bicker with people, I just want my refund. Sorry I guess I’m still not over it, if you do the clothes, just please take note and pics of everything including your FedExDropOff receipt you’ll get. I actually really liked it, and I’m trying them 1 more time. Good luck 🍀 😉

    • I agree. It would be nice if they would change things up. I was disappointed with the fall box. The facial scrubs are way to plentiful. I like the idea of maybe some leggings or something with a fresh look.about it. Please change things up FFF. I may cancel if the winter box doeant wow me. The editors box rocked! From there down hill. Love your ideas.

  25. Will this blanket have a TJMaxx tag on it too? 😂😂 But seriously, there was just a blanket last Winter. Even if I loved this spoiler (I don’t) there is absolutely no way I would subscribe to them as long as their shipping, fulfillment, customer service, and forum managment continues to be the complete train wreck that it is. They’re actually making Box of Style and LootCrate look pretty good right now!!

    • As the proud owner of the Kiko bag with the TJ Maxx tag from fall add ons, I am no longer excited about FFF. We just got a blanket last winter, right? Since I am annual, I guess I have to wait it out.

      • You can get out of your annual subscription if you really want to, many have and have been refunded the remaining prorated balance. You just have to be firm.

    • Hey nonya, if the blankets have TJ Maxx tags on them, at least we might be able to return them to the store if there is an issue, right? lol!

      • haha true! if that’s the case though it would be way easier to just go to tjmaxx to begin with and pick out exactly what I want 😉

    • I’ve been wanting to try BoS for a year but was always scared off by their terrible reviews. I gave in this summer because I wanted the 2 towel deal for my poolside lounges. The box came quickly, everything was of excellent quality (unlike some of our FFF items), and I had no issues cancelling my sub. Hopefully BoS has listened to their customers and made vast improvements. Hopefully FFF will do so too.

  26. Will this blanket have a TJMaxx tag on it too? 😂😂 But seriously, there was just a blanket last Winter. Even if I loved this spoiler (I don’t) there is absolutely no way I would subscribe to them as long as their shipping, fulfillment, customer service, and forum managment continues to be the complete train wreck that it is. They’re actually making Box of Style and LootCrate look pretty good right now

  27. Thanks Jessica! I’m so glad, It’s fine if they are purchase options, but I would have been disappointed if they were actual products that were going to be included in the winter box.

  28. The image shown is from page 31 in the fall booklet. The dpHue and Ahava are sneak peaks for the Fall Edit sale, opening on Sept 23 for annuals, and Sept 26 for everyone.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks Jessica!

    • You’re right! I’m surprised people thought FFF would included a PICTURE of two items because they are stingy with spoilers. LOL
      Not sure I want a faux fur blanket, but hey… Christmas gift?

      • It’s not the PICTURE we are looking at. It’s the riddle below the pictures. READ PEOPLE!!!!!

  29. Did anyone notice that between the two jars at the top of the picture, the ACV and the Ahava, there appear to be a pair of exfoliating gloves? It looks like there is the bottom of a small tube of a product of some sort under those.

  30. Boring.

    Blankets/throws are a repeat, and those brands have been around too many times before. Surely, with all of the different objects in the world, they could find something different.

  31. After this years subscription is up I will never subscribe again. I’m just so over the inconsistency of product shipment, and crappy selections lately. Spring editors box was amazing and that’s the one I only liked I haven’t used anything from these boxes bc their just eh products lately. I remember last year they had one hero product and had a theme but this is just all over the dang place I’m just so done. Never thought I’d say it but when you have had them for years you’ll see what I mean 😳

  32. Not sure I am the only person here, but I am very tired of seeing the same brands showing up in many of the boxes – Ahava and dp HUE. I think they’re good brands but I really want to see new discoveries from FFF.

    • Agreed

  33. Is it just me or is FFF turning into another PSMH with the same old same old each box? The add ones are really the best part of these boxes, for me, at this point.

  34. The faux fur blanket I’m cool with but I don’t want the other 2 items shown 🙁

    • Seconded.

    • The other two items are NOT spoilers, and were add ons for the fall box. The only spoiler is the faux fur blanket.

      • I’m 99% sure the scalp scrub was not in the fall add ons

        • They are sneak peak items that will be available in the Fall Edit sale.

  35. Faux Fur Blanket!

  36. Where was the dphue scalp scrub available??

    • I want to know this too.

    • I hope I get the blanket in this box !!!!

  37. I might actually sign up again if it’s a nice blanket.

    • Same here. I can’t seem to get enough NICE throws. Unfortunately, the ones offered by FFF have been total flimsy crap that I end up using for the pets. At least the last PS throw was quite good quality.

      • Ha Ha! Same here! My 100 lb fur baby claimed my white faux fur blanket.

  38. I’m down for a faux fur blanket but I’m guessing it will be an overinflated RV item made in China 😬

    • Even Kate Spade and Calvin Klein manufacture their home items mostly in China.

      • I know, that’s why I don’t buy them. I try to find other places they are made in, Italy, Malaysia, etc. Spread the love around!

  39. Please let it be a blanket! I am kind of missing all the nice home items they used to send.

  40. Well that sounds cozy. I wouldn’t mind a faux fur blanket. I always appreciate throws and blankets to curl up in when it’s cold outside, I can’t have too many. Sure beats another scarf!

  41. Wonderful. I bought the faux fur blanket and I’m waiting for it to arrive. Now I’ll have two. One for my bed and one for the sofa! It is nice!

  42. Ok I’m game, I just got rid of a bunch of old blankets and could use a new, nice one!

  43. Haven’t they had both of those as Add Ons like 10,754 times?

    • Haha! There went 5 minutes of my life trying to figure out how you came up with that exact number…
      Thanks for the laugh 😁

  44. exciting! I hope there are colour options

  45. How about concentrate on sending out your summer boxes before spoiling the winter box.

    • And the Summer Edit Sale items.

    • Agreed. I skipped the box and now they are telling me they can’t ship my Add Ons without a box! Ridiculous. I’ve loved fff for years, but this is crazy.

      • That’s interesting, I skipped the Fall box and was able to get add-ons shipped without the box. I’d check with someone else. Skipping a box shouldn’t impact your ability to purchase and receive add-ons.

      • lol, what???? I have since canceled, but I skipped summer box and ordered a ton of add ons…I was part of the infamous forgotten “856,” but I did eventually get my order. Who told you that you can’t get what you ordered and paid for without a box??? Lmao, fff is such a mess!!!

  46. I’d rather have the cat.

    • 😂

    • Yea. I want a cat, too! I’d pick grey. Lol

      • Oddly enough, one of my cats is named Joy, and my friend Donna has a cat named Molly. You ladies have good taste in names!

  47. It’s extremely irritating to see this and know that the fall boxes have shipped. I’m STILL waiting on my summer edit items. FFF has gone downhill.

    • I’m still waiting for my summer box too! It finally shipped and should be arriving the 22nd. My fall box shipped like 2 days later so I’m basically getting 2 boxes in the span of days. Pretty annoyed with their customer service too. It’s really hit or miss. I hope you get your summer box soon !

  48. Well, at least it is looking “wintery” since the Fall box was not very fall at all. The quiz I received with options for the fall book looked 100 times better than the fall options.

    • Do you got any pics of what was supposed to be used.

  49. Faux fur blanket?

    • I am in total agreement. I have been a annual customer for 3 yrs but i am cancelling this year as it has gone downhill for last 14 mos. Chat can only give vague answers. Emails they send make no sense yet they already have your money

  50. Faux fur & blanket

    • Faux fur blanket is not that exciting to me just like the plush scarf from the Fall box wasn’t that cool. I hope there is something else better on there. My friend’s birthday is early January and I was thinking of giving her Winter FFF box

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