FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the FabFitFun Fall 2019 box!

All subscribers will be able to pick one of these four items:

1. Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf ($75 Value)

26 in. x 72 in. (not including 3-inch fringe on each end)

2. amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler ($80 Value)

-100% solid ceramic plates Generates ionic, far-infrared heat, ensuring safe and even heat while preserving moisture and protecting the cuticle.

3. Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit ($89.99 Value)

-Latest innovation from Dr. Bill Dorfman

-Quick 20-minute whitening cycle Includes:

-1 Mobile White® 16 LED Lite Tray -4 pen applicators with whitening gel (3 mL each) -Mobile device adapters (iOS, USB, Type-C, Micro-USB)

UPDATE: Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is no longer a customization option

4. Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat ($50 Value)

-24 in. x 68 in. -1.5mm thickness -Made of PVC mixed with rubber -Wipe to clean -Travel-friendly -Easily foldable

What do you think of the spoilers?

Reminder – annual subscribers will get to pick their items on July 29th at 9 a.m. PT. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on August 1st at 9 a.m. PT. If you want to pick on the 29th, you still have time to upgrade.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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  1. Will choose the Amika hair straightener as I need a backup!

  2. I feel some of these are a little odd (specifically the whitener) to be customize choices instead of simply add-ons.

    This would only be my second box, but none of these particularly draw my attention.
    The scarf looks thin. I don’t straighten my hair much anymore. I’m perfectly happy with my off-white teeth & I think I lot of that tech is bogus unless professionally done. & I don’t do yoga.

    If I had to choose, I’ll probably end up w/either the straightener – they’re expensive to buy, & I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a newer one on hand, even if it’s a mini (which I’m guessing it is, I wish they included the dimensions). Or the yoga mat – my mum does yoga so I’d give it to her, or I might give it a whirl myself – dunno.

    I really did enjoy the Summer box. I didn’t experience shipping issues, & I never ventured into the add-ons or edit sale, so I don’t have any poor experiences from those. Because of this I really wanted to give the box another go… I’m hoping I didn’t make a mistake with that since these boxes aren’t exactly cheap .. I really hope the other customize opts are better then these. *fingers crossed*

    • it’s a full size straightener! The mini from Amika is $40. This full size one is a 1.25 inch ceramic plates straightener.

    • That’s a travel yoga mat, which is thinner than standard mats. Personally, I prefer a little more cushion, so I’d think twice before using it as a beginner or gifting it to a parent.

  3. I am SO glad that I cancelled!!! I actually swapped my FFF for Boxyluxe! I’m not regretting it at all! They have better products and they don’t take a million years to ship their boxes. I already received my boxy popup order while my FFF summer edit items haven’t even shipped!

    • I agree too!!!

    • Hi. But I tried to go to boxy luxe and i was told if I join im only boxy charm until I get an invitation(in september…) for boxy luxe… I don’t want boxy charm for july… aug… only the sept luxe… so I would be stuck with the $20 box now till i’m on the $50 box list right?… u can’t just “sign up” for luxe….can u..?

      • Hi Helen,

        If you subscribe now, you’ll get the regular monthly subscription and you’ll have the option come September to pay an additional $28.99 for the Boxyluxe. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to to only subscribe to boxyluxe. On the bright side the August box looks amazing so far and the September boxyluxe spoilers look good too. Its really just up to you and what you want to do.

        • tx!

      • You have to be a regular Boxycharm member to get the quarterly upgraded Luxe box. Once you’re a member, you can upgrade your account to Luxe, but will be on the waitlist. You won’t know if you’re off the Luxe waitlist until they attempt to charge you if there’s a spot. Once your account is upgraded, you get regular Boxycharm Jan, Feb, April, May, July, August, October, November. You get Luxe March, June, September, December. Occasionally you get to choose a Luxe item, otherwise it’s whatever they give you and there are variations. You get charged $21 plus applicable sales tax every month. Luxe months there’s an ADDITIONAL ~$30 charge as well. Hope that makes sense! I’ve had Luxe almost as long as it’s been available, but I did “skip” March’s this year as it didn’t really appeal to me.

        • Thanks for the info.

        • Joy how hard is it to skip Is it a whole process and if you skip the Boxyluxe would you still get the regular boxy box?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I still haven’t received my summer box and add on’s. :/

    • You should subscribe to CauseBox. It’s fabulous. I’ve gotten items I don’t use but none of the things are junk or cheap. And being all the items you get benefit great causes it’s even better. I’ve been a subscriber for about 2+ years and love it. I also sub to Ellen’s new box but I’m giving it 1 more time and will probably cancel. Just not impressed with the items.

      • I agree I subbed CB after FFF has failed miserably on delivering a consistent experience. The quality of CB is truly way better and FFF would do well to model their shipping and CS. That being said, I will give a shout out to FFF for finally getting at least one shipment out of 5 out without issue, nevertheless it still took 2 weeks to get here and I never received an email that it had even shipped……🤣

        • Does Causebox have sales like FFF or is it just the box?

    • How long do you have to cancel?

    • Yes! Whats up with that. Not a word on shipping, I don’t get it. I know it usually takes about a month to get to me in Jersey, but at least it ships.

    • My summet edit items came today? No warning, but their they were..lol

      • Nancy would you mind sharing where do you live?
        asking because i normally get some sort of notification … I live in Long Island New York.

        just chatted with FFF; never waited the full 3 weeks and normally there was a lot more chatter about spoilers. wonder what’s up. THEY SAID:
        “The items need to be processed up to 3 weeks from the day that you made the payment before it ships out from our warehouse. You will receive an email with the tracking details once it ships out from our warehouse.”

  4. My annual subscription has ended and will not be renewing.
    1- no scarves for me I have two and it’s all I need.
    2- I don’t ever straighten or curl my hair mainly because I rather not destroy my locks.
    3- my teeth are super white. Thanks dental field! Btw crest white strips work better than that LED light(it is bogus) the gel it comes will likely burn your gums incredibly bad so be careful!
    4- yoga mats you can get on the cheap anywhere.

    • I think this is a great variety too! Our pitbull is 17 yrs old and we laid a few of our junky yoga mats down in the hallway because he slides all over the hardwood floors. Poor guy. A new one for me would be great. The straightener is a great option. My hair is straight, but def. helps with smoothness or unbending my razored layers.

      • I have a pitbull puppy and she does the same thing! I like your fix. Maybe I’ll put it at the foot of the bed where she can’t jump off because of all her sliding.

    • My dentist years ago told me that the light was a marketing gimmick and does nothing to whiten your teeth!

      • Yup,
        Dental professional

      • How come when you get them whitened in the dentist by a professional- they use the light? I would be super interested to know if it’s just the ones on the market- or all of them in general

  5. I actually really love that scarf! Also probably the yoga mat, maybe for me or for a gift. But LOVE plaid scarves. I thought like most people I’d be sick of them.

    Apparently those teeth whitenee bright lights DO NOT WORK. A lot of ppl who got them with SDC said they dont work. But hey I think it’s great variety this round!

    • My husband and I use the one SMileDirectClub and it’s the best whitening product I have ever used and I’ve used many. You can tell a difference after just one use.

    • I asked my dentist about the phone whitening kits and he said it was just a gimmick. They may work for some people, but no better than other cheaper whitening products.

  6. Yeap, already regretting signing up as an annual with the summer box. I have Zero interest in these choices.

    • can’t you skip a box?

      • Probably, but I’m hoping the other categories are better. We shall see. And if not – honestly, if these boxes just aren’t going to be my thing, I’d prefer to just get them out of the way and be done with them rather than dragging this subscription out by skipping around.

        • Pick choices you think someone else would love and gift it! Christmas is coming.

      • One way I have used to skip boxes with fff is “live chat” with their customer service. Ask them if you can skip this box and they will check if you are eligible. If you are they will process the skip for you.

      • I tried for summer. I spent 40 minutes on the phone after 20+ emails. I got a confirmation that yes I could skip, then I was charged and sent the box anyway. So long story short – No.

  7. I subscribed as an annual for the first time for the summer box after having never really been all that excited by previous FFF boxes. I think I got overly excited by the SDJ and the West Elm bowls, lol. I’m already starting to regret it.

    1. Have too many scarves/wraps already, but I guess this is my pick by default.

    2. Have curly hair and avoid straighteners b/c my curls are easily damaged.

    3. At home LED kits don’t work.

    4. Don’t do yoga.

  8. Has anyone had any luck with these sorts of light-activated teeth whitening devices? If so, what brand? I’ve used Glo kit, and it didn’t do anything noticeable. So I’m very skeptical.

    • My husband and I use the one SMileDirectClub and it’s the best whitening product I have ever used and I’ve used many. You can tell a difference after just one use.

    • I have white with style and it works great.

    • I have this exact one and it did nothing for me.

      • I have Hismile and it works , my boyfriend smoked and had yellow teeth and know his teeth are white ..

  9. Teeth whitener and I might get the straightener as an add-on!

  10. I was worried until I saw the yoga mat. Finally!

    • Same, just not enough fit things unless you do add ons

  11. Straightener and yoga matt for me.

  12. I have an amika straightener that ive had for many years and I while it still works great I’d love to have a backup for travel or in case my current one craps out. I like the wide variety of items so far!

  13. Is the straightener a mini?

    • That’s what i am thinking too.

      • I think it would say mini.

    • It’s full size. 1.25” wide. It’s on their website with more detail.

  14. Here we go with the scarfs again ugh

  15. I’m not interested in any. 😭
    The straightener if I had to pick or the scarf to gift at Christmas. Disappointed. Oh well.

  16. I need a new straightener so I’m super excited for this!

  17. Dang it I do not want or need any of these items 🙁

  18. Ummm. No

  19. I like the teeth whitener….I thought about buying it on Amazon, but if I get it in this box.. I can get a lot of extra products as well…

  20. I’ll honestly get them all. Great choices this time around and reputable brands too.

  21. Good start! I like the scarf & the hair straightener but I’m sure I could find a similar scarf for $15 or less. I just got a new chi a year ago but I’ve used Chi for the last 22 years so this will be a great way to try something different. I like the looks of this one too. I already use a similar whitening kit from SmileDirectClub and I love it! It works well & fast. The light would work on their gel too so when you run out check their website for more gel. They have BOGO deals sometimes & you don’t have to be an aligner customer to buy from them.

    • I just started with SDC– literally my second day wearing my aligners! Did you do it?

      • Yes! My husband is finished and waiting on his retainers (they said it could take 4-6 weeks…) & I am on M5W2 of a 6 month plan, sooo close! I’m done in the beginning of September! We are both very satisfied with our results but not so much with their customer service & timing for getting stuff out to you. I went ahead and ordered my retainers when they told him it would take so long. We will be getting normal retainers from our dentist next though so we don’t have to mess with ordering and waiting on SDC.

        • This is so good to read. I hope his 15 year old butt makes the effort.

      • Please update on how these are working for you. My son has not received his box of aligners yet. I hope they don’t hurt as much as I have heard. And I hope they work for what I paid for them. He likes the teeth whitener, but he lost interest in about a week.

        • I’ve only had to use Tylenol a handful of times and it’s only on the day after I switched. Everyone is different though.

  22. I’m just now getting my summer box today! A super super long delay in getting my box which never happen before so I don’t know if I will be getting the fall box

    Don’t do yoga

    Have enough scarfs

    Don’t need a teeth whitener

    So I might get it don’t know yet because I could use a new hair straightener…

    • They were moving warehouses so they had it on their website that there would be delays

      • I’ve been with FFF since last September. EVERY SINGLE BOX & SALE they have huge shipping & customer service issues. ALWAYS

  23. Yes! Great! I will get the teeth whitening and the flat iron!

    • Me too!
      I have s hair strengthening tool already but I love Anika and I bet this one is awesome 😍

      • Is it going to be refurbished like hairdryer was?

  24. I’m leaning toward skipping this box.

  25. Really not a fan of any of the choices but having to pick one it would be the scarf and probably regift.

    • Same here.

  26. none are inspiring but teeth whitening should be an easy resell so ill get that

  27. I’m going with the straightener! I love the one I have now, but an extra straightener will be great for travel or to leave in my gym bag for early morning gym trips! Looks like has great reviews online also! I love the idea of the teeth whitener, but I know myself and it would end up never being used unfortunately! And the yoga mat might have to be an add on depending on the prices this time around!!

  28. Probably the scarf

  29. 🥰 awesome job fff!

  30. I appreciate the variety, but personally nothing stands out to me. I have a yoga Mat, which I got free at an event. I have a medley of straight irons, but don’t use them anymore (trying to embrace my natural curls). Teeth whitening kit seems weird to have your phone power it (I guess for traveling?) Scarf can make a good gift

  31. The teeth whitening system because it’s the one option that I can and will use.

  32. Right now, I’m leaning toward the teeth whitening device. It looks pretty cool.

  33. Assuming FFF once again allows you to pick multiples, AND they’re reasonably priced, I’d pick everything except the hair straightener (because I already have one). I have a sister AND a niece who love scarfs, so it will make a great gift for them. The yoga mat will be nice to have for travel, and my teeth are in serious need of whitening (too much coffee since retirement!).

  34. I like the spoilers because there are a variety of options. I’m not sure what I will choose, but I am confident that I will like one of them.

  35. I’m not a big fan of any of these (I wish there were color options for the scarf), BUT I appreciate the huge variety! Love when FFF season rolls around, fall is usually my favorite.

  36. I’m not mad, personally, at these choices. I’m going with the straightener but would be glad to gift the scarf or yoga mat this Christmas.

  37. not the greatest choices. If I had long hair I would pick the hair styler, i don’t do yoga and the teeth whitening is just a little weird, and what about replacing the gel. So I will pick the scarf

  38. I’d choose The hair straighter and possibly the teeth whitener as an add on depending on the other spoilers

  39. Not one of these interests me, but I may get the scarf, to gift to my elderly cat. I can fold it up and use it as a blanket for her bed next winter.

    • 🤣 that’s always my thought with fuzzy blankets for my pups! #furmomma

    • That’s so nice of you to think of your cat. Cats are all about comfort (and warmth in the winter). I have one who’s 18 but doing great.

      • Me too! She’s still very playful and only has a little bit of trouble with her knees (I assume. She struggles with jumping or climbing onto taller heights these days). She gets a but impatient with my 2 yr old male cat but other than that she’s a little cuddly sweetheart. I feel so blessed she’s in such good shape at her age. Glad to hear about another lively senior kitty!

        I’ll probably get the scarf as well. My cats have nice beds but don’t use them anymore. They prefer to make their own or use the simple ones I create. My senior loves to lay on a super large and soft king size bed pillow on the floor of my walk in closet. My young one likes to lay on anything up high where he can survey his kingdom. I’ll probably throw the scarf on one of his posts to make it softer.

  40. Teeth whitening thing!!

  41. Love the choices. I will probably go for the teeth whitening kit and add on the straightener since mine is getting okd.

  42. I haven’t gotten the last few boxes but I am in for the straightener since I just grew out my pixie to a bob. I’d been considering buying a straightener so everything else is free bonus. I’ll wait a bit so I don’t get summer or editor though.

  43. None. I decided that if FFF sent one more scarf or wrap I was out so…cancelled.

  44. Fall used to be my favorite box, and I was subscribed for years, but with this curation I’m not having any remorse about cancelling my annual and leaving FFF

  45. Very interesting choices, and all over the place! The teeth whitening set has decent reviews online, the gel is messy but it seems to work. The yoga mat is cute, but I do not do yoga, so I am choosing the teeth whitening set. The scarf is cute but I live where it is 100 degrees year round so that is not needed.

    • 100 degrees year round!!! What are do you live in?

      • area*

      • death valley, probably 🙂

    • the teeth whitening kit is no longer a customization option

  46. Not sure if I like any of the selections..

  47. The sleuths on the FFF community were spot on! Well done ladies!

  48. Sadly I am not really a fan of any of these. I have too many scarves.
    I have to read reviews on the hair straightener to see if it is good as I will most likely do that one
    I do not need a teeth whitener especially living in Canada the gel you will need to replace will cost ALOT as would have to order and pay in US dollars
    I do not do yoga

  49. Canceled – still haven’t received my summer box or edit sale items. No way am I giving them $ for fall

    • I’m curious – how long have you been waiting? I just ordered my first box and it’s July now so I don’t really have an idea of when it’s going to get here. I’m afraid the same thing will happen to me, paying twice before getting any box…

  50. The scarf. For sure.

    • Yes

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