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FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

We have the first spoiler for the FabFitFun Fall 2019 box!

All subscribers will be able to pick one of these four items:

1. Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf ($75 Value)

26 in. x 72 in. (not including 3-inch fringe on each end)

2. amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler ($80 Value)

-100% solid ceramic plates Generates ionic, far-infrared heat, ensuring safe and even heat while preserving moisture and protecting the cuticle.

3. Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit ($89.99 Value)

-Latest innovation from Dr. Bill Dorfman

-Quick 20-minute whitening cycle Includes:

-1 Mobile White® 16 LED Lite Tray -4 pen applicators with whitening gel (3 mL each) -Mobile device adapters (iOS, USB, Type-C, Micro-USB)

UPDATE: Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is no longer a customization option

4. Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat ($50 Value)

-24 in. x 68 in. -1.5mm thickness -Made of PVC mixed with rubber -Wipe to clean -Travel-friendly -Easily foldable

What do you think of the spoilers?

Reminder – annual subscribers will get to pick their items on July 29th at 9 a.m. PT. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on August 1st at 9 a.m. PT. If you want to pick on the 29th, you still have time to upgrade.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

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Comments (208)

  1. I have never had a problem getting my boxes on time, maybe because my subscription is annual? I do think they could up their game though, the last couple of boxes were meh. On the fence whether to stay or go. Wow me!

  2. Wow – I am super impressed with the full box spoilers! I actually had some similar items in my add on cart – like the pink hair turban and eye masks. I know some people are tired of eye masks, but I’m addicted to them. 😀

    I love the little sugar cube exfoliators, the Kate Spade lunch tote, hair mask, and the cheese board. Actually, there wasn’t anything listed as a choice that I really did disliked, except the yoga mat.

    These products don’t say Fall to me (except the scarf), but that’s totally fine with me. I would have loved a nice autumn candle, but I probably have one from last year that I didn’t use.

    I was thinking of cancelling, but now I’m glad I didn’t.

  3. Hmmm… Already have straight hair, so that eliminates one.

    Scarf is a good size and looks like it wouldn’t be too hot. Might be nice for drafts…

    Debating safety and effectiveness of tooth whitener as I’m trying to go more natural and I have old metal fillings, but would love to whiten my teeth…

    Yoga mat might help encourage me to exercise & takes up little room, but lacks cushion…

    Decisions, decisions… Maybe I’ll be able to narrow it down when I see the other items in the box!

  4. None of these selections are necessarily bad… but they just seem so random to be in one category (and the prices seem way inflated, especially that scarf)

  5. Does anyone know if FFF gives coupons or discounts if you renew your annual membership? Thanks!

  6. I feel a whole lot better now. I didn’t need or want any of these. But on a whim I decided to do further research on the Amika tool because it’s called a “styler” not a “straightener” or “iron”. Of course I knew that would be it’s primary purpose and the reason most people want it. I need to do some more research on you tube to be sure, but several of the stellar reviews (which almost all of them are) mentioned using it for curls or waves. Since my natural hair is absolutely stick straight and now that I’m older is also thin and volume-less, perhaps this tool may be useful for me after all.

    Any thoughts? Has anyone else with straight hair successfully used this or a similar tool that’s mainly used to flat iron to curl or wave their hair?

    • I curl my hair with my flat iron all the time! I learned how just by watching tutorials online. You essentially just hold it and move it the same way you would a typical curler with a clamp. It’s so easy and looks great 🙂

  7. I love the spoilers and I want them all!

  8. Not SUPER into any of these. I already have 2 yoga mats, and the travel one is good in theory but seems thin. The straightener.. I already own one just like it. The teeth whitening thing looks super gimmicky and not at all like it really works. I’d rather have had the choice of Crest White Strips because at least I know those are a good product. The scarf… I literally get a scarf every freaking year from all these boxes. But I’ll probably pick the scarf.

  9. Love the box design! My first choice is that teeth whitener! I’m excited for that 😁

  10. I’m annual, so can’t skip. I’m going to let my daughter choose from the first round because whatever she picks will get mailed to her. She works for a dentist, I’m curious what they say about the whitener at her office. Hopefully, next round will have something I like.

  11. When I used to lay in tanning bed they had this Whitening Gel and pink “mouthpiece” that you put in. And it kept your teeth exposed while the tanning bed lamp was on. That stuff was absolutely incredible. They were like, the “people-who-whiten-their-teeth-that-already-have-blindingly-white-teeth” teeth.

    It was just a tube that had a brush as the applicator. (Similar to a Stila lip gloss applicator in the clear twist-tube?) And you painted it on before, and when you got out of the tanning bed, your teeth were instant-results-whiter. I wanna say it was called Twilight Teeth? (Just Google’d it, and yes that’s what it’s called.)

    Do these LED light mouthpiece devices (any of them) work in the same way as that? I’m directly related to Casper. And have since embraced it, so I don’t do tanning beds anymore. But I know that gel was magical. So I’d pay to have that in a just-for-teeth mouth piece.

    ‘Cause…. 1) Fixing to move to Texas, no scarf needed like, ever.
    2) Have medium length hair that is super thin. So if I use a straightener, usually my travel size one does the trick. However, my Sister would love a straightener.
    3) Just got an awesome Yoga mat for Christmas that is an inch thick; and the 1.5 mm thing doesn’t excite me a whole lot.

  12. I love Fabfitfun. But I wish they would stick with a theme and pick items that aren’t so random. When I think of fall, I think of candles, baking, warm colors, umbrellas, books…
    Choices need to be related imho.
    Teeth whitening, yoga mat, flat iron and scarf should not be in the same category.

  13. Check red dit for full box spoilers.

  14. I’m pretty happy about the yoga mat. I keep my regular yoga mat in the basement because I have no good place to keep it upstairs, and this solves that problem.

  15. I am disappointed with this first round of spoilers.
    1. I have naturally straight fine hair – I don’t own a straightener and never will.
    2. I already whiten my teeth at home with a system custom made for my teeth, from the dentist office. This system doesn’t have great reviews on Amazon.
    3. I don’t do yoga
    4. The scarf is just boring and I a already have more scarves than I will ever use.
    I hope it gets better. At this point I am only sticking around for the add on and edit sales.

    • Yeah I can relate. Exact same reasons as you listed. Except I don’t have a custom Whitening System from dentist. But it’s like, the Add-Ons and Edit sales though… They keep me sticking around. Well, that and the fact I have an annual subscription that just renewed with Spring box >_< lol.

  16. Completely stoked about those teeth whitener kit they really stepped up their game this time thank you.

  17. I ❤️ FFF and am a annual subscriber. I love seeing the spoilers and know that there will be at least one that I am totally in love wil and would never buy myself so that makes each box worth it. There will be at least 2-3 things I love and super happy to just be able try try cause they’re new to me, and then rest are icing or gifts for friends. From this I would choose the scarf to add to my collection even if I wear it a few times in a season; I am a sucker for soft plaid scarves that are big to use at movie theatres or the beach on chilly nights year round. My dentist would murder me for using the whitening system, straightening my semi curly hair makes me look like a clown, and I have a few yoga mats that are dusty, so the scarf it is!

  18. Who in their right mind would pay $75 for that scarf? Looks like something you can get at Target for $15 or less
    None of these options would be appealing
    I hope the other items are huge improvements

  19. I don’t know how I feel about this spoiler. Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed over Amika hair care products but I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore (plus I already have a good one), I don’t do yoga and scarfs aren’t my style. I guess I could always have whiter teeth lol.

  20. Is the scarf polyester?

  21. Getting rid of my FFF. Used to love it, but their CS as of late has been horrible. They sent me the exact same mystery bundle twice in a row, I’ve had to call several times to check up on it, then found out my Edit Sale order had been delivered but the new mystery bundle I ordered was missing in it! CS was completely clueless about what was going on, didn’t care at all that my tracking emails weren’t being received, even though I received an email today saying it’s time to renew. I don’t have time in my life to spend on the phone trying to get items I have PAID for. I have a business to run, where I actually give excellent customer service!!! Sigh…sorry…rant over. Just frustrated, as they used to be my favorite box.

  22. I completely agree with you. They are having Add-ons Sale 3 weeks after the Edit Sale and I haven’t even receive my box yet. The more new customers they get, the more their longtime subscribers have to wait for their boxes. Boxy PopUp started a day after the Edit sale ended and lasted for 7 days. They already shipped their boxes and my is coming tomorrow. Where is my FFF box? When I message them, they had one thing to say” your box is in a process of being shipped”. That was 4 days ago.

  23. It’s crazy to me how many negative comments there are on these spoilers despite the fact that it seems like they really tried to cover all the bases here. There are fashion, beauty, and fitness options. That flatiron would be an amazing gift for someone, and the yoga mat really could have a lot of uses. If you don’t need/want or couldn’t gift any of these items, you probably need to cool it on the sub boxes.

  24. I really like the scarf! Can never have enough cute scarves. I have an over abundance of the other things but I personally thought the choices were great!

  25. I’m excited for the scarf. I have an over abundance of the other things and you can never have enough cute scarves.

  26. None of them interest me very much.

  27. Every fall its a scarf or a throw I swear.

  28. fabfitfun removed my forum reply saying i didn’t love any of the options 👀👀 whew

  29. Thank goodness for spoilers, canceled. I have an overload of product so it would have to really speak to me and this box doesn’t.

  30. I’m so excited!! Definitely picking the straightener as I’m in desperate need of one, and I think I’ll add the scarf on too. I bought a cheap blanket scarf at target last fall and they’re the best! Will definitely use it like crazy. Can’t wait for the next spoiler!!

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